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Thursday, 23 April 2009
'Golden Gurus': Boomers feathering their nest ...again as govelling ABC grabs the $50M?
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Topic: big media

Sydney radio earlier today told the story, listening between the lines.

Early shift Adam Spencer jokingly referred to "the intelligence .... 'the raw sex appeal" of his overlord CEO Mark Scott. It was rich humour but many a true word said in jest. The grovel to the boss was indeed a grovel, more so for masking behind the humour. Spencer who sits on Sydney University Board from memory knows a thing or two about ALP duchessing. He was recently reported in Fairfax Naked Eye column paid off $12K to act as 'a facilitator' at a NSW Govt workshop. That's good money there.

And yes Scott is intelligent, he may well be sexy to his wife, and he's a power player straight out of the Northern Suburbs management stream.




Fact is Scott was there to grab $50M and praise the piper playing the tune, that is PM Rudd for granting ABC 3 digital tv children's channel. Arguably a luxury in the teeth of a biting recession. Or maybe a building block to the future. Others to judge.

But what became apparent second ABC Sydney radio shift (biggest metro audience in the country) with compere Deb Cameron is the glowing interview and praise for the so called Golden Gurus - give a boomer a soap box - policy.

This was a second idea out of the 2020 talkfest summit. The ABC radio were in full craven mode here suspending critical analysis by choice of topic and inteview subject - Catherine Harris mother of Lachlan Harris - PR operative for .... PM Rudd. Never declared either.

PM says adviser has his full trust
Has my full trust ... Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his chief media advisor Lachlan Harris. [Sydney Daily Telegraph]


Golden gurus aka mentors is clever politics pandering (again) to the grey vote, especially as ANZAC day long weekend kicks in and the national revelling in war glory proceeds with the veterans on the alter of gratittude. But arguably it ignores how the hell we got into this modern mess of deep recession, environmental collapse, massive inequality - the very same spoilt rotten boomers of retiring age now who refuse to shove off. After WW2 25 and 35 year olds were holding down major positions in society, but now a 35 year old is the office junior.

Arguably there is a golden guru in every internet connection - like how to repair a lawnmower we dipped into yesterday (the fuel line and carburettor needs cleaning). User discussion pages from everything from solar generators, to wireless internet availability, to bird song calls, to location of Windsor Waste Facility and fee structure and everything else besides.

Conclusion: The grey hairs will never let go of all institutions of power in our society including by adoption of 1960ies style advertising slogans like 'Golden Gurus'. How selfish can these people really be? Very very selfish.

And the ABC waved it all through until Sabra Lane of the Canberra Press gallery finally injected some objectivity. The other 900 good ideas people are very pissed off. And the odd caller too about old farts and national broadcaster bias toward government largesse. The ABC wouldn't tailor it's coverage to suit it's funding gratitude surely? You bet they would.

Never forget that as Dirt Game about the mining industry is playing on Sunday nights as a melodrama, that ABC flagship 4 Corners refused point blank to run a show on the nationwise upheaval over the Jabiluke Uranium mine in 1997-8. No doubt because the ABC at that time were under huge financial and governance pressure from the the then Howard Govt and a successful anti uranium, anti nuke campaign would have been petrol of the fire as far as pro nukes Howard was concerned. The ABC current affairs, who set the standard, squibbed it. The 'public square' was barren. Some of us noticed the tumbleweeds and shifted to community media ever after.

ABC corporate self interest won the day on Sydney radio this morning but democracy is bigger than the ABC as important as it is.

Image:Mr Burns.png


Posted by editor at 12:40 PM NZT

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