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Wednesday, 12 November 2008
Hawkesbury Council vote 12 - 0 to close sandmine impacting Blue Mtns World Heritage
Mood:  special
Topic: legal

Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 11:12 AM

Subject: Hawkesbury CC vote against sandmine impacting world heritage Blue Mts 12 - 0 


Dear supporters of Blue Mtns World Heritage area,
Just a short note to community groups and stakeholders to confirm the result last night at full council meeting. 




This resolution below based on council's own legal advice (discussed in secret session) was passed 13 to zero. 




We spoke for 5 minutes with a 2 minute extension as did local environmentalist Bill Sneddon and Tom Bruce for the sandmine.
Thanks for the letters of support and other help especially the Environmental Defenders Office (various staff over the years and especially current principal Kirsty Ruddock). Also Peter Waite OAM for an offer of support up to $10,000 in legal funding if needed. Also Cr Leigh Williams of the Green Party but also all councillors including the majority Liberal group led by Mayor Bart Bassett, opposition Labor and Independents for supporting the officer's recommendation. 




The public interest has been served in this chapter of a long running issue with this sandmine. Now we await any legal response by the sandminer Birdon Contracting Pty Ltd. 




Of major concern now is the alternatively 11, 17 or 22 ha lake window which reduces Tinda Ck flow by 37 to 54%, the minimal $50K in rehabilitation bond available after 20 years of operation, and especially the very risky silt fines/quicksand only 1 to 4 metres below the water surface. 




Notice part 3 of the recommendation is not about the sandmine which is on lot 2 but rather works that have illegally strayed onto lot 1. There is still no formal plan of how to close the sandmine - expert hydrologist Chris Jewell in his report for HCC says such a plan is needed as best industry practice. The HCC general manager said last night a closure/rehab plan was an operational issue they would need more advice on. 


Yours truly 


Tom McLoughlin, pro bono agent for objector Neville Diamond.
Attachment: Hawkesbury City Council decision item 230 meeting 11 November 2008 at Windsor.







1. The application under S96 to modify Development Consent DA0134/95, Lot 2, DP 628806, No. 6102 Singleton Road, Mellong be refused as, due to non-compliance with Condition 4 of the original consent, the consent has lapsed and Council is unable to consider the application.


2. A Notice of Intention to serve an Order be issued on the operator to cease operations due to there being no current consent for the operation.


3. A survey plan is to be submitted to Council within two months, showing the location of diversion works in relation to the property boundary. Should any works be located outside the property boundary of Lot 2 DP 628806, those works are to be removed immediately and the land rehabilitated to its natural state.






Background to the paper and comments on the report are here:

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Posted by editor at 12:04 PM EADT
Updated: Wednesday, 12 November 2008 2:32 PM EADT

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