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Saturday, 20 August 2011
The best of ABC compare with Alan Jones' scum at 2GB
Mood:  cool
Topic: big media

There will be some ABC types invited to the ANU AFL 50th anniversary reunion dinner tonight who won't be feeling too celebratory at the shocking demise of expert work colleagues. The grief in the broadcasts this last 24 hours has been palpable. And yes we are tearing up. Seems bloggers have a sympatico with dedicated news people who create light more than heat.

One person we have no sympathy for is a dog of a man, advisedly.

Last Thursday at about 8.40 am Alan Jones had a call in from his "mate" who helped organise the buses for the right wing rabble at federal parliament protest earlier that week. All well and good. Democratic voices who have a right to be heard you might think. But that same day of protest was also the day when photos of Norway's white supremacist mass murderer appeared in all the big press. The images showed the killer on site going through a police renactment. 

So back to Alan Joness "mate" 2 days after that chilling press, describing to Jones on Sydney public radio how he helped cause "carnage" in Canberra earlier in the week and was now in contact with the next right wing protest cavlcade - of truckies from NW Western Australia heading to Canberra. 

 "Carnage eh? Ha ha ha ha" laughs Alan Jones. Then Alan's little "mate" boasts in a tone of high spirits how the truckies are now coming to Canberra "to clean up the carnage".

Get it? Right wing white supremacist kills the cream of Norway's organised left wing youth. Then Alan Jones thinks references in polite society to political "carnage" is funny.

How are we to interpret this? Presumably Alan Jones' big mate Tony Abbott doesn't need a bullet proof vest when addressing these right wing pro gun rabble  unlike John Howard famously at a protest in 1998, because Tony feels he is behind the gun sights with people like Alan Jones and his little "mate" not in front. Other people altogether are the targets.

We think Jones is a violent dog roaming the streets of Australian public life and should be treated as such. Mad, bad and dangerous to know. One can theorise about the psychology, that Jones' has sublimated his minority sexuality for so long as he panders to conservative power to make a living, that he is now filled with hateful rage at other minorities, as an expression of his own self loathing. 

Whatever the reason, we are witness to the banality of evil on Sydney radio now, courtesy of Alan Jones and 2GB.

Posted by editor at 9:15 AM NZT
Updated: Monday, 22 August 2011 4:47 PM NZT
Sunday, 14 August 2011
Bolt is a fool on coal particulates and famine, Rhiannon gets it right
Mood:  cool
Topic: big media

The Dolt is promoting a smear against green MP Rhiannon. Bolt only exposes his own profound ignorance of science. Rhiannon is far more likely to be correct on science than Bolt will ever be.

We well recall this science reportage some 9 years ago:

Scientists Blame Deadly Africa Famine on Pollution From North America, Europe, Asia

22 July 2002
By Joseph B. Verrengia

...The starvation brought on by the 1970-85 drought that stretched from Senegal to Ethiopia captured the world's attention with searing images: skeletal mothers staring vacantly, children with bloated bellies lying in the sand, vultures lurking nearby. Before rains finally returned, 1.2 million people had died.

Now, a group of scientists in Australia and Canada say that drought may have been triggered by tiny particles of sulfur dioxide spewed by factories and power plants thousands of miles away in North America, Europe and Asia.

The short-lived pollution particles, known as aerosols, didn't have to travel to Africa to do their dirty work. Instead, they were able to alter the physics of cloud formation miles away and reduce rainfall in Africa as much as 50 percent, say the researchers.

Copyright 2002 The Seattle Times Company
And further here:
 AP)  Nearly two decades after one of the world's most devastating famines in Africa, scientists are pointing a finger at pollution from industrial nations as one of the possible causes.

The starvation brought on by the 1970-85 drought that stretched from Senegal to Ethiopia captured the world's attention with searing images: skeletal mothers staring vacantly, children with bloated bellies lying in the sand, vultures lurking nearby. Before rains finally returned, 1.2 million people had died.

Now, a group of scientists in Australia and Canada say that drought may have been triggered by tiny particles of sulfur dioxide spewed by factories and power plants thousands of miles away in North America, Europe and Asia.

Posted by editor at 12:47 PM NZT
Saturday, 13 August 2011
Shock, amazement - liar campaigns against truth!
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: big media

The local Murdoch tabloid smear sheet is getting comical.

Apparently cars when sold should indicate the specification of their fuel usage. 

But people selling leases and selling houses should not provide basic information on energy usage to consumers so they can exercise informed freedom of choice. Like one expects in a genuine "free market".

Well it's not surprising  that a liar like the Sydney Daily Telegraph that breaches the commercial norm prohibiting misleading and deceptive representations in the course of business, should promote secrecy in household energy usage.

A liar campaigning against truth, and never mind the Right to Know. Such mediocre hypocrites, along with Alan Jones beating this particular drum.

Not serious people. No wonder eyeballs are migrating everywhere but the Murdoch smear sheets. How long before NotW factor kicks in locally? Soon one hopes.

Posted by editor at 3:57 PM NZT
Sunday, 7 August 2011
Piers Akerman joins Bolt in apologia for Anders Behring Breivik?
Mood:  cool
Topic: big media

Well, well. Akerman in today's Murdoch owned Sunday Daily Telegraph in Sydney writes what can only be described as an apologia for political mass murder:

"He [Breivik] has opened an obvious wound in a policy [multiculturalism] which has for years been defended by the soft-Left in Europe and Australia, indeed in most Western cultures, though not elsewhere because multiculturalism can only exist in liberal regimes."

Under the headline "This was a deathblow for multiculturalism" no less.

Is the subtext of this grotesquery in the Murdoch tabloid an unvarnished white supremacism, and apologia for the horror of the poltical mass murderer? 

The article is notable for not one outright condemnation of the mass murderer. Is this really acceptable press behaviour in a civil society? Should Akerman be hounded out of decent society?

How can anyone stomach this blame the victim [supporters of multiculturalism] moral excrement parading as journalism?

Over to you Lachlan Murdoch. 

Posted by editor at 5:46 PM NZT
Andrew Bolt and Robert Borsak on Anders Behring Breivik email list?
Mood:  cool
Topic: big media
 Email circulating recently ....
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2011 3:08 PM
Subject: [chipstop] Robert Borsak MP on Anders Breivik email list?

Anders Behring Breivik

as it has been reported that the Norwegian political murderer had a 'high quality' email list of 8,000 across the world to share his terrorist philosophy with.
So it seems an important question for all those public figures on the lunar right. Including Robert Borsak and possibly some figures in the NSW National Party too.
Yours truly etc
 To which we humbly add the right wing 'hero'  and media figure Andrew Bolt.

Posted by editor at 11:45 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 7 August 2011 11:56 AM NZT
Sunday, 31 July 2011
Andrew Bolt panders to the extreme in shadow of mass murder?
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: big media


So there we have the defiance of Andrew Bolt on his channel 10 half hour Sunday show this morning regardless of general revulsion at the Norway political mass murder. No mention by Bolt of the Norway massacre by an extremist who took comfort from the political a swing to the right in Australia. Rather a five minute slot for an anti immigration author from Germany.

The Sydney News Ltd Sunday tabloid today is more judicious. A two page feature with some straight reportage and analysis of the Norway horror, as if reaching for some self respect and a retreat from the right wing incubator traditional role.

Bolt is not for turning.  According to his German guest it's all about the dumbing down of Europe, specifically Germany, by Muslim immigrants and differential birthrates according to the alarmest meme. Nothing about hybrid vigour of multiculturalism and interbreeding (a well known biological concept), common human values, acknowledgment of Jesus Christ in Islam etc. 

No sense of deference or timing  from Bolt to those attending funerals, or the echo of alarm across the Eurocentric Australian community. Not for Bolt these civilities. The true colour of a cruel and one eyed man, drenched in red (as shown above).

The Fairfax Sydney tabloid carries a headline today "Extremists lure young minds" in another context. The Bolt Report fits the alarming headline quite well.

Some questions arises out of the two page feature in the Murdoch tabloid today:

1. Was Andrew Bolt one of the 8,000 worldwide to receive an email from Norway mass murderer Anders Breivik only hours before his murderous onslaught?;

2. Is Andrew Bolt one of the names on a list of 100 reportedly being compliled by the NSW Police "known for their fanatical viewpoints and ...deemed a "concern" to police agencies .....including white supremacists ... on the radar"?



Posted by editor at 2:50 PM NZT
Updated: Monday, 1 August 2011 3:50 PM NZT
Saturday, 30 July 2011
Angst at the Kippax St Killer
Mood:  cool
Topic: big media

The Murdoch subsidised broadsheet editorial today carries an angsty editorial letter to itself, a bit like an adolescent indulging in pop psychology. It's ostensibly a missive to the world, but actually the only reader it really cares to convince is itself.

News Ltd with their brand of white supremacism and intolerance have blood on their hands from the Iraq war to sundry other hate crimes, and somewhere in their heart they surely know it is true. 

Call it blogger slander, call it what you like. The Murdoch broasheet is not the free press, it is a malicious corporate propaganda sheet. The online 'printing press' is here and your days of hegemony are drawing to a close. Thank God.

Sincerely, etc

Posted by editor at 12:38 PM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 31 July 2011 2:30 PM NZT
Friday, 29 July 2011
News Ltd's (rta) road to ignorance in NSW
Mood:  cool
Topic: big media

The latest so called "public interest" campaign of the Sydney Daily Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker is a transparent attempt to divert attention from demonstrated bias and dishonesty in their news work.

It is also dumb as usual.

All those pictures of crumbling roads in the last few days - Question: Is it NSW Government ie Roads and Transport Authority controlled roads, or local council? Because the RTA controls repairs of most roads in Sydney. Or as the RTA are now called - the "Transport Roads and Traffic Authority - TRTA"


This writer in another career shared budget decisions at Waverley Council on the Finance Committee in relation to the roads budget there 1995-1999. We well remember respected mayor Barbara Armitage like a wise old aunty telling us in open council words to the effect:

"Cr McLoughlin you have to decide if you want to spend millions of dollars on perfect roads or build the public library." 

The words were like a jolt on my populist knee jerk local political instincts. 

Here is the answer to that dilemma, and I want to put on record that ethnic independent councillor Norman Lee, as champion for the local Jewish community, wanted the same money to go into ....tennis courts for Dover Heights, and tried to sabotage the library agenda:



Posted by editor at 9:19 AM NZT
Tuesday, 26 July 2011
News Ltd, Alan Jones incubator for mass murderer like Norway?

The lone wolf in the extreme right are emboldened by a certain intolerant and dishonest media drum beat, day by day. Norway is not so different to Australia.

Similarly when the neo nazis organised a coup in Chile in 1973 that society similarly had never experienced political mass murder before.

The precursor to this mass murder iin Chile was a rabidly dishonest, defamatory right wing news media who ruthlessly smeared anyone who organised against, or openly criticised big business interests.One wonders the media profile in Norway.

Anyone of left wing or liberal leanings is positioned by this abusive media for extreme right violence cloaked in self defined 'patriotism'.

The question now after Norway is to what extent the right wing rantings of Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Tim Blair, Miranda Devine, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith and a few others are creating the circumstances for extreme right mass murder in Australia?

Posted by editor at 10:12 AM NZT
Sunday, 24 July 2011
Why Andrew Bolt is an idiot #2653
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: big media

Bolt gets his conspiracy knickers in a knot today over the terms "climate change" and "global warming" and use of each by the federal government.

Turns out both terms have provenance in this area of discussion back to the 1980ies and 1970ies in the scientific community:


Another interesting spin off of the Dolt Report this morning is that grumpy old man Barry Cohen suffering in his irrelevance, actually made a significant point about man made bushfires from arson, while ignoring the history of Labor and Liberal Party support for woodchipping destruction of wet forest types converted to dry schlerophyll which promotes megafires - like for the last 40 years.

Gerard Henderson is similary hopelessly out of his depth on the landcape and water issued relating to forests in Australia which are down 50% since 1788, and massively disturbed. Indeed in our lifetime the woodchippers may yet set the whole of Tasmania alight unless they are closed down in favour of agricultural wood and fibre production.

Meanwhile in modern Rome (USA) there appear to be many tools around for talking to skeptics, or in Bolt's case, an idiot:


Lastly who else thinks Bolt looks like a Norwegian mass murderer? Oh sorry, is that politically incorrect?

Posted by editor at 1:57 PM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 26 July 2011 10:01 AM NZT

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