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sydney alternative media - non-profit community independent trustworthy
Thursday, 12 April 2007
Our Media conference #2: excellent capacity building continues
Mood:  amorous
Topic: independent media

Pictures: From top left clockwise

1. Peter Lane of Ch31 (Melbourne) samples "DenialBeer" from our pneumatic activist The Blonde guarranteed to wipe out true history of Australia, refugee issues and human rights scruples. We bought Peter a beer to hear his views on ethical effective community tv models.

2. Sun Quan Huang of Taiwan Shih Hsin Uiversity; POTS weekly, an internet media based activist with English as a 4th (!) language.

3. Day one presentations from strong women of our region in community media including femLinkPacific Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls of Fiji (with microphone), and

4. Day one, Lisa Stefanoff of Central Australia Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) representative based in Alice Springs (at far left) with confronting witness of their trainee who 'knows' the reality of the life she is 'meant to have'. Very moving powerful stuff;

5. Prof John Downing, keynote speaker on Day 1, in animated discussion .... in fluent spanish;

6. presentation of the Italian Chainworkers - Mayday and other cause related artwork for the 'precarious worker', involving swap cards, super heroics and culture jam, playful visual concepts. Very amusing talk by Sydney UTS based Ilaria Vanni.

This is the second report of the OurMedia conference in Sydney after day two 11th April 2007, in a 4 day smorgasbord [revised Saturday 14th April 07]:

Alot less notes taken today, and alot more sharing. On behalf of this micro ngo 'SAM blog alter ego ecology action', we managed to erect a display of our contribution to communication capacity in the Patagonia/Chile No Alumysa campaign of 2002-04 (to halt a US$3 billion hydro smelter project to destroy 3 local rivers, lake, 10,000 ha of original forest and fjordlands with 660K tonnes of waste per year).

Details of two heroes of that Chilean campaign - Mitzi Urtubia and Marisol Frugone and other material -  are reported here Patagonia project and in Chile here: http://www.ecosistemas.cl/1776/channel.html

Similarly, we provided a copy of the 47 minute video Corazón verde (2002), which translates as Green Heart  to veteran community media consultant Alfonso Gumucio, with his own wikipedia entry here. Alfonso despite his eloquent presentation was like the proverbial expert who knows too much, has too many secrets and has seen many skeletons in closets, and thus was sounding exhausted and even despairing.

He brightened up perhaps as the jet lag wore off and returned the favour with DVD Voices of Magdalena/Communication for Peace which is a 35 minute doco of community radio in a region of Colombia (!). This is a great story to show our Spanish translator Amparo Ilanos who hails from Colombia also.

We also provided a UN 1992 Your World photographic booklet to Dr Juan Salazar of Uni Western Sydney, to echo his frightening image of a 'dying child sculpture on a western conference table'. He was glad for that offering.

Late in the day we made contact with Rika Kobayashi of Planet tv in Japan [webcast] and with her first report on the Our Media conference with vision here [for Japanese audiences]:


We have promised more original content for her today [duly delivered re Lake Cowal H2O ...ooooooh issue in NSW, forest destruction in Australia] assuming format compatability re NTSC/PAL video to digital etc of interest to Japanese civil society stakeholders, that is, to start a conversation without a big business or big government filter.

Some images of day 1 and 2 are found above, and again there will be supplements when time permits after the conference.

Posted by editor at 9:34 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 15 April 2007 12:25 PM NZT

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