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Sunday, 29 May 2011
Uhlmann's repeat blather on 7.30 compounds his sin of pride?
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: big media

No doubt our doughty abc journo thought he was ahead of the curve with his interview of climate science communicator - not climate scientist as such - Prof Flannery last Monday night.

The Uhl took a few hits, then props by the grubs at News Ltd - more than happy to work with an ABC punching bag into their routine. Poor Chris! Dependent on the intellectual equivalent of drug dealers.

Uhlmann tried to get tricky in the interview, and was recorded playing cheap jack gotcha over the internal consistency of a Climate Commission Report.  Intensity not frequency and all that.

Flannery and Uhlmann both are flummoxed by a 1 m sea rise which Prof Hansen at NASA - a real climate scientist - says may really be 10-30 metres in 100 years given the cruel mastery of exponential change in sea rise from a tiny baseline. But that would knock the bejesus out of the whole theatrical political economy enterprise so we can't be telling the punters, let alone the corporates, that heavy stuff. 

But the Uhl trickery started well before the camera rolled on the interview. The Trick was the editorial decision to have a rhetoratician like Flannery discuss the hard science of climate instead of an actual locally based ... derr .... world class climate scientist in the field ... like David Karoly. 

The suspicion remains that Uhl knows, or should know, Karoly would eat him alive on national television and make him look the buffoon that the grasping reptile actually is. Karoly would eat Flannery alive for that matter too. And be done with the flibberty gibbet science communicator.

That might get a highly ironic, cross party - Green and Coalition - cheer as well as Martin Ferguson! To see old chubby Tim back studying rocks and tree kangaroos in Papua as he did back in the day on mining money. Perhaps he could get a gig on a fat farm with Noel Pearson?

The ALP and their information machine, including grey abc, really don't get substance over style do they.

Meanwhile the News Monster wants to eat Mark Scott and the ABC and chew them to bits so says their broadsheet editorial this weekend. Could be News 24 free to air is achieving more than SkyNews can live with. Hooray.

Amusing to hear oneself described by Mark Latham last week, along with maybe 50 other readers, as it is so true, a tragic reader of the MurTroll bible aka The Australian but only because it is Evil. If you listen carefully like a sea shell you can hear the MWWHAHAHAAAAA laugh in the ink.

Reminding one of Greg Sheridan's heartwarming paean yesterday to the Queen of Blighty visiting Eire, criticising another journo on history, then himself omitting the 1.5M deaths of the guided famine while Eire was a net exporter of food owned by the Queen's men 1845-1852. How exactly does a journalist of Irish descent airbrush out the deaths of 1.5M people - even after 160 years? Thats a lot of mass graves of little babes there Greg under American redwood trees like in the grounds of Killarney Cathedral. Too real for yer? Inconvenient losers? Dead babies are like that.

Just keep taking the sleeping pills Greg and pray for retirement. 

Posted by editor at 9:35 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 29 May 2011 11:58 AM NZT
Mirandaaa, the baa baa black sheep of the corporate News monster
Mood:  down
Topic: big media

Miranda Devine - comical non sequitur last week in the Daily Cartoon book.

Presumably she thinks she is very clever with her analysis about 'silly forest activsts' (reflex brand paper) and batty bat lovers (Sydney Botanic Gardens). 

But on her own terms she's got it wrong.  Hopelessly wrong. The bats are invading the Botanic Gardens because the loggers generally have destroyed their roost.

The baa baa sheep journo is so busy talking the book of the logger corporations she can't see the connection between the two. It's only 1% of forest logged per year, she says, on which basis it's fine to burn the paintings in the national gallery because it's much less than 1% of paintings across the land. Quality plays no part apparently.

Even Tim Entwhistle the botanist is culpable to some degree. He logged several old figs in the Domain - probably prime bat roosts! Might have been a bit smarter to organise a batty parking bay there?

Funny how bats move when you destory their home. And pretty bloody obvious too.

But too complex for Baa Baa Black Sheep or BBBS for short!. But I do thank her for giving me the opportunity for placing her in the Daily Cartoon Book conceptual firmament. 

Who knows. We may have Moir doing cartoons of her, just like Popeye Abbott? Which reminds me of that 'Peter Woof punched by Tony Abbott' blog story I posted ....4 years back now.....

ps Why did that late model white sedan driver deliberately hit and run me on my bicycle yesterday on Victoria Rd? Really so unnecessary, it's just a blog!

Posted by editor at 9:08 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 29 May 2011 11:51 AM NZT
Saturday, 21 May 2011
Uhlmann as objective interrogator? Pull the other one.
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: big media

Chris Uhlmann says in the Daily Cartoon today his higher profie tv gig has nothing to do with his crash diet.

Maybe but it has alot to do with his political ambition. Failed indy candidate in ACT elections while the Greens have succeeded now at every level of Government, in every state, one detects a professional jealousy on Uhlmann's part, if not dishonesty about his tv vanity.

If Uhlmann is not another small screen wanker, a metaphorical car parking attendant, all powerful in his cubicle, then what is he?

His zeal, along with brother Cassidy for rigour on the Greens has nothing to do with personal ALP history? Oh yeah, right. Is that objective the way Graeme Morris says the ABC is our enemies talking to our friends?

The ABC is an alp slut, many a long year now. Presumably Uhlmann is calculating his timing just like Maxine McKew.

All this is orthodox Big Media politics and petty ambition. What is different about Uhlmann, let alone soldier's daughter Sales, is that he doesn't believe in climate science.

He's on record with his wishy washy, wet, wanky George Pell apologia for growth of the human project at any cost, contrary to best science, and get this, defiant about principles proposed by the Vatican. Uhlmann the failed happy clapper, who didn't have the guts of that vocation, can't face the truth of hard climate science either.

That's the real problem with his credentials: He's dumb on science. A DUMBY from the Pell church of infantile theology. Complete with praise from the Bolt blog in 2008:

"ABC political editor Chris Uhlmann delivers a brilliant riff on Insiders this morning on global-warming salvation seekers. This former seminarian knows a religious mania when he sees one. "

And the real problem for the Greens remains - but not as bad now given they are close 10 years late to moving beyond denial to facing - their task of building a mass media with a green political economy bias. A 10 to 20 year project no doubt, but it must be done.

We have done our best to build those bricks too for 15 years now. Time is soon approaching Stott when sitting in the back row is a luxury this country cannot afford. Yer feel me?


Posted by editor at 4:21 PM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 21 May 2011 4:29 PM NZT
Sunday, 8 May 2011
Greiner quote reveals failure of the character test again?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: nsw govt

Clennell's feature on Nick Greiner was amusing in yesterday's Corporate Cartoon Book aka Sydney Daily Telegraph. Once one wades past the social trash pages.

Amusing for the self censorship and spin of both writer and subject, or editor - take your pick.

There is Greiner with the enormous howler, and non sequitur, claiming a bribe via a fat EPA directorship job in 1991 to get an MP to quit in a hung parliament, is the same as Robert Oakshot MP today taking a reasoned position  in harness as an MP for or against supporting the current federal ALP government. Greiner by that quoted rhetoric shows he continues to fail the character test, just like his promotion of corporate car industry, smoking, and forest destruction in his private career for decades.

Greiner asks gormlessly or perhaps arrogantly what is the difference? A world of difference. In one there is no bribe. In one the MP is not being pushed out of parliament to cancel their vote. One is not corrupt. The other is.

Sad to see Clennell omit Greiner's history in British American Tobacco given the political donations issue that is relevant today.

Sad also to see Clennell, ex SMH, omit several other close fought marginal seats in the 1995 election by dwelling only on Badgery's Creek, and omit Metherell's defection to the cross benches over the protection of wilderness areas. Given Greiner's corporate history with Big River Timbers Pty Ltd.

Amusing and ironic to see Premier O'Farrell effectively call Greiner a political dunce, as if to distract from the real issue of character. Because Greiner is not stupid, which leaves only one other explanation as per the headline.


Posted by editor at 10:14 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 8 May 2011 10:33 AM NZT
Holocaust guilt porn and political blank cheques
Mood:  lazy
Topic: big media

As  a secular Jewish colleague tells this writer, the Holocaust must never happen again.  And one presumes for that, it must never be forgotten.

But arguably it has happened again in many places to many people to a lesser or maybe greater degree. West Papua, Rwanda, East Timor, 27 million dead russians in WW2, 50-78 M dead worldwide in the same war.

Certainly the Holocaust should never be forgotten.  Certainly I will never forget the history now understood of the 1.5M Irish who died in the 1845-1852 famine under UK jackboot while a net exporter of food.

However one does get bored seeing more features in the weekend Sydney press about Anne Frank letters and book reviews of the week for my old environmental law lecturer based on a painting with a Holocaust back story.

And outright offended by the hypocrisy of the local Jewish Board of Deputies last week promoting a restitution list for WW2 victims of the Holocaust while effectively silent apologists for predatory settlers and an Israeli government riddled with corruption dependent on the same exponents of creeping conquest - the latest being Israeli Foreign Minister charged by the Israeli Attorney General no less, according to Haaretz mid April 2011.

This writer agrees wholeheartedly the Holocaust should never be forgotten, but where are the voices in local English Big Media press for the several million Palestinian Arabs, or indeed Arab voices for that 250-300 million section of humanity? The balance? It is of course unrealistic to expect loyal supporters of Israel to talk the book of their enemies or rivals but what about the alleged journalists? When are the press going to get over their inherited guilt or perhaps over compensating for (their own?) residual sub conscious anti semitism/racism, and treat Israeli conquest and predation on it's modern merits and lack thereof. Indeed treat Jewish politics according to their common humanity, rather than special or chosen or a people apart?

When indeed will Big Media here see through the gulling of their analytical faculties on the current middle east and in particular a clique of expansionist ziono-fascism leveraging Holocaust porn and guilt in the West. Like some Catholic sin of scruples for a terrible thing and obsessive compulsive hand washing of a black spot they actually have no reason or even right to adopt as theirs to be guilty about?

Israel is a world power with world impacting military, not least nuclear weaponry. The days of Israel as a victim country at existential risk are long gone, notwithstanding the tub thumping about existential risk and suitcase bombs on donkey carts. Indeed that old story is so over whether one comes at it from an Arabic or Jewish perspective. Where indeed is the story about Israel's 100-200 nuclear weapons as estimated by the Federation of American Scientists via simple google of their website?

One gets the distinct impression by the tone and slant of general big media English press coverage in Sydney that there is a moral and political blank cheque to the Israeli government, and the predatory creeping conquest of the alleged 'settler' (who glorify political assassination of PM Yitzak Rabin). Presumably some of it has to do with Australia's own black history of creeping conquest and terra nullius of the 'settler' myth here. That is murderous land theft of the 40,000 year previous owners. That's one great big shameful motive for denial about other so called  'settlers' more akin to land predators pleading a theocratic mandate.

It was however heartening to see all 4 worthies in the moral feature in the Sydney Morning Herald demolish the case for Marrickville Council staying out of the international Boycott Divestment and Sanction campaign, as some balance at least for the Holocaust guilt porn.


Posted by editor at 9:38 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 8 May 2011 4:13 PM NZT
Thursday, 5 May 2011
Spoof warning: J*wish Board of Deputees call for restitution list for Palestinians - not
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: big media

In the wake of the controversial BDS campaign the loyal supporters of Israel based in Australia represented by Vic Alhadeff of the Jewish Board of Deputies has called for a list of property for restitution to evicted Palestinians the victim of the predatory 'settler' movement.

Vic said: "We can't condone the historical rewards allowed to a movement that has assassin Yigal Amir as it's poster boy. We support a restitution of properties stolen from their legal owners since the boundaries of the 1967 war."

"There are between three and four thousand Palestinian survivors of the 1967 war in Australia who may have legal claims to return of their property."

Mrs Meyer of Bellevue Hill said: "We would never support appropriation of the Holocaust as PR cover for predatory settlers, as a justification for land theft from our Palestinian brothers and sisters."

[This story is a fiction. It never happened. The quotes were never given.]

Posted by editor at 3:58 PM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 7 May 2011 7:17 PM NZT
Legal activist, climate hero, shoe thrower Peter Gray, dies way too young
Mood:  sad
Topic: ecology

Picture: Peter Gray shown here at right, 3rd from the top. His funeral is this Saturday in Newcastle NSW.

We are advised Peter died after a long struggle with cancer over the
Easter weekend just past. The editor of SAM met Peter once at the pictured Marrickville Town Hall meeting over a coal mine at Anvil Hill on 24 June 2007.

We got his picture after chatting, aware that he had won a famous legal precedent as the plaintiff against the NSW Government, a case which was not appealed and can be found here:

Gray v The Minister for Planning and Ors [2006] NSWLEC 720 (27 November 2006)

with costs order in Peter Gray's favour here:

Gray v Minister for Planning & Ors (No 2) [2007] NSWLEC 91 (27 February 2007)

We received this email recently:

Subject: Details for Pete's funeral
Dear friends,

Thank you all for the outpouring of warmth and the tributes to Pete that you have made in the last two days. Stay together and keep sending the love around.

Naomi and Pete’s family and all of us hope that you can come to Pete’s funeral service and celebration of his life on Saturday 7 May, at 11am.

The Service will begin at 11am at Newcastle’s Christchurch Cathedral, (46 Newcomen Street, Newcastle)

There will be a burial ceremony at Morpeth Cemetery (Butchers Lane, Morpeth -- for those not from Newcastle, Morpeth is more than half an hour away from the Catheral) after the conclusion of the funeral service, starting at 1:30pm.

There will be a wake at the Croatian Bowling Club, on Alfred Street, Wickham (in Newcastle). The Bowling Club will be open to us from 3pm and there will be food for all. At 4pm, at the Croatian Club, there will be a presentation of photos and story-telling for all to participate in.

You are all welcome to attend all or any of these ceremonies to say goodbye to Pete.

In lieu of flowers, Pete asked that people coming to his funeral make a donation to the Mount Oak Community. There will be details of how to do this available on Saturday.

If you have any digital images of Pete that you would like us to include in a slide-show on Saturday, please send them by Thursday so we can include them.

Love and thanks to all


Georgina Woods


"Against the propaganda of terror and the propaganda of luxury, have you a nice simple answer?" Ezra Pound, 1962.

Posted by editor at 4:13 AM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 7 May 2011 7:18 PM NZT
Tasmanian grassroots rage against the Tamar pulpmill, erosion of democracy
Mood:  energetic
Topic: aust govt

   [unsolicited email received recently, SAM is agnostic about the balance of competing interests both within and against the green movement on this issue.]

 “Democracy Betrayed –Tasmanians Betrayed” 

Saturday May 14th - 11.30 AM. Royal Park, Launceston. 

TAP Into A Better Tasmania is organising a rally and march in Launceston, Tasmania. We are working with all like minded groups State-wide to send a clear message to the State Government that they have betrayed Tasmanians and democracy in our state. Are you disappointed with the way in which “your” government and the opposition continue to support Gunns Limited’s proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill? Are you “sickened to the stomach” when you repeatedly see organised covert assistance and resources being given, in so many ways, to prop up this 7 year old proposal?         

 If so, please join us on Saturday, May 14th at Royal Park Launceston. This protest will not only prominently feature the anti pulp mill campaign, but it will also focus on the relentless destruction of Tasmania’s environment - the poisoning and increasing toxicity of our rivers and drinking water supplies - the dreadful damage done to our ancient forests - the utter contempt being shown towards the treasure house of precious Aboriginal artifacts, plus the abysmal standard of representation, state governance and management of our money and resources being shown to our young people. We are very concerned with the steady deterioration in our health services and hospitals; the increasing neglect of the education of our young people - the disgraceful poker machine corruption, and a government that increasingly ignores the needs of the disabled and elderly. We are demanding an end to the relentless tendency to place the profits of foreign and mainland owned corporations ahead of the health, future and well-being of all Tasmanians. If you share these concerns, please join us on Saturday, May14that Royal Park Launceston, Tasmania.           

TAP- Needs and asks for your support, assistance & donations. 

Support:  Please come to the Rally, car pool, hire a bus, keep up to date on TAP’s website, Twitter, Facebook or at our next fortnightly TAP meeting 7.30PM, Thursday May 12th at the Riverside Community Centre at Riverside High School – off Brownfield Lane -West Tamar Hwy, Launceston, Tasmania. Assist:  Please assist us by telling all your family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and your social club or organisation about the rally – and by forwarding this email to every person you know, to your club or your organisations members and particularly to young people. 

Donations:   If you can not attend, could you please consider making a donation either by:-                      

1) By Pay Mate on the TAP website.                     

2) By Direct Transfer to –Tasmanians Against the Pulpmill INC,                         BSB. 067 022 A/C. 10022503.                     

3) By cheque and mail – Tasmanians Against the Pulpmill INC.                         PO. Box 200. Exeter, Tasmania 7275.                    

 4) At the next fortnightly TAP meeting.               

All donations will go towards these typical expenses. * $20   =printing of 20 rally bumper stickers that will be seen by thousands.* $50   =funds 200 brochures delivered to households by volunteers.* $100 =funds the hosting of this website for 1 year.* $200 =funds one third of the meeting venue hire for informing 600 people.* $1000 = one quarter page advertisement in one daily newspaper.    

 “We thank you for your help - together we can make a difference." 

This rally will draw attention to the long, appalling history of lies, bribery, cronyism and arrogance by the very people elected to                                                 represent us.                             

 TAP Into A Better Tasmania is a non-party political community group fighting Gunns’ proposed pulp mill.                                         

For more information AND TO RECIVE UPDATES  email  tapcontact@gmail.com, see  www.tapvision.info and      www.tasmaniantimes.com and    www.tamarpulpmill.info Or on  Twitter # tapvision  or  FaceBook: Tasmanians Against The Pulp Mill (TAP)    


Posted by editor at 3:48 AM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 5 May 2011 3:55 AM NZT
Monday, 2 May 2011
Greiner's career f*cking the lungs of the world?
Mood:  blue
Topic: nsw govt


Nick Greiner posing on the board of Bradken Pty Ltd along with a colleague Gregory Laurie still on the board of Big River Timbers Pty Ltd. Refer the link on the pic.

Ironic headline front of the Corporate Cartoon Book aka Sydney Daily Telegraph today?

Greiner hounded out of politics for a slick attempted deal to entice indy MP Metherell off the cross benchers in 1991-2 to be head of the EPA. Blocked by senior public servant and upright Neil Shepherd who wouldn't step aside. Minister Tim Moore and Premier Greiner both investigated by ICAC and reversed on appeal, but the damage done.

Not well known that Metherell went indy, after difficult tenure as Education Minister, to block Greiner destroying NSW wilderness areas under the then bipartisan 1987 Wilderness Act.

The damage done too in Greiner's career of wrecking the world's lungs and atmosphere as his party refused to have him back in a sensitively balanced parliament.

Associated way back with Big River Timbers in the old growth forest destruction game. Another reason Metherell rejected him. Note the professional association still to this day in the picture above.

Then Chairman of British American Tobacco criticised by academic Prof Chapman at Sydney Uni. Refer AAP story copied here


Deeply involved in the car domination of Sydney with the Lane Cove and Cross City Tunnel project. Refer article and word search  on this pdf here


As Australians consume a million new cars a year, arguably f*cking the planning system for Sydney: http://www.themotorreport.com.au/3323/record-year-sees-more-than-a-million-cars-sold-in-australia

Deeply involved in escalating the burning of coal via higher exports from Port of Newcastle. 


Mr Fixit? Only if you don't want to breathe, or don't give a fig about the atmosphere, in a NSW Govt that rejects a carbon tax.

Oh dear.

Posted by editor at 10:30 AM NZT
Updated: Monday, 2 May 2011 4:50 PM NZT
Thursday, 28 April 2011
Forest crucified and saved in South East NSW
Mood:  lyrical
Topic: ecology

[under construction]



A big thank you to Tony and Lisa and South East Forest Rescue supporters for a fab 3 days at Badja Fest next to the magic talking creek, and the awesome and sad tour of logging compartment, pic to follow. Good to meet Trevor also.  Even Cooma seemed nicer than I remember. The frolic in the twobie 3/4 up (!) Big Badja was nervy, retreating with tail between legs. The side trip to the Tuross River (?) Cascades was super, as was the rush down to Nalbaugh SF on Monday night and Tues, omitted from the Coolangubra Wilderness complex of the SEF National Park.

The report for the latter is: Despite a day of tramping, discovery of what I think was the missing Koala Fire Trail from 1:25K topographic map, on the north side of compt 1402 (renamed south end of "Waratah Rd" now?) and approaches from south side of 1402 from Mines Rd , it appears the historical blockade site in 1992 has gone, gone, gone.


A pity. It was my initiation in 1992 into the green movement with a clan called "Green Gliders" - amalgam of Canberra and Sydney folks.
One of those Matt from Sydney WAG committed suicide 10 years ago due to mental health issues, but he helped save the forest nearby in SEF NP from my view.
Others still kicking as far as I know are Fatty Thompson, Jarrah Keenan, Rich Gregory, his mate the vet (first name) Cameron, Zac, the two OShannaseys.

In what I think was 1402 off Mines Rd to the north, I did find a 10m girth big boy E fastigata brown barrel in the logged area, with pic to follow. Also 4 creek crossings with erosion guards and blue metal rocks. There is a story of pollution breach in there methinks. The south side of Mines Rd is a monument to vandalism and defacto plantation establishment.


On the north side of 1402 from KFT aka 'Waratah'  I got more pictures of big boys 11m and 8m girth and walk in hollows on living 400 yr + beauties. The forest here is intact and gorgeous and tonic to the soul. Not a bad day now I am back in city concrete.
Thanks SEFR for getting me out there again. I haven't forgotten the NRMA thing.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 7:53 PM
Subject: [chipstop] new plans from FNSW

Hey all
new harvest plans issued by FNSW have been received:
  • Nullica 654/655
  • Bombala 1325
  • Yambulla 422
they are a couple of Mb each so please ask if you want them forwarded to you



Posted by editor at 10:04 AM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 5 May 2011 4:43 AM NZT

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