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Sunday, 30 August 2009
Sunday political talkies: Dep. PM Gillard gets Big Media scrutiny, Dr Nelson aka ‘Higgy*’ throws verbal acid at Lib leader
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: aust govt

 * Refer Crabb story referred below regarding Higgy the Human


Author’s general introductory note   

This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media. Perhaps the greatest utility is the headline synthesis above of the 3 or 4 shows followed in this session.


For actual transcripts and/or video feeds go to the programme web sites quoted including Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.


Other sources of pollie talkies on Sunday include SkyNews paytv Sunday Agenda, Radio National Monica Attard Sunday Profile show. And of course Sunday night shows SBS Dateline, Sixty Minutes and now Sunday Tonight on 7.  


Media backgrounders.

  1. News Corp blinks in campaign to spook ALP and Rees out of his premier’s job in NSW with front cover by Simon Benson leading corporate back down in press late this week. Shows how web fracturing of big media influence has taken the sting out of News Corp bully boys.
  2. Will Federal minister Anthony Albanese ever do the right thing on asbestos in the heart of his own electorate e.g. Addison Rd Community Centre? See picture in due course. We reported on this over a year ago:
  3. Nelson bail out claiming equanimity while ruthlessly sledging Turnbull in Hartcher column in SMH this Saturday. Crabb same paper nails him with hilarious journalistic metaphor Higgy The Human Sponge. Fact is Nelson is tarred by failed rationale of Iraq war. The chill of that goes on forever … Howard, Costello, Downer, Vaile, Nelson etc etc all gone as they must. Turnbull elected post invasion in 2004.
  4. Paul Kelly News Corp broadsheet and Laurie Oakes both put the boot into Julia Gillard including pretensions to overtake PM Rudd in “authority”.
  5. Greg Hunt federal shadow Env spokes joins Greens Senator in raising alarm over ongoing bad oil spill in NW Australia. Good whistleblowing work.
  6. NSW State Forests fuel reduction burn runs wild according to our sources:

Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2009 3:29 PM

Subject: [chipstop] Fire on Gulaga Mountain


>A ‘fuel management’ fire that was started by Forests NSW (Hazard
> Advisory FNSW to RFS 28 August) in
> compartments west of Gulaga Mountain, has jumped containment lines and
> ‘got away’ burning out of control up the mountain and continuing to
> burn down the eastern flank threatening the two Tilba villages.
> Previously communities had called for no burns on the mountain and
> requested Forests NSW to extinguish this fire.  This fire had been burning
> for two weeks.  Forests NSW ignored community concerns and the severe
> drought and weather conditions.  Homes are threatened, sacred sites burned
> and rainforest decimated.
…….> (End)
> For more information contact SEFR on 0437471763 [Refer penultimate post for full statement].


7. Our suggestion on $20M branding Australia – “Australia honest”. Comes from student days brit girlfriend law student who ‘liked’ Australian because they were so ‘simple’. They are patronizing like that. The better view is Oz is relatively more straight, and direct not scheming or neurotic unlike the Old World countries or USA desperate capitalism. Only trouble with this


8. Foreign Correspondent stunning story by Sally Sara on acid throwing in Bangladesh – fantastic reportage and Walkley material.

9. Good round up of extreme Shooter lobby on Stateline, echoes Cumberland press front pager – picture in due course. About time these unscientific cranks and their land grab were challenged. On the other hand there is a valid case for top level predators assisting ecology but in a programmatic way.

  1. 10. We recall only a month back a very nervy planning interview on abc 702 with Cameron shows KKK (says Joe Hilderbrand pushing his red neck sticht) is way under done as premier material, and Rees delivered the $2B desal plant with public meetings all over the place. That’s the tribal difference

 11. Land  & Environment Court appear to take a curious  attitude to vandals in the Blue Mtns World Heritage precinct. See story 2 back from this post. SAM after a year of research has exposed systematic illegality and misleading evidence to the LEC, as well as ruthless behaviour by the sandminer agents. Is this really good enough in the 21C? Stay tuned for more on this story.


10 Meet the Press:  8- 8-30 am 

Press round up, mortgage stress, Kennedy (another one) dead,


Talent is Pyne Opp business manager. Re Gillard expenditure management, excessive advertising. [Compare road funding signs up for years after project finished.] Gillard grab says standard practice.]


First out take Rudd pushed for new hospital by sick patient.


Turnbull grab re News poll still low. Panel is Hewitt, Mal Farr both News Corp.


Polling dead bat re only one that counts is election. Brendan Nelson decided to leave “not a life sentence”. Farr says Rudd doing better ‘no one likes to call their own baby ugly’ vote by the public.


Gillard in adbreak ‘smarter than a 5th grader?’


Grab of Turnbull must engage on ETS. Talent no. 2 is Nationals Fiona Nash [very telegenic, probably a better look for leader post Truss?] RARA tub thump re “no negative impact”. Chat moves to leadership discussion. Good speaking voice. Unashamably parochial. Notes Joyce has a lot of “spirit”.


Challenged on business support for ETS engagement. RARA tub thump. Product differentiation.


[Nash is a minor revelation in tv stakes offsetting Julia Gillard profile, and more reasoned presentation ]


Meet The Press - Watch Political Video Online - Channel TEN.


Riley Diary 7, from 8.40am   

Missed most of it. Theme on Crean better branding for Australia. Disappointing to miss.  



9 Sunday newshour Laurie Oakes interview 8.44 am 

Albanese as Infrastructure minister, NSW Govt ‘turmoil’ media stories are a beat up in NSW. Challenged on costs blowout in Education. Looking very ALP with bulging suit coat but talking a good game.  Dense policy traverse including social housing, education infra, interest rates re stimulus. Oakes turns “Narcacistic personality disorder” attack by Nelson on rival Turnbull (in Hartcher article in Fairfax) around to Rudd’s personality too?  Strong interview and strong performance from Albanese [maybe he can fix the asbestos all through Marrickville including Addison Rd Community Centre – see picture above.  



Insiders 2: 9- 10am


Lead in on Gillard on excessive workload including $16B infra project in primary schools. [Makes three heavyweights Kelly, Oakes, now Cassidy]


Kennedy funeral wrap. Panel is Schubert, Atkins, Henderson


Press roundup – Gerard Henderson – apology on welfare kids mistreatment. Not drought rather climate change permanent re aerosols. Discussion re 1950-1970 were unseasonably wet and now reverting?


UN criticism of suspension of RDA, bipartisan approach to pragmatism. Tony Abbott responds in person as guest. Says grog is stopped and all night parties stopped school attendance is 70%. Basic law and order really as per Aurukun example, claiming Noel Pearson and Howard Govt agenda.


On Nelson verbal acid in Hartcher article says got to have steel and effectively dismisses the attack by Nelson, normal to have an ego and robust discussions. Refers to NSW ALP more like an opposition – which was probably SAM’s line first of all re Rees Govt.


[Echoed by Marr story Fairfax this last weekend profile of Barry OFarrell, effectively anointing him as Premier in waiting.]


Chat about Abbott interview concurring on Nelson excessive emoting. Everyperson segment on Nelson.


Kelly and panel on Gillard ‘halo slipping’ and contrarian mild support from Henderson rolling back some centralized IR platform. Cassidy refers to “market correction”.


Excellent Talking pictures with Bruce Petty re Nelson great escape and Womans Day on Rudd Rein GG ALP rose tinted show.


NSW Govt Rees presser shown. Keneally mentioned [very nervy planning interview on 702 with Cameron is way under done as premier material, and Rees delivered the $2B desal plant with public meetings all over the place. That’s the tribal difference.]



  Inside Business with Alan Kohler 

Refer http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/




Posted by editor at 12:28 PM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 30 August 2009 12:33 PM NZT

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