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Tuesday, 15 May 2007
Mass murder in Iraq, just like Saddam, made by the hawks in the USA , not the doves
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: human rights

Picture: Local community media by Stevie Bee with images sourced world wide of Autumn 2003 peace/anti war protesters including about 500,000 in the heart of Sydney's Hyde Park that amazing day.


The bogus moral assertions of such as Gerard Henderson here


Blinkers on in the killing fields


, and implicitly Greg Sheridan here


Wearing down the West | Greg Sheridan | The Australian


are a sly form of sophistry. It's mostly lies built on lies, as here:


www.smh.com.au - One lie leads to another

One lie leads to another. Date: April 28 2007. Few governments have invested so much into deceiving the public, and ended up so disastrously deceiving itself.


and shows how bankrupt their war mongering military industrial whining and wheedling for an ongoing “blank cheque” in Iraq really is, to borrow the apt term of Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi.


The war mongers rail against any diplomatic contact of Pelosi with Syria then undertake the same in a covert dishonest way in a blatant admission of their hawkish failure:


The World Today - Nancy Pelosi arrives in Syria

Shrugging off White House disapproval the Democratic Partys most senior politician has arrived in Syria for a controversial two-day visit Nancy Pelosi ...


And here


Iraq pressing for Rice talks with Iran - Breaking News - World ...

Rice's encounter with Mottaki and talks with Syria's foreign minister later on ... contacts with Iran and Syria as he seeks ways to end the Iraq conflict. ...


It’s exactly this kind of public, sleazy rationale that results in private sleazy outcomes by the war mongers – like Wolfowitz who moved on to the World Bank resulting in scandal:


World Bank panel corners Wolfowitz | NEWS.com.au Business

WORLD Bank president Paul Wolfowitz's hold on his job appeared ever more tenuous today after an internal probe found he had violated bank rules in arranging ...


In lieu of a cold war enemy we are having Al Qaeda boosted from motley bunch of mad criminal religious killers into a so called ‘network’, so called ‘organisation’. Sheridan amplifies dubious reports of 200 of these religious zealots in Saddam’s Iraq into a world war justifying that blank cheque.


Now with political and strategic failure staring these hawks in the face just like Vietnam for using war to do the job of soft power, peace keepers and diplomacy, they raise the sleazy dishonest moral sword against their political rivals claiming the accurate critique of the hawks from at least 2002 by the doves is moral equivalence and apologia for Al Qaeda suicide bombers. As if.


Get it? Run an intrinsically corrupt economic and military industrial nuclear protection racket and political hierarchy to prop up oil consumption, and material consumption ripped off the poorer nations of the world, as per the Syriana movie thesis, and you get a rabid, fascist murderous religious backlash. They are going to die of poverty anyway, presumably they reason in their fevered desperation and misery. 


Well the hawks in the western military industrial complex are looking in the mirror at their own alter ego in Al Qaeda. Violence as a means to an end reaps violence.


All the violence is wrong. The bombing of civilians who tell no tales. The murderous cluster and super hot fire bombs of the military. There is no moral responsibility on the 500,000 doves who marched in Sydney February 2003 to not go down this track only to be insulted as “a mob” by politician John Howard.


Police action by peacekeepers under a UN matrix including Iran and Syria,  removal of the western military industrial complex rape and pillage of the public revenue (as per economist JK Galbraith condemnation) both in Australia and USA via their latest feeding frenzy in Iraq, and removal of the hawks from our government would all go along way to taking the foot off the accelerator at the terrorist training grounds made by the USA hawks and their apologists.


Mature politics by real leaders would go along way to undoing the damage of the Bush-Howard-Blair war mongers. That’s not to say use of hard power is over but the courting of war should have ended decades ago. The graceless victors of the 2nd World War are abusing their victory – pure and simple.


As a UN consultant stated some years back for every one accidental or wrongful death by the USA led western war machine an estimated 10 others are severely affected emotionally and psychologically. Over time these ballooning numbers of aggrieved twisted by desire for revenge and grief grow like topsy.


Remember shock and awe? Remember the Lancet report of hundreds of thousands of civilians dead in the geo political grinding of tectonic plates between Iran, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc over oil? Multiply that by 10. It’s the social and economic injustice behind the spiral of war violence.


The USA made Saddam who went rogue, the USA are making Al Qaeda, in a huge tax rip off rent seeking job creation scheme for their ultra right mates. And it’s the doves who will have to clean up their mess, if we ever get the chance, and find a way to defuse this ticking UXB of economic and political cruelty built to maintain grotesque privileged elites in the USA in particular.


Yes the suicide bombers are abhorrent killers. But the only difference with the USA (and Israel in Lebanon) bombers indiscriminate slaughter in so many cases is that one is openly murderous, the other in reckless negligent denial preferring pornographic claims to “fighting for freedom”.


It’s all inevitable as a result of the Lancet report how not to win the peace. It’s the Heisenberg principle aka 'observer effect' – the presence of the military industrial complex changes everything in place of politics and diplomacy.


It’s time to sack the hawks.

Posted by editor at 11:15 AM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2007 12:07 PM NZT

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