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Saturday, 19 April 2008
2020 Summit: ALP schmooze and stodge jostles selective talent and ideals on day 1
Mood:  sharp
Topic: aust govt

Picture: Facilitator for the Productivity Group selling a used car? 

Glynn Davis, the political operative and academic who hails originally from Rudd's Queensland,  as 2020 Summit organiser has the nerve to tell the serious media that effective action on climate change must emerge from this summit:

Even with his own show with no David Mills, or Dr Zhengrong Shi, world leading experts from Australia who have deserted our shores. Mills in particular applied and was not accepted to the summit or so it has been reported.

Picture: Facilitator of the Health Group selling used car?

The packaging on this summit is marvellous PR. But the truth is far more worrying. Ecological sustainability has no chance of ever being progressed here. Fact is Rudd has nothing to offer on forest destruction ongoing, and record levels of coal exports.

As we dipped in this morning to the government funded abc reportage on this haystack of chatter with endless ideas people and over achievers one could not help but note the same ALP machine profile build co-opting the event as a stage prop. Bob Carr ex ALP premier on 702 abc early morning with Simon Marnie. Geof Gallup ex ALP premier on abc AM. PM Rudd at the opening. Julie Gillard's drone online at the productivity group around 10.30am.

The best was the indigenous welcome for its distinctive authentic Australian character.  

The best and worst in one speech by GG Jefferies with the stunning vapourous ice core from Antarctica evidencing 80K years of history, and then reading the govt approved thinly veiled menace:

"I ask you to faithfully and objectively report this event in a positive and constructive way to assist the nation's understanding of the issues before it"


What impertinent special pleading and attempt at pre-emptive censorship. This was the Rudd ALP machine up the back of the current Governor General. The media should report the event according to the principles of free speech in a robust democracy. Nothing more or less. It is not any part of a citizen's patriotic duty to sanitise any of the federal govt postures.

By 11.30 am we noticed that 133 comments were on the ABC's Sustainability Group web string , a mere 12 on productivity, 36 on government, 88 on Indigenous, 65 on economy. We take this to mean a level of frustration in the public.

Truth is the 5th estate and some in the 4th have done alot of work in the last several weeks exposing the selective and loaded selections process. In the sustainability area there is not only a deficit of our world class renewable energy experts, but there is most likely not one of the 100 brave scientists who signed a letter to protect our forests in Tasmania prior to the 2004 election.

We understand a full page advert was to appear in the Canberra Times about this issue today. Did it run? .

We could have watched a narrow selection of tedious conference speeches online via this web page, albeit as sincere as a boy scout camp, but decided to turn on Robyn Williams the brilliant veteran abc Science Show broadcaster when the thought struck: He should have been at the Summit. What is more the shows on Radio National as evidenced by their phenomenal podcast ratings are actually the real thing, a rolling 2020 Summit of the best minds in the nation, only they don't get an ALP brand on their forehead. And long may it be so.

You can be sure Robyn Williams won't try and sell you a used car, or a brown vision of the future for that matter.



Posted by editor at 3:54 PM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 19 April 2008 5:15 PM NZT

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