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Monday, 17 March 2008
Media backgrounder last 7 days
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: big media


When we first started out on this environmental sustainability vocation in 1992 as a refugee from a corporate law firm Baker & McKenzie in Sydney it was quite easy to stay across the environmental reportage in the main stream press.

But now the threat of climate change, AKA dangerous global warming, AKA the unifying theory of everything, finds us pulling out whole swathes of the press for subtextual analysis. Business section, political section, lifestyle, science and nature, election contests. Frankly it's becoming overwhelming.

Take for instance our recent background posts inevitably building on Big Media reportage on NSW public energy assets sale plan of the sick and dying Iemma ALP Govt in NSW:

17 March 2008 Gittins damns Iemma's Costanomics with faint praise for public energy asset sale plan
Mood:  down
Topic: nsw govt

Friday, 14 March 2008
Then there is this one on the preposterous posturing of Meredith Burgmann similarly shackled to the ALP Right govt here:

Thursday, 13 March 2008
Indirectly related to environmental protest at climate dangers posed by big business were the APEC protests which the NSW, then Federal Govt and NSW police and security agencies did their very best to shut down last Sept 2007. We posted on this legal powers aspect:
which appeared to 'coincide' magically with major change in PR direction by the NSW Police Media Unit to promote their successful cocaine bust.  Just as well as at least commercial tv channel 7 slammed the autocratic police. But the press next  few days amplified this web story instead:
That's quick footed media strategy by the coppers if we ever saw it.
In terms of housekeeping  we noted in our Sunday Talkies these threads in the Big Media too:
- Heath Gilmore SunHerald Sydney has ALP aligned developers promoting Badgery’s Creek 2nd airport by 2009 only 12 months away, [while fuel costs will surely crush airline sector?] In the story is one long time ALP maaate Aaron Gadiel as predicted by Alex Mitchell way back on January 31sto 08 in crikey.com.au
- Iemma cynical govt pushes 25 year 1.1M increase in Sydney population to rationalize their front ending of hyper environmental impacting developments, [no way of knowing the real future of Sydney, likely to be greatly disrupted not least cyclone activity or sea rise. More likely to be 1.1M increase in Hobart.] These guys have no vision or expertise in delivering ecological sustainability. This from a govt with a treasurer who doesn't even believe in planning.

-  Strange attacks on their peers in the Big Media by The Australian about how they should not be players only reporterspot calls kettle black! Exhibit 1 John Hartigan as one of the Rudd summiteers this April. Indeed the editor there is pretty condescending to the rest of the meeja 'dupes', and perhaps because they are running this defacto 'real summit' leveraging the famous News Ltd power brand?:

And here's yet another summit from the same philosophy of life:

 - We enjoyed big Laurie Oakes in the Sydney Daily Telegraph nowdays also reflecting on the naughty/silly Big Media as only a widely respected (even loved) veteran like LO including beating up by said The Australian, his own sister paper now. Amusing, ironic, normal! Here it is:

An unloaded smoking gun | The Daily Telegraph 15 March 08

- whole pile of noteworthy Gong gate ALP corruption stories in washout of the ICAC hearings to list asap [see section below]

- whole pile of dangerous climate change/ economic restructure stories to list, indeed read myself, and post not least Matthew Warren and other business related coverage in The Australian [see separate post in due season (!)]


A cute suite of stories about the rather mad star wars missile defence agenda bubbling along and no doubt was behind the US satellite target practice recently under cover of so called pollution threat:

25 Feb 08 Labor considers US missile shield | The Australian

26 Feb 08 Reality prevails on our stategic aims | The Australian

15 Feb 08 Pentagon to shoot down satellite | The Australian

Which follows of course China doing the same earlier this year:

[19 Jan 08] Concern over China satellite shoot-down | NEWS.com.au

Which is also another reason why:

11 Feb 08 Nuclear warfare just stepped closer - Opinion - smh.com.au


The Israel-Palestinian conflict has reach a higher note in the local press again following a Rudd inspired motion of solidarity with only one side, in possibly a craven attempt to appease a group excluded from his April Summit due to religious obligations. This coverage below reinforced our view

1. that both sides over there are locked into a damaging tit for tat irrational psychosis caused by the spiral of violence

2. Israel's creation is properly seen as part of the WW2 settlement the Arab countries must live with like all the other national boundaries chopped and changed in global upheaval

3. As academic Jew Uri Davis has pointed out many times Israel and all its supporters are dishonest to claim a real constitutional democracy given  no written constitution with any objective enforceable land law free of ethnic discrimination

4. It is for this fundamentally unstable political situation that Israel is so dependent, nuclear weapons to one side, on outside political and financial support such that there is arguably such strong criticism for any Diaspora Jewry that deviate from the company line, which would be normal to and fro in the Israeli free press itself - it doesn't affect the global drip if it's inside Israel itself.

Press here:

 17 March 08 Celebrations overlook the plight of Palestinians | Letters Blog ...

15 March 08 Palestinian leader had close links with Nazi Germany | Letters ...

15 March 08 Blinkers off for the other side of story - Opinion - smh.com.au

12 March 08 Israel's far-flung friend | The Australian

12 March 08 Bipartisan support for state of Israel | The Australian


Dirty NSW Govt

We noticed this Piers Akerman oblique referencing to the "whitewash" of entrenched ALP corruption, here:

The people of NSW will be unable to do anything about their government until March, 2011 and it is a safe bet that many of those close to the Wollongong disaster now will have migrated to safe havens in Canberra before then.

(In truth, what is most amazing is that NSW's Independent Commission Against Corruption has actually taken on board a reference of this nature, given the whitewash it has applied to numerous other cases of alleged corruption.)

But with parliament itself at risk, who will be able to rein in the Rudd government, born of the Victorian Left, by the NSW Right, when it takes the bit between its teeth and starts galloping? in Rudd's velvet steamroller | The Daily Telegraph 2 March 2008

 a term that ended up as a p1 banner headline on 3rd March 08 leading to this story:

ICAC finds Tripodi not 'corrupt' | The Daily Telegraph

This was not the headline the ICAC or Iemma Govt wanted because it showed a real credibility gap about either really cleaning up a systemic mess. One might say mission accomplished after our 1/2 day visit to the ICAC hearings and nattering to a couple of the media pack.

In similar vein we list:

 8-9 March 08 Maritime no longer ethical, Premier told - National - smh.com.au

8 March 08 Branch stacks and smokestacks - National - smh.com.au

8-9 March 08 Everywhere you look in tribal NSW, a Labor mate with his hand out ...

[7 March 2008] Minister had lunch with Scimone after taking job - National - smh ...

[28 Feb 2008] Frank Sartor's crash landing - Editorial - Opinion - smh.com.au

[28 Feb 2008] Everyone poorer if town's heritage is allowed to be trampled ...

[21/2/08] www.smh.com.au - Investigator became colleague

[7 March 08] Council fines with one hand, gives with other - National - smh.com.au

[6 March 08] Packed schedule for 'gang of three' | The Australian

[6 March 08] Slandered conman ready to rat | The Daily Telegraph

[5 March 08] With friends like Joe - Editorial - Opinion - smh.com.au

[5 March 08] Premier dismisses 'corrupt' council | The Australian

[27 Feb 08] Sartor avoids question on call to developer - National - smh.com.au

[27 Feb 08] Minister approved project of company that donated - National - smh ...

[26 Feb 08] Councillors heckled over limp response to scandal - National - smh ...

[26 Feb 08] Planning without the greed | The Australian

[25 Feb 08] Scandal envelops Maritime - National - smh.com.au

Not surprisingly the Liberal Party can smell some blood hoping the cycle is about to turn again, such that Bruce Hawker is even sharpening his rhetoric to sledge the Greiner years on Party Liners 702 this morning, and Nick Geiner himself chatted away batting off some googlies. Here's a drift (offline)

Members take dates to Greiner bash 15-16 March 2008 The Australian, by Imre Salusinszky

Including the (not) surprising statement "Howard got it wrong" on environmental concern. Ironic because so did Nick back in 1991-2 (Metherell Affair), so maybe he would know.

We clipped this months back which just seems amusing: Rise of the inadequates | The Australian about people surely living otherwise successful lives on someone else's script (hence lack of fulfillment articulated as the imposter effect), which just seems pitiful.

Posted by editor at 1:53 PM NZT
Updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2008 2:24 PM NZT

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