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Monday, 28 May 2007
Oh dear, blogster Tim Blair implies climate change worrier Rupert Murdoch is in terrorism denial
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: big media


Last Saturday Tim Blair made a bizarre implication in the high circulation Sydney Daily Telegraph Saturday edition satire. We have pictured the article above with a few additions in our mischevious way. The implication in the text found here May 26th

Just swap weather for terrorism | The Daily Telegraph

is quite clear - that his own boss Rupert Murdoch owner of News Corporation, British PM Tony Blair, Australian Opposition leader Kevin Rudd all on record as very concerned about climate change are actually indulging terrorism denial. They are not actually named but the smear is there in a very clumsy mud feast:

 "Tough language is borrowed from the war on terror and applied to the war on weather," Gorin wrote - presciently, since at that point the trend was nowhere near as obvious as it is now. "Freud called it displacement. People fixate on the environment when they can't deal with real threats."

Tim Blair quotes someone called Gorin in approving terms.

Never mind these three world leaders all support various kinds of military action on what we term errorist violence, not least in Afghanistan, and Big Rupert and Tony Blair the whole hog  in Iraq also. And support bucket loads of action on climate change too. Rupert suffering 'Freudian displacement'? Big call Tim.

No doubt columnist Blair meant to limit his smear of terrorism denial to named targets like Green senator Bob Brown, and Al Gore to scare off cultural icons like super fish Ian Thorpe at Foxtel environmental tv show now, rocker now MP Peter Garrett, and think tank academic Clive Hamilton and Professor Tim Flannery who indeed are global warming activists. But the mud is spread liberally to all. In a grand non sequitur Tim Blair figures anyone worrried about climate change is indulging 'Freudian displacement'. This must be so by their alleged lack of advocacy on terrorism issues. And there we were thinking it's a walk and chew gum kind of reality.

Tim Blair has scattered merde under the cover of satire so wide he managed to smear the most influential media mogul in the world who just happens to pay his wage. Go figure. Truly the clown proves to be the fool. Hope Rupe can take a joke at his expense in his own press. Here is the uber Murdoch only 2 weeks ago worrying about climate change in his more upmarket The Australian, and notice it's a story by ex coal industry lobbyist Matthew Warren who surely understands from where the bread and butter is supplied: May 12th 2007

Capitalism clears the air | Features | The Australian

"THE business response to the risk of climate change is quickly gaining momentum. This week News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch made headlines when he announced his plan to make the world's biggest media company carbon neutral by 2010. He is the latest and biggest corporate mover on an issue increasingly being driven by business rather than governments."

Is blogster Blair actually bipolar? We only ask because a symptom of such often high functioning folks is the propensity to high risk behaviour, and you don't get much more high risk within a local News Ltd newspaper by implicitly smearing Big Rupert 

The only question in our mind now is: "Does Big Rupert google his own name very often as per the title to our micro news blog here?" Perhaps we will know by next Saturday.

Posted by editor at 3:12 PM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2007 10:29 AM NZT

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