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Thursday, 11 January 2007
Tasmania the rotten state?
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: corporates

When an MP and a former Deputy Premier of an Australian State is in court on “serious criminal charges” as explained by The Australian here yesterday Jan 10th




one starts to wonder if governance has gone totally off the rails in that place.


SAM’s editor admits to a special interest. Being of an environmental activist leaning we were concerned about the integrity of our publishing on various web outlets (including to Federal and NSW MP’s) regarding the infamous woodchippers at Gunns Ltd down there in Tasmania. This wariness was particularly in light of the aggressive legal approach Gunns Ltd were pursuing against public interest groups like The Wilderness Society and fellow travellers.


Gunns Ltd is financially perhaps the biggest fish in the state economy down there via corrupt logging practices, with ex politician allies and board members.


We got some of our email checked out prior to Christmas and can now publish this statutory declaration by our technical adviser:



Schedule 9


I, Robert Farquharson of Sydney in the state of New South Wales


Do hereby solemnly declare and affirm that: -


1. I am an expert in internet and computer security field including repair of hardware and software and protection from computer viruses, parasites. I have worked in the field for  [27]  years.  My qualifications include


Ph.D (Computer Engineering); MCS; GradDipCompSc


The MCS is an abbreviation for Master of Computer Science. I have a few other minor degrees but I use these three on all my official letterheads and statements as they are the more important ones - The first two are from central Queensland University and the third one is from Griffiths University at Mt. Gravatt in Brisbane.


2.  My contact details as per my letterhead are as follows:


PO Box xxxxxxxx NSW                                                                         

Mob: xxxxxxxx

E-mail: xxxxxx

For professional reasons I do not publicise my residential address.

3. I have provided internet security support to Tom McLoughlin who is the principal of a small network of ecology idealists for 3 years now. Tom is a solicitor in NSW and a friend and he also pays me for internet security work when he can afford to. I understand ‘ecology action’ is a non profit private foundation and is unincorporated. It is a basically a little social club that supports environmental causes. I have allowed him to include his website on my portal at:


I am aware that since February 2005 the ecology action website has gradually increased in reader viewing as demonstrated by the counter at the bottom left of the page. Currently it is at 15,387 views by the public.

4. I sent an email recently, as follows:

----- Original Message -----

From: "Robert Farquharson" xxxxxx

To: "ecology action sydney" xxxxxx

Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 12:30 AM

Subject: An unsuccessful attempt


>A person attempted to hijack the website, all 5 links meant to access the
> CPPPCLTRUST website have been permanently removed, click onto any of the
> links that were sent and it will say  The requested page was removed for
> terms violation
> He breached a serious part of the terms of the CPPPCLTRUST usage of the site
> and that is for all visitors to the site to "Refrain from using the services
> provided on the Site to invade the privacy of others, or to collect and use
> an individual's personal and private information or to gain or attempt to
> gain unauthorized access to other computer systems via the Site
> He sent his details as john_epa without any details on Tuesday, December 19,
> 2006
> Keeping you safe in the background
> Rob
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Tripod Mailer" xxxxxx>

To: ************> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 10:28 PM
> Subject: Letters to CPPPCLTRUST
> Full_Name: john_epa
> Contact_Nos: Unknown
> Comments: I have to say your site is great
http://7387.4.1u05648d.info .
http://8987.4.qjo9ca.info .
http://8757.4.qjo9ca.info .
http://6996.4.v32ee09q.info .
http://2389.4.35k31ypm1.info .
> Initials_only:
> Anonymous:

5. The meaning of the email to Tom McLoughlin’s personal/work email address at paragraph 4 above can be summarised as follows:


The portal, which is a facility for hosting a combination of websites, which includes the ecology action website, has been attacked by a malicious hacker to take the portal and all dependent websites down off the internet. Each of the links listed indicate the hacker’s work to redirect readers from my portal to a page which reads:


The requested page was removed for terms violation.”


This was a very dangerous hacking attempt because not only did it threaten the ecology action website, and my portal of other websites, which carries a solicitor Alex Tees and my own publications, but it also threatened the very reputable hosting website provider Tripod.com, a USA based company that provides user friendly website templates for consumers, and their customers. Tripod.com have corresponded with me to express their gratitude in fighting off the virus that threatened our situation collectively.


6. I found it very hard to define the source of the hacker’s computer via by what is known as their identifying “IP address”. Clearly the IP address is being hidden. However I can conclusively advise that it came from Tasmania. I also recall seeing something to do with “Gunns Ltd” in the electronic traces.


7. The hacking attempt was of a very advanced technological capacity involving a sophisticated multi pronged virus that first reads the defences, learns the website defences, and re attacks, up to 5 times or more. Although hackers are quite common, a hacker with that ability is very rare and invariably well paid and expensive to employ.


8. Yesterday Tom McLoughlin advised me that the very first item of information on his web page, which I don’t usually read and haven’t read for ages, has for a few weeks now been carrying this paper:


6th Dec 2006 - New paper: Logger terrorism under the Howard federal government

I am advised by Tom the ecology action paper relates to both political violence in Tasmania by loggers sympathetic to Gunns Ltd at the Weld Valley on December 2nd 2006, which Tom says was similar to violence experienced at Wandella State Forest on the NSW South Coast in 2005.

9. I am advised by Tom that the source information of the logger terrorist attack on the Weld Valley conservationist camp in Tasmania, being a media release of December 2nd 2006 has similarly been interfered with on their website at:



I am advised by Tom that late last week the link to this release of 2nd Dec 2006 regarding firebombing attempt by 3 ute loads of loggers in the early hours of the morning was diverted to another document of 27th November 2006 far less damaging to the reputation of the logging industry.


10. I am advised by Tom that the web master for the relevant Huon Valley Environment Centre that maintains the Weld Valley website, by the name of Lilia has had her phone line cut at the work station at the place she maintains the site. Tom has referred me to this email correspondence regarding his advice about repair of phone lines so their website can be repaired:


----- Original Message -----

From: "Lilia L." xxxxxx

To xxxxxxxx

Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 9:53 AM

Subject: Re: on copper lines Re: your link is broken for press 2nd of Dec presser firebomb logger terrorists


> Hi Tom,
> thanks so much for your advice, and the stories - they're great! I didn't get to fix my phone line yesterday, but I'll go home and try what you suggested tonight. There's nowhere in Huonville where I can get a phone cord! I'll have to go up to Hobart if it doesn't work.
> Cheers!
> Lilia
> P.S. Just this second we've got the news that the tree-sit camp has been busted by cops. We'll put stuff up on Melbourne Indymedia a.s.a.p.


11. In my opinion it is quite likely the hacking attempts on my website portal do relate to the ecology action Sydney section of the site because the hacking always seems to relate in time to any increase in activity by ecology action. Indeed over the years I have found providing internet security for Tom McLoughlin has taken more of my time than any other client. Also it is my opinion that it is quite likely this latest hacking attempt was to prevent the public or mainstream media practitioners or members of the political community from reading the new paper mentioned at paragraph 7. In my opinion as a expert on internet security the details in the paragraphs above are highly consistent with a campaign of deliberate and well resourced hacking of internet based information to censor news from Tasmania of a nasty and politically damaging event of political violence in the Weld Valley in Tasmania recently.



And I make this solemn declaration, in accordance with the Oaths Act, 1900, and subject to the punishment by law provided for the making of any wilfully false statement in any such declaration.





Declared at Sydney

This Sunday, 24th December 2006

Before me:


Thomas Joseph McLoughlin, solicitor in NSW


Posted by editor at 8:42 AM EADT
Updated: Thursday, 11 January 2007 10:53 AM EADT

Thursday, 11 January 2007 - 11:20 AM EADT

Name: "SAM editor "

Full article there in The Australian reads:

Former Tasmanian deputy premier pleads not guilty

TASMANIA'S dumped former deputy premier, Bryan Green, earlier today pleaded not guilty to serious criminal charges and waived his right to seek a committal hearing.
Green, who has refused to resign from State Parliament despite being charged over a secret monopoly he granted a former Labor minister, will now appear in the Supreme Court on January 29, ahead of a trial.

Yesterday, Green appeared before the Hobart Magistrate’s Court with alleged co-conspirators John White, a former health minister whose business benefited from the secret monopoly granted by Green last year, and Guy Nicholson, Green’s former senior adviser.

Green and White were in October charged with conspiracy and interfering with an executive officer, while Nicholson was charged with conspiracy.

The charges relate to a secret deal, exposed by The Australian in June, in which Green sough to guarantee a three-year monopoly for a builder accreditation firm run by White and former Queensland Labor minister Glen Milliner.
Reference: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21038117-2702,00.html

Thursday, 11 January 2007 - 11:43 AM EADT

Name: "SAM editor"

For the record it was very difficult posting this entry. It is known for Lycos tripod.com blog self publishing service to be flaky at times as per their noticeboard for users but it was a little worrying given the hacker subject matter.

The SAM site would not take this story about Tasmania until it was posted into an earlier piece about silly season media this summer, which was duly edited out of the space. The original piece ran as follows:

Silly season stories conintue apace

The inventor of instant noodles, very rich and very old, died recently. This is information I don't need to know but that's the silly season: Big Media grasping for padding off the foreign newswire.

Marlene Deitrich's second earing has turned up 50 years later from a fun park in the UK or somewhere. Ditto above comment.

Both of these ran on ABC prime time radio news.

My favourite so far in the Herald: Two guys who caught a baby in New York falling from a balcony. I know because it was in the local Herald last Saturday. They were looking at a used car for sale in the street below. Also in NY the man who saved someone who fell on the tracks. God bless 'em.

More disturbing were child copy cats of Saddam's hanging (as seen on YouTube apparently) in far flung corners. This at least has the news merit of exposing the madness of capital punishment for it's ripple effect on society as a whole.

News consumers can reassure themselves that in a world of 6 billion people there are always curious good/bad luck, tragic, funny, and bizarre stories of no actual relevance or news value to the lives of Australians. It's intellectual fair floss, a figleaf for the media skeleton crew.

When news rooms are properly staffed after holdiay season these 'stories' don't see the first muster.

Of course there is the local version of this trivia: It's called the gossip pages with blonde bimbos/himbos. Similarly superficial sports figures. As Steve Waugh once said 'there are far more important things'. Anything to fill the pages really while expensive executives and journalists in Big Media swan off to some resort or overseas jaunt with their bogus salaries.

Yesterday's Daily Telegraph was dotted with this flim flam (a baby born safely in a car complete with big picture of bub and older brother). All very pleasant but not news, making the Blowtorch even more cartoon like than the rest of the year. 

There is only one thing more tragic than these fillers over the holiday period, and that's US/UK sitcoms on commercial free to air tv. Indeed the Big Media is the best advert for books and classic movies on DVD one could imagine..

It's not entirely the Big Media dropping standards either. Sydney Indymedia (unlike say Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide) is offline this whole holiday season despite bushfires, Indigenous angst, Iraq war expansions flagged for today, festive violence social unravel, nsw electioneering for real (and my $100 donation). Normally all good grist for left leaning IMC.

Crikey.com.au ezine simply closed but is back this week posting some strong stories yesterday absent their editor of two years Misha Ketchell which I now belatedly realise is a he not a she. 2 years is long enough to be sure. But why? The farewell notice was noticeably cagey.

SAM editor, Tom McLoughlin

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