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Wednesday, 31 October 2007
Bogus Bob Carr's revisionist history on 50% forest destruction on his watch
Mood:  sharp
Topic: nsw govt

Saffron Howden of the Daily Telegraph yesterday, with the help of the dizzy folks at The Wilderness Society, and the Fairfax Sydney Magazine give Bob Carr (always the thespian) some great PR profile recently.

Picture: At left Bob Carr whose govt during his watch waved through the James Hardie legal trickery to offshore their assets to avoid asbestos liabilities of $4B or more, next to Nick Griener who is now a company director for Big Tobacco, also in the legalised business of killing people.

But the truth is oh so different from the Great Spinner trying to rehabilitate his public reputation after being forced out as premier after a respectable 10 years anniversary. (This is also the Bob Carr who also said the internet was irrelevant to electioneering in one of those typical hubristic interviews alongside Gore Vidal, which gives you the clue to the skinny mans patchy credibility as opposed to manipulative acting skills.)

Carr created 350 national parks some of them big, some of them postage stamps but he also condemned the other 50% to destruction with 20 year logging resource security when climate change was bearing down on us. Here are some of our eye witness field trips sometimes at personal risk:



We were careful to keep a web record of Carr's real legacy:

Carr alp dodges 1999-2003

Carr dodges 95-99

and in particular this big logging list in over 100 precious forests on his watch 1995-2005:

1. Click here for 'Final update on NSW public forests logged 1996-2003 pre 2003 election' posted on www.sydney.indymedia.org.au on 19th March 2003.

Ex Premier Bob Carr's breach of an election promise to end woodchipping of native forest by 2000 in NSW - not just any promise that actually got him over the line in marginals like Coogee in 1995 - had drastic consequences over the border in Victoria's once grand East Gippsland forests in places like Goolengook which were firebombed after devastating clearfells sent to the Eden chipper Carr promised to close.

Indeed there was such alarm at Carr's failure here is the very same The Wilderness Society election leaflet 2003 condemning the guy they just went on a bushwalk with as reported in the Daily Telegraph above ...



Posted by editor at 11:00 AM NZT
Updated: Wednesday, 31 October 2007 11:45 AM NZT

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