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Saturday, 8 March 2008
Get well Tim Blair, mental injury takes the most time
Mood:  rushed
Topic: big media


Go easy on Tim Blair. He's convalescing. He's suffered alot. He's reflected on mortality. He knows it's a fragile business this veil of tears. He's even needed his supermum to get going again. It's the existential threats that purge our neuroses like emotional vomit with regrets and pride littering the puddle like carrot pieces.

No I don't mean the operation on his cancerous tumour of the bowel.

 I mean the fact Tom Switzer has left as opinion editor at The Australian. Tim is last man standing in the global News Corp Aussie satellite as symbolic climate change denier. They have kept him on because even John Hartigan doesn't want a premature death of, up till now, a loyal literary slaverer on his conscience:

Kicking a dog while he's down is just ugly. Retraining him is fraught too but if it can be done who knows he might become a Sea Biscuit? You don't throw away a life just because a guy is banged up a bit.

Neurosis? To quote Tim today he's returned (yes again) to the "greengreengreengreengreengreengreengreengreen". Yep that's nine of the buggers. And he is right to consider he is increasingly surrounded. The picture above shows full pages from the same Sydney Daily Telegraph edition of his wise arse article today.

Last week his own sister paper The Australian graphic next to this story reported that the Green vote is up to 14% in NSW from 9% 12 months ago. That's way above the National Party for instance. Al Gore has won an Academy Award and Nobel Prize in 2007 for his outreach work on climate threats: 

Gore as a field reporter in Vietnam
Gore as a field reporter in Vietnam

 NSW has just gone through a political meltdown, still going too, based at heart on said Green Party rock steady in their scathing democracy4sale website about political donations, that even conservative thinker Michael Duffy is impressed by.

The ALP have just won a federal election leveraging the widespread rational concern about dangerous climate change in November 2007, stealing the Greens clothes in many ways. Just as in NSW the conservative Greiner fell in 92 (Metherell Affair) over forests, Fahey again in 1995 (forests again), more ALP effective greenwash in 99 and 03 and Howard defeat in 2007 (climate change).

Come on Tim, you are still fairly young and 20C thinking is so OVER.

The popularity of Top Gear car show is no doubt, like champagne and chocolate, a heady consumer mix. But you don't have the bubbly on your wheaties/muesli if you want to get through the day. And as  Kurt Vonnegut points out in his WW2 memoir Slaughter House Five, when you are really hungry you don't crave sweet sticky cocoa, you crave bread.

Even in peace time people feed their own kids milk and bread because they love them even when the kids want lollies.

So if the green in Green is seen as dour boring milk and bread for a global society in desperate need of ecological sustainability, then so be it. Most every one chooses life over death in the end.

Posted by editor at 8:26 AM EADT
Updated: Saturday, 8 March 2008 9:49 AM EADT

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