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Sunday, 29 November 2009
Sunday tv talkies: Irresistible force of Turnbull’s climate conviction versus immovable deniers
Mood:  chatty
Topic: aust govt

Picture: Bega river in dairy country NSW South Coast taken from big bridge in town last week, a dry sand pit for hundreds of metres. A self funded retiree  long time local says: 'It used to run with water more often than not 30 years ago and now dry - more often than not'. A sure sign of climate shift, poor land use, and probably both?


Author’s general introductory note   


This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies in Big Politics and Big Media. Perhaps the greatest utility is the headline synthesis above of the 3 or 4 shows followed in this session.


For actual transcripts and/or video feeds go to the programme web sites quoted including Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.


Other sources of pollie talkies on Sunday include SkyNews paytv Sunday Agenda, Radio National Monica Attard Sunday Profile show. And of course Sunday night shows SBS Dateline, Sixty Minutes and now Sunday Tonight on 7.  


Picture: Dust in the climate heat wave over Bega 7 days ago 22nd November 2009 as back drop to a mobile billboard about local landuse controversy driven by this writer. Interestingly feedback was 99% deferential or polite on the week long tour. Only one rude sledge in otherwise friendly tourism town of Merimbula.



Media backgrounders.  

1. On climate note Bega river dairy area has main river through town running dry as per this picture taken by the writer last week. One local told us runs more dry than not while 30 years ago it was running more than dry. That’s climate shift surely and public meetings there reinforce that community perception and worry in a rural service town.

2. Stop press: East Gippsland 45, 000 ha new forest conservation decision omits some important forest areas but defacto admission Victorian land use policy has been wrong for well over 15 years in that region, not least conversion of wet forest types to dry schlerophyll promoting bushfire risk. What a tragedy. Especially Goolengook we think best forest we've ever seen … in the world … bar none, smashed to pieces after 10,000 years steady state. An evil criminal act, there should be a prison for loggers in suits for that vandalism let alone encouraging bushfire risk.

2A. What relation the forest conservation decision by Victorian ALP State Govt  with the tame Australian Conservation Foundation decision to reject the Federal ALP policy deal with the Coalition leader Turnbull on their climate legislation gifting some $7B to coal and power generator interests? Trying to win back the green ALP aligned base? That's the ALP blinking and way too late to save critical cathedral forest types in many places. A tragedy.

3. SAM editor did see most political talkies last week with notes in our book, from Bega Lookout and then later showground via mobile tv handset and country allied tv stations. Oakes was good value as usual. Insiders also. Riley etc. But we missed Julie Bishop etc on  MTP 10 which apparently is on the web replay now. Hooray. We didn’t get a chance to write it up as too busy at Bega Festival 3 days, Canberra 3 days. We watched Q time in the big House Tues and Wednes as mitigation.


4. Watching the press gallery in Canberra was just as interesting as the pollies. Grattan in hot yellow power suit number – sunglasses material but it worked. Onya Glasses (speaking as glasses wearer too). Crabb ‘s big hair. Coorey’s bald patch. Lewis chatty with Hartcher across the Fairfax News divide. Old Grey up in the top level falling asleep. Christian Kerr manfully trying to fill Matt Price’s colour section. And those missing – no LO, no Bonge, no Laura Tingle – folks who don’t have to slum it on the daily slog perhaps relying on remote feed?

5. Also interesting apart from the ingenious  whistler protesters – all 20 somethings out of a Get Up milieu perhaps past 2 security checks, with plastic instruments. The pollies laughed but it was the PM who was interrupted Tues, and Thurs again despite coalition meltdown.


6. Check this collage (roughly left to right, top to bottom in time sequence) off the web as the Govt understand their failure to pass the ETS/CPRS last Fri in federal parliament by 3.45 pm deadline "deal".  Not happy Chris (leader of Govt in Senate that is) from about 3.30 pm knowing the deadline is lost, and we got the time stamp for posterity too of the Speaker terminating the session, as the 'Copenhagen PR legislation' became an empty box on the screen.


7. Also interesting in parliament was the non verbal info – Pyne and Albanese as respectively managers of business for each party chatty behind the Speakers chair away from tv cameras and press gallery above? Crean, Ferguson and Burke resource and trade related ministers sitting together like 3 wise monkey on dangerous climate change - hear no, see no, speak no evil? Kevin Andrews looking like climate denier Cardinal Pell is an evil angel on his shoulder, with a whiff of the failed Lib leader John Gorton about him before he even gets the gig?

7A. Speaking of public access to question time - there is a clubby arrangement where those mates of MPs and staffers know you get a ticket before 12.30 pm from the Sergeants parliamentary office and pick up 1.15 to 2 pm. This queue gazumps the unticketed hoi polloi who risk missing the first critical questions in a second queue. Is this publicised anywhere? There are 500 seats apparently and unticketed is a better seat anyway. Also security are strict - take off belt for scanning, pad down jackets etc, sit where you are told. Fair enough but it didn't stop the plastic whistles protest. At one point the whole house seems to stare at moi but really the 5 protesters with whistles invisible in their mouth direclty behind.

8. They say never intervene in an enemies unfolding car crash – so should green groups billboard banner on forests and climate go this hot weekend to (a) Manly to embarrass climate sceptic Abbott in Waringah? (b) Wentworth to tackle Turnbull’s leadership given the marginal nature of the seat after Bennelong (c) Braddon for upcoming byelection. (d) do nothing because it’s too hot, people are inside if they have any sense and better to let the ructions take their course, then review/reassess situation. What an ecology action dilemma.


8A. Construction union disaffiliates with the ALP last week and PM Rudd virtually says good riddance in parliament last week. Dodges question on return of $80K in donations since the last election. Not reported in big media? PM admitted so after consulting with Gillard in Question Time last Wednesday – it was her answer via PM Rudd's voice, admittely her portfolio. Raising impression she was acting prime minister at the time, which she actually is this week. We saw it all as observer in the public gallery in Canberra.


9. Nat senator Joyce said to ABC Fran Kelly last Friday morning that 'a carbon tax is better than a CPRS to make investment bankers rich'. He is so right. The sledge about 'member for Goldman Sachs' re Mal Turnbull never rang truer after the glossy feature in The Australian 2 weekends ago about GS. Frightening greed and extreme capitalism of the secret society kind.

10. Green senator Bob Brown big media political stocks never higher having helped family rescue of freelancer journo Nigel Brennan and colleague from Somalia gangsters last Friday after a torturous year, reminiscent of New York Times guy escape from Taliban controlled border area of Pakistan.

11. Potential list of climate criminals might relate to the penultimate post here on SAM of attendance list there of 30 federal MPs both major parties to a logger industry conference dinner funded by the taxpayer via sleazy secret political deals.  Here is another picture of Barry Chipman by name and nature apologist for old growth woodchipping in Tasmania, arriving at the Hyatt Hotel last week, taken by this writer:

12. On a personal note this last 10 days trailer towing with a heavy tall mobile billboard an be a challenge because as the owner said 'when it happens it will be quick' referring to wind shift and results like this:



10 Meet the Press:  8- 8-30 am 

Footage of Lib leadership players Abbott, Tuckey, backbencher etc. Polling in press Hock level with MT on leadership.


Rudd says no to an early election, footage from overseas. Kevin Andrews is guest #1. Won’t answer first question whether he will put up his hand on Tuesday again. Andrews Waffles on in one on one.


Michelle Grattan (Fairfax Melb/gallery), Marius Benson (with?). Andrews not ruling out a candidate when pressed. Liberals a leaderless rabble? Stinging question answers itself. Grattan says disingenuous position on ETS. Andrews has the Gorton Lib slack jaw look about him. Humour out take is Turnbull as General Custer cartoon.


Senator Wong grab, Christine Milne Greens – accused of undermining climate legislation. Says it’s not action because status quo till 2020 beyond tipping points of catastrophic climate change. First time price on carbon blocking? Says energy providers won’t reduce until 2034. Energy emissions, conservation, forests. Milne has an ever slightly asymmetric face, or lazy right eye, circle on that side.


Agrees Rudd won’t go to a double dissolution – as arch conservative. Grattan says cynical of Greens to boost their position. Since 2005 – global emergency on climate condemning future generations, species. As big as GFC. What about transition of 10-15 years? Physics and chemistry won’t wait for coal industry. Journos reinforce Greens not relevant on climate.  Milne has a charm about her smiling under pressure as hectored by questioners despite her short pithy questions.


Meet The Press - Watch Political Video Online - Channel TEN.

Riley Diary 7, from 8.40am 

Might have to miss this one. Sunrise election reprising Rudd and Hockey match from 3 years back trivializing federal contest to some degree or emphasizing the power of tv as Alan Ramsey argues with oomph. Missed a fair bit of it.


9 Sunday newshour Laurie Oakes interview 8.44 am 

Turnbull in his seat early for LO interview. Intro refers to Sun Herald (Sydney) coverage re North Sydney seated Joe Hockey.


How are the knife wounds? Unbowed with a grin. Notes Queen support for action on climate. Not given to tears. Critique of Minchinites, and their acolytes. He’s a denier. Do nothing. Majority of party room don’t believe in [AGW] caused by humans. Position of irrelevance. Do nothing party. On the record. Delay, deferral, means denial.


Says he will win on Tuesday, says he doesn’t know. Howard was noted sceptic, but leader enough to know we had to act. Very similar to scheme last election of coalition, and Cabinet members went on to it. His critics are recklessness destroying the Liberal.Party. 14 front benchers resigned can’t work with people in future even if survive? Says not a hater, has done before. Can’t fight the people of Australia. The climate war started by Minchin go on until Rudd destroys Libs in an election until need to get legislation passed. Relies on Hockey policy support. Joe leader cuddly friendly face, Minchin policy would destroy him.


John Howard meeting yesterday with Hockey, LO says H was angry with Costello for divisiveness. MT says this is a policy difference not leadership Costello v others. MT gives a great summary of Rudd real politik now, LO says not just policy re ratting on ETS legislation. Says deniers will never give up even after 2007 crushing. Says these deniers make Howard look like a greenie. MT refers to polls in his favour bigger sample in Qld.


MT says expect leadership. LO looks interested, impressed by leadership soliloquy of MT. Notes Howard wanted to do ETS in advance, and notes Abbott think piece in The Australian encourages global agreement before Copenhagen. Says Hockey or Billy Bloggs under Minchin policy will end up far right not Howard broad church. Turnbull the conviction politician really argues strongly.


Comperes react and call for email audience response – clearly impressed by the interview – of a lifetime perhaps.




Insiders 2: 9- 10am


Footage of protester drag off on climate, talking pollie heads govt on climate,  leadership issues. Footage shows Turnbull in a certain stillness in the eye of the storm. Family PR Saturday. Good fodder for wonks but for the public not so much?


Press roundup with panel – Lenore Taylor notes picture re Howard visit yesterday. Question of no consensus even if Hockey wins. And notes LOakes interview. Grab of Turnbull of 10 minutes earlier. Coorey notes Hockey is “Luke Skywalker” implying too soon. Bolt says “totally disgraceful” interview with Oakes destroying Hockey as credible alternative and “stupid great green tax”.


Argues megalomaniac personal as corporate interest. Anger in Lib Party, anger in Turnbull Party. Taylor asserts with strength talking space versus Bolt ahead of himself rather than malicious.


All lie down tragedy say LT. Real news is Tiger alleged bust up at home and alleged affair.


Footage of Senate last Friday – Evans, Abetz, Fielding, Wong. “We will be back”. Soft tones, national interest to get the legislation through. [almost certainly wrong, corporate LabLib interest to pass it, not Australian people, country or planet].


“Can’t manage climate change, can’t manage the future” is the line. Why not a double dissolution election by February – hot period late summer. Gillard dodges the question. “Not interested in an early election” [echo Combet and Rudd this weekend too] sitting this Monday, expect Libs to honour agreement. Avoids constitutional questions about delay is valid trigger or not.


Cassidy alarm about negotiating with Greens about strengthening the Bill. Leading question about ‘wouldn’t want that to happen would you?’. Gillard getting desperate about Coalition not passing their pissweak CPRS. [Joyce said a carbon tax would be better than CPRS to Fran Kelly last Friday morning abc RN]. Boilerplate by Gillard about all this, and at the decision making stage “delay is denial”.


Vox pop in Old Parliament House museum. Says Libs are in rabble state.


Panel on arithmetic most relevant figure is 49 to 36 in favour of Turnbull. Grab of Turnbull on Oakes interpreted as destruction, but sounds to me like creative destruction of the deniers, skeptics and new broom through the Liberal Party post Howard.


Cassidy refers to Paul Kelly as “our old master” with laugh, but quite a reveal there. PK relies on Turnbull-Hockey relations. Two pre conditions Hockey won’t stand against MT, another one – Minchin etc support ETS deal? Cassidy says neither condition will be met.


Grab of Fielding mangling the Old Testament. Taylor notes UK Cameron wants stronger action on climate change and looks like winning next election. Bolt sure climate is cooling. Coorey fence sitting as safest option on Lib ructions.



[Minister for Sport Kate Ellis on Offsiders defends Govt response to Crawford report on funding.]




Inside Business with Alan Kohler  .

Wrap up of govt climate legislation. Important interviews on energy generator  technologies.

Refer http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/ 


Posted by editor at 10:58 AM EADT
Updated: Sunday, 29 November 2009 11:37 AM EADT

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