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Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Half page advert on forest carbon in Canberra Times timed for 2020 Summit
Mood:  special
Topic: ecology

This advert is shown below 75% of original size. It ran on page 17 in the Canberra Times on 19th April 2008 presumably in the weekend features pages. It cost something like $9,000 raised grassroots style in short time by Harriet Swift and others as part of South East Region Conservation Alliance. How good are they? Damn good, and honest too.

A PDF version is here


We can't help wondering if these kind of concerns partly explain the world class scientists excluded from the blessed 1,000 Rudd fest, and also why PM Rudd glaringly failed to attend the funeral of former Senator John Button who called the native forest woodchipping industry "a bastard of an industry" in 1992.

It is blatantly obvious this was a discreet recruitment/duchessing exercise to seek to annex the non aligned centre of the public through respected opinion leaders. This we think is the more realistic view of PM Rudd's so called reforming of the centre ... yeah, into his own Party, or at the very least promote the ALP to the worthies. The covert selection process, the illogical exclusion of eminent people, the domination of PR in the event by govt ministers and their clique of party loyalists Carr, Gallup, Rann etc etc

There has been some cutting reportage of failures of the 2020 Summit regarding the sustainability group but also more broadly. This is important to get a sensible perspective on the blanket coverage no doubt influenced by co-opted big media owners/editors like Hartigan (News Ltd), Jaspan/Kirk (Fairfax), Scott (ABC). These compare with veterans like Beecher (Crikey) and Ramsey and Mungo McCallum.

And we don't mean ham fisted crude directives. Being a wage slave is pressure enough for staff. Everyone knows, clear more from the silence than the telling. After all who wants to admit either publicly or to themselves they are a moral or professional coward?

Here is the sharp coverage we have seen since the Summit last weekend:

Bright ideas fade under controversy | The Australian

No Such Thing as a Bad Idea? Anna Rose

Garrett deflects coal hijack claim | The Australian 

www.smh.com.au - Fossil fuel industry dominates 

Invitees depart feeling hijacked | The Australian 

Too little time for talk at talkfest | The Australian 

Call to embark on a carbon revolution | The Australian 

This one is quite sharp on the summit but somehow re orients to praise the ALP anyway. Go figure:

Climate change at the helm of Labor's next big idea - Environment ...

Here is some dead give away recent coverage of dinosaur infrastructure and fossil fuel industry agendas, business as usual:

Faster approvals will benefit all | The Australian

Everything's coming up roses | smh.com.au

Greens split over 'wicked witch' coal | The Australian

Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh | The Australian

Hopeful prospects in expanded seabed territory | The Australian

Coal isn't cool but our growth depends on it | The Australian

Carbon plan 'to cost business $22bn' | The Australian

Meanwhile the reality of a hopelessly unsustainable global future are being underlined here:

For future peace, step forward for the great agricultural challenge

 Global crisis on our plate | The Australian

Posted by editor at 11:52 AM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 24 April 2008 12:31 PM NZT

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