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Friday, 11 May 2012
Dolt Bolt latest rant confusing local state and federal governance
Mood:  energetic
Topic: aust govt


Picture: Costume shop nearby News Ltd Sydney headquarters, photo taken May 2008

Andrew Bolt the bad News Ltd propagandist is a real head case by the judge of his last hopeless rant.

Entitled "Sacrificing decency on the altar of expedience" he tries to put meat on a story that has been thrashed of all genuine news months if not years ago - the union ALP cronyism around Dobell MP Craig Thomson. 

 Apparently the ALP milks unions for electorate funding - OMG, who knew? Oh yeah, the ALP voting membership, the public, the media, the coalition opposition, the Greens. Oh yeah, everyone except folks on a Budhist retreat  perhaps like for 100 years.

Back to nutter Bolt. Under a graphic about Federal Parliament he refers to safety regs of local council to avoid tripping hazards on unlit nature strips, speed cameras organised by state govt at 2.00 am (exactly when people are tired, drunks might be crossing, and the increasingly 24 hour city may be active), and incredibly sledges state govt control of alcohol at a school fete, as if there is not enough alcohol related crime around pubs.

And even as parents across Sydney are in a moral panic over child predators not least by coverage of both major daily newspapers, Bolt sledges safety forms for volunteer coashes "answering a veritable booklet of questions on what breed of pervert we might be".

One hopes this last is not projection by an otherwise very creepy Bolt. Which brings us to how the senior propagandists obsess about politician sleaze. There is an old school yard gibe - takes one to know one. That is Bad News have alot of form on sleaze and seem to know the subject inside out. First of course is the Leveson Inquiry in the UK revealing the reputational protection racket run by the slippery News Corp press outlet(s).

But we note another circumstantial item of evidence - the proximity of booze and sex industry around the "Holt St Harlot" headquarters of News Ltd/Corp in Sydney Australia. We reported on this SAM blog some years back noting the incredible concentration of booze outlets nearby concurrent with the high alcohol advertising dollars, including at that time the slang named Evil Star i.e. Evening Star Hotel.

Here is that SAM link with such as this hotel as an "exhibit" so to speak under the title

Wednesday, 4 June 2008
Sydney tabloid hard liquor politics to protect retail advertising?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: big media


The sex side of things down Holt St-Surrey Hills way is amply revealed by the sex industry paid classifieds on a daily basis in the tabloid newspapers owned by Bad News here in Sydney. Yes Bad News propagandists surely are well informed about the sex industry. But how exactly?



Posted by editor at 9:44 AM NZT

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