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Friday, 21 March 2008
Australia like many others in the shadow of China Inc, totalitarian dictatorship
Mood:  sharp
Topic: aust govt

If it looks like a murderous dictatorship and smells like one ... then chances are it is one behind the veil of choreography.

That's what underlines the demands for transparency of PM Kevin Rudd in relation to to so called Beijing AustChina Technology Ltd, which looks a dab hand at the spooky world of telecommunications on their own website, and their Australian man Ian Tang.

Notwithstanding past contacts with both sides of politics:



Hon. John Howard, Australian Prime Minister (2nd from the left) and the CEO of AustChina at a Dinner presented by the Australian Embassy



Kim Beazley, Australian Labor Party Defense Spokesman ?amp;#710;Right?amp;#8240; and an AustChina Company Director

Because if it is a front company for the Chinese Communist dictatorship in Beijing, or just as likely their instrument as and when needed, then the duchessing leads to compromise of Australian sovereignty. And who is so naive as to think China Inc vertically integrated with the central Chinese CP, are not up for it? Time to get real folks.

Diplomat defector Chen Yonglin has warned us clearly about naive engagement amounting to national "suicide", and frankly we take him at his word:

Lateline - 20/06/2005: Chinese defector details spy claims

8 March 2008 ASIO not the only one advertising for 'spies' ?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: aust govt


Chinese whispers and the Aussie killing machine
October 1, 2006
Reporter :Sarah Ferguson
Producer : Nick Farrow

Chinese whispers and the Aussie killing machine

Video link
Watch video 


with echo here:

China's desire for inventor's gun just tip of iceberg - World ... Hamish McDonald Asia-Pacific Editor, October 2, 2006 also ironically on Fairfax

and here

Chinese after our weaponry - Business - Business - smh.com.au 2 Oct 2006

 Mike O'Dwyer … offered $134 million for this gun.


Do you think the 2 million refugees in Darfur as reported by David Brill on SBS Dateline last week have got to this situation on their own with resource hungry China playing the angles there?

Darfuri refugees

Blog: Desperate in Darfur

Video Journalist David Brill blogs about his latest trip to Darfur, where the humanitarian crisis is escalating.

Or Tibet playing the resource angles there?:

   Tibet 2000: Environment and Development Issues

State of Tibet's environment: The Government of Tibet in Exile

Australia Tibet Council - Key Issues

A very high cost for what the Dalai Llama describes as material advances via Chinese presence from a 'spiritually advanced but materially backward' country:


Getty Images

China accused the Dalai Lama of masterminding the uprising to undermine the Olympic Games in Beijing

Dalai Lama threatens to quit over Tibet violence - Asia, World ... The Independent 19 March 08

And now 'massively expanding their mining interests' here in Australia.

The Coalition Opposition here are on the attack not on some shallow racial xenophobic vote trawling exercise. The democratic concern is much bigger than that - it's leveraging the geo politik tension our super power ally USA has with China/China Inc. Just ask the 450 km long nation of Taiwan with China Inc Big Brother's nuke missiles breathing down their neck. Just ask the democracy movement being strangled in Hong Kong. And rival for regional influence Japan.

China has all the grace of a unique panda bear from a distance while close up a ravenous hunger and fatal claw. As per North Korea and Burma according to former Canadian MP David Kilgour here on SBS again:

  • Australia as a fairly vigorous democracy, and with all the open politiking of the Sydney Olympics 1993-2000 as a comparison, will have to bite the bullet and say NO to the clammy embrace of the China INc dictatorship sooner rather than later, or else be forever doomed to smile at the proverbial crocodile eating us alive, like Tibet. This is the point that Shadow Minister Andrew Robb is referring to regarding "judgement".

    Here is a range of coverage in the Big Meda this last 7 days, additional to the above:

    - 18 March 08 China locks out BHP and Rio ore | smh.com.au

    - 19 March 08 Rudd faces China showdown | The Australian

    - 19 March 08 BHP stands firm in row over China boycott | smh.com.au

    - 19 March 2008 China blockade won't last long: BHP | The Australian

    - 19 March 2008 China's blackballing won't work | The Australian 

    - 19 March 08 Oppressed Tibet needs moral support now - not in another 60 years ...

    - 20 Marach 08 No reason for Rudd to take Japan out of the equation - Opinion ...

    - 20 March 08 Rudd cops flak for ignoring Japan, vows two visits - National ...

    - 20 March 08 p1 Rudd's China junket the start of a beautiful friendship| The Australian

    - 20 March 2008 High-level moves to reassure Beijing over foreign investments ... Dennis Shanahan/Andrew Trounson

    - 20 March 2008 Akerman: Chines whispers

    All of this coverage is good for democracy. Bringing PM Kevin Rudd an acknowledged China expert to account is all to the good too. That's the difference between the two countries.

    To his credit PM Rudd has risen to the occasion so far, within the contraints of his political instincts on ABC AM show here:

    20 March 2008: Rudd discusses paid trips scandal

    Such democratic concerns also have a cost hence Rudd's subdued tones. It's a cost that Australians have always bargained for Mr PM.

    Posted by editor at 6:58 AM NZT
    Updated: Friday, 21 March 2008 10:08 AM NZT

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