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Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Imre getting into bed, so to speak, with Carmel, raising questions of bias?
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: big media

A state political reporter is supposed to talk to state MPs. So Imre Salusinszky chatting to "Carmel" late last week is no big deal.

But one wonders, based on our telephone conversation late last week with Imre, working for the Holt St Harlot, given a factual error by Imre in a report that day in The Australian about Lee Rhiannon, also his focus again today.

He took a second call during the conversation, muffled sounds, then dulcet tones of "thankyou Carmel .... [rustle rustle]" as presumably his hand went over the telephone hand piece.

It doesn't take a genius to know he is being fed by Carmel Tebbutt MP for Marrickville at risk of the Greens Party in that seat.

And the factual error in the piece? Ben Oquist sought preselection for the upper house of the Greens and was beaten in a competitive process, not blocked by Rhiannon per se, as argued by Imre.

My mail at the time some years back was that despite Ben being an excellent pollicy and back room guy working for Senator Bob Brown (and I know with media degree from UTS because he beat me for the state campaigner job at The Wilderness Society to leave after 2 months or so in 1993), he did not perform very well in the public speaking events in front of the Green branches statewide. This comment was made by Dietrich Willing a long time campaigner for Friends of the Earth, Sydney at that time around 2002 at a meeting of the Inner West Greens - then based around Concord.

Whether this is fair to Ben is another question again.

Given the article in today's The Australian by Imre, it is pretty clear he is desperate to distract the audience from the dissembling by the Israel lobby in bed with assassin Yigal Amir murderer of PM Rabin. Far better to promote a narrative of dissembling by The Green, admittedy with a grain of truth in it too, like all politicians.

I put it to Imre in a "personal" conversation - his word, that The Australian lacks credibility until they report financing of the predatory 'settler' movement, catspaw for a right wing Israeli government, from diaspora business interests in Australia, and report the cheer squad for assassin Yigal Amir.

 Imre's reply was stuck on Yasser Arafat failing to provide a partner for peace which is like - pretty old history in a fast moving diplomatic momentum to recognise Palestine in a unilateral declaration of statehood in 2011, virtually endorsed by the IMF recently as economically viable. He also noted people here can donate to anyone they like. 

Our view remains not if it's a breach of Australian law to promote terrorism, including 'settler' terrorism, quite apart from the immorality of a theocratic blank cheque for expansionist nuclear armed Israel.

Posted by editor at 10:43 AM NZT
Updated: Wednesday, 13 April 2011 10:59 AM NZT

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