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Saturday, 18 August 2007
TB, aka Tim Blair, aka Two Bit ....the $2 Will Bailey figure and creationist of climate change policy?
Mood:  spacey
Topic: big media

Tim Blair, or TB as we prefer being a noxious debilitating illness requiring antibiotic treatment, has all week to work up his Saturday rottweiler column in the Saturday Daily Telegraph as here

usually attacking enviornmentalism and anything more centre left than Genghis Khan.

And today is no exception. And Will Bailey is the stirling policy intellect amongst the panoply of characters in the West Wing tv series with a passing spectacled resemblance to TB. Hence the $2 wannabe reference in the headline.

Joshua Malina as Will Bailey

As we like to say the News Ltd Smelly is more cartoon book than reflection of truth, a looney tunes exercise. If this is understood one can even grow to enjoy such sophistry from one as TB.

His constant mock scorn of world's best climate change science reminds us of the nay sayers for quite a few years challenging the double helix in DNA. The 100 year history of anti science creationism against the unifying theory of Evolution (talk about crack pot yankee museums). Or Big Tobacco trading in doubt in the face of decades of medical science on cancer.

Not for nothing does TB refer in satirical projection to "burns on the bathroom sink, possibly from [hotel] tenants putting aside cigarettes while brushing their teeth'. Too much information TB, we don't need to know your autobiographical habits! [Yes we did laugh at the line which is something I suppose.]

Suffice to say Tim Blair has no scientific credentials and would be horrified to be so burdened. He prefers creationist style denial just like the troglodyte Exclusive Brethren nutcases over robust, diverse, increasingly developed climate change science literature.

He's the sophist sop to rednecks everywhere too cowardly to confront the huge folly and extremism of their own lifelong anti ecological philosophies. On the content of his article itself TB ignores the well accepted utility of trend line in annual temperature measures - just like electoral polling really. Not one or other individual metric but the trend. 

TB prefers selective nitpicking around new data on apparently very hot year 1938. Which is why we have pictured a bag of frozen veg - pour into a pan on high heat, some of it is icy, some of it damn hot, contemporaneously (just like our planet actually), but most of it popping and whizzing on the flame (in the interim phase) at extremes of temperature until in the end it's all a black charred smoking mess. Unless you turn it down or off.

Are we in the the interim variability phase of climate change under conditions of increased energy inputs and entropy like frozen veg on a hot pan?  That question is way too complex for pea brain Tim (and his readers which sadly are all too many) stuck somewhere between a luke warm bit of carrot and corn in a pan going to hell but thinking all is well. But the expert chefs/climate experts, prima donnas no doubt, are increasingly sure the heat is coming given given all the noise in the pan. In other words don't just read one silly/bad newspaper columnist with an ignorant view and do avoid rottweilers in the park this weekend:

http://www.cicsworld.org/blogs/snmoorthie/2006/12/   http://www.1stopfordogs.com/puppies/   http://mirror-cn-bj1.gallery.hd.org/_c/natural-science/_more2002/_more09/Rottweiler-doing-protection-training-athelete-in-motion-CF.jpg.html   


Postscript #1

Ditto this today more resembling a trend but as with most of these attacks the pro scientist refutations tend to be devastating, just a matter of time really Cold, hard facts take the heat out of some hot claims What's more revealing is the tag team aspect to the timing in the Fairfax press from the Right commentariat.

What they and maybe some readers don't realise is that such as James Hansen of NASA Goddard Institute have opinon writers in 50 states of the USA and then European Countries to prioritise before they get to hokey Australia at the *rse end of the world, as some wit put it a long time ago. And it's that time lag in refutation, much like allegory of The Lie that gets half way round the world before Truth gets it's shoes on, that pays the corporate welfare seeking wage of shriekers like Blair and Duffy.

But only just, or else Rupert Murdoch who accepts the real risks of global warming is a dummy, and that is a very big call and against all common sense as he moves his digs ... into the Wall Street Journal no less.

Postscript #2 20th August 2007

Sure enough Dr James Hansen Of NASA in his nerdy scientific excellence has addressed the melodrama with his view the theoretical integrity behind climate change is completely unaffected by the look of things here in a PDF document, via Crikey.com.au today: http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/realdeal.16aug20074.pdf?source=cmailer

Posted by editor at 9:16 AM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 21 August 2007 9:56 AM NZT
Thursday, 16 August 2007
Is Jeff Angel an ALP collaborator in environmental destruction?
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: nsw govt


Picture: Our Forests, Our Future conference flyer later this election year. Prominent environemntalist Jeff Angel is not on the speakers list though his group is listed in support. Details include:



Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 1:47 PM
Subject: [chipstop] Our forests, our future: a question of politics
This event is on Saturday 15th September in Sydney. You can RSVP via the web link below. regards, harriett
Why are our forests being destroyed at an alarming rate? And what will it take for politicians save them? Join forest campaigners from groups across Australia for a full day forum on the science and politics of forests  
Balmain Town Hall, Sydney 10am-5pm Saturday 15th September 2007
Speakers include: Greens Senator Bob Brown, Alec Marr (The Wilderness Society),  Dr Judith Adjani (Australian National University) and more to be confirmed. Admission free, lunch $5 on the day. RSVP by 7th September by visiting http://nccnsw.org.au/index.php?option=com_fabrik&Itemid=1004 Proudly presented by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.
Supported by: The Forest Campaign Group, Wilderness Society, North East Forest Alliance,  South East Region Conservation Alliance and Total Environment Centre.
Between 2,500 and 3,000 trees from SE NSW and East Gippsland are cut down every working day to supply the Eden chipmill
CHIPSTOP campaign against woodchipping the SE forests, 02-64923134, PO Box 797 Bega NSW 2550 Australia, http://www.chipstop.forests.org.au


Main story


Angel is a prominent environmentalist who leads the Total Environment Centre. He is also quite controversial within the green movement.


We began our career in 1992 quite liking Angel. His co director at TEC Milo Dunphy first took me under his wing in the Dunbogan Canal Estate Commission of Inquiry which was a win for the environment. Then Angel positioned this writer into a job for Clover Moore MP’s private member’s South East Forest Protection Bill as a wedge on the National Liberal Party Coalition.


Well I remember redneck MP Peter Cochrane of the Nats referring in the House to Angel as “a weasel”. With my ecological training and commitment and with shared enemies like Cochrane I should be a fan of Angel surely?


So why about 1994 did I become aware of great animosity to the man. Director of  The Wilderness Socity, Karenne Jurd, hated “the bastard”. It’s a matter of public record that founder and co-director of TEC Milo Dunphy distrusted his colleague Angel greatly too – with dark mutterings about ‘a Jewish mafia’ within his own ranks. Was this the environmental movement version of anti semitism?


Certainly this writer had no time or interest in indulging any kind of covert bigotry. I was a child of authors like Bernard Malamud and impressed with the gutsy Isrealis, and their survival from the mundane bureaucratic industralised horror of the holocaust and death of 6 million innocents, children, women and men ie Jewish families. The horror and never again were my top of mind views on such subjects in my undeveloped political persona.


But the antagonists to Angel within the green/Green movement kept coming. There was Carl Drury who spearheaded the Snowy River campaign from the grassroots and ended up writing in a letter to the Herald attacking Angel’s alleged ‘sellout in a deal with the NSW Govt’.


Dunphy died in 1997 and Angel became top dog in the NSW official green NGO movement in alliance with ALP aligned Australian Conservation Foundation (who had raw numbers), and needed his on the ground smarts in NSW. 


I was put in mind of this with Angel on the ABC tv prime tv news last night 15th August 2007 - calling reportedly “for the end to landfills’. An end?


Oh dear how the history on waste reform just lurches out of me like spewing lava at the sound of the words. In 1995 I became ex officio a co director of the Waverley Woollahra Process Plant aka Waterloo incinerator after the council election in Sept of that year. Ironic for a councillor at Waverley representing the Green Party. I had earlier that year joined Friends of the Earth in Sydney and got to know John Denlay a Churchill Scholarship winner and waste reform guru. John and Greenpeace wanted the old dioxin spewing monster closed and a whole new era of 60% waste reduction, in fact adopted in word if not deed by the incoming ALP govt in 1996 in the Waste Management Act of that year.


But TEC were in favour of an incinerator upgrade all through the early 90ies. Conceptually this is like a waste to landfill only via gases in the air – a giant open ended escape hatch, out of sight out of mind either in a furnace or a big hole in the ground. The result is the same – no pressure on designers, builders, industry, govt or society to clean up its act and put materials to their highest order of re-use. In nature there is no such thing as waste and indeed this is the conceptual under pinning of the pro business approach of Amory Lovins of “natural capitalism” – use all by products.


It would not be fair to tarnish Angel with the pro incinerator agenda but it remains true TEC were the achilles heal of the FoE Greenpeace campaign and his role is unclear. The incinerator closed in 1997 in no small part to this writer and the $40 million upgrade was in tatters.


But the Carr govt were now really faced with the waste reform challenge. Waste Boards, industry plans, waste services, environmental socio economic justice  problems across regions all escalated as concerns. And the rich kept churning out the rubbish as did all industry sectors – what to do with the stuff?


This is where the next Angel hater arose – Frank Miller of FoE network and Goulburn Greens Party group and representative of the Nature Conservation Council at the Commission of Inquiry into Woodlawn landfill. A gritty experienced landholder in the Goulburn Braidwood area, a former tank driver in the 2nd World War, Miller wasn’t having truck and train loads of Sydney crap contaminating his rural region if he could help it.


We have correspondence from the late 90ies with Miller scathing of Angel’s apparent endorsement or at the least acquiescence of Carr’s waste to super landfill agenda at Woodlawn near Goulburn. There is no doubt Miller saw the Carr govt as corrupt, and a corrupting influence, with the Sydney Catchment Authority changing the content of its submissions mid stream in the C of I, seen as a buckle to political masters by the waste reform collective at NCC. The collective via Miller even referred it to ICAC only to have Dr Judy Messer as Chair seek to withdraw the referral over the heads of the collective experts. Messer was the long time ngo appointee to the Sydney Water Board for many years and a high status and cosy position to hold.


Certainly Angel had nothing to say about the problem of landfills on the ABC TV news during the whole Woodlawn fracas not least opposition here in Sydney to a massive transfer station at Clyde in suburban Sydney opposed by a group called RAGE (if memory serves). Yet there Angel was last night 11 years after the Waste Management Act pioneered by Denlay and after hopeless failure on Woodlawn landfill 6 years before, on August 15th  2007 national abc news calling for the 'end to landfills' or similar. Now but not when it counted? Hypocrisy? Selective? Tactical silence?


We realised there was something wrong with Angel’s independence in about 1996. Recently the 4 Corners reporter Liz Jackson was at Gleebooks in Glebe Sydney to present a Q and A with commodities economist Judy Adjani (nee Clark) with a new book called Forest Wars whose career long thesis is that plantation resource from the 60ies onwards is way big enough to drive reform in the loss making native forest sector. We agree entirely as does the TWS subject to strict environmental controls – as the jargon goes. This was as true in 1996 as it is now. But when we wrote a draft economic submission under delegation for the combined NSW green groups as part of the Peace Plan process under Carr’s election winning platform of ‘95 (partly negotiated by prominent Green MP and secular Jew Ian Cohen), Angel deleted my referencing of Adjani (then Clark) and the Resource Assessment Comission (C’th) work on plantation resource, RAC having been led by such as Clive Hamilton in 1992. Yet these were central planks to real opportunity for reform supported by the vast majority of the green movement in democratic numbers.


This economic reform based on substitution into the massive existing plantation was lost from this and no doubt other similar negotiations in a tragedy for the NSW industry and environment. Why Angel would do that I can’t fathom unless he was collaborating with the the ALP Govt to stay in native forest logging despite overwhelming public (80%) support to get out of woodchipping forests in particular. Certainly the logging union behind the ALP wanted all the forest they could cut.


I became an Angel sceptic myself from about that time on, especially as more classic forest was woodchipped in East Gippsland (eg Goolengook), and southern NSW (Deua, Nalbaugh, Badja etc) through the late 90ies and noughties. Carr having prepared the way for staying in native forests broke his election promise to end native forest woodchipping by the year 2000. The words of ex TWS director Jurd ring in my ears and how she wanted to meet me before doing Angel’s agenda via Clover Moore in NSW Parliament. Oh how the naïve wise up. Jurd was of course right about Angel and even allowing for her eccentricity should be acknowledged for that.


Then in about 1998 I finally came to believe there was something deeply morally wrong with Angel which only in hindsight I have been able to put into a real politik context. He was appointed around this time to the NSW Native Vegetation Committee of the Carr Govt to allegedly halt land clearing: A campaign championed by Penny Roberts (of National Parks Assoc) since the early 90ies.


Roberts was ‘a close friend’ of Dunphy. She either quit her job or was sacked apparently on his death from NPA. Angel convened a meeting with Jamie Piddock then of WWF conservative green group with the other peak green ngo groups. Together these two proposed rural tradeoffs of bush conserved in exchange for NSW farmers to clear relatively less endangered bush types. There was no mention in the meeting of native title property rights of traditional owners in this huge swathe of the western division leases under current litigation following Mabo High Court decision in late 92. It was a damage control strategy rather than confront the madness of clearing directly, exposing the failure of the NSW Govt and nurturing a public wave of political action to discipline the govt as per the groundwork of Roberts for the previous 7 years.


But I knew the significance from my own honours thesis in 1989. The Piddock/Angel agenda was a classic farmer extinguishment via clearing of native title evidence. To claim native title one needs ongoing physical connection – quite easy to erase with D9 bulldozer and chain. And the farmers wanted the greens to bless this in a classic wedge by them of the Greens/Blacks and probably of Left and Right of the ALP itself. Just as the rednecks had turned the greens against the blacks over national parks in other parts of the country. This was Angel’s leadership? No thanks.


But my voice was “marginalised” at the meeting of some 10 mid to senior level campaigners of diverse 'peak' green groups. This was racism for real against for all we knew were legal NSW Aboriginal property interests under Mabo. I was outraged. I had played an honourable role in supporting native title with The Wilderness Society 1992-5 and ever since and these turkeys were about to blunder over all of that great work and reconciliation.


As it happened the native title claims over the western division leases were lost in that litigation all the way to the High Court but we were never to know that in the proposal to just let the farmers rip in a NSW Govt deal to be blessed by the greens led by Angel and Piddock. Many other places have had their native title upheld all over the country up to 2007. And the NSW decision was probably wrong under a notoriously conservative High Court anyway.


And the Angel haters still keep arising. There is Mersina Soulos founder of Concord based Green Party group (somewhat misnamed Inner West Greens)  who has dark things to say about redevelopment of contaminated land in Homebush Bay at Rhodes Pensinsula involving Angel in some way.


There are the Chipstoppers network still fighting the NSW ALP govt over their broken year 2000 election promise to end the forest woodchipping not least for dangerous climate change reasons.


There are the Lake Cowal traditional owners and diverse environmentalists (including Green MP Cohen , Rainforest Information Centre, Benny Zable another prominent secular Jewish environmentalist expert in street theatre) outraged at a $6M revenue deal with select tame green groups out of profits of a cyanide gold mine destroying ephemeral lake Lake Cowal and massively drawing down the water table there. That’s a $6M deal orchestrated by … Jeff Angel to help Bob Carr manage industry backlash over refusal of a cyanide tailings dam at North Parkes gold mine killing birdlife exposed by 60 Minutes.


In recent time we have been reading about Louise Adler the secular Jewish lady who is a publisher for Melbourne University Press. In a profile we noticed her reference to the Jewish collaborators in the murderous Nazi regime with ‘disprorportionate survival rates’ from that horror. Then this word for the collaborators – the Judenrat - as here




Angel may have many flaws but survival instinct is not one of them, even as woodchipping of natural forest in NSW and South East Australia generally is at record levels, land clearing atrocities unfold at the Macquarie Marshes off a decade of multi million hectare clearing her in NSW this last 15 years under both major Parties, coal mining is expanding at a massive rate, and Frank Sartor puts planning on developer steroids to appease the bean counters and the economic cheer squad, not least premier Morris Iemma, Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald.


So we pose the quite deliberate and scathing question “Is Angel a collaborator in environmental destruction?” the environmental Judenrat of our time, and should he actually be working in an official paid position with the NSW Govt and not the ngo movement?


Postscript #1 17th August 2007


The timing of this article is around any influence Angel may bring to bear in the lead up to the federal election on both green/Green and ALP policy. Just as the pro ALP biases of Peter Garrett have been well exposed by such as Senator Bob Brown's example of independence in the Green Party.


We spoke with Jeff Ash by phone yesterday many know as an architect of the NSW Greens (he drafted me in 1994 for the councillor job) working within MLC John Kaye's office. (The purpose was to note Eric Roozendaal as Roads Minister was campaigning for Carmel Tebbutt in Marrickville where pollution stacks will be located from trucks tunnels on the front of the Daily Telegraph.) This writer mentioned this SAM news site article and the underlying thesis of Angel as biased to the ALP and Ash's comment was along the lines "we already know that".


We say for those seeking successful environmental campaigs this grip by the ALP on the vibrant beating heart of the NSW Green Movement has been essential knowledge for over 15 years now. Thus an ALP MP whose name is lost in the mists of time stated famously "We can work with Jeff" by way of contra distinction. Just like Peter Garrett. Yes the ALP can work with these, but not necessarily to save the environment, more to get and hold power while doing the destruction for greater powers of industry and government (and revolving door big media). What a human and ecological tragedy.

Posted by editor at 9:28 AM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 18 August 2007 9:15 AM NZT
Wednesday, 15 August 2007
Treasurer Costello looking a serious draft choice for PM given constant dismal polls?
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: election Oz 2007

Picture: Peter Costello looking rather prime ministerial in Parliament today and PM Howard suffering relevance deprivation syndrome and pique? And see picture at 2.57pm or so below.

On one level Peter Costello might be accused of lying about what was said back in 2005 to 3 senior journalists about pulling the leadership of John Howard down.

But on a far more serious and real politik level Costello is presenting himself as the one who was going to deliver the Coalition colleagues from the constant dismal polls now. "We can win, he can't" is a very cutting appraisal whether Costello owns the words allegedly made in 2005 or not. They resonate because of the stabilising of the dismal polls.

That it was Costello, but for Howard staying as PM, that was going to save their bacon with his superior economic credentials, in an echo of Paul Keating as ex Treasurer then PM for the ALP in the close tough 1993 election (?).

Picture: PM John Howard leaves his seat just as Peter Costello launches a quite impacting "it takes bravery" speech on economic and policy achievements, scorning the emotional violence implicit in the Opposition ALP attack seeking to generate dissension if not a whole leadership spill. Be careful what they wish for? A rampant Costello turning the polls around in 3 months?

Picture: Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd ascendant in the polls over the Coalition seeks to have the last word on a speech arguing 'arrogant, decaying, selfish, inward looking, energy sapped, losing touch' government. In short the stock standard poison. But what makes it dangerous is not the rhetoric as such but the dismal polls.

In summary both sides argue the other side is presenting a false face, the Opposition alleged lack of economic policy credentials, the Government alleged lack policy integrity/initiative on the most serious issues. Alot of truth in both claims making the power grasping two party system even more broken than most already know it is. Bring on a third Green force at the least.

Looks like a hard grinding election to the wire.

Posted by editor at 4:33 PM NZT
Updated: Wednesday, 15 August 2007 6:14 PM NZT
Tuesday, 14 August 2007
Premature ej*c*lation by the Green Party in marginal Wentworth?
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: election Oz 2007
Curious is the news from the weekend that the Green Party in Wentworth marginal seat in east Sydney  (apparently on the abc radio but I missed it) have already announced their preferences. Here it is via Australian Jewish News too, a very influential cultural demographic there

.....full story follows here .....

Posted by editor at 3:43 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 16 August 2007 9:56 PM NZT
Sunday, 12 August 2007
Sunday political tv talkies: Ruthless Rudd masquerade as Kevin 07 Bond 'the Howard slayer' aka Austin Powers aka Bondi jokster?
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: election Oz 2007

Picture: Will the real Kevin Rudd stand up (assuming such exists), or like John Howard is he a comedy fiction that blows with the sea breeze in any policy direction?

....full story follows here....

Posted by editor at 11:09 AM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 16 August 2007 9:51 PM NZT
Thursday, 9 August 2007
Turnbull helped Gunns do over Tasmanian Forests: The Australian
Mood:  irritated
Topic: ecology

[Press release]

 Thursday 9 August 2007

Turnbull can seize pulp mill initiative - Brown

In the wake of today's Federal Court decision, Federal Environment
Minister Malcolm Turnbull must demand that Gunns' pulp mill be
redesigned to meet world's best standards, Greens Leader Bob Brown said
"Other pulp mills are closed cycle, exude no chlorine-based carcinogens,
do not pollute the sea, air or land, do not create massive greenhouse
gas problems, do not demand vast amounts of fresh water and do not
destroy old growth forests or rare animal habitats."
"If Turnbull gives the Gunns' proposal the go-ahead it will disgrace his
ministry and signal to all Australians that this government will put
polluting developments ahead of people's rights to clean air, unpolluted
produce and the protection of wild forests," Senator Brown said.
Senator Brown said that Kevin Rudd's recent "I am 100% behind John
Howard" statement on the fate of Tasmania's forests has left open the
option for the government to take a tough environmental stand against
Gunns' destructive mill proposal.
The Greens will increase our campaign to stop the pulp mill, Senator
Brown said.
Further information: Ebony Bennett 0409 164 603

Posted by editor at 9:30 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 9 August 2007 9:36 PM NZT
Tuesday, 7 August 2007
Mixed quality event on past and future of forest industry at Gleebooks 8th August 07
Mood:  special
Topic: economy

Full story here ....

Posted by editor at 2:00 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 9 August 2007 2:23 PM NZT
Sunday, 5 August 2007
Sunday political talkies: Howard needs his own 'feral proof fence' to keep out News Ltd journos?
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: election Oz 2007




Picture: Yesterday Ramsey story in Sydney Morning Herald 4th August 2007 at top, precedes front page torch by News Ltd tabloids in Sydney and Melbourne this morning 5th August 2007 suggesting somewhat feral Big Media, not just the exagerated fear of ferals protesting APEC conference in Sydney in Sept 07 also rippling through election politics at the moment.

Full story here .....

and notice these postscript images verifying the predictive headline of a feral News Ltd media next two days 6th and 7th August 2007. This press is giving the Howard Govt the rounds of the election kitchen ..... a kitchen that is getting intolerably hot for Govt MPs, latest polling stabilising at 44 to 56 against them. Will they hold their nerve and will it matter?




Posted by editor at 11:19 AM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 7 August 2007 12:14 PM NZT
SAM website page views July 2007
Mood:  energetic
Topic: independent media



June 2007 - 9675

May 2007 - 9, 059

April 2007 - 12,087

March 6,684

February 5,372

January 2800

Comments - Two things happened that might have affected crude number of page views - at the half yearly mark we may have slackened off the edginess or intrinsic interest value of our posts. The holiday effect if you like. We could also put this down to rotten cold - about worst we've had, a lingering little monster (also affecting such as Monica Attard and Juanita Phillips on ABC we notice). On the other hand alot of the pro political community took time out for holidays too so perhaps less audience for this fodder.

Secondly, we fixed our email address to a cut and paste, hopefully bringing down the bot crawlers grabbing it for spam email rackets which might affect page view numbers also? We are also learning to build a better 'newswire' with spill over page for long older dated posts which means we are getting more reader friendly. Even saw a compliment on Sydney IMC - oh my God a miracle.

On the up, the editor is close to 100% fit, ill mother is getting better we hear, 1 year of tea total has the synapses bursting with electrons, so its onwards to God knows where for the SAM news website.

Posted by editor at 10:47 AM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 4 September 2007 9:23 AM NZT
Friday, 3 August 2007
Contact details for SAM news website here
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Topic: contact us


tel. 0410 558838

Australian Business Number: 506-347-944-95 for Ecology Action Sydney trading as Sydney Alternative Media

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