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Tuesday, 16 February 2010
Exposing J Lambert power player in The Wilderness Society machinations
Mood:  sharp
Topic: aust govt

"The experience Judy gained in more than a decade of work as a research scientist has been applied to policy development, the preparation of analytical and policy papers and liaison with a diverse range of conservation and resource use interests.

Many years working in a liaison position in Canberra and as Environmental Consultant to a Federal Environment Minister have ensured that Judy is very familiar with the federal public service and political processes. Her more recent Local Government experience is also invaluable in addressing urban sustainability.

Judy's interests lie particularly in natural resource management and bridging the gap between producers, scientists, governments and the community."



The saga of The Wilderness Society national cohesion limps along it appears.

After reading the Tasmanian industrial relations commission decision on sacking of veteran David Wanless as IT expert, we made some discreet inquiries. We posted two stories here this last fortnight on SAM after The Age story some 2 weeks back to the effect, business as usual tensions and growing pains in an organic community organisation.

Then we received an unsolicited phone call from deep in the organisation yesterday which lasted half an hour. We responded to an indymedia posting based in Perth last night and spiked a smear on far right blogosphere "vexnews".

We started reflecting on our time when we were trusted enough to be the legally appointed public officer of "The Wilderness Society (Sydney) Inc" as per our separation certificate "resignation due to sickness" in 1994. (So 'sick' we pulled 10% vote in the state election as a minor party candidate 3 months later, elected to Waverley council against a football team of candidates soon after based on similar numbers.)

At the time a Sydney Morning Herald journalist asked us why we left. Now at last, part at least of the real story can be told some 14 years later, as a service to the green movement and to democracy. Probative of the current power struggle in the mix today.

Because there are some undeclared power players not revealed in open source big media, particularly The Age and ABC but also Tasmanian press on the web.

One is Lyndon Schneiders, who led the successful/controversial Wild Rivers Cape York campaign and we are advised is the undeclared and so far thwarted rival for Alec Marr's director job. Whether Lyndon would be better or worse we defer to others. They are big shoes to fill. Schneiders is spouse of Felicity Wade NSW TWS public representative and spokesperson for the NSW leg of the internal pressure group.

The second figure is one Judy Lambert, ex staffer to ALP Minister Ros Kelly in the Federal Environment Department. It is to J Lambert, spouse of TWS veteran Geof Lambert (employee at some stage by ANSTO) that we bring these primary documents below to bear.

The upshot of them is that:

1. Sydney based J Lambert runs a private consultancy called Community Solutions (previously Community Campaigns) which has done paid work over the years for TWS and we presume government clients. Potentially she has a future financial interest in who runs TWS in the future.

2. J Lambert made a dishonest report about national campaign team job review in 1995 - airbrushing evidence which even her own spouse G Lambert referred to as "outrageous" behaviour. It related to the subject of the job review Debbie White head hunting replacement staff for this writer - deliberately undermining the public officer and state organiser for NSW. We know because the approach to the ostensible replacement Steve Taylor repudiated the approach and blabbed to us about it.

(What is not evidenced though is that this divisive cynical power mongering by one Debbie White was in combination with another Sydney staffer one Jules (female) McMahon who apparently was seeking revenge for being romantically spurned. McMahon resigned 1 month after the date of our submission below July 1995.)

The submission censored by J Lambert referenced in handwriting in 1995 here appears below section by section.

3. J Lambert has been a long time colleague of Karen Alexander quoted recently in the Big Media in support of the pressure group seeking to oust Marr. Refer Wombat TWS internal newsletter here, generated by G Lambert (the "wombat").


4. J Lambert was also integrally involved in the coup of late 1993 to remove then director Karenne Jurd.

We have other documentation not revealed here - about J Lambert - for instance how she engineered the appointment of one James Day into a position at TWS Sydney in 1995 which came close to causing a rebellion amongst forest activists. All activists and experienced staff in the sector knew James was nice enough but woefully out of his depth. The suspicion that he was to be J Lambert's bureaucratic puppet is easy to arrive at.

It is most revealing that J Lambert jointly with G Lambert are named by our phone caller as having requisitioned the "rebel" meeting of 220 TWS held at Fitzroy Town Hall last Saturday 13th Feb 2010.  Judy Lambert is up to her self serving power games again trying to puppeteer policy and power structures in her Wilderness Society. 

We have sometimes wondered if she had her own children or at least adopted we wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of her perverse manipulations. Short of stature, ruthless shadowy bureaucrat would be our summary.

Whatever the pop psychological explanations J Lambert power mongering should be exposed in the current power struggle which looks for all the world like an attempted stack by vested interests against the current Tasmanian branch based director and AGM stack in reprisal.

Meanwhile we hear ex federal court judge Murray Wilcox is available to do mediation/arbitration. We feel confident that Wilcox won't airbrush submissions drafted by a trained solicitor then, or now - unlike J Lambert.









Posted by editor at 12:09 PM EADT
Updated: Tuesday, 16 February 2010 1:14 PM EADT

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