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Saturday, 20 January 2007
Bogus Beazley projects his own existential angst in damaging story for Rudd?
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: election Oz 2007

It was sad reading Phil Coorey's choreographed piece in the Saturday Sydney Morning Herald today about deposed ALP leader Kim Beazley. The proverbial windbag can't shut up which is really the only loyal thing to do:

Out, but still the party man

Kim Beazley Kim Beazley has no plans to dish dirt, or scorn colleagues, despite feeling he was robbed of his best chance to win the prime ministership, writes Phillip Coorey.

There he is giving oxygen to his extensive experience, which inevitably contrasts with Rudd, as if to annoy the MPs especially in NSW who read Fairfax who dumped him. Sour grapes? He wallows in theories of both parties at risk of existential demise talking himself into a real mess by effectively saying if Iemma wins in NSW (which KB says he will despite shedding MPs like an old cat sheds fur), it will be the end of the Liberal Party forever to then vote for Rudd coming next in election timing, because Howard's Coalition will be out of government everywhere, dodgy branches disintegrating.

How's that for smashing democratic checks and balances, according to KB? Alot of swinging voters might take Beazley at his word and just not vote Rudd after all if Iemma wins in NSW first. 

Is that Beazley's real game here, some faux happy go lucky fatalism as 'a loyal party man' while actually viciously damaging Rudd

1. on his relative inexperience, and

2. putting into stark relief the danger to our democratic fabric by having federal and all states as ALP governments?

KB dithers hopelessly saying on the one hand

- The ALP are very robust even in opposition because they have 100 years of tradition to fall back on while out of government, but

- if they lose the next federal election they will still be cactus because the industrial relations changes will kill the union movment that the ALP so greatly relies on.

That's pretty contradictory actually. It is also hopelessly unsustainable to argue the Liberals, conservatives or whatever, will be finished if the ALP hold every government: First it is intrinsically unstable in a country of democratic tradition and second there is the small matter of a capital strike to such critical affect in so many Latin American countries: Nothing like capital (including commentary via Big Media), withdrawing their participation to cause chaos and voter backlash.

I once got an email from Big Kim back in the late 90's. He wondered if I would get involved in an ALP youth round table on the environment there in Canberra or wherever. You get the feeling at such times you are being checked over for potential talent. But the ALP woodchippers are not for me. Their cynicism, not least Bob Carr, cured me of any patience. You can say logger terrorism has expanded under the federal Howard government, as I do, but it's also State ALP government fascism:

6th Dec 2006 - New paper: Logger terrorism under the Howard federal government

[an update of this paper soon collating a story form Environment Victoria May 2000 entitled "Will the Government wait until someone is killed before it acts on forest violence?" with gruesome bloody picture of a greenie bludgeoned on the head.]

The Melbourne leadership of FoE green group were alarmed at my contemptuous response to Big Kim for the pro woodchipping ALP. But it wasn't meant personally, it was policy.

Now Kim is exhibiting the existential angst he speaks of and it's not a pretty sight seeing him do exactly what Latham in his Diaries in the 2003 and earlier sections accuse him of - two faced presentation. On the one hand all kindness and diplomacy, on the other vicious and underhand.

It doesn't help matters that the story leads in on the sadness of his younger brother's sudden death (which was quite the Shakespearean moment) as if to imply the cruel vote to dump him was the shock that did it. Is KB relying on sympathy for his loss to avoid criticism for the meddlesome content of this article with Coorey? Could KB be so cynical? Well we all know Latham's view.

But I can't otherwise explain this pallid regurgitation by the Fairfax hack - who had a similar tedious regurgitation earlier in the week from Howard's view of the world in a direct feed:


Where indeed is the public curiousity for deposed Kim Beazley amongst the readership, unless Fairfax is making mischief? There is nothing so ex as a soundly defeated ex leader, who has resigned from future politics, and suffering the proverbial relevance deprivation syndrome. It just steals clear air from Rudd who is featured in the foreground of an interesting photo in both the Telegraph and Herald (by different photographers) at a funeral for another silly old bugger Jim Killen with no John Howard in sight:

Survivors of another age say farewell to Killen

Is KB positioning for a deal on the governor generalship? Seems premature, and impertinent. What's his game - make me a promise or I keep running interference? Still the party man in Machiavellian self interest?

No wonder Coorey's article had a tacky hair replacement advert on the flipside page: "More hair or your money back".

Indeed the real political future is covered by Peter Hartcher in another story about "senescent" (love that) Howard needing to implement a reshuffle to match the freshness of Rudd, and his team like Gillard and Garrett:

For a fresh face just make a little nip and tuck

John Howard needs to put some new faces on his ministry if he is to avoid the perception that the Government is simply old and worn out, writes Peter Hartcher.

Mind you I agree there is resonance in the tag "existential problems" vis a vis the Coalition and ALP but for a wholly different reason being the ecologically unravelling world, with a two party preffered method of voting effectively a corrupt gerry mander against The Greens.

How else to explain the desperation of Howard to rely on $370,000 in electioneering from the evil slavish Christian cult extremists in the Exclusive Brethren to keep the Greens out?:

Sect member funded anti-Greens campaign

A MYSTERY Sydney businessman belonging to the Exclusive Brethren sect spent $370,000 on advertisements and pamphlets during the 2004 federal election, according to the Australian Electoral

But Beazley is part of that duopoly problem. The corrupt gerrymander explains why we have the weird unstable pendulum swing federal to state, Coalition to ALP as the electorate desperately seeks neither and tries to orchestrate a neutralisation of both. This is where the old parties are simply defying the political proportionate representation of The Greens as their vote gets bigger and bigger and will only grow as said greenhouse and other unravel takes over.

That is a party not dedicated to the material economy first, but second. People are getting it, not least professional communicator Richard Glover with influence from HSC papers, abc radio, books, and yes the political patronage machine, in this amusing piece:

It's time to come clean about my dirty little secret

Richard Glover Since age 16, I've created 6988 kilograms of greenhouse gases simply by warming my teapot, writes Richard Glover.

( I was already aware of Glover's shift. It has been a long time coming. It happened when he spoke to a climate change expert and you could hear his voice drop an octave at the reality of the threat to civilisation and the world. Welcome aboard Richard at least you know it really is a ship of fools now, rather than just being fooled.)

Get another satisfying life Kim and stay out of the press, in fact leave the country for a while if at all possible as you suggested years back. Or become a true greenie dedicated to good works. That's a worthy philosophical commitment. Those are the real choices. Federal politics is not 'about you' per se anymore. Carr had the same trouble realising he was actually, really,  REJECTED. You say you get it, but the article suggests otherwise. And that goes for your pilot fish like Maxine McKew, that Costello ratbag et al. Don't feed the pilot fish indeed.

It's about the future of the country, a much bigger deal altogether than the Beazley franchisee of brand ALP. No doubt it gets confusing when the family business has appeared synonymous with the matters of state for decades. Appeared Kim, not reality. That's the problem with intergenerational succession, proprietary as distinct from earned, like fluffing your lines at the most painful of moments when credibiliy was THE question.

But no matter. We are all called including Kim Beazley to save this world from the programmed flaw in Humanity: Modifying and destroying our own ecological cradle over all anthropological time. Glover yesterday, KB tomorrow?

Postscript #1

Perhaps related, or coincidentally, Rudd has grasped the gist of this analysis today 22nd January 07.

The Beazler (silly old geezer) interference in the article mentioned above has effectively been skewered by Rudd's launch of a bipartisan national meeting water summit.

The feds are resisting via loud mouth Malcolm Turnbull especially to keep alive the NSW electoral tactics over desal plant and water etc.

The Feds did this to The Greens too, scorning a summit, then holding it on Melbourne Cup day (November 2006). Turnbull claims this was for availability of the Premiers, but methinks it had the virtue of being hidden from view as a backdown to the Greens that Howard is so desperate to close out on Iraq, on greenhouse, on his whole 'senescent' world view.

Now Maxine McKew, senior ex ABC journalist and Beazley booster, has joined Kevin Rudd's staff on the abc radio headlines here this morning.

My story above suggests McKew is 'a Beazley pilot fish' but obviously she has decided to rise to the occasion and works for Rudd as of this morning.

Sure is an interesting time for a political hack like me, and the gears of democracy are really grinding and clunking and indeed proceeding forward in some fashion.

God help Australia too, not least water.

This story re USA military satellites at risk of China missile reach by Sheridan in the Australian is also very important:

p12 Chinese can hit enemies where it really hurts

Greg Sheridan
* January 20, 2007


Posted by editor at 5:30 PM EADT
Updated: Monday, 22 January 2007 9:36 AM EADT

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