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Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Transport congestion will strangle Sydney, Greens agree with Federal Govt report
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: election nsw 2007

 Responding to this report in the Big Media today:


Trucking boom to strangle city roads

Truck AT OR NEAR choke point already, Sydney's roads will be jammed by a trucking boom tipped to outstrip growth in private car use, a federal government study warns.

The word "strangle" in the headline reminds SAM of these images of June 2005 with the city shrouded in Smog (which is the moniker I use for Sydney to country people) taken about 15 km out from the GPO at Arncliffe:

It also remind me of yellow campaign T-shirts by the Botany Bay & Catchment Association, covering south/western half of Sydney, umbrella to 33 community groups opposing Port Botany expansion and if I can get a picture of one I will add it in due course.

The Greens, appropriate to this NSW election season have responded quite realistically here:


16 January 2007

No more motorways, freight on rail solution to Sydney’s congestion crisis

Greens MP and transport spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said today that Sydney can only be saved from growing traffic congestion if plans for major motorway projects are abandoned and replaced with ramped up funding for public transport and moving more freight on rail.  

”The congested future predicted for Sydney in a report by the federal Department of Transport and Regional Services can only be avoided by fast tracking more freight on rail options and stopping motorway construction," Ms Rhiannon said

”The report’s prediction that by 2026 Sydney streets will be clogged with 2.4 million commercial trips and 9.9 million car trips should be a wake up call to the Labor and Liberal parties.

”The Greens challenge the major parties to scrap the motorway plans for Sydney. Any plans to extend the M4, link the F3 and the M2 or even revive the F6 will deliver the ugly congested future.

”The Opposition call for a 50 year transport plan is meaningless if they can’t commit to no more motorways. The evidence is in that motorways increase traffic congestion.

”Truck induced gridlock will hold back the economy, boost greenhouse gas emissions and damage community health. This is the future under current Labor and Liberal transport policies.

”The solution is moving more freight by rail.

”The Greens transport plan for Sydney calls for the fast tracking of the South West and North West Rail Links, an increased number of dedicated bus lanes and the introduction of integrated fares and timetables,” Ms Rhiannon said.


For more on the truck monsters that will eat sydney courtesy of overt ALP State Govt policy (and covert Federal Coalition policy) also see links and information here Botany Bay because its all about centralising inside Sydney supply to a NSW and Eastern Australian market to reduce costs for big shipping companies, and big retailers, which the trucking industry is more than happy to aid and abet. All at the expense of the amenity and health of 3 out of 4 million Sydney siders who will be trapped in the congestion and air pollution.

That's what happens when Big Business buys government with money politics. People die of air pollution. About 600 a year in Sydney apparently.

Posted by editor at 9:18 AM EADT
Updated: Tuesday, 16 January 2007 1:18 PM EADT

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