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Saturday, 25 October 2008
ALP pandering to Fairfax with mini metro to Darling Island as predicted by SAM?
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: big media


The revolving door Big Media to Big Govt and back never seemed more obvious than today. The ALP both federal and state are determined to deliver a rail link to Fairfax first stop out of the CBD. Call it a Mini Metro, call it a North West Metro. But Fairfax will get a link to their new office tower  on Darling Point/Darling Island at quarrantined Pyrmont just like News Ltd have got Central one block away from the Holt St Harlot.


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As High Court Judge Michael Kirby said to Andrew Denton's Show responding to a flippant 'should the media run the country?' with "Don't they already?"!

 Picture (above) of the SAM web micro news fleet vehicle (the bicycle) in front of the new Fairfax building on Darling Island Pyrmont taken earlier this year.

Talk about a 2010 ALP federal election strategy pandering to a big news organisation's commercial and staff needs before the public interest. We made the same analysis back on 24 March 2008, some 5 days after this front pager below regarding the metro plan just coincidentally being first stop out of the CBD at Pyrmont Darling Island.


The political imperative is we suggest consipicious by the secretive cosy chats PM Kevin Rudd had with Fairfax heavyweights in a media exclusive earlier this year. The PM was openning the new dark squat tower office of Fairfax back on 8th May 2008 when John Lyons of News Ltd was manhandled away from questioning the PM striding into the new Fairfax bunker.

SAM commented on the Sunday Political Talkies weekly web post following:

"- ALP machine in trouble for manipulation not least with John Lyons manhandled asking question at Fairfax picfac – with ALP Inc advert for metro line juxtaposed in The Aust Friday p3, with metro first station out of the CBD, Fairfax Pyrmont area of 1 Darling Island. Talk about cynical corporate welfare for haughty Fairfax e.g. Ron Walker and mates. And cynical attempt by ALP Inc to buy editorial interference in the Oz with big 1/4 page 3 advert. It's so brazen most will hardly notice the pandering to big media rent seekers."

Certainly the cloak and dagger choreography is captured by the tone of Lyons's piece here below, and methinks his journalistic instincts were right to be suspicious even if he doesn't quite make the 'train connection', pardon the pun, that we do. Even when the metro PR advert runs next to his own piece also below.

But then he didn't spend 5 years slogging work out of an office based at Pyrmont and Ultimo as distribution manager as this writer did for now unrelated Alternative Media Group owned by Lawrence Gibbons so we well know the transport island effect there.



Here is Green MP Lee Rhiannon's media release in this latest 'Bart Simpson, Doh!' moment in NSW politics:

Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008 2:08 PM

Subject: [Greens-Media] Mini metro plan a costly mistake

Media Release - Greens MP Lee Rhiannon & Leichhardt Greens Mayor Jamie Parker - 24 October 2008

Mini metro plan a costly mistake

Greens MP and transport spokesperson Lee Rhiannon says Premier Nathan Rees' new CBD metro plan is ill-thought through, expensive and an exercise in policy on the run. Ms Rhiannon says the billions would be better spent on finishing existing heavy rail projects and extending light rail to other areas of Sydney.

NSW Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said:
"The Premier wants billions from Infrastructure Australia to build a new metro system when he can quickly and easily create a city loop by extending the existing light rail system for a fraction of the cost," Ms Rhiannon said.

"This is a mini plan from a mini premier. The money would be much better spent on completing existing heavy rail projects and extending light rail to other areas in Sydney.

"The route outlined will face technical difficulties, demanding extensive tunneling through steep gradients and around city office blocks. Darling Harbour and White Bay present a real challenge.

"The costs will be astronomical at a time when the NSW government is crying poor.

"With peak oil and climate change the Premier can't afford to continue with these kinds of follies. Sydneysiders need real public solutions not this kind of drivel.

Leichhardt Greens Mayor Jamie Parker said:
"The sensible option for the Inner West is right under Nathan Rees' nose: extend the existing light rail service. 

"This is the obvious solution that can be done much more quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

"If Mr Rees wants to provide additional public transport for Rozelle he can easily run light rail off into that suburb.

"It's clear the Premier has been propelled by fears of losing inner city seats rather than good transport planning.

"For years the Greens have been campaigning with the community for better light rail services in our area but Labor has ignored us.

"Now the polls aren't looking so good and the Premier has responded by pulling this flimsy plan out of a hat.

For information:
Lee Rhiannon - 9230 3551, 0427 861 568. Jamie Parker - 0418 428 089

Lee Rhiannon, MLC
The Greens
Parliament of New South Wales
Macquarie St
Sydney 2000
Tel: +61-2-9230 3551
Fax: +61-2-9230 3550


 Picture (above): The new Fairfax building front reception. A wilderness of mirrors?


Just a thought but it could arguably, theoretically be a breach of the election laws if the railway station at Pyrmont to service Fairfax was intended as a federal or state government bribe to a private corporation for favourable election coverage. Not saying it was, just wondering.


Posted by editor at 10:21 AM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 25 October 2008 11:29 AM NZT

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