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Thursday, 15 February 2007
Our free copright policy
Mood:  happy
Topic: free SAM content

Our material is for open use and is meant to be borrowed, recycled and re-used. It's free, and no legal obligation to make an attribution (though we do appreciate the acknowledgement having learned the concept of 'authority' as per technorati blog bible). It really is free, and that's the owner and editor speaking, Tom McLoughlin solicitor in New South Wales, Australia.

The trend in daily reads seems to be increasing with 2,423 hits on some days, and 34,255 per month up from 2,800 when we started in January 2007 in grovelling form. We continue to note our language and/or content turning up either as a direct or indirect echo or perhaps parallel evolution in some high profile columnist articles, some distinctly centre left, and on the right too. 

SAM won't embarrass them by mentioning whom.  Anyway we are confident enough to say it shouldn't be embarrassing - with 2 university qualifications and 15 years of public interest ngo politics behind the editor, all but teetotal for 2 years and caffeine free these days our synapses are bubbling along as a consequence.

Posted by editor at 8:00 AM EADT
Updated: Sunday, 12 April 2009 12:10 PM NZT

Tuesday, 20 February 2007 - 2:48 AM EADT

Name: "Alex Turvey"
Home Page: http://www.independent-nsw.com


I just came across your website for the first-time and was impressed !!! ( ok I am a newbie to all this).

I was going to write to you to request permission to use some stuff from your website ( with full attribution of course) - particularly the pics of 18 Feb and also the story re "the Move On Direction" which is a subject of particular interest to me.

Leaving aside the basic debased philosophy behind the move on directions legislation ( ciivil liberties, right to use of public streets etc) from a practical point I find I find that police do not know how to use it - they dont understand the requirements and usually use it for unauthorised purposes.

In particular, they usually fail to comply with Part 15 of the Law Enforcement ( Police Powers) Act.If you stand your ground ( it is a good idea to have a copy of the relevant sections in your back pocket and tick them off if complied with and if miraculously they get it right move on). Usually when you point this out to a police Officer they become extremely frustrated and may act in an inappropriate way, call in re-inforcements or make a wrongful arrest.

Anyway, with your kind permission as stated in your site I will "pinch" some of your "stuff" - with fullacknowledgment of cours.

Many thanks, Keep up the good work- Alex.

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