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Friday, 6 November 2009
Opinion: Ex PM Howard used 'boat people' to cover record immigration Big Business racket
Mood:  irritated
Topic: big media

Our truck driving landlord says 'mother earth' can't cope with 35 million population here in Australia, or 9 billion on planet Earth generally.

The biggest increase factor is record immigration as distinct from morally defensible/decent refugee policy for 'boat' or indeed 'plane' people.

To see ex PM John Howard with a disastrous murderous Iraq war behind him with a million deaths, direct and indirect, preach this last 24 hours about boat people policy is a joke.

He has as much credibility about boat people policy as WMD - weapons of mass destruction - never found in Iraq.

Indeed his successor leader of the Opposition Brendan Nelson revealed it really was a war to secure oil supplies - at least in part - when Nelson was Defence Minister prior to the election. He hurriedly tried to clarify in a later interview but the truth was out of the bag like a wild feral cat racing out the window. And what an ugly, srawny, flea bitten, fur ripped critter it was.

This issue of credibility is easy to make, only current PM Kevin Rudd was agnostic on the war in Iraq in 2002-03 because as Opposition Foreign Minister his careerism depended on amicable relations with the W Bush presidential regime in the USA. Thus Rudd is too compromised to raise issues of credibility over the cause of that war, and dealing with the obvious consequence of refugee sanctuary. More's the pity.

But getting back to Howard exploiting boat people as a controversy. He used this figleaf to increase immigration levels to record levels because the big shopping centre moguls like Westfield's Frank Lowy and high rise developers like Harry Triguboff, are both big donors and supporters of hyper immigration. They need high immigration around 400,000 a year taking into account student visas and all the categories, for competition and business for their products. In other words a political economy racket. Population policy in Australia has no efficacy, it is all weasel words. Better to scapegoat boat people refugees who actually have a strong case for being permitted into Australia under the Refugee Convention we signed.

Lowy and Triguboff and similar construction captains of industry donate big money to both sides of politics. Against that money politics refugees and justice have little or no chance. How cynical and evil.

Posted by editor at 7:45 AM EADT
Updated: Friday, 6 November 2009 8:34 AM EADT

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