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Sunday, 4 October 2009
Sunday political talkies: Turnbull leadership on the mend from bad bout of climate flu?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: aust govt


Author’s general introductory note   


This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies in Big Politics and Big Media. Perhaps the greatest utility is the headline synthesis above of the 3 or 4 shows followed in this session.


For actual transcripts and/or video feeds go to the programme web sites quoted including Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.


Other sources of pollie talkies on Sunday include SkyNews paytv Sunday Agenda, Radio National Monica Attard Sunday Profile show. And of course Sunday night shows SBS Dateline, Sixty Minutes and now Sunday Tonight on 7.  


Media backgrounders.   

1. We are working on a ‘Labor pimps the environment movement’ story soon. Here is an image for that piece to come before Environment Minister Garrett was pimped, and silent on the huge oil spill of North West Australia recently.


Ironic given his famous performance outside Exxon offices back in the day before financial security as an MP in King Coal ALP.

People forget that Graeme Richardson on the developer shill was formerly federal environment minister. It's all about real politik, nil to do with sincerity.

1A. Laurie Oakes column in Sydney Daily Telegraph yesterday picks up the thread of conservatives for the environment as per Cameron leadership in the UK, likely next UK prime minister. We wrote this about Turnbull's difficult situation here on Crikey.com.au string on Friday here


I commented yesterday on the Rooted blog, which curiously remains under moderation while being very moderate in content. The view underpins the real economic threat to Australia of dithering on climate regarding re-insurance sector, which all business depnends on in a rule of law context:

As extreme weather affects more of the western developed economies the re-insurance industry will continue to ramp up the compulsory costs of insurance for any industry sector not seen to be mitigating climate change. At some point whole sectors or even countries’ balance sheet will be pushed off their insurance profile for just being hostile to long term financial health.

Australia is surely rushing into that scenario and Malcolm Turnbull for one would be smart enough after HIH to know how disruptive that would be for big business behind the Liberal Party or Lablibs for that matter. Neither can afford that to happen in their career span.

So it’s not just the Sarkozy threat of carbon tariffs on foreign (to EU buyer) products and services originating beyond their (my term) ‘credible climate mitigation programme’ (ccmp), but also the global re-insurance industry setting those sectors ‘[rogue] legally adrift so that they can’t get OH&S or public liability or fire or any insurance whatsover. In other words send them into the liability wilderness just like the HIH fiasco did to numerous small business, builders [through no fault of their own].

Sure China or India etc may buy ‘black’ [rogue] coal outside a ccmp, even more so if they buy up the [means of] production here, but who will provide the insurance to operate such a plant? My guess even if China or India buy the local resource with FIRB approval, unless the Australian Govt abdicates sovereignty of select economic geographical zones (and thus application of domestic labour and safety laws), not even a foreign owner will be able to operate WITHOUT INSURANCE.

Indeed nothing happens in business without insurance, not even King coal power stations. Just ask Esso. [Meaning Longford Vic disaster multi million dollar public liability, workers killed etc].

 2. We noticed D Cameron on 702 misconceived the source of federal political concern about executive pay, presuming it was the ALP behind the issue. The innocent mistake was most revealing with Alison Carabine flatly contradicting referring to The Greens as promoting draft legislation, and Cameron without a hint of acknowledgement rapidly moving on to something else, anything else. That’s a certain political bias a la party liners segment always Lib and Lab, never 3rd party Greens with such profile. One assumes it’s about ABC budget from the govt benches tag team. 


3. Excellent interview of Bill Waterhouse rich elderly author by Kerry O’Brien on 7.30 Report last week. The veteran journo has still got it, not least with the seniors brigade. 


4. Keating goes in to bat big time for the legacy of musical genious Geoffrey Tozer. Good luck with that. A genius lacking common sense like his defender? 


5. Someone called Karen Murphy had a great piece about Rudd back office in Canberra as real potential colour writer replacement for Annabel Crabbe who apparently has taken another gig (with ABC?). Murphy has the goods with his astute lines about youth fading in isolation, or as we might say a real politik pokies room with no clock or natural light. 

5A. Great piece by Bruce Loudon on failed investigation of murder of Pakistan politician Benizir Bhutto 2 weekend's ago in The Australian.

6. ZZ Tops song “under pressure” from Eliminator album, on Inside Business just now. How cool. Now if only they can slot in their hilarious song TV dinner. 

7. Speaking of Big Media identities (as opposed to what Tim Blair, aka TB (an illness),  calls ‘sub’ media ones for this writer): Adam Spencer is getting a superficial but far reaching profile build lately. But the platform being ABC is the the real identity, and they make them and replace them just like former Queen of morning radio Angela Catterns back on casual shift at her alma mater and just as competent and effective as ever.  

8. Regarding the big game at 5.15 pm later today. In our experience (!) of big games and watching the same, it’s the extra time for recovery from the previous big game that proves the difference on grand final day. The team from no. 8 (Eels) may be as good, but more tired to one that has rested an extra week, even with the best will in the world. This is the usual story in AFL, not sure about the contest in rugby league today. Which one is most rested? 

9. SAM editor continues to buck the vicious NSW ALP defacto black list, after numerous victories against them in the last 15 years (stay tuned for backgrounder on 1997 energy sell off briefing note to all state MPs – never web published before). The standard smear is cynical innuendo by their apparatchiks including from within sectors of the NSW green movement, much like Jack Mundey was black listed from regular work for years punishment for his feisty independence. Or Noel Plumb for standing up to NSW Govt RACAC forest woodchip/furnace power plant sleaze. A recent Liz Farrelly column in the SMH has the gist regarding healthy values culled at birth in favour of sclerotic inbreds from the tribe. A mains power connection again has seen a consequent jump in productivity in the last week with various stories posted and training up on YouTube posting: A whole world of opportunity, and note other video hosting site engage media here:



 10. SAM readership figures have never dipped much below 20,000 per month and we expect it to increase again maybe up to 35,000 a month or more. Yes we can. We have gone back to jogging and fat free diet which is doing our heartburn/reflux the world of good. 


11. KKK aka Minister Kristine Kershner Kenneally has hitched her career and political credibility to the wagon of planning professional Sam Haddad promoted to director under ex minister Sartor to head up Planning Dept some years back. In our penultimate post we outline via a youtube post the political role, and legally arguable role, played by Haddad in running the clock down on a FoI refusal prior to a sensitive Marrickville by-election Sept 2005. Sensitive because The Greens were hunting now deputy premier Carmell Tebbutt and the ALP couldn’t afford a Commission of Inquiry report to be released evidencing the economic driver of a Port Botany expansion for a $5 billion truck tunnel with consequent smoggy ventilation stacks (like M5 East killer) in …. Marrickville. Evidence from the CoI that may have changed the election result. Haddad prevented the voters from being informed as agent of executive government, which suggests he deserves as much political scrutiny as possible (contrary to Geraldine Doogue comments on Glover Thursday journo forum last week about “lynch mobs”). 


12. Gittins as smh economics editor at same Glover journo forum abc radio goes strong and hard on excessive population growth. God bless you Ross for your policy analysis and ethics.    


10 Meet the Press:  8- 8-30 am 


Scott Morrison shadow minister for Housing and Local Govt is talent. Missed first few minutes start due to daylight saving. Discussion of ETS – staunch support for leader Turnbull, q re time to expel Tuckey? Govt hypcrites says Morrison.  

SM is very articulate and confident speaker and clearly talented. At ease in front of the camera. A serious brain. A Turnbull ‘squarehead’ if you like. Humour out take is Gillard joke about primary school birthday age guessing game, [which arguably might be a bit of sisterhood double standard exploiting gender stereotypes]. 

Panel is Hartcher and Grattan of Fairfax Sydney and Melbourne respectively. Kick off on rates issue with RBA governor grab. Real estate chatter.


Move on to refugee, policy “weakenings”. Humour out take re Turnbull lower in polls than


Bruce Baird from Refugee Advisory Board or something. Usual arguments re airtravellers rather than boats. Case for more turnover in federal party like Baird himself. Topic moves on to Indian foreign student education sector.

 Close to credits with old mates chatting – a post Howard moderate broom is sweeping through the current liberal party. 


Meet The Press - Watch Political Video Online - Channel TEN.



Riley Diary 7, from 8.40am 

Turnbull in choc factory in Adelaide Willy Wonka footage is great. [Echo of dollar sweets case of Costello fame.] Leadership formula, Tuckey rebuttal in cardigan man style. South Park character as Turnbull. Ompa loompas again and again.  Riley talkies in the studio. Leadership in play. Conservative tv engaged.  Polling probably shows Turnbull must stand for something. 


9 Sunday newshour Laurie Oakes interview 8.44 am 

Didn’t start at 8.43 with Riley start in place already. Abbott is in the chair and talking up Turnbull leadership [against the Nats]. Had to jump 9 to 7 and back. Dutton as lost preselection for neighbouring seat as of last night in Qld seat. Abbott declines to play leadership (save the furniture) games of greenhouse policy – shows some integrity I think.


Abbott pitch to govt – if govt don’t co-operate on coalition amendments then it’s the govt problems. ‘It’s about the party and the country’. Come up with a position.


Move onto another milder domestic policy issue.




Insiders 2: 9- 10am


Leadership package. Morrison grab from MTP earlier.


Panel discuss with Middleton sbs, Farr News corp Sydney, Henderson Sydney Institute.


Turnbull is guest. No plans to leave as tenure for Wentworth. Committed to constructive role eg jobs protection along lines of US Waxman Markey Bill there. [So will quit leadership, like Robb from ministry.]


Critical Q& A with compere Cassidy with a lot of cross reference to LOakes earlier, but Turnbull didn’t see all of it. Notes Abbott is friendly. Troubled by Dutton loss future leader, special case.


Vox pop with rugby Parramatta supporters on exec pay and other stuff. Good footage, not very probative though.


Chat on pensioner public housing costs [and note Seniors press this week front page story] Chat on Clive Palmer billionaire blimp re alleged racism to China rejected by panel unanimously with grab of Crean.

 Talking Pics, with Warren in circle work with Rudd ute.   



Inside Business with Alan Kohler  

Refer http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/  

Posted by editor at 12:01 PM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 4 October 2009 12:14 PM NZT

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