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Sunday, 29 May 2011
Uhlmann's repeat blather on 7.30 compounds his sin of pride?
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: big media

No doubt our doughty abc journo thought he was ahead of the curve with his interview of climate science communicator - not climate scientist as such - Prof Flannery last Monday night.

The Uhl took a few hits, then props by the grubs at News Ltd - more than happy to work with an ABC punching bag into their routine. Poor Chris! Dependent on the intellectual equivalent of drug dealers.

Uhlmann tried to get tricky in the interview, and was recorded playing cheap jack gotcha over the internal consistency of a Climate Commission Report.  Intensity not frequency and all that.

Flannery and Uhlmann both are flummoxed by a 1 m sea rise which Prof Hansen at NASA - a real climate scientist - says may really be 10-30 metres in 100 years given the cruel mastery of exponential change in sea rise from a tiny baseline. But that would knock the bejesus out of the whole theatrical political economy enterprise so we can't be telling the punters, let alone the corporates, that heavy stuff. 

But the Uhl trickery started well before the camera rolled on the interview. The Trick was the editorial decision to have a rhetoratician like Flannery discuss the hard science of climate instead of an actual locally based ... derr .... world class climate scientist in the field ... like David Karoly. 

The suspicion remains that Uhl knows, or should know, Karoly would eat him alive on national television and make him look the buffoon that the grasping reptile actually is. Karoly would eat Flannery alive for that matter too. And be done with the flibberty gibbet science communicator.

That might get a highly ironic, cross party - Green and Coalition - cheer as well as Martin Ferguson! To see old chubby Tim back studying rocks and tree kangaroos in Papua as he did back in the day on mining money. Perhaps he could get a gig on a fat farm with Noel Pearson?

The ALP and their information machine, including grey abc, really don't get substance over style do they.

Meanwhile the News Monster wants to eat Mark Scott and the ABC and chew them to bits so says their broadsheet editorial this weekend. Could be News 24 free to air is achieving more than SkyNews can live with. Hooray.

Amusing to hear oneself described by Mark Latham last week, along with maybe 50 other readers, as it is so true, a tragic reader of the MurTroll bible aka The Australian but only because it is Evil. If you listen carefully like a sea shell you can hear the MWWHAHAHAAAAA laugh in the ink.

Reminding one of Greg Sheridan's heartwarming paean yesterday to the Queen of Blighty visiting Eire, criticising another journo on history, then himself omitting the 1.5M deaths of the guided famine while Eire was a net exporter of food owned by the Queen's men 1845-1852. How exactly does a journalist of Irish descent airbrush out the deaths of 1.5M people - even after 160 years? Thats a lot of mass graves of little babes there Greg under American redwood trees like in the grounds of Killarney Cathedral. Too real for yer? Inconvenient losers? Dead babies are like that.

Just keep taking the sleeping pills Greg and pray for retirement. 

Posted by editor at 9:35 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 29 May 2011 11:58 AM NZT

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