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Sunday, 25 May 2008
Sunday tv talkies: Howard's influence re emerges, Rudd light burns 'brighter'?
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: aust govt

Picture: Lifted off Sydney Morning Herald main opinion page 2007.

Author’s general introductory note (skip this bit if you know this regular weekly column):

This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.

Indeed it’s the tv version monitoring task similar to what Nelson Mandela refers to here in his book Long Walk to Freedom (1994, Abacus) written in Robben Island prison (where he was meant to die like other African resister chiefs of history in the 19C), at page 208

“..newspapers are only a shadow of reality; their information is important to a freedom fighter not because it reveals the truth, but because it discloses the biases and perceptions of both those who produce the paper and those who read it.”

Just substitute ‘Sunday tv political talkie shows’ for "newspapers" in the quote above.

For actual transcripts go to web sites quoted below except with Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.

Media backgrounders

 - as predicted here on SAM the ‘perfect storm’ of factors relating to the Henson art exhibition have coalesced into several daily cycles of media scrutiny

[abc 7.45 am news didn’t run with cricket coverage instead? True coverage Australia v West Indies in WI]



9 Sunday 7.30 – 9.30 am

- backgrounder on McCain age question, humour to respond.

- tax tip

- petrol price rise political panic. Nelson getting traction

Feature on Liberal Party to come.

Feature story about cross cultural dance. Bangarra. Looks really impressive. Page brothers creative force. One of 3 died in 2002. Fantastic archival footage.

Liberal Party feature at 8.25 missed the start – Kroger/Victoria Baillieu. Peter Van Onselen is running the story.

Caught about 70% of it. Upshot is ‘reforms under way’, Howard is strongly involved to alarm of such as Christopher Pyne in the provinces (South Australia) but Hockey makes it clear he is involved. Gerard Henderson refers to ‘if he was in the party room’. Abbott reflects the democracy principle to bring the people with you. Julie Bishop is uncreconstructed from flushed WA lassiez faire mining economy boom re work choices and “fraud” ALP, lost the media battle she claims. Thesis is Party was states based needs a federal structure with orders implemented down from the top. Returning to autocratic hierarchy default position?

Hockey impressive on future interest in leadership, but not ready, not now.

Laurie Oakes with Jenny Macklin re indigenous issues. The problem is to find all the great things in indigenous community and promote them, as a resource, as a success, as a matter of pride. Like Bangarra. So their problems are no different to every other section of society has good and bad.

Art child protection controversy. Sexualisation of children is wrong. Children are being bombarded. Govt do anything? Avoided the question re art gallery. [Grattan has serious column in Fairfax too.]



 Picture: Archive of John Howard as PM 9th May 2007 which may have been when Peter Costello gave his "masterclass" budget speech, one photo in a series of snaps (see more below) off the web datacast of federal parliament suggesting to us Howard was a bit cranky, the better the speech by Costello sounded?

10 Meet the Press:  8- 8-30 am

Lead in re Liberals Turnbull and Minchin grab, press cover of Downer planning to stay. AWB inquiry planned again.

Minchin is talent – says he’s been talking to Downer last night, hasn’t made up his mind claims Minhin despite front pager. Hard man looks quite amused like it’s fun politicking like when it was back in govt enjoying the fleeting relevance. Footage of Downer ‘steely determination’, Minchin contradicts, very chuffed but grabs for petrol pricing against govt as a life raft in the interview. Bonge brings it back, footage Abbott with heir apparent is Mal Turnbull. Minchin stands off. Another story as Joe Hockey as leader. PB it's coming out of the Party?


Minch blames press gallery. Rising prices, interests, petrol, gallery should get a life. Bonge IS the gallery too, and put’s it back on Lib Party. Damning footage of Nelson and Turnbull hedging

Annabel Crabb (Fairfax, Sydney) and Mark Kenning Adelaide Advertiser (News)…..The Gallery! With AC facing up. Sure enough first question about medicare levy, senate will oppose. Serious policy debate after 15 mintues of the show – incentives to stay in private insurance versus capping Minch says is ideological.

Mark Kenny, extent of tax blocking in senate, medicare levy, alcopops ‘idiotic’, looking at car tax. Not voting against appropriation measures. Revenue measures. Quite a hard man is Minch and AC is not really quite up to the adversarialism.

Q&A is a little clunky. Petrol tax issue – Minchin talked to Greg Hunt – denies truth of press reportage Courier in Qld. Kenny get’s to it about control of the legacy of who succeeds, blocking by refusing to retire. “power broker” Minch smiles sheepishly. This is funny. Self criticizes for being impertinent.

Out take is Bill Leake theme of pythonesque wounds but self inflicted. Loss of limbs. Gruesome.



Sharon Burrow of the ACTU – strong woman and speaker, adverts about work rights, miners want uncapped hours. The game is still on. Rudd deliver on promises but also in parliament.

AC refers formal Labour Advisory Council in ALP rules to meet twice  year including later this month says Burrow. But this is separate conversation.  Discussion over shareholders maximum rights over executive salary. AC has a cute smile for the out take. Warmed up after a slowish start.

Meet The Press - Watch Political Video Online - Channel TEN.

Riley Diary 7, 8.35 am

High standard, clashed with Onselan on 9 same topic re Liberal leadership, and ‘love’ between leaders and deputies. Lots of Motown and 80ies soundtracks. Great footage. Strong analysis. One of the best but very big competition on 9 so missed a lot.



Insiders 2: 9- 10am

Intro about disjunct of Rudd promoting “entitlement” and closing door on hand outs regarding petrol prices. Unsustainable approach.

Swan rating compared to Turnbull after budget, missed the comparison presume it went up a lot.

Press round up re David Marr on

Talent is Joe Hockey in the kick off building on 10 MTP re Minchin questioned by Annabel Crabb. Footage of colleague and Minch (a laughing grinch). Talk about restructuring, still hold economic credentials. Ad hominem attacks on Swan. Populist discredit? Sticks to 5c promise. Always be cheaper under coalition as recurring rhetoric – does have traction but bad policy, and cynical low road politics in climate change world. [ALP looking at environment fro gst component on petrol.] Talk about pensioners etc and medicare surcharge, “deadly politics”.

Hockey uses big words like cascading and articulates quite well for a big chumpy guy. Obviously growing in his professional persona. Behind every great man ….

Moral panic over alcopops tax, versus moral panic over binge drinking. 2am lockouts discussion. [people hard wired to sleep at night … stick with that I reckon, 24 hr economy is a sick society].

Every person segment family with personal trainer, great coalition budget from a Labor Govt. Ouch. Left out renewable energy. Attractive jelly fish line, missed it. Damn. Reference to ‘done everything we can do’ – yeah, attractive jelly fish.

Akerman ramps up oil out of Iraq at same level as before the war started.

Big discussion on immigration policy issues re social harmony coming back refers to Doug Cameron speech, Howard’s huge increase “success” Left agrees with conservatives claims Marr, but not sure about that. It’s not the left of ALP against immigration. It’s the redneck right as opposed to the pro business/growth right of the ALP.  The left are pro refugee, pro sustainability, workers rights and conditions not be sabotaged by desperate underclass manipulated by $80M p.a. Macquarie Bank executives like Moss, [or Fairfax real estate/advertising businesses only concerned about their $150K pa cut?]

[missed a section]


Picture: Picture choice of PM Howard in the Washington Post in February 2007 when he sledged Barak Obama as the preference of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Zaetta smear debate, press problem going big naming her in false story, or as Akerman claims Defense Dept and therefore ALP minister is the problem her name in defense documents? – says to me it was a clumsy News Ltd attempt to attack an ALP minister after Ernies book about sexism on ABC tv news last week (re Sydney Writers Festival attacking conservative establishment). Zaetta as collateral damage in moral posturing by powerful institutions? We think so.

Henson art show framed as debate what is pornography, but this is false convenient frame by big media – it’s about follow up to Orkopoulos predation of children, and how he got away with culture of secrecy for so long. Akerman leans into this aspect re Patrick Power gaoled in case of child porn still supported by powerful figures. What is this culture of tolerance for exploiting children? Issues of child protection. Marr talks about the law on this that Henson work is not porn – not a practicing lawyer though qualified before in top law firm Allens (corrupt sharks?) so others give deference. Porn is likely in the eye of the beholder, even if not the intent of the image creator. [Issues of reckless or negligence if not criminality?]

Talking pictures – phallic Nelson, David Rowe classic again. Cartoonists ‘can’t shoot bambi’ re Nelson. etc


Home page is http://www.abc.net.au/insiders/




Posted by editor at 12:13 PM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 25 May 2008 12:45 PM NZT

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