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Thursday, 17 May 2007
Stop press: Trioli ABC announcer does her job criticising Premier Iemma, accused of being a Liberal Party stooge
Mood:  cool
Topic: big media
Picture: the 'ugly duckling' Virginia Trioli: The self described skinny nerdy dag as a child who grew into a swan as regards broadcasting in Melbourne and now Sydney.

We felt compelled to send this report below on to the new media crikey.com.au ezine below and feel one qualification: It's an ALP town here and there are usually consequences for bucking the bully boys/girls of the ALP whether media, ngo or whatever.

But it is also the only way to keep a clear conscience if not much of a career path we say with knowing experience. Will Trioli continue to fly along from her groovy perch there? We wonder. Certainly she has arrived as a power player in Sydney Town and as long as she exercises due responsibility with that power all should be well.

The one concern with such as Trioli is that she may suffer excessive exuberance at times, with that sparkling voice and humour, at her undoubted success as a broadcaster, to as much a degree as Morris Iemma can be as boring or cynical as a wet cat. 

We know this feeling of highs and lows - is it an Italian thing? - when emotional security is actually the goal in life. She sounds happy which is good for broadcasting and democracy in this city and this state. May it continue to be so, with a nod to Guiseppe De Lampedusa's The Leopard phenomenally good book on democracy of interest to a local book club recently.

Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 9:36 AM
Subject: breaking news Trioli takes on Iemma sleazy dead bat this morning

Dear Crikey

Virginia Trioli did her job on 702 ABC this morning in the sensitive pre 9 am segment, with maybe a bit of extra school mistress wood on Premier Morris Iemma for dodging a question about when he really knew an election promise was undeliverable (the Spit Bridge upgrade). Morris got a calm but determined scold for lack of real "conversation" as in lack of probity to his answers. We lawyers call it being "unresponsive" which can be grounds for contempt of court in the witness box, in this case the court of public opinion.

Many callers apparently backed up the announcer's displeasure, but one Charles said she was biased to the Liberal Party because she never takes that approach with PM Howard.

What we found amusing as a one time staffer at Media Monitors (2 years, 2000-2001) is that she milked this accuser for what seemed like ages but perhaps was only 3 minutes of airtime on the talkback making his articulate accusations.

Now Trioli has rolled gold proof she is not an ALP, Greenie or Lefty stooge because she is 'biased' to the Liberal PM. Or maybe she was JUST DOING HER JOB - do yer reckon?! Clever how she milked the claim of reverse bias for all it was worth I thought.

Tom McLoughlin, editor SAM news blog, ecology action sydney

PS ... and no, you can't have her back, she's damn good.

Posted by editor at 11:48 AM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 17 May 2007 1:58 PM NZT

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