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Tuesday, 24 April 2007
ALP kill and cook their own logger unionist O'Connor as entre to big Rudd conference?
Mood:  loud

SAM's editor earlier this year broadcast via email to state and federal MPs attacking the Howard govt/Logger Union political complex via this brief here:


6th Dec 2006 - New paper: Logger terrorism under the Howard federal government (see bloody image there)


and then follow up with image to MP's of The Australian banner of Oct 7 2005


"Election probe, PM's 4M secret deal with union" with picture of same above.


Now echoes of this political communication strategy in the Sydney Morning Herald here today:


Garrett at loggerheads with foresters A showdown between Peter Garrett and the head of the forestry union over logging in Tasmania is threatening to overshadow the uranium debate at this weekend's Labor Party conference.

with beaut picture of 'woodchipping spirit of Tasmania' at top of page 6, not quite the same but similar to this

The Herald article spills the dirt on unionist O'Connor doing Howard's work and indeed violence, and will seriously damage him at the conference if not ruin him.

Notice quotes like this:


"After Mr O'Connor reopened the debate over the new draft policy two weeks ago, the Herald was given material showing his union had produced a ferocious television ad against Labor in the final days of the 2004 campaign."




"In the taped interviews with a University of NSW law student last year, the union's former national secretary Trevor Smith and its Tasmanian secretary, Scott McLean, conceded the union accepted a "very little" financial contribution from the forestry lobby in a legal case with green activists. The case, which is still before the courts, stemmed from a confrontation in which forestry workers encircled a conservationists' campsite in Victoria for five days."


[bold added]


Adrian Whitehead was the person bleeding from a fearsome head wound in that protest camp in the Otways years ago in Victoria the subject of that legal case, a courageous example underpinning most of this accounting pre ALP conference 2007 years later.  It was Adrian and his mates making a stand in that forest all those years ago as a keystone commitment to our planet.


We at SAM salute you and all the forest activists at the front line! Bravo!


There is heaps more in the article of the ALP catching and cooking their own ie Mr Michael O'Connor, soon to be ex unionist one hopes. Not least is evidence of his attempt to cruel Morris Iemma's big pre election conference. Ouchy ouch.

Posted by editor at 2:24 PM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 24 April 2007 3:03 PM NZT

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