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Friday, 4 January 2008
Xstrata and Barrick involved in highly contoversial mine conflicts in Phillipines, PNG
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: human rights

The Big Media is rightly reporting terrible fatal unravelling of democracy in Kenya reinforcing the significance of a strong Australian Electoral Commission here in Australia Nov 24 federal election. Thank God for strong institutions who do their job. The unsung heroes of peace and stability. But we have major human rights concerns closer to home too:

What makes rebel leftists in Mindanao, Phillipines demand a 'revolutionary tax' and then bomb and destroy a mine majority owned by Xstrata? Is it cynicism learnt from their corporate capitalist masters, looking for their cut of the action, or do they have a social justice case?

Map of the Philippines showing the island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

It starts to look alot more than ideology or greed when in relation to the same controversy a local Catholic bishop is reportedly motivated to "lead some opposition to mine development, warning of environmental damage"?


Rebels raid gold mine | The Australian 3rd Jan 2008

[full copy cut and paste above]

Perhaps because it's happened before:

24/12/04...Newmont mining in Indonesia accused again of mercury pollution: Bloomberg via SMH

Xstrata is a quite a controversial mining multinational in recent Australian history too with its attempt to takeover uranium miner WMC which failed in 2005. Some interesting reference material about that here:

Big Media here:

21/2/05... flagship '4 Corners' ABC exposes Glencore's sinister control of Xtrata assets eg bid target WMC U-mine at Olympic Dam - 1/3 world's uranium

21/2/05...New Xstrata, Glencore links emerge: AAP via SMH

21/2/05...Xstrata's links tarnish WMC takeover deal

14/2/05...Analysis of Glencore/Xstrata sordid history and bid for U-mine re Treasurer Costello's bid validation, by senior finance writer for News Ltd

Following little media here

12 Feb 2005 Costello assists corporate terrorist Glencore via Xtrata bid for U ...

11th Feb 2005 'Sordid' Swiss link undermines Xstrata's bid for WMC's U- mine at ...

8th Feb 2005 Shell failled bid for Woodside a precedent re Xtrata/WMC concerns ...

Xstrata was deemed not fit to own WMC by most thinking Australians but it seems they are good enough to manage the environment in the Phillipines? Doubtful. They also dominate coal mining in NSW Hunter Valley, an activity that should be banned sooner rather than later if we want any world at all ie dangerous greenhouse gases:

 Xstrata climbs over Resource bid


Similarly what makes this dysfunction in PNG happen as reported in the same story tucked away in The Australian yesterday and no other press on our doorstep involving major Australian based companies?:

* A MAN has been killed in a gun battle between police and illegal miners near Barrick's giant Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea.

According to Enga Province Police Commander Michael Chare, the man was among a number of armed illegal miners searching for gold at the mine and was shot after the group opened fire, sparking a five-minute gun battle.

Hundreds of illegal miners risk injury and death each night to descend steep cliffs into the Porgera open pit to hunt for gold.

Additional reporting: Reuters, AAP [bold added]

in Rebels raid gold mine | The Australian p17 3rd Jan 2008


Let's not forget charming cyanide miner Barrick Gold on the home front too which is sucking the water table dry and vandalising Lake Cowal as here:

Nov 06 - Alarm of independent greens over miner 'Environment Foundation' pay off to badly compromised 'peak' greens

3rd Nov 06 - Lake Cowal cyanide gold mine chewing up farmers drought water, 20m water table drops to 50 m depth!

Feb 2005 - What is the real price of gold? by Natalie Kent and Sandra Reidenbach, UTS School of Journalism, Sydney

November 5th 2004 interim legal victory against Lake Cowal mine infrastructure

15/3/04...The dirty Lake Cowal cyanide gold mine trust terms discussed here in 'Lake Cowal and real politik of mining decisions under Carr govt'

     activist school educators 31 Jan to 14th Feb 2005      lakecowalactivists.jpg
     The cyanide mine at Lake Cowal as deep as Centrepoint Tower in Sydney

As much as the Big Media and corporate Australia want to quarantine such human rights, economic justice and environmental sustainability issues from local domestic press the reality is likely very connected. One imagines for instance many many willfully ignorant superannuation and other share market investors with their piece of the action in Xstrata, Glencore, and Barrick in their various corporate manifestations. The question becomes morally, what's the the difference between those shareholders and the gun toting leftists? Different tools? 

Posted by editor at 11:35 AM EADT
Updated: Saturday, 5 January 2008 9:48 AM EADT

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