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Tuesday, 11 September 2007
Will vain Howard be forced out at govt party room meeting 12 Sept 07?
Mood:  energetic
Topic: election Oz 2007

Picture: Environment Minister, but more significantly former federal treasurer for the organisational wing of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull meets with John Howard PM breifly on the floor of Federal Parliament today 11th Sept 2007. Turnbull is claimed in reports on abc radio to have been urging the PM to reconsider his position. Turnbull's office in turn denies this. Ditto Foreign Minister Downer. No questions from the Rudd ALP opposition on any leadership instability to Howard in Question Time today either, which actually could be a smart tactic as Howard is very counter suggestive by reputation and its in the interests of the ALP to let the Govt stew.


Any self respecting lawyer in the Coalition Govt will be disgusted that PM Howard would give unqualified support to 200 police who deliberately refused to wear ID badges at an APEC protest recently.

That is the slippery slide to real fascism and political abuse of power in a Prime Minister.

To seek to forgive the rule of law on our police force as distinct from applying in full measure only to protesters is way beyond the pale.

Now Sky News at 9.30 am today has put up a kite that two Cabinet MPs Turnbull and Downer have calculated the electoral equation against vain old man Howard staying as leader, soaked as he is in corrupt power lust, not goals of good governance as such.

The Coalition being slaughtered might be the dream of the ALP and many of the public too but it's not good for democracy, which has suffered here in NSW for a huge win to the ALP. The ALP do abuse their power in due course.

It is the obligation of the broad Coalition Party room to defend the sustainability of the party in Parliament according to their own lights, as best they can. Quite objectively too there must be a sustainable Opposition to preserve a functioning Parliament.

If Howard is leading them over a cliff to a landslide that just is not in the national interest to keep the ALP honest.

Time to start rebuilding the prospects of the Coalition even from the perspective of Oppositional politics.

The ABC World Today is running the leadership quandary as the lead and the word is Howard's "selfish" nature (which we interpret as vanity of an old man) is cruelling their whole party. The PM's enormous centralisation of power has effectively cannabalised his credibility. Endorsing cruel force of 200 unbadged police is just the latest symptom.

20 points polling differential under his leadership is real and only getting bigger.

So any leadership change isa all in real time now, just as ex national Liberal Party President Valder has the microphone, with the spark into a flame like a bushfire on total fire ban day in the height of summer.


More circumstantial evidence here too in the pages of today's conservative newspaper The Australian which in sum is like a death notice for Howard, indirectly:

It's all there in the articles in the Oz today. Let me read the paper for you like a Coalition MP, because its their paper, seriously:

1. the front pager - "Rudd to confront states on pokies" builds on cracking 4 Corners last night (Kuring gai 1 pokie per 1000 popn, Bankstown something like 15 per 1000 ie poor people/ALP seats getting screwed by ALP parasites). A strong policy initiative that every Coalition MP would agree with to their very moral core. A real heart breaker in the belief in their own sides comparative edge on things that matter.

2. Beattie is the other main story, showing how to quit by example, very very telling.

3. Bottom page 1, Howard will never give up power voluntarily story.

4. page 2 variations on the theme above

5. Native title agreement in Qld p3, the modern Australia agenda, not Howard's

6. Pulp mill dogma shared by Howard trashed p4

7. page 6 Beattie again full page, how it's done by example, eschewing the lust for power

8. Ditto page 7 only Bligh as woman leader, again feeding perception ALP is modern to have a female leader, not the past social norms of Howard

9. page 8, APEC - in sum, not specifically, a fizzer electoral launch strategy Howard tried to cook for 3 years but no banana. He's not everyone's Daddy anymore.

10. page 9-10 irrelevant world stories re election here, bar one re Patreas report hedging in Iraq disaster, Brits want out of Basra, just like ALP again.

11. p11, Beattie again, damn it. But also devastating acute APEC piece by Louise Evans with nasty sting, Howard tried to censor questions at his last presser at APEC. Ouch ouch ouch. Power gone to his head really.

12. p12 Bill Leak gallows humour cartoon crystal ball taboo message, Opinion pieces by in house and invited, 'Too little, too late, PM', and 'For the sake of Howard's legacy/Costello ...must be ...Liberal leader' and 'Rudd Mandarin speech'

13. p13 letters headline "To remain in the leadership will only be seen as obstinancy"

That is not so much a hint, as a coppers baton on the head from The Australian to the Coalition Party Room. After the shock, reality will follow ...

Posted by editor at 7:09 PM NZT

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