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Wednesday, 24 January 2007
Howard and Watkins cynical selectivity re diverse YouTube hate videos?
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: peace

The SAM editor spent ten minutes this morning posting this comment on about 20 hate YouTube videos glorifying the white supremacist Cronulla race riots

Gandhi's 10 principles of nonviolence


Yet whitebread politicians at Federal and NSW level respectively are running a cynically selective condemnation of a hate video glorifying an ethnic rapist on ABC midday radio news. No doubt the video is obnoxious and repellant. It appears to be down now.

Good thing too, almost certainly hate speech. Alot of it found on YouTube this morning was mostly white supremacist "glorification" of the Cronulla riot which was "caused" by drunken slobs and Alan Jones hate barracking on 2GB.

Keep in mind Alan Jones' mantra - 'not multicultural, multiracial with one culture'. Yep its a diet of fatty meat pies and vegemite for multiracial Australia. Which of course is very unhealthy 3 times a day. In fact it's a diet that kills social wellbeing probably.

People will say it was an assault of some life savers that caused the Cronulla riot, like Opposition Hartcher on abc radio earlier today. That could have been addressed proportionately.  No, it was racist politics that created a 5,000 strong rampage endorsed by community 'elders' like Alan Jones talking to other white bread elders, who then turned a blind eye to drunken Shire youth well off track.

I've met Hartcher and I am sure he knows it. In fact I was asked whether he should be ditched from Cabinet in 1993 by Andrew Harper in the Premier's office of John Fahey. More fool me for speaking positively about him.

Shameful stuff.

This selectivity about what is on YouTube is a subtle twist on systemic white supremacism being played out all through society at this time. All hate messages should be equally condemned and actively rebutted, and I found a good 20 of them easily enough this morning mostly white supremacist.

Similarly I posted this at http://melbourne.indymedia.org/news/2007/01/137548.php

You Tube gardening for harmony
by ecology action Wednesday January 24, 2007 at 10:40 AM

Sydney news is running today with another symptom of the NSW election White Supremacism dry run for the Howard re election agenda: You Tube hate video's of varying degree. Here is a nice peace loving response there, which sort of befuddles the hate and anger mongering.

Here is a report of the hateomongering via new media:


At every YouTube string I suggest add an entry like this (YT seem to be accepting of this approach with about 20 added this morning):

"Gandhi's 10 principles of nonviolence


A similar summary of the Gandhi non violence philosophy would be just as appropriate.

For those already into this kind of nonviolence in some fashion they might forget (like riding a bike) how powerful the prescription is for those infected with violence who have never heard it before.

Only a saint can live up to the full observance but it has great resonance and value as a cultural message, creating a common sense framework to address underlying disagreements from there.

A good antitode I've seen work in many situations. Like a vibes watcher at a fraught meeting.

Posted by editor at 12:08 PM EADT
Updated: Wednesday, 24 January 2007 12:45 PM EADT

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