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Friday, 21 March 2008
ALP dead weight in Burgmann's run for City Hall
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: nsw govt

That little #3 at bottom left of the article pictured means third edition, and likely country readers and websites may not get the late,  impacting story?

It tells of the repercussions of this similar post by SAM here

14 March 2008 

How could ex MP Burgmann have supported Joh style Part 3A repeal of green laws in NSW Planning Act?
Mood:  down
Topic: nsw govt


Thursday, 13 March 2008

In that last post we write:

Nor is Burgman flattered by the poor governance of her feminist co author and former staffer Yvette Andrews at the very large community space at Addison Rd Centre:

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Who has presided over the destruction of the cyber gateway for over 8 months (work this writer did in good faith, non aligned, equal prominence to all tenancies):

addison road centre "Come back soon. We are just getting it better. This Website is still under construction."

Talk about cynical. This writer was moved to publish this satirical job advert

Addison Rd Centre General Manager Job Vacancy closing date 1st April...

Nor is Burgmann free herself of the Addison Rd taint of poor governance as mate Andrews is well known to protect Gallery director Cutcliffe, an ALP aligned grifter who has enjoyed 4 years rent free 2003-7 despite $30K paintings on private sale. Cutcliffe's lease has been sanitised with highly discounted lease from 2007 under Andrews management via a new 'non profit entity' created for the purpose with guess who reputed to be on that company directorships? It's unconfirmed but the claim by one tenant is that it is in fact Meredith Burgman who has given presentations at same gallery.

And to that sharp commentary we add this now:

To: [Clover Moore Mayoral PR flak]
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 12:41 PM
Subject: Fw: Cr Olive re Addison Rd Board fyi re s.20 Protected Disclosures research, ARC website down 8 months now

----- Original Message -----
To:  [Marrickville Councillors]
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2008 12:39 PM
Subject: Cr Olive re Addison Rd Board fyi re s.20 Protected Disclosures research, ARC website down 8 months now

Dear Peter
Regarding your position on the Addison Rd Board you may find it interesting that I've been researching the Protected Disclosures Act 1994 (NSW) here in relation to the Gillian Sneddon/Orkopoulos scandal at State level but there is a spinoff regarding ARC too:
This is not an exhaustive correspondence, with full cross referencing just to say that by section 20 (no need to read in full, see comments below this extract)


Protection against reprisals

20 Protection against reprisals

(1) A person who takes detrimental action against another person that is substantially in reprisal for the other person making a protected disclosure is guilty of an offence.
Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units or imprisonment for 12 months, or both.
(1A) In any proceedings for an offence against this section, it lies on the defendant to prove that detrimental action shown to be taken against a person was not substantially in reprisal for the person making a protected disclosure.
(2) In this Act, "detrimental action" means action causing, comprising or involving any of the following:
(a) injury, damage or loss,
(b) intimidation or harassment,
(c) discrimination, disadvantage or adverse treatment in relation to employment,
(d) dismissal from, or prejudice in, employment,
(e) disciplinary proceeding.
(3) Proceedings for an offence against this section may be instituted at any time within 2 years after the offence is alleged to have been committed.
Notice in particular it's a serious offence (up to 12 months prison) for other Board members, say John Reynolds, Yvette Andrews to take "reprisals" action against the centre website site builder (me) for making a grievance complaint to the "principal officer" of a "public authority" which includes any body that can be investigated by for instance the "auditor general" or "NSW Ombudsman". Is ARC such a body. I will be looking into this.
This calls up the fact that Peter Talmacs told me my removal from that website work (which has been down for 8 months now it seems) was "vindictive".
My best guess so far is that the ARC is indeed subject to the Protected Disclosures Act and that within 2 years of the said reprisal the perpetrators can by prosecuted for an offence. Assuming the ARC is covered by the Protected Disclosures Act then notice also that the onus of proof of defending a charge of reprisals is on the defendant, that is Reynolds or Andrews.
I would be very interested to know if the minutes of the Board re both Andrews and Reynolds participated in my removal from the website work (around Sept 07) as punishment for making a complaint against Reynolds bullying (late July 07 from memory). I have no doubt myself. And it's up to them to prove otherwise.
I have correspondence from Laird my complaint [was] in jurisdiction for centre work on centre time (this is denied by the Board but it's a lie) and that's my direct evidence as a solicitor. It wasn't Art Resistance work.
You might want to know that Reynolds told me in April or May 2007 that to quote "I did a good job" on the centre website. Laird was over joyed with the website building too. Most every tenant was.
I can predict that current Board members will claim the work was not professional or whatever and they wanted a professional website builder. Well that's subjective and contrary to most feedback and it is after all a community centre not a corporate enterprise. But where is the centre website? It's been down 8 months. Talmacs told the truth it was "vindictive" and I'm getting quite interested in taking it further now that I've pretty much exposed Meredith Burgmann's stalking of Clover Moore for ALP dishonesty about voting for Part 3A of the Planning Act, as well as alleged ARC taints. ....
Yours truly
Tom McLoughlin, editor www.sydneyalternativemedia.com/blog, solicitor

Posted by editor at 1:22 PM NZT
Dirty man NSW stuck in a tunnel?
Mood:  sad
Topic: nsw govt


The headlines tell the story ....

- 19 March 08 MP owed debt to developer for renovations - National - smh.com.au

- 19 March 08 Fired staffer slates Iemma | The Australian

- 19 March 08 New Labor sex scandal/ Claim Orkopoulos given police tip-off, p9 Sydney Daily Telegraph

- 19 March 2008 City catches $12b metro

- 19 March 08 Low traffic forces Lane Cove Tunnel's backers to write off millions

- 20 March 08 Tunnel vision in NSW - Editorial - Opinion - smh.com.au

- 20 March 08 Great idea, but white elephants trumpet

- 20 March 08 'Public transport premier' eyes history

- 20 March 08 Driverless trains - how apt for the state we're in

- 20 March 08 Tunnel trouble won't hurt metro - National - smh.com.au

- 20 March 08 Crikey - Milton Orkopoulos' other victim By Alex Mitchell

- 21 March 08 Iemma's tunnel vision goes to water | The Daily Telegraph

- 21 March 08  Sex MP's staffer Gillian Sneddon to sue Labor | NEWS.com.au

- 21 March 08 p5, Clover in clover as Burgmann set to quit mayoral race

..... and so do the cartoons .....

Posted by editor at 11:01 AM NZT
Updated: Friday, 21 March 2008 11:52 AM NZT
Easter holiday just another retailers' binge drinking sales opportunity?
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: health

There's quite a bit of coverage about the alcohol industry, aka culturally 'acceptable' drug pushers, in the washout from PM Rudd fanning a 'moral panic' over binge drinking:

- 20 March 08 Advertisers and alcohol industry prepare for inquiry showdown ...

- 20 March 08 Alcohol ads ban 'ignores internet' | The Australian

- 19 March 08 New liquor rules will ruin us: pubs

- 20 March 06 page 3 'girl' Sydney Daily TelegraphBeating the grog ... Catherine Britt.

How country superstar Catherine Britt beat grog | NEWS.com.au ...

- 21 March 08 Liquor giants call time on alcopops

- 21 March 08 Closing time: court upholds hotel decision JULIAN LEE | Days of sickly sweet alcopops laced with energy may be numbered.

We totally agree with putting the weights on the disaster of binging. Been there done that. We even spent 12 months slog work in a fine wine and liquor shop called KM Lynch in Warrnambool in our gap year out of school. A pretty miserable education in human nature it was too.

But make no mistake the pushers are working their corner as is their democratic right, the alternative being all the ills of prohibition. We noticed this push in the retail adverts:

And judging by the Big Media content there is quite a way to go - a caller pre 7 am told Simon Mahoney yesterday that she dreaded the chaos of Easter break with 6 adults and 7 children on the south coast so she was off to get a few bottles of wine for several drinks. How's that for gormless recruitment exemplar? The lesson for today  children, when stressed out turn to drink. That's the perils of talkback.

And today the Good Friday Telegraph has a dating article featuring happy times in a boozy pub facing off with the singles. Same lesson - stressed getting a partner? Turn to your local alcohol/pub scene and get over it.  It's arguable whether this page 3 story same newspaper really balances the situation. Looks like the cashed up pubs and alcohol industry haven't got too much to worry about yet.



Posted by editor at 10:10 AM NZT
Updated: Friday, 21 March 2008 10:54 AM NZT
Australia like many others in the shadow of China Inc, totalitarian dictatorship
Mood:  sharp
Topic: aust govt

If it looks like a murderous dictatorship and smells like one ... then chances are it is one behind the veil of choreography.

That's what underlines the demands for transparency of PM Kevin Rudd in relation to to so called Beijing AustChina Technology Ltd, which looks a dab hand at the spooky world of telecommunications on their own website, and their Australian man Ian Tang.

Notwithstanding past contacts with both sides of politics:



Hon. John Howard, Australian Prime Minister (2nd from the left) and the CEO of AustChina at a Dinner presented by the Australian Embassy



Kim Beazley, Australian Labor Party Defense Spokesman ?amp;#710;Right?amp;#8240; and an AustChina Company Director

Because if it is a front company for the Chinese Communist dictatorship in Beijing, or just as likely their instrument as and when needed, then the duchessing leads to compromise of Australian sovereignty. And who is so naive as to think China Inc vertically integrated with the central Chinese CP, are not up for it? Time to get real folks.

Diplomat defector Chen Yonglin has warned us clearly about naive engagement amounting to national "suicide", and frankly we take him at his word:

Lateline - 20/06/2005: Chinese defector details spy claims

8 March 2008 ASIO not the only one advertising for 'spies' ?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: aust govt


Chinese whispers and the Aussie killing machine
October 1, 2006
Reporter :Sarah Ferguson
Producer : Nick Farrow

Chinese whispers and the Aussie killing machine

Video link
Watch video 


with echo here:

China's desire for inventor's gun just tip of iceberg - World ... Hamish McDonald Asia-Pacific Editor, October 2, 2006 also ironically on Fairfax

and here

Chinese after our weaponry - Business - Business - smh.com.au 2 Oct 2006

 Mike O'Dwyer … offered $134 million for this gun.


Do you think the 2 million refugees in Darfur as reported by David Brill on SBS Dateline last week have got to this situation on their own with resource hungry China playing the angles there?

Darfuri refugees

Blog: Desperate in Darfur

Video Journalist David Brill blogs about his latest trip to Darfur, where the humanitarian crisis is escalating.

Or Tibet playing the resource angles there?:

   Tibet 2000: Environment and Development Issues

State of Tibet's environment: The Government of Tibet in Exile

Australia Tibet Council - Key Issues

A very high cost for what the Dalai Llama describes as material advances via Chinese presence from a 'spiritually advanced but materially backward' country:


Getty Images

China accused the Dalai Lama of masterminding the uprising to undermine the Olympic Games in Beijing

Dalai Lama threatens to quit over Tibet violence - Asia, World ... The Independent 19 March 08

And now 'massively expanding their mining interests' here in Australia.

The Coalition Opposition here are on the attack not on some shallow racial xenophobic vote trawling exercise. The democratic concern is much bigger than that - it's leveraging the geo politik tension our super power ally USA has with China/China Inc. Just ask the 450 km long nation of Taiwan with China Inc Big Brother's nuke missiles breathing down their neck. Just ask the democracy movement being strangled in Hong Kong. And rival for regional influence Japan.

China has all the grace of a unique panda bear from a distance while close up a ravenous hunger and fatal claw. As per North Korea and Burma according to former Canadian MP David Kilgour here on SBS again:

  • Australia as a fairly vigorous democracy, and with all the open politiking of the Sydney Olympics 1993-2000 as a comparison, will have to bite the bullet and say NO to the clammy embrace of the China INc dictatorship sooner rather than later, or else be forever doomed to smile at the proverbial crocodile eating us alive, like Tibet. This is the point that Shadow Minister Andrew Robb is referring to regarding "judgement".

    Here is a range of coverage in the Big Meda this last 7 days, additional to the above:

    - 18 March 08 China locks out BHP and Rio ore | smh.com.au

    - 19 March 08 Rudd faces China showdown | The Australian

    - 19 March 08 BHP stands firm in row over China boycott | smh.com.au

    - 19 March 2008 China blockade won't last long: BHP | The Australian

    - 19 March 2008 China's blackballing won't work | The Australian 

    - 19 March 08 Oppressed Tibet needs moral support now - not in another 60 years ...

    - 20 Marach 08 No reason for Rudd to take Japan out of the equation - Opinion ...

    - 20 March 08 Rudd cops flak for ignoring Japan, vows two visits - National ...

    - 20 March 08 p1 Rudd's China junket the start of a beautiful friendship| The Australian

    - 20 March 2008 High-level moves to reassure Beijing over foreign investments ... Dennis Shanahan/Andrew Trounson

    - 20 March 2008 Akerman: Chines whispers

    All of this coverage is good for democracy. Bringing PM Kevin Rudd an acknowledged China expert to account is all to the good too. That's the difference between the two countries.

    To his credit PM Rudd has risen to the occasion so far, within the contraints of his political instincts on ABC AM show here:

    20 March 2008: Rudd discusses paid trips scandal

    Such democratic concerns also have a cost hence Rudd's subdued tones. It's a cost that Australians have always bargained for Mr PM.

    Posted by editor at 6:58 AM NZT
    Updated: Friday, 21 March 2008 10:08 AM NZT
    Thursday, 20 March 2008
    Obama's 35 minute speech without notes on race and unity
    Mood:  special
    Topic: human rights

    Deja vu?: West Wing tv series Series 7, episode 8        "Undecideds" 

    We're not much into cult of personality but that's what we call a superior orator. Win or lose this guy has courage to speak publicly on any hot issue directly with a poise and moderation that comes over like fresh air.

    The conservative press are reporting this as "Candidate gives the speech of his career" . Some cynics are implying that confronting racism so openly is a fatal third rail of US politics. To which we say we are about to find out. 


    Posted by editor at 9:37 PM NZT
    Updated: Friday, 21 March 2008 10:18 AM NZT
    Wednesday, 19 March 2008
    Rudd under some pressure over Chinese company donation link
    Mood:  quizzical
    Topic: aust govt

    Picture: Image taken off the Parliamentary live web feed which covers the full qeustion time 2pm to 3.30 or 4pm here: http://webcast.aph.gov.au/livebroadcasting/.  Kevin Rudd PM gets personal and a little off the point after repeated quiet and potentially deadly questions from the Opposition about Chinese developer donations for his overseas trips. The quiet attitude of the Govt benches suggested how serious the questions actually were.

    The issue of smelly political donations has run amok in NSW in recent weeks over the Wollongong Council/senior State ALP disgraced figures like Joe Scimone. We have even done some reportage here:

    Thursday, 28 February 2008 Stop press: Developer given enough rope on Deb Cameron ABC 702
    Mood:  vegas lucky
    Topic: nsw govt
    Friday, 29 February 2008

    Here is a feature in The Australian from back on 8-9 March 2008 on developer and union funding of political parties:

    8 March 2008 Parties with money to spurn | The Australian

    And the issue of dodgy ALP financing is still metastising as here into the Transport Workers Union allegations of secret slush fund:

    March 16 2008 Union's secret 'slush fund' to help ALP | NEWS.com.au Business

    All this context not least relating to the ALP at high levels suggests more reasons for PM Rudd, who it must be said has succeeded within that millieu to take the prize of Prime Ministership, to feel quite some pressure over a certain Mr Tang. Mr Who? Over to Crikey.com.au who seem to have the running on this (while noting an oblique reference by Alexander Downer to Beijing AustChina Technology Ltd in another context apparently in the Adelaide Advertiser

    Crikey.com.au report this today:

    19 March 2008 Rudd's AustChina connections have more Tang

    These issues free of discriminatory comment or xenophobia are definitely worth chasing down.

    A heckle went over the tv broadcast back to the Opposition to "put up or shut up".

    Maybe someone will.

    Or not - because Rudd or someone has let it be known that his honours thesis as a god fearing student (significant that by comparison with godless ideologies) was on ... wait for it "Dissidents of China" or such like.

    Sooo, yes money politics in the greedy developer sense, or industrial espionage sense, could be in play, but Rudd's patriotism is not really an issue. As Swan said above - and party non aligned here - it was their job to engage with the economic value China offered to Australia. Most high paid workers in Western Australia and Qld and mining sector generally are likely to agree.

    But yes, bring in the sunlight. China is a corporate dictatorship to be very cautious about like most ruthless capitalist corporations too. The snake head meets the tail in this respect, and funny to say Santamaria got that one right. It's all about avoiding totalitarianism.

    Which is why we should acknowledge the profound role of politics in the Beijing Olympics  

    Picture: Image taken from tv broadcast up to 3 pm on ABC TV 1. Fairly cool PM Rudd deflects and diverts on the question of his links to Beijing AustChina Technology Ltd which has funded his travel in Opposition.

    Posted by editor at 4:34 PM NZT
    Updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2008 5:54 PM NZT
    Green Senators official blog raises bizarre disjunction of climate and infrastructure policy
    Mood:  sad
    Topic: aust govt
    Photo of Senator Christine Milne
    Direct lift from Green Senators GreensBlog follows, and noting a stark example of their argument being this in Sydney March 1, 2007 'Secret' $5 billion tollway to tunnel under city | NEWS.com.au, hardly greenhouse friendly, corroborated by this M4 East paper remains in secret basket Wednesday 12 March, 2008, and similarly Nowhere to go but into [Lane Cove] tunnel | The Daily Telegraph 11 March 08

    March 19, 2008 by Tim Hollo

    The Rudd Government’s Bill to establish Infrastructure Australia is currently being debated in the Senate, with several amendments being proposed and debated by Christine.

    In her Second Reading Speech last night, Christine said:

    “I think it is a good idea that a nation should begin to predict and anticipate its infrastructure needs and demands and set out a strategic blueprint. Why I am disappointed, though, is that this whole bill is couched as if climate change and oil depletion are not real.”

    The debate should prove to be quite interesting, and I will post more as it becomes available through Hansard.

    Any ideas that people have that could be useful while the debate continues are most welcome.


    The debate has been adjourned until after question time this afternoon, but not before Christine’s first amendment was rejected by the Government, Opposition and Family First. Christine’s media release on this morning’s activities is here.

    As it turns out, Infrastructure Australia will not even have the capacity to examine the greenhouse implications of proposed infrastructure developments unless specifically instructed by the Minister to do so. How frequently do we think that will happen?

    Do we think Minister Albanese will call for the greenhouse implications of expanded coal ports and related infrastructure to be examined?

    Update 2:

    The debate thus far from 9.30am up to 12.30 is here.

    We have alot of time for Senator Milne at SAM news blog, and we notice this too:

    Posted by editor at 3:36 PM NZT
    Updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2008 4:21 PM NZT
    Olympics IS political: Aussie Peter Norman solidarity with black power salute 1968
    Mood:  special
    Topic: independent media

    The penultimate post was a mild sledge of the ABC morning programme the way you get the shits with a parental figure when it comes to community media, and we mentioned 'The Mural'. As said our understanding is that the mural was done by Donald Urquhart, unauthorised possibly, a Kiwi living in Australia and who we suspect has a day job as a nurse, if still here.

    Now here is an artist blogger dated 22 April 2007, which we are so grateful for, for saving us the trip. Over to Nosey in Newtown:

    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    Stars of Track and Field

    The 'Three Proud People' mural on the side of a house near Macdonaldtown Station is one of my favourite pieces of Newtown street art. Not two proud people, but three.

    The white guy in the picture, the third proud person, is Australian Peter Norman. He knew the African-American athletes, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, were planning to give the black-power salute during the ceremony and supported them by wearing a badge for the Olympic Project for Human Rights. He also suggested to them that they share their one pair of black gloves, which is why Smith has his left arm raised and Carlos his right. Norman died last year, and Smith and Carlos came to Australia to be his pall-bearers. They were quoted as saying that Norman deserved to be more famous that Steve Irwin.

    I can't imagine any Australian Olympic athletes making a political statement like this today. Certainly not if it meant risking offending the United States. Carlos and Smith were expelled from the Olympics for this salute, and Norman was officially reprimanded. Despite qualifying, Norman was not picked for the 1972 Olympic athletics team.

    RailCorp has recently erected a massive concrete sound barrier along the tracks at Macdonaldtown, completely obstructing the view of the mural.

    I have written a letter to the Lord Mayor and the Minister for Transport calling for them to reproduce the mural on the other side of the barrier so you can see it again while trundling past on the train. If you'd like to voice your support for repainting the mural, feel free to write to me for a copy of my letter which you can conveniently modify and send on.


    Nosey in Newtown said...

    Update: Thanks to those who have written to lend their support, and thanks also to Matt Norman, the nephew of Peter, who has thrown his weight behind the campaign to have the mural repainted.

    I'll make sure to keep you posted on any progress.

    Anonymous said...

    well done nosey in newtown activist!

    suzysiu said...

    You are on top of everything! I am so impressed with this blog.

    lucazoid said...

    aha! i have been hoarding this news article meaning to scan it in for ages. i loved cruising by mcd town station and seeing that mural, and was mighty annoyed when that ugly wall went up.
    here's the dodgily scanned in news article. tis a bewdiful story:
    and here's the detail of the image which the mural artist must have worked from:

    Karen said...

    I did always wonder what that was all about, during my hornsby via strathfield years...

    CRANKY said...

    UNREAL. I had noticed the mural's obstruction on the train and was disappointed, especially as I'd only recently discovered what it was all about (thanks to coverage of Peter Norman's death... what a champ). Those dudes are heroes. Meanwhile could you imagine Thorpie taking such a stand for anything other than a pink party shirt? Bah on modern athletes. And hooray for you for agitating.

    Ginger said...

    Good on ya enjoying your blog newtown and area is the suburbs of my wellspent teens -> 20s.

    nisch said...

    Heard about your site on FBi... I too was extremely saddened when railcorp decided to cover up one of the most important pieces of street art in Sydney...

    Posted by editor at 2:47 PM NZT
    Updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2008 4:10 PM NZT
    Olympic politics: Passive censorship off the ABC 702 talk back for this 5th estate tyre kicker
    Mood:  a-ok
    Topic: big media


    Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:39 AM
    Subject: mmm off your talk back list? So be it

    1. I've been aware for about 3 weeks at least that I'm blocked from your talk back list, 702 morning show.

    This is fair enough if it's a policy of facilitating general citizens while I'm more or less a full time community media practitioner that edits a community media website and so not 'normal'. That's okay, and accepted. I never wanted to be so average.

    But maybe your team should be honest and tell me that directly instead of the ostensible passive censorship? Indeed it's a subtle form of emotional violence really to be blocked and censored, like this morning: My feedback on Lisa Forrest/politics in the Olympics - no mention of the Peter Garrett sorry suit at Sydney 2000. No mention of mural near McDonaldtown railway station (stop before Newtown) depicting the famous Black Power 1968 salute painted by one Donald Urquhart, an activist artist years ago pre Sydney 2000 from memory. These would have enriched your coverage.

    But I would have preferred to not waste my time too.

    Also you might just share the policy decision around, as some of your telephone talk back staff want to hear my material while one in particular is the proverbial Berlin wall, chilly.

    It was much the same with Trioli, blocked, then waved onto the airwaves, then if memory serves blocked again. Cie la vie.

    2. There's no secret I am highly critical of James Woodford who sounds like a Fairfax mate on your show. It may be of interest to know that HE in turn is blacklisted by many civil society green groups in south east NSW who have any independence from the hegemonic state ALP govt. In particular
    ChipStop group run by ex journo Harriet Swift, local landholder, held in high esteem, wife of local Bega Councillor Keith Hughes, take quite a dim view of him. These are for sound reasons of biased (read absent) reportage about the Eden chipmill. A bias that the Sydney Morning Herald has been woefully guilty of too for about 8 years now directly leading to the destruction of East Gippsland majestic forests.

    Nor do we have anything much good to say about another favoured ABC Sydney information source, Jeff Angel, director of the Total Environment Centre, and significantly, mentor to Woodford 1991-92. We say Angel is implicated in grotesque financial compromise from the NSW ALP state government such as the Lake Cowal Trust, Green Games Watch 2000, RACAC and Native Vegetation Committee as well as the most recent Unsworth Committee on power privatisation.

    Significantly this is the position that Milo Dunphy, founder of TEC held, Dunphy having been our mentor. We say Angel is the cork in the bottle of spontaneous green movement and Green Party evolution. We know for instance the ALP ask rhetorically what are the green groups going to do when Jeff is gone? Get it? They need him as their controller, and contemptible gate keeper. If only I could do a 'Daily Telegraph/Mamdouh Habib' legal contest on the chapter and verse detail of this reality.

    3. I'll be in the community media  trenches with or without engagement with the ABC radio morning show, which reminds me of the Stephen Mayne amusing reference to "the Kremlin" even as he does get an official gig. In truth every organisation is equally defensive or jealous of their turf.
    I take seriously the role of the fifth estate on disciplining Big Money Media of which the ABC is a more benign and public spirited form, no doubt compared to many of the barbarians. That's accepted. But your organisation has got its warts like every flawed human endeavour, myself included. We were impressed with your on air grovel in particular about the issue of dementia which took guts and also seemed a little too accomodating which suggested a compassionate approach.

    The morality of the ABC was never better than that on air grovel. Was it the modest orgins, farm near Panmure (?) that generates the moral gumption? My fear remains that like the local Hopkins/Merri Rivers none of these will survive dangerous climate change for lack of upstanding forests. As with all sectors of the society too much talk not enough honesty.

    Yours truly

    Tom McLoughlin, editor www.sydneyalternativemedia.com/blog (solicitor)


    Postscript #1

    We made a courtesy call in Gandhi style to these folks being in the story here and had an amicable conversation with the "senior producer". She swears its just an artefact of logistics and split second decision making with 12 lines to juggle. Sounded plausible too. Which doesn't mean we are convinced. While wishing her well, we think it's probably moot as we decided a while back to try and wean ourselves off the talkback urge and rather manifest our material in this SAM outlet. A natural evolution for this community media, grown out of local indymedia, grown out of City Hub et al, and growing out of the talkback habit.

    Off to get a picture of that mural of the black power salute because big money Olmpics means by it's nature, Beijing is political. Not least because China got the gig on a political agenda 'to help open up to the world'. Just as Sydney's 'green games' was to promote sustainability. And with the critical role China has in the global economy, and dangerous climate change, the big money olympic engagement involves profound politics already. Merely adding the profound concerns of Tibetan and Darfur human rights into this already profound mix seems totally appropriate to this writer.

    Stay tuned for alot more on this front with some (mostly foreign?) 800 media reps at the press conference of a Chinese leader in Beijing yesterday according to the excellent Stephen McDonell on PM show last night:

    STEPHEN MCDONELL: Well it was interesting this morning, just as Premier Wen Jiabao started his annual press conference, a dust-storm had blown in from the Gobi Desert, and shrouded Beijing in a very thick, I suppose, cloud of sand, and when I arrived at Tiananmen Square this morning and looked across at the Great Hall of the People I could barely see it.

    Now, we went in there, and these press conferences are partly because it's… you get one chance at it. They are huge. There was like 800 journalists there, and Premier Wen Jiabao, to his credit, took a lot of questions about Tibet. And, you know, obviously people wanted to speak, to ask him about it, and I suppose he had a few things to say about it. Let's have a listen to some of the things he was asked.

    Here's one of the grabs.

    JOURNALIST 1: There is turmoil and violence in Tibet and China is accused of cracking down on peaceful demonstrations there. The Dalai Lama calls it cultural genocide, and in the light of these developments some are advocating a boycott of the Olympics. What do you say to these?

    WEN JIABAO (TRANSLATED): It is true that recently in Lhasa, Tibet, a turmoil involving the beating, smashing up of property and arson and ransacking was taking place.

    In this incident, a small number of violent rioters injured or even killed innocent people on the street and they used extremely cruel means.

    There is ample fact, and we also have plenty of evidence proving that this incident was organised, premeditated, masterminded and incited by the Dalai clique.

    Picture: The Olympics has been about politics for a long time now. Evidence of our tragic participation in the Sydney Olympics 2000, being a reader analyst night shift job (really night shift midnight to 8 am) with Media Monitors where most of these clippings filling 2 large binders derived from.


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    Tuesday, 18 March 2008
    Another big media backgrounder last 7 days
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    [under construction]

    - classic Big Brother story last Sunday Telegraph by sharp Shari Markson about vetting of no. of sexual partners, illegal drug use, and other private matters for security clearance of such as media advisers and ministerial chief's of staff. And for those too boring to have anything to declare? Sam Seaborn and the hooker comes to mind. 

    - Yet another summit? We reported in our last big media roundup about the Ayn Rand May soiree in East Sydney to come in May. We reported on News Ltd/The Australian 'real summit' of power players in business and politics in late March 2008. And now Michelle Grattan notes this summit for Yoof on April 12 and 13 "in a dress rehearsal for the big Australia 2020" event:

    16 March 2008 Blood worth bottling - Horseracing - Sport - smh.com.au

    Not governing talking seems to be the gist, when urgen action on climate safety is probably wiser. This softer story by MG follows a quite cutting piece the week before in the SunHerald "Budget pain bites Rudd" 9/3/08 p57


    - We wrote on March 8th 2008 about this barely concealed Chinese Govt advert for 'a spy'

    ASIO not the only one advertising for 'spies' ?
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    which seems to resonate with the story by crikey.com.au about donation of travel tickets from a foreign Chinese 'company' which no doubt is actually Chinese Communist Party controlled:

    13 March 2008 Crikey - Exclusive: Rudd, Swan, Burke and the colourful Chinese connection ...

    - Yet more fallout from the NSW Govt Dirt File:

    * This tucked away in The Glebe 13 March p7 about 'a multibillion dollar infrastructure as big as the harbour bridge'

    M4 East paper remains in secret basket THE Opposition and the Greens have called on the State Government to release the promised M4 East discussion paper, fearing that plans are progressing without community input.

    * This story 17 March 08 is pitiful, with the 'independent speaker' Torbay actually appointed by the Iemma Govt still, about the 'coincidence' of a whistleblower's employment terminated on the day of her evidence against ex Minister and predator Milton Orkopoulous:

    www.smh.com.au - Orkopoulos aide's job offer

    As most staffers know the Parliament pays and runs the IR but the MP (or their party) decides who gets the gig or not, so if it smells and sounds like a fix, it probably is, even if not Torbay specifically.

    * Ross Coulthard's go hard pieces on Sunday Ch 9 are getting a serious run in the Sunday Press now too re TWU 'slush' fund extorted from transport companies to donate to state MP's. The target is Tony Sheldon ALP Right machine man and "king maker" says RC:

    [offline?] p11 Sunday Telegraph 16/3/08 Truckie boss who's also a Labor king maker by Ross Coulthard

    and same page/day

    Union's secret 'slush fund' to help ALP | NEWS.com.au Business

    - 13 March 08 Andrew West on the case still of Party repudiation of Iemma/Costa govt sell off plan

    ALP councils reject sale, but the power is still with Costa - National

    But then so is the Iemma Govt with this advert in both major papers in Sydney:


    - there's a twitch in the ultra right ideological dogmatists with some stories about Young Liberals compiling a dossier on 'biased' left wing lecturers. Boo hoo young fogey Howardistas!:

    15/3/08 If left-leaning teachers offend, why not join their low-paid ranks ...

    And how's this for an Ayn Rand type whining about the same thing in The Australian Higher Education supplement?



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