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Friday, 4 December 2009
NSW ALP hypocrisy, Right, Left, Centre Unity

Della Bosca of all people after his affairs talking about "family and community" with Fran Kelly on abc RN this morning.

A ten minute interview by ex Deputy Premier John Watkins with James O'Loughlin on abc 702 sydney praising all the players and not mentioning once from his perch in Ryde the desperate need for a north west rail link.

Paul Pearce MP of marginal Coogee praising ex Premier Rees for seeking to confront the developer lobby - a long time principle held by Pearce, who just happened to roll over on a desecration of Bondi Beach during the commercial Olympics in order lock in his State MP pre-selection in 1999.

Premier Nathan Rees in question time we witnessed argues for public funding of elections, indeed implying it was a Cabinet decision, an issue close to the heart of Quentin Dempster likely to run on NSW ABC Stateline this evening. At the cost of $50M a throw.

Yet Rees got the job in the first place mainly for delivering a $2B desalination plant surplus to requirements and deeply criticised.

New Premier Keneally says in big media this morning she 'wants to establish trust' with the community, having closed her eyes for the last 5 years to the wicked expansion of Port Botany impacting her own electorate of Heffron and potentially another 50 suburbs in the future. Indeed 'Merits' Keneally has ignored expert planning report of Commissioner Kevin Cleland for years on this project (as per our penultimate post here).

Deputy Premier Tebbutt was also challenged by the Opposition in question time whether she will remain in her position to support 'the puppet of malign forces Obeid, Tripodi and Sartor'? We have the answer last night with Tebbutt's clay features beside Keneally after the leadership vote.

Will Keneally implement publicly funded elections at $50M a throw breaking the death grip of patronage we all saw in Wollongong and know is spread through all of NSW? We do hope so but won't be holding our breath. Maybe we will hear on abc 702 morning show with Deb Cameron.

What of defacto premier Graham Wedderburn (the 'silent premier') sighted there in the Bear Pit flanks yesterday afternoon, shifting his weight from toe to toe like a prize fighter coralled by forces beyond his control. Does he understand the legal let alone political doctrine of frustration of contract now his man Rees has gone? In other words, what chance a senate seat after this mess causing Prime Minister Rudd and gopher Mark Arbib both a migraine?

And then we have Barry O'Farrell's Opposition. One has to sit in Parliament to see what a bunch of rough, rat cunning, tired, cynical old boys the great majority of the Opposition present as. No wonder Robert Oakshott MP took a ticket to the federal parliament to get away from this bunch of cronies. And the ALP backbench looks just as bad generally speaking. Representative? Ethical? Not on your life.

Posted by editor at 8:01 AM EADT
Updated: Friday, 4 December 2009 8:52 AM EADT

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