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Sunday, 12 July 2009
Sunday political talkies: Chinese 'legal' system in Oz media, far right next push
Mood:  sharp
Topic: aust govt





Picture: Lifted from thinly veiled anti GW Bush political movie Silver City (2005) about let 'em rip resource developer ideology, with gifted actor Chris Cooper as stumbling honky flattening all civil society democratic norms via PR and big money. Oh how the pendulum has swung post GFC, or has it? Certainly US President Obama is an opposite man on the world stage. Locally in Australia arguably different names (Rudd for Howard) same vested corporate (eg coal) interests.





Author’s general introductory note



This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media. 



For actual transcripts and/or video feeds go to the programme web sites quoted including Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.



Other sources of pollie talkies on Sunday include SkyNews paytv Sunday Agenda, Radio National Monica Attard Sunday Profile show. And of course Sunday night shows SBS Dateline, Sixty Minutes and now Sunday Tonight on 7.  



  Media backgrounders  


* ABC’s Ann Barker spat on by ‘rain of spittle’ by Orthodox Jew fanatics in Israel for ‘working as a journalist’ on a Saturday in Jerusalem. Runs AM flagship programme but no images or coverage on prime time tv news story that night. Why not? One assumes the Jewish lobby will have to 'pay' with access or other quid pro quo media currency for this, as they should:

As a journalist I've covered more than my share of protests. Political protests in Canberra. Unions protesting for better conditions. Angry, loud protests against governments, or against perceived abuses of human rights.I've been at violent rallies in East Timor. I've had rocks and metal darts thrown my way. I've come up against riot police.But I have to admit no protest - indeed no story in my career - has distressed me in the way I was distressed at a protest in Jerusalem on Saturday involving several hundred ultra-Orthodox Jews. ……

Spit like rain

I found myself herded against a brick wall as they kept on spitting - on my face, my hair, my clothes, my arms. It was like rain, coming at me from all directions - hitting my recorder, my bag, my shoes, even my glasses. Big gobs of spit landed on me like heavy raindrops. I could even smell it as it fell on my face.Somewhere behind me - I didn't see him - a man on a stairway either kicked me in the head or knocked something heavy against me. I wasn't even sure why the mob was angry with me. Was it because I was a journalist? Or a woman? Because I wasn't Jewish in an Orthodox area? Was I not dressed conservatively enough? In fact, I was later told, it was because using a tape-recorder is itself a desecration of the Shabbat even though I'm not Jewish and don't observe the Sabbath.It was lucky that I don't speak Yiddish. At least I was spared the knowledge of whatever filth they were screaming at me. As I tried to get away I found myself up against the line of riot police blocking the crowd from going any further.


Israeli police in their flak jackets and helmets, with rifles and shields, were yelling just as loudly back at the protesting crowd. I found them something of a reassurance against the angry, spitting mob. …..”

 in Reporter feels mob's hate in the Holy City - ABC News (Australian ... 6 Jul 2009 And here at AM show 08:15 06/07/2009 Israelis divided over work on the Sabbath


 * Just as this happens New Matilda ezine 7 July 2009 calls time out on directing traffic on it’s comment strings on the Israel Middle East saga and tragedy with a rare editorial rejecting “holocaust deniers” etc. She is bound to be reflecting an organizational concern

  Regular readers will notice that we have turned off all comments on articles about Israel/Palestine. This is not a permanent state of affairs but a stopgap while we develop the technical ability to pre-moderate comments on the site. We do this reluctantly, and in response to a handful of comment "trolls" who continue to abuse our open comments facility.”

In ·  Editorial: This Debate Needs To Take A Look In The Mirror 7 July 2009.  


* Lee Rhiannon MP in recent Salusinzsky profile variously described as a “steamroller” and “harmlessly daffy”. Wins preselection for next federal NSW senate election. The revealing profile combined with SAM editor’s knowledge of her ngo history (Aidwatch) indicates she is a catspaw for the socialist left union movement within the Green Party. Whether this leads to better environmental outcomes is arguable. For instance at a recent rally against the Eden Chipmill Rhiannon ran on the platform of wasted public finances that is corporate welfare.

Fair enough, only a few weeks earlier 600 year old tree(s) were logged by her union mates at Brown Mountain East Gippsland for the same chipper. Not a word of criticism about that. LR has a degree in botany apparently so for her information the species was Eucalyptus fastigata. 600 years old. True enough the Greens have a very catholic 4 fold guiding principle – ecology, peace, social/economic justice, grassroots democracy. Rhiannon’s character calls up which grassroots?: which principle? And how much apologia for parental sympathy for murderous Stalinism is she “proud” of, to quote the Salusinsky profile?  


* As if to underline the battle of values post GFC Crabb and Hartcher in same Saturday Sydney Morning Herald run stories on the value set of federal political leaders – the old conviction politician debate. Crabb has the edge if not the premium press acreage with marks for “Babelfish” references you would never see from old boy Alan Ramsey. Hartcher misconception about comparing apples of incumbent PM Rudd with unlike oranges of Turnbull in terms of ‘both lacking conviction scoring zero’ was a bit lame. An incumbent by definition has already made the sale to the electorate and has the option of (risky) renegotiation while Opposition leader doesn't have quite that luxury.

 * Joe Trippi in ABC RN Future Tense ½ hour was prime value listening on role of internet - more like the printing press than radio to tv - for political campaigning with a shift in power, but cautions force for good or evil like every tool depending on who holds it.  


* Doogue guest abc RN Saturday extra says green shoots will be burned off by rate of SME insolvencies to hit with a vengeance. Echoes with prominent economists calling for new people’s bank as big 4 banks post year after year obscene profits.  


* SMH sufficiently emboldened by ascendancy of coffee coloured President Obama runs multiple reports of the far right white supremacist fringe promising to electioneer like the devastating One Nation previously.   


* Joe Hildebrand finds his natural level in News Corps Sydney Daily Telegraph – political gossip column “Confidential” running shallow gibes. While colleague TB (an illness) runs interference on any action on global warming. A bit like the denial in Singapore WW2 that the war would ever arrive in the form of the Japanese invasion and massive loss of life in prisoner of war camps. In this case read 100M refugees on the march from Bangladesh to Shanghai.  


* Peter Andrews natural sequence farming about controlling water flows in “grass dams” on Australian Story x 2. Very interesting. Almost of as if Big Agri meets permaculture regarding swales and other local hydrology. As founder Bill Mollison says – water limits everything.   


* Noticed a new (?) website (actually 2006) cross referencing a story by Tim Blair about this SAM editor. Site is called Sydney Conservative with similar livery of orange and white background. http://conservativeweasel.blogspot.com/ The story we noticed was cross referencing Tim Blair (or TB – an illness) on our eviction in April 2009 from our home office 60 days notice, no grounds. Blair delights in our speculation of foul play political victimization. Certainly the new owner went around the real estate agent, advertised for a contractor who almost threw out shed stuff and cut down 95% of every tree and shrub on the site.  


10 Meet the Press:  8- 8-30 am 


No Bonge compere, Bill is the man. Lead in footage of Obama re climate threat, contrasted Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) headline ‘Rudd roadblock’ on same topic.  

Talent is Minister Chris Bowen. Stern Hu case features re Chinese dictatorship sour grapes on iron ore negotiations. 

Get Up in first adbreack on internet censorship in the first adbreak. Very slick [and appealing echo with the Youth Climate Conference crowd this weekend (ALP hidden funding via Climate Institute)] potentially though they are possibly in transit and not watching. Panel is John Stanley 2UE, Jessica Irvine SMH. Bowen is slick talker, too slick for a failed minister. [Grocery Watch, Fuel Watch, etc – talk about lack of conviction being rewarded]. 

Humour out take is Kudelka on Rudd PM as ‘holier than (thou) Pope’ fat head.  

Meet The Press - Watch Political Video Online - Channel TEN.



Riley Diary 7, from 8.30am

 PM Rudd globe trotting theme. Blue collar language descends to Ruddish bureaucratise. “Detailed programmatic specificity”. Bruno sneaks in re language. “Big on photo opportunities” sharing stage with President Obama with UK PM and others “back up” says Riley Diary. Notes Rudd admission re Copenhagen failing us all ‘local national global’ [my words paraphrasing a Rudd grab]. Does show Obama has annexed Rudd in global politics. 





9 Sunday newshour Laurie Oakes interview 8.40 am 

Senator/Minister Arbib is the talent – looking like a teenager and walking skull at the same time. Pleads methodical consular agreement to manage Rio Tinto’s Stern Hu case [‘thrown to the wolves’ of Chinese legal thuggery alleged in press here].  LO sounds unconvinced because it is totally unconvincing re junior level of contact over head of multinational arrested. Australian citizenship worth? Arbib runs stimulus mantra but GFC “not over”. Runs youth compassion rhetoric re unemployed [while a cynic would say Govt is more concerned about social disruption of angry youth in crime, bad PR for govt etc] Arbib blathers on in a twee and shallow way. 





Insiders 2: 9- 10am


Stern Hu case lead in, with footage of Turnbull and Joyce “opportunistic point scorers”, then compromises that spin by stated it’s a “major” feature of the show today.


Press roundup Panel is Michael Stutchbury News Corp national, Milne News corp Sydney and national, KAWalsh Fairfax national/Sydney (obviously not sacked or redundant as expected).


Microphone stuff up for Julie Bishop Shadow Foreign Minister, go to Your shout segement agri industry cattleyards on economics of country.


Bishop on Stern Hu ‘taken by Chinese secret police’. Austalian Ministers not picked up the phone to their ministerial counterparts. [which sort of misconceives a 20M and a 1.1 billion size country]. Argues profile ie “sunlight” is crucial [contrary to Govt line of “methodical” consular matter.


Why is it different to tourist?  Escalated due to high level business between countries, secret police. Took her own initiative and spoke to deputy ambassador to China. Argues a range of issues for Beijing including visit to Tibetans in India enclave.


Panel discusses. Milne notes it’s a [fascist] dictatorship. Notes Defence White Paper also aggravates the situation.


Paul Kelly – vagued out on him.


Obama image of ‘the perv’ is given the benefit of the doubt with footage on American big media tv actually watching his step and helping another woman. Deceptive sleazy  picture.


KAW predicts ALP will push for double dissolution on climate threat to avoid economics of 2010.


Inside Business with Alan Kohler


Feature interview on CCS via True Energy bloke Richard MacIndoe, 10% Australian energy, ¼ of Victoria at Yallourn in Latrobe Valley. Concern to manner of transition to 80% reduction by 2050.  Says CCS important in medium to long term. But no proven technology to 2020 or really 2025.


Has to be gas fired technology and companies with financial strength to do that. Joint Venture with Ignite [oil from brown coal]. Quotes California as "very instructive" under investment causing bankruptcy. [Totally airbrushes politics of Enron corruption destroying political economy of energy in California under GW Bush.]


Says CPRS will cause underinvestment which leads to outages. [The voice of the forces of darkness on global warming, literally and several senses.]


Refer http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/


Posted by editor at 12:21 PM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 12 July 2009 12:37 PM NZT

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