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Saturday, 21 May 2011
Uhlmann as objective interrogator? Pull the other one.
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: big media

Chris Uhlmann says in the Daily Cartoon today his higher profie tv gig has nothing to do with his crash diet.

Maybe but it has alot to do with his political ambition. Failed indy candidate in ACT elections while the Greens have succeeded now at every level of Government, in every state, one detects a professional jealousy on Uhlmann's part, if not dishonesty about his tv vanity.

If Uhlmann is not another small screen wanker, a metaphorical car parking attendant, all powerful in his cubicle, then what is he?

His zeal, along with brother Cassidy for rigour on the Greens has nothing to do with personal ALP history? Oh yeah, right. Is that objective the way Graeme Morris says the ABC is our enemies talking to our friends?

The ABC is an alp slut, many a long year now. Presumably Uhlmann is calculating his timing just like Maxine McKew.

All this is orthodox Big Media politics and petty ambition. What is different about Uhlmann, let alone soldier's daughter Sales, is that he doesn't believe in climate science.

He's on record with his wishy washy, wet, wanky George Pell apologia for growth of the human project at any cost, contrary to best science, and get this, defiant about principles proposed by the Vatican. Uhlmann the failed happy clapper, who didn't have the guts of that vocation, can't face the truth of hard climate science either.

That's the real problem with his credentials: He's dumb on science. A DUMBY from the Pell church of infantile theology. Complete with praise from the Bolt blog in 2008:

"ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann delivers a brilliant riff on Insiders this morning on global-warming salvation seekers. This former seminarian knows a religious mania when he sees one. "

And the real problem for the Greens remains - but not as bad now given they are close 10 years late to moving beyond denial to facing - their task of building a mass media with a green political economy bias. A 10 to 20 year project no doubt, but it must be done.

We have done our best to build those bricks too for 15 years now. Time is soon approaching Stott when sitting in the back row is a luxury this country cannot afford. Yer feel me?


Posted by editor at 4:21 PM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 21 May 2011 4:29 PM NZT

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