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Monday, 19 March 2007
Minister Tebbutt, UN$W under Hilmer $ellout the sustainability business
Mood:  irritated
Topic: globalWarming

Picture: From "Ray of hope for solar power showcase after dark years of neglect" By Claire O'Rourke and Stephanie Peatling
March 15 2003 at
http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/03/14/1047583701205.html with caption reads "Brighter future ... Climate Action Network's Kylie Hitchman, Danny Kennedy [until recently head of campaigns Greenpeace Australia], Philip Freeman and Janice Wormworth at the Solarch site. Photo: Robert Pearce" The article below reveals Solarch was burned down in suspicous circumstances in

Minister Carmel Tebbutt defending the seat of Marrickville is implicated badly in this terrible turn of events in Little Bay in south eastern Sydney, according to our source:

 "Check page 31 of the UNSW Strategic Plan 2006-10.  Little Bay site is said to have been purchased.  And it was the NSW Minister for Education - Carmel Tebbutt - who gave the green light for the site to be sold. "

No surprises that the University of NSW under soulless bean counter Fred Hilmer is also implicated after deciding to sell off the highly successful and popular Arthur St permaculture garden at Randwick.

Shameful betrayal of the public interested as it related to the age of dangerous climate change (notwithstanding fluffy 'don't you worry about that' type stories on the science of global warming these last few days). Our informant writes:

Hi Tom,



UNSW is getting out of the permaculture and sustainability business.



You might be interested in this as the Herald did a feature a couple of years ago:




The Solarch Building has significance for UNSW as the university was recognised as a/the leader in world solar research. They have been generating green power since 1994 (first building in NSW) and to the grid since October 1997:




Monday 5th February 9 [2007]:

3 Randwick Precinct Communities were briefed on the UNSW redevelopment of the Little Bay site. Local member was in attendance and when asked about State government influence said it had none. Questions asked at that meeting included - where would compensatory playing fields be and what would become of the UNSW famous SOlarch building.

There were no answers on the playing fields other than UNSW was looking at possibilities in Botany and Randwick. SOlarch was to be pulled down. It was put that the building was a symbol of solar research, generated green power and possibly had won award. Answer was that it was subject to a lot of discussion but end result was that it was coming down.



That night I followed up with some googles and found:


This is the UNSW annual report of 2003 http://www.cfo.unsw.edu.au/annual_rpt/2003.pdfwhere on page 70 reference is made to the sale.



Check page 31 of the UNSW Strategic Plan 2006-10. Little Bay site is said to have been purchased.  And it was the NSW Minister for Education - Carmel Tebbutt - who gave the green light for the site to be sold.   David Phillips Field(in Daceyville and not close to Little Bay)  is listed as possible replacement for playing fields see page 45 & 47, 30 & 31.  This document is dated April 2006.






see item 5of thisUniversity meeting http://www.secretariat.unsw.edu.au/faculty/facmin05/Built%20Env/Benvscm605.pdf





Friday 9th Feb] [2007].

Solarch was torched. The Age and Illawarra Mercury carried the story on-line as too did The Australian but all these papers said that it was a building on the Prince Henry site. THere has been no story by the Sydney Morning Herald. There were 8 firetrucks called to the site and reportedly 50 firefighters - no water to access on site to put the fire out.

inal seats.

Posted by editor at 11:56 AM NZT
Updated: Monday, 19 March 2007 3:50 PM NZT

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