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Saturday, 24 March 2007
Nasty drunken threats of ultra violence at the booth, two ALP bystanders look the other way
Mood:  hug me
Topic: election nsw 2007

Well the start of the day could have been nicer.

 Picture: An ALP worker on polling day in Marrickville who reckons this writer "has a mental problem" (possibly parroting Piers Akerman here Greens and sanity? That's a bridge too far | Daily Telegraph ) and somehow "a bully" (?) for chalking "NO TUNNEL" at a polling booth. This same chap when we revisited the booth 3 hours later (to take some pics as below, and vote) said to this writer shamelessly, "why did you assault and defame a member of the public this morning?". Very disturbing. This writer as per the story below was the one being stalked by a random crazy drunk as they knew, and I received several threats of ultra violence from same 'member of the public' and these ALP folks were the witnesses, the Pharisees passing on the other side of the street metaphorically speaking, but more, blaming the victim (me) with it. Talk about ugly ALP machine. This writer may have a sharp tongue but also Gandhi 10 principles of nonviolence pinned to my front door.


AT 6am we went on our morning jog and bought the daily press. The fruit and veg shop next door to the newsagent was setting up and a drunken fellow with cropped hair was talking to the ethnic shop owner in a slur. I stopped to see if everything was quite allright. Holding my paper up as if to read I said "I think I will buy something too". The street fellow suddenly decided not to be there anymore. Curious. The shoppie told me he had already had a box of plums stolen that morning. He had been up since 3am at Flemington markets.

 "Thanks for your support" he said. "That's okay, see ya later."

Picture: Our local vegies and fruit man taken at 9.30 am 3 hours later: "You want to take a picture of me? Take a picture of my shop ....what's it going to cost me?" he asked insightfully, gently, as I said hello again. "Nothing" I said hopefully.

I held my Daily Telegraph which is a handy size in a roll as I walked home  from the newsagent still pre dawn in case I needed to defend myself.

But the morning was to get alot worse than that.

At the church on the corner the ALP were early, and first as usual, setting up their booth props in the shadows. I got in a mutual sledge about the "liars from the ALP in their tax payer funded cars" wanting to build "a Marrickville Truck Tunnel". They sledged back:

"It all in your head. You're going to support a [Green?] Party that can't deliver anything."

I said

"8 million containers are coming from Port Botany. How are they going to get to western Sydney? ....1000 people die of air pollution in this city every year ..... the govt hid the Commission of Inquiry report for 3 months ..... The trains can only take 40% ..... You set up a secret committee by Laurie Brereton when the Inquiry didn't give you the right answer"

That could have gone better. But it was about to get alot worse.

Picture: Taken at 9.35 am this morning at corner of Illawarra Rd and Warren Rd Marrickville, 3 hours after earlier incidents, 24th March 2007: Question: "Tom McLoughlin, SydneyAlternativeMedia news blog. On the record Minister, in relation to the terrible truck accident in the [Burnley] Tunnel in Melbourne, do you think that could happen here in Sydney with so many motorway tunnels?" Answer by Carmel Tebbutt local ALP MP for Marrickville: "I don't know anything about that. I really couldn't say."

On a whim I went home, close by, grabbed my big chalk and went back at 6.45 am now, and started scribbling NO TUNNEL on the footpath outside the booth. Probably illegal as not authorised or registered but hey I was doing free speech on the day of democracy. I was willing to run the gauntlet.

Picture: Embarrassing secret ALP policy? We chalked about 5 of these NO TUNNEL signs and they were washed off presumably by the ALP booth workers within 10 minutes before 7 am corner of Warren Rd and Illawarra Rd 24th March 2007.

The ALP guys hated that, but were relatively restrained applying emotional violence but not the physical kind: "You've got a mental problem doing that at this time of the day .... your a bully."


I say: "Why do you say I'm a bully for exercising free speech? Are you projecting ALP culture [laughing]?" 

Picture: Green booth worker next to poster, image taken later this morning Warren Rd booth.

But it was about to get alot worse:

The drunk had appeared from the earlier creepy situation at the Vegie Shop looking for more trouble.

The drunk was at that empty phase 3 hours from his last drink, starting to sober up, unloved and unwanted, angry and obnoxious. Like a rat with plague he scuttled into the animated verbal exchange with ultra violent menaces 

"There is no fucking tunnel here. It's in Lane Cove. Get your fucking facts straight" bearing down on me crouched with chalk.

"Put your head up so I can take it off"

I say to the ALP guys: "This is the guy who tried to rob the veggie shop." I didn't actually know that but he was quite suspicious bailing out of the vegie shop so quick just for being watched, and I was warning the ALP blokes not to throw their lot in with this vicious looking fellow for nothing.

To be fair the 2 ALP booth workers had nothing to do with this nasty drunk although they unintentionally contributed to the danger with their side of the sledging.  At one point I said to them 

"Can you just stay close by, I don't deserve to be assaulted by this guy." 

But the ALP guys were too busy shrinking back it seems or just putting up their booth, or enjoying my predicament.

Well that sledge about the Vegie Shop really endeared me to the drunk. For the next 10 minutes I raised my fists twice crouching in self defence as this "I do black belt" nasty kept advancing at me and promised to take my head off. I said stuff to confuse him like  "I'm very strong ....Your an alcoholic, that's sad ....I'm a lawyer ... I will bankrupt you."  All before 7 am on a Saturday. Phew.

He was way down on the alcoholic anaesthesia now and seemed to need some red rage to postpone his own private hell, the inevitable black dog. He had an evil leer towards the end, of a desperado who needed someone's blood on the floor to get him through his own tragic world. Twice he crossed the road to pursue me and the second time moved to block my exit like a hunting jackal. At this I retreated the long way around the block to get home in one piece without "a punch on".

Picture: Peaceful democracy in action: A lefty radical hands out at the booth. The hostile ALP witness (to my predicament with the nasty drunk I never did get a picture of) is in the background in blue shirt. This is the same guy in the first picture above who used personally abusive sledges when I mentioned 'the Marrickville Truck Tunnel plan' of the Iemma Govt.

Marrickville is like that. You try and help a veggie shop owner, and criticise the ALP grip on power, and nearly get your head taken off, with ALP cronies treating it as a sideshow display. Any correlation between this crazy menacing me and the fact it's been an ALP seat for so long? One wonders when the dominant political paradigm is emotionally violent personal attack rather than honest policy, that seems to promote actual physical violence by others one step removed.  The gentle Graham Richardson giving permission to the frightening Tom Domicans of this world?

That drunk was living proof to me of someone taking ALP denials of their Truck Tunnel plan (as reported front page Daily Telegraph) as a justification for his own threats to "take my head off": Get your facts straight indeed.

To be fair the ALP booth workers didn't really want anything to do with the drunk. He was simply a nasty piece of work all of his own doing who lives directly opposite me (!) and knows "you're the guy with the van, with the [anti] nuclear poster. I pass it every day". He kept saying I was a "fucking hermaphrodite". Perhaps that's the clue - the guy is a self hating gay or Fred Nile supporter or unstable child sex victim? Certainly dangerous and a bit close for comfort. (For the record I am a hetrosexual with all the bits in working order and where they belong.)

No help from the ALP guys through all this extended menacing. They couldn't have cared less I reckon.

To show just how sly the local ALP can be, when I saw the fellow pictured above 3 hours later pictured here on the right: 

Picture: Ethical dilemma. The ALP booth worker, at right, is vexed about witnessing a determined menacing assault of this writer a trenchant critic of same ALP Party. What indeed has happened to society to lose its common decency to ignore the plight of someone in real danger? Said ALP booth worker told us after this photo "I wouldn't have let him hurt you, that's why I followed you down the street. [The drunk] came back here and starting sniping at us too." 

he loudly asked 'why did you assault and defame a member of the public this morning?' Charming.  

As if I was the one slurring "I'm going to take your fucking head off." Talk about victimising the victim of an assault. So now I had attacked a thug while crouching trying to chalk a message "NO TUNNEL", who had pursued me for 50 metres, crossing the road twice to get at me. Do the ALP have any shame with this false witness and bending of reality? Or was he worried I would indeed "complain" about the ALP booth workers lack of assistance to their boss Tebbutt MP? Not that I really blame them, the thug was really quite scary.

As God is my witness I never touched or threatened anyone and really was fearful actually, doing all I could to extricate myself, and tried several times to avoid this crazy from the local boarding house, feeling like Stephen Mayne on Walkley night. But unlike Glenn Milne this Thug was fit (like out of the Joint) and youngish and a much more serious proposition. Fact is violence makes me feel ill, but this Thug somehow had learned or been conditioned to feed on it like John Howard enjoys political conflict. Just strange really and frankly outside my experience. I was this Thug's sport and he was dog shit on my shoe I couldn't get off. Unlucky me.

But that's the ALP, black is white, night is day when under pressure. And so tricky. It's all about power really, in this case over the embarassment of the Marrickville Truck Tunnel plan. 

Democracy is so degraded here in NSW from fear and grasping, as per the tough questioning of Premier Iemma by Quentin Dempster last night about developer donations destroying democracy here on Stateline The Last Interview (which is damn quick transcribing work too up already from last night), and the machine workers seem to have learned their lesson well making fiction out of dangerous reality:

QUENTIN DEMPSTER: Mr Iemma, if re-elected, will you bring to an end the practice of developer donations to political parties?

MORRIS IEMMA: As part of – as part of a national system, because that’s the only way to achieve it, we have written to the Prime Minister, my predecessor had as well, Bob Carr had, we’ve called upon the Prime Minister as part of a national system - yes, we would.

QUENTIN DEMPSTER: You are not prepared to take leadership in something that is alienating the public and leading to public distrust about the integrity of the planning process?

MORRIS IEMMA: We have tough disclosure laws. It has to be a national system, otherwise you will end up with the donations being funneled from Canberra back into the states.

QUENTIN DEMPSTER: There is a skew here because the public has seen on the blip screen of Labor Party ads up to 15 million, we don't know exactly how much, that your party, through incumbency, has been able to get the slush funding from the developers. That's part of a systemic problem in New South Wales. That disconnect needs to - that situation needs to be addressed, does it not? You have had a huge incumbency advantage of getting slush-fund money from developers.

MORRIS IEMMA: The Labor Party undertakes the fundraising through the course of the term and does that fundraising from a wide range of groups, and individuals.

QUENTIN DEMPSTER: Developers donate money to buy access, and that's unhealthy.

MORRIS IEMMA: No, donations are made – all, all, who come to Government, put a case to Government are dealt with appropriately. We fundraise from a wide range of groups. Now, in relation to donations and disclosure, we have very tough provisions in New South Wales. As part of a national scheme, that's how it would work.

QUENTIN DEMPSTER: Can you assure the public that Brian Burke-like influence peddlers, people like Graham Richardson in the Sydney scene, will not be given access to your ministers if you’re re-elected?

MORRIS IEMMA: I can give that absolute assurance, nothing, nothing, inappropriate. All our dealings are appropriate.


Postscript #1, 3 pm same day: After hiding from the Thug in my place  for several hours, then sneaking out to remove all identifying stickers and posters on my van, I called Marrickville Police to tell them I was scared. He's perched on the street and hurls abuse about bizarre gay sex and genitals at every nerve wracking attempt to transit. If he hasn't been in jail he's got an unusual sense of horizontal sports.

The police arrive pretty quick at about 2.30 pm and give me an interview. I'm grateful for being visible and for hearing me out. The cops have identified the now sober Thug opposite my place and promise to talk to him and tell him to leave me alone. They say I shouldn't have to hide, just keep out of his way. As I write this I can literally hear said Thug swearing at the world.

One of my colleagues in the activist movement send me a text from the polling booth nearby, and it reads "The police r here over the incident this morning they were talking 2 the alp guy who I think gave yr name they took a report."

When I rang said source back, she (NN) says ALP also mentioned this website, the police also spoke to the Greens booth workers, who had arrived during the second group of menacing assault and possibly witnessed the foul mouthed obscenities, and more verbal threats to "take my head off" and maybe menacing pursuit by the Thug down the street as I tried to get away from him (I couldn't be sure as I was too busy watching out for the Thug in fact).

One can only guess what self referential story the ALP cronies will cook up to make themselves look clean, just like the 'non existent' Marrickville Truck Tunnel plan. Their usual approach is to say I'm aggressive etc and that it was all my fault.

That's the ALP Left's preferred method of attack - emotional violence regardless of fact. It was the same at Waverley Council when I beat them pointless shutting the Waterloo Incinerator that they controlled (indeed a new $40M redevelopment plan for a waste to energy plant via incineration, and not easy to forgive). That's life in the ALP's NSW if you buck their system. And come 7pm tonight it will be again most likely.

Postscript #2 (about 8pm, same day) The Thug as we call him here has been noticeable the  last 4 hours of daylight sitting on the street frontage and wolf whistling and cat calling to every woman who has had the misfortune to walk down this street near a major bus stop, polling booth, shops and supermarket. This is the character of the Thug that the ALP booth worker above is potentially running against our witness above in the minds of the police today? I don't think so. And whoever wins in Marrickville today some old fashioned campaigning against sexual harrassment is in order around here. A neighbour who is a medical doctor was telling me this arvo he can hear the cat calling in the street from our backyard. Conclusion: The Thug is a social menace. And no I haven't seen anything quite like this specimen in all my time in Sydney.

Posted by editor at 8:03 AM NZT
Updated: Monday, 26 March 2007 1:20 PM NZT
Friday, 23 March 2007
Container truck tunnel crash is Sydney's future too under ALP transport policies
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: election nsw 2007
Picture: from News Ltd inside the Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne today after a horror crash that killed 3.

As the three major dailies today editorialise to remove the ALP government in NSW in the vote tomorrow, and Ch9 prime time news ruin Opposition Leader Debnam's last pitch due to technical problems with a live cross, a tragic tunnel crash involving container trucks in Melbourne today (Road catastrophe: Tunnel crash kills three) underline everything wrong with the Inner West Motorway tunnel exposed by the press during this election for Sydney: $5b secret road under Sydney | The Daily Telegraph

Container truck numbers from the Port are set to skyrocket under the ALP (Task force to oversee Port Botany expansion. 25/11/2006. ABC News ...) to 3 million per year  at least (Port Botany - NSW Department of Planning) but likely even more than that (NSW Ports Growth Plan - Summary Sheet) with massive impacts on the Inner City congestion and suburban amenity from the Port Botany Expansion - 10/11/2005 - ADJ

The ALP over ruled an independent planning Commission of Inquiry (Port Botany expansion plan unwarranted: inquiry. 14/10/2005. ABC ...) and tried to stall the release of that report for 3 months (Port Botany Report - 15/09/2005 - QWN REP) making a new motorway tunnel an inevitability under the Iemma ALP Govt. One can assume fatal truck accidents like this today will also be an inevitability as above.

On Sunday another insecure road tunnel will open as the result of the election is finalised: Children at Lane Cove Tunnel protest - The Australian - 21 Mar 2007

Noxious road tunnels are indeed a powerful symbol of this ALP government as we go to the vote tomorrow as per The Greens last PR event for the day:

MEDIA RELEASE - 23 March 2007

Greens 'De Grout' Lane Cove Tunnel opening

The Greens MP and roads spokesperson Lee Rhiannon today staged a mock
opening of the Lane Cove Tunnel, with 'Premier Iemma' and the 'Tunnel
CEO' cutting a ribbon and exchanging cash besides a filthy, smoking,
unfiltered stack.

"The Greens have been forced to do a 'De Grout' and cut the ribbon
before the official opening. The difference here is that former Labor
Premier Jack Lang was proud of his harbour bridge and put the people
before banks," Ms Rhiannon said.

"Delaying the tunnel opening until the day after the election is a
'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' arrangement between the NSW
government and tunnel operators designed to keep a potential Lane Cove
Tunnel stink away from the polling booth.

"Premier Iemma might want to sleep in on Sunday and leave the tunnel
opening to the workers, but Sydneysiders will wake up to all the sins
of another motorway.

"Motorway tunnels are a potent symbol of Labor in office.

"Sydney's tunnels represent the abandonment of opportunities to build
a more sustainable Sydney and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

"The government's promise that tunnels will be accompanied by world
class bus, bike and pedestrian facilities are out-and-out lies, with
the Lane Cove Tunnel being a fine example.

"Lest we forget the Cross City Tunnel that stands as a hollow monument
to Labor's incompetence. It's here that profits came before the public
interest by closing local streets, funnelling traffic and obliterating
bus and bike lanes.

"Secret tunnel deals have resulted in millions of dollars worth of
compensation handed to private sector tunnel operators that could have
been spent on schools and hospitals.

"Public confidence in impartial government has been shaken by the free
flow of donations from tunnel builders, financers and operators to
both Labor and the Opposition. On the off-chance the Coalition is
elected tomorrow these donations suggest it will be tunnel business as

"Lane Cove Tunnel consortium members donated more than $2.2 million to
the major parties during the last seven years, of which almost $1.1
million went to Labor.

"Across Sydney public health is being affected by Labor's stubborn
refusal to filter what experts call the 'new asbestos' from the Lane
Cove, Cross City and M5 East tunnels.

"After the election the Greens will continue to campaign with the
community to reform political donations, promote open government,
invest in public transport, filter motorway tunnels and say no to new
motorways," Ms Rhiannon said.

Posted by editor at 7:30 PM NZT
Updated: Friday, 23 March 2007 8:30 PM NZT
Thursday, 22 March 2007
Marrickville, Balmain tipping to the Greens despite the Rudd glow?
Mood:  crushed out
Topic: election nsw 2007

Kevin Rudd federal Opposition Leader has exchanged exaltations with Premier Iemma on the tv news tonight, and is pictured in today's edition of The Glebe (News Limited suburban freebie, in a quick turnaround given his visit only today), walking in Leichhardt in the marginal seat of Balmain. We have edited the picture to try and show what we call Rudd Love from onlookers:

The picture of the onlookers is especially revealing we think because there is a certain expression implying "there is our next Prime Minister". It is an innner city electorate friendly to the ALP true but Norton Street is pretty up market, not your average battlers.

The picture below shows other items in the letter boxes and front yards today in the marginal seat of Marrickville. Most damaging probably is the ALP state government failure reported in the Valley Times to filter toxic emissions in the M5 East Tunnel. The volume suggests the major parties are fighting hard over Minister Carmel Tebbutt's seat such that it will fall to the Greens, or not.

Posted by editor at 8:22 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007 9:03 PM NZT
It's Small Thursday for Morris Iemma, thanks to nasty sticky note trick, but Greens do well too
Mood:  surprised
Topic: election nsw 2007

Well who would have thunk it: A sticky note doing over hapless Mr Debnam of the Liberals on our Herald today front page hovering above a very happy pro federal ALP headline Rudd raids Telstra fund for supernet (pictured below). This follows the 'Big Wednesday' (after the surf movie of same name) of nasty Big Media like a dumping surf on Morris Iemma's ALP yesterday. Thus we have dubbed today 'Small Thursday' instead.

This complements of course Ruddy, Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, adding his "star" power to an Iemma set piece speech today apparently. It also exposes as rubbish our theory yesterday of a 3 day combined press perfect storm against Iemma at the end of the election period. The Telegraph today similarly runs on a human interest story unrelated to the NSW election. But then again there are still two days to go.

Does the sticky note have an authorisation text on it for the electoral laws? Yes indeed over the back if you ever checked it

"Authorised by S. Kaine, ALP 377 Sussex St, Sydney. Printed by Adprint Visual Pty Ltd, 25-29 Wangaratta St, Richmond."

But what caught our eye next was the bold deep green supplement "How to live GREEN" also advertised on the front page with a spunky model on lawn sofa. If that's not subliminal advertising for a certain minor party I don't know what it is, totally free.

(It contrasts with a very nasty head kick by the Telegraph back in 2003 where they placed a Greens Party paid for colour advert next to a same shade of green image of a big paddy field where an Indonesian terrorist Bali Bomber hails from. Talk about conservative malice.)

Actually our sticky note was over the pneumatic said model but here is the supplement cover in full:


Ian Cohen MLC (Greens) has issued this devastating critique of the Coalition rednecks aka The National Party:

The Greens NSW Media Release March 22 2007

Nationals' scorched earth policies ruin Opposition's credibility on environment, say Greens.



The NSW Opposition cannot hope to win any credibility on the environment as long as the National Party continues to call for wind backs of land management practices, said Greens MLC Ian Cohen.



"The Labor government has let down the conservation movement in key areas of land management, leading to massive amounts of land clearing and destruction of threatened species. The Greens are the only viable opposition on this issue, as the Opposition would make the situation far worse." Mr Cohen said.



"While the Greens work towards improving the government's land management, the National Party threatens to take us back 50 years. The Opposition will not win middle ground on the environment with the millstone of the National Party around their necks.


*The Nationals have promised to:



-  Reverse National parks in western NSW

-  End sanctuaries zones in Marine Parks

-  Send coastal rivers westwards with no consideration of environmental impacts

-  Allow cattle to graze in National parks

-  Allow commercial logging to be considered a routine agricultural management activity and not be subject to environmental regulation.



"Land clearing in NSW generates as much as 35 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, which is the equivalent of more than 7 million new cars on our roads. The NSW Labor government needs to show its commitment to ending broadscale land clearing, which it promised to do by the year 2000.



"The Greens will work towards closing the loopholes in Native Vegetation legislation including:



- Ensuring that a stringent code of practice is introduced and enforced for Private Native Forestry.

- Amending the loophole for 'invasive native species' clearing to ensure sustainable management of thickening native scrub.

- Mandating the use of appropriate satellite technology for monitoring landclearing.

- Ensuring that on the ground monitoring and compliance are enforced."



Further Information: Ian Cohen: 0409 989 466

Well said.

Posted by editor at 10:28 AM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007 9:18 PM NZT
Wednesday, 21 March 2007
Premier Iemma may need a helicopter in this perfect storm of Big Media hostility
Mood:  energetic
Topic: election nsw 2007

Picture: What’s going to happen to Morris? He’s fit, but the surf is up and he is going to need all the polling muscle he has built up over the last 18 months. His electoral fate comes down to the punishing Big Media rough and tumble this next 3 days. (Images from 27th March 2006 by this author, ripples of Cyclone Wati reach Sydney's Tamarama Beach.)

At the risk of coming across like a sycophantic Imre Salusinszky in The Australian this last week or so, I have sneaking admiration for Morris. He played Aussie Rules as a young bloke. Like that and woud kick a footy with him any day. He's a sophisticated Italian Aussie - tick for that too. And yes I'm envious because he's got a great family and career success.

But as a wonk I am really enjoying the washing machine beating he is getting in the mainstream press today, with more expected these next 3 mornings Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No wonder he looked boyish and subdued on ABC tv last night declining to condemn anti coal protesters as he braced for the press stories coming today. The threshing is ferocious and the bruising something fearsome.

As they say (eg Matt Price recent column), there is nothing so entertaining for a wonk as a pollie in trouble. Almost as relaxing as watching someone else work hard. Call it a streak of sadism.

And the press today had it all, not just the front page biffo regarding

- Sydney Daily Telegraph worst trains in the world story based on a serious study dishonestly covered up Sydney trains world's worst and having been on say the Paris underground and Santiago service I thinks it's probably good criticism, and not entirely 'comparing apples and oranges' even when you take into account greater density of population re pricing or greater areas to cover re infrastructure cost ; and

- Sydney Morning Herald safety threat from train disasters again from "suppressed documents" prised out via FoI procedures, and richly complemented by another secret school principals document of 10 years of failed maintenance in public schools Schools left to deteriorate Cover-up: rail crash risks compared to Granville

No there was too much 'funny' election grist in the press today really to meet my writing deadline, but here goes as best one can:

- Lord Mayor 'a hypocrite' on donations from developers by said lick spittle Imre, a very clever fellow, in The Australian quoting political donations expert researcher Norman Thompson who has quite a deal of credibility here. Yes a measure of truth regarding Clover Moore as Mayor and MP running this Saturday for showing ostentation as a career lefty, and for getting a bit patchy on ethical funding sources but this should be balanced against the great need in 2004 to oust the ALP state govt attempt at gerrymander of City Hall.

Unsurprisingly in 2004 the Liberal developer side of politics equally wanted the ALP out on the basis of your enemy's enemy is my ally and chipped in $30,000. That's the grey world of real politik. Declaration: this writer uses old Clover how to votes from the 2004 municipal election for note paper including this story and was a volunteer like Norman for that campaign. [And note coverage next day 22nd March Clover is reported helping to serve meals on wheels to poor residents - that's the spirit we admire Clover.]

- the revelation p9 of the Herald that Alan Jones of 2GB is AWOL this last week, actually laryngitis.

- the mesmerising elegance and intellect let alone ethical brilliance of Elizabeth Farrelly with one of her best  Voters face a stark choice which by the way balanced the revolving door every Wednesday of the duopoly federal MP gerrymander at top right of the same page with Tanya Plybersek MP (ALP) (this space should rotate to the 30% of political reps not ALP or Liberal);

- As if to balance the Herald shock horror story is a chunky advert p12 from Sydney Ferries Corporation in their rival The Sydney Daily Telegraph for an "Injury Management Coordinator". Which surely is a horse that has bolted?: Man dies after ferry collision - National - smh.com.au

- Patrice Newell candidate in the upper house and arguably spoiler to the Green Party gets the fluffy lifestyle spot with little colour pic p51 in "style food and wine" by Sue Bennett in the Teleg. Which reminds of her other half Big Phil Adams piece yesterday on the "oxymoronic politics" of the greenhouse debate like "clean coal and safe nuclear power". So true Phil (and don't forget the declaration of interest next time?): Oxymoronic politics rules the greenhouse debate

- After our sledge yesterday, to wit

"Mind you Ruddy (Kevin Rudd) as federal Opposition Leader seems to have his own PR blemish being conspicuously absent from the NSW election campaign by Morris Iemma formerly known as the parliamentary leader of the ALP in NSW."

Now read today: Rudd to bring star power to campaign Is this the metaphorical helicopter rescue service in our headline for Morris in the Big Media Surf? (ha ha)

- Minister Tebbutt education minister as we reported yesterday ('Minister Tebbutt, UN$W under Hilmer $ellout the sustainability business') is implicated in doing over the Solarch facility at UNSW sited at Little Bay in the eastern suburbs. Conveniently as she debates with Trioli there is a matey piece about the UNSW staying in the sustainability business after all, maybe, in ten years, perhaps: Science turns sun, surf into green energy (ten years regretably is political shorthand for never never)

-  Strong moderately scary advert in the Herald by the National Seniors with a pox on both major parties "Poor responses from both parties highlight policy shortcomings"

- A reminder on the madness of USA gun culture by Mark Coultan on the back page of the Herald Even superheroes can die in gun-crazy Gotham  - too bad Morris is busy promoting it Lee Rhiannon MLC - Greens E-Brief No. 163 

- And MY FAVOURITE from the press today, a little complex but oh so embarrassing to our favourites at the NSW Police and Daily Telegraph:  Police Drug raids cancelled POLICE were forced to cancel a major drug operation on Sydney trains and buses last week because the State Govt feared another transport meltdown.

Actually the strap line reads in the paper version "Panicky Government cancelled police operation" but it's not that embarrassing to the Govt on sound public policy grounds, because it was only ever a pre election anti drugs Law and Order Industry beat up and self indulgence designed to do over the progressive Green Party on decriminalising drug users, harm minimisation and sanctioning of dealers.

This is clear from the choreographed front page and 2 page follow up mugging of the Greens on the very same Thursday last week edition of the Telegraph. Prepared in concert by the Telegraph, Iemma Govt and NSW Police. Only we were spared the cynicism via one broken pentograph the Wednesday night before on a harbour bridge train instead which put 40,000 commuters in very angry public transport treacle, and wiped the cynical pre set media beat up of the Greens in favour of a beat up of the ALP itself.

Now the police and Telegraph via their old slugger Luke McIlveen (well known to Media Watch discipline), are recycling the half warmed last weeks news, after the Greens have rebuffed the cynical dishonest reportage of their drugs policy. Which reminds us of the amusing comment by the Herald veteran Damian Murphy on Monday p9 under the headline "It's unofficial: the Greens have won" being a sledge on their rival the Daily Telegraph for their web based election site clearly being monstered by Green party supporters - and who could blame them for some cyber discipline after all their Big Media malice.

And what were the police going to find anyway? People drinking out of cans of coke?:

"Coca-Cola denies ever having used cocaine in earlier versions of its drink but will not say whether the natural leaf forms part of its secret recipe.  Until a few years ago the Atlanta based company bought tonnes of leaves annually." in Things go better without Coke, say Bolivians - World - smh.com.au dated 19th March 2007.

- Perhaps my WORST example of electioneering in the press today is Fred Nile borrowing the Green Party's clothes with a "DAM THE WATER SHORTAGE" slogan on page 4 of the Daily Telegraph promoting water recycling but also to build a new dam. Nile is truly yesterday's man and surely would have dammed the famous Franklin River in 1983 if he could have. The man is an ugly piece of work on so many levels squandering God's creation:

And a final word from Triple S, that is formerly Senator Santo Santoro and his cute witicisms

"The wise man in the storm always prays to God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear. It is the storm within that endangers him, not the storm without." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson."

And speaking of deliverance from Big Media storms, you can almost hear the dramatic dueling banjoes from here suggesting political life and death struggle. As I said to that lady producer on the abc talkback this morning, its not the dying days of the election at all. It actually started today and has 3 daily press print runs to go, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Good time to start praying Morris.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Monkeys on PM Howard's back will be hard to shake as Rudd polling 'soars'
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Peter Costello is doing the PR lifting for the PM in the news today. And no wonder when these cartoons below from across the major dailies Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Sydney Daily Telegraph are reaching critical momentum, let alone the serious content in the text stories.

This opinion piece by a preferred leaker for the Treasurer Peter Costello, rival to the PM, is also more woe to Mr Howard for wetting the powder of his loyalist hard man Minister Tony Abbott:

Glenn Milne: Boot in his mouth 19 March 2007 AS the waves of scandal whipped up by Santo Santoro lap ever higher and the Government gulps for air, the recriminations inside the Coalition have already begun.

Mind you Ruddy (Kevin Rudd) as federal Opposition Leader seems to have his own PR blemish being consipicuously absent from the NSW election campaign by Morris Iemma formerly known as the parliamentary leader of the ALP in NSW.

There is another curious item (picture) at the bottom of our cartoon collage below, of Defence 'Wanker' .... err Minister, in the Howard government, Brendan Nelson in a report about the controversial $6/$15B billion deal with US arms dealer Lockheed Martin

(listed on google this way:"Lockheed Martin - We never forget who we're working for. As a lead systems integrator and information technology company, nearly 80% of Lockheed Martin's business is with the US Department of Defense and the US ...")

is also a very unflattering image. The headline "cockpit" possibly alludes to rumours about his vigorous love life (?) pushed by scurrilous ezine Crikey.com.au at times, and the whole picfac orchestrated by the minister is a response to this big hit on him here last Sunday night in the very high rating 60 Minutes here:

Dogfight You can forget health, forget welfare, wait till you hear how they're spending your money now. Fifteen billion dollars of it. All for a new war plane. A top secret project called the Joint Strike Fighter, our biggest defence purchase ever. But then Liam took a look at the fine print. For some strange reason, our defence chiefs have gone into the deal without seriously considering any other plane.

Where reporter Liam Bartlett (pictured here) did the Tom Cruise Top Gun (1986)thing

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Monday, 19 March 2007
Greens candidate menaced, target of chainsaw vandalism
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MEDIA RELEASE - 19 March 2007


Intimidation, vandalism at Greens candidate's home

cuts close to heart


Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has called on police to fast track their investigation of the destruction of a large number of native trees along the driveway leading to the property of Conny Harris, Greens candidate for the seat of Wakehurst.

Greens MP Ms Rhiannon said: "Dr Harris and her family were put in a dangerous situation last night. More than 10 native trees were cut down with a chainsaw and the family were blocked from using their driveway.


"This vandalism occurred between 11pm last night and 5 am this morning. The trees cut down were part of a massive bush regeneration project Dr Harris has been involved in.


"Dr Harris lives with her husband and three children in Oxford Falls. Both Dr Harris and her husband are doctors at public hospitals and were unable to attend work today.


"Dr Harris has a strong local profile as a conservationist and I can only guess that this act of vandalism has been done to intimidate her.


"She is recognised locally as an authority on eucalypts and native vegetation and lectures to plant groups and on community education days. This act of vandalism has caused her a lot of personal distress.


"Dr Harris' family have experienced this type of intimidation in the past. She has had her letterbox stolen and property vandalised.


"Emergency Services personnel have visited Dr Harris' property this morning to work out how to restore access to the family home.


"The police need to take this investigation seriously because the threat to Dr Harris and her family has been very upsetting."


Greens candidate Dr Harris said: "This kind of dirty politics is very irresponsible.


"These native trees are close to my heart and my family feels threatened.


"I am a doctor at a public hospital and was unable to get my car out of the drive and go to work today. This act has potentially harmed more people than just my family."

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Pioneers lecture on internet based democracy work in Sydney
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Sydney Event 4-4-07 - The impacts and history of online activism

SMSA Food for Thought Series 2: DEMOCRACY

The impacts and history of Online Activism Wednesday 4th April 2007 at 12.30pm

The internet and its use as a tool to create a more democratic society. Direct actions, activist planning, e-petitions, emails to MPs.

Dr Matthew Arnison (one of the founders of Active Sydney & Indymedia) in conversation with Brett Solomon (Executive Director, GetUp) & Tom Dawkins (Founder of Vibewire)

The Food for Thought conversations take place every Wednesday lunchtime with discussions on various subjects such as ethics, democracy and how we can make a better world. Bring your lunch, admission is free.

For more information about SMSA events go to-

Cheers, Colleen 0410 325 913

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Minister Tebbutt, UN$W under Hilmer $ellout the sustainability business
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Picture: From "Ray of hope for solar power showcase after dark years of neglect" By Claire O'Rourke and Stephanie Peatling
March 15 2003 at
http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/03/14/1047583701205.html with caption reads "Brighter future ... Climate Action Network's Kylie Hitchman, Danny Kennedy [until recently head of campaigns Greenpeace Australia], Philip Freeman and Janice Wormworth at the Solarch site. Photo: Robert Pearce" The article below reveals Solarch was burned down in suspicous circumstances in

Minister Carmel Tebbutt defending the seat of Marrickville is implicated badly in this terrible turn of events in Little Bay in south eastern Sydney, according to our source:

 "Check page 31 of the UNSW Strategic Plan 2006-10.  Little Bay site is said to have been purchased.  And it was the NSW Minister for Education - Carmel Tebbutt - who gave the green light for the site to be sold. "

No surprises that the University of NSW under soulless bean counter Fred Hilmer is also implicated after deciding to sell off the highly successful and popular Arthur St permaculture garden at Randwick.

Shameful betrayal of the public interested as it related to the age of dangerous climate change (notwithstanding fluffy 'don't you worry about that' type stories on the science of global warming these last few days). Our informant writes:

Hi Tom,



UNSW is getting out of the permaculture and sustainability business.



You might be interested in this as the Herald did a feature a couple of years ago:




The Solarch Building has significance for UNSW as the university was recognised as a/the leader in world solar research. They have been generating green power since 1994 (first building in NSW) and to the grid since October 1997:




Monday 5th February 9 [2007]:

3 Randwick Precinct Communities were briefed on the UNSW redevelopment of the Little Bay site. Local member was in attendance and when asked about State government influence said it had none. Questions asked at that meeting included - where would compensatory playing fields be and what would become of the UNSW famous SOlarch building.

There were no answers on the playing fields other than UNSW was looking at possibilities in Botany and Randwick. SOlarch was to be pulled down. It was put that the building was a symbol of solar research, generated green power and possibly had won award. Answer was that it was subject to a lot of discussion but end result was that it was coming down.



That night I followed up with some googles and found:


This is the UNSW annual report of 2003 http://www.cfo.unsw.edu.au/annual_rpt/2003.pdfwhere on page 70 reference is made to the sale.



Check page 31 of the UNSW Strategic Plan 2006-10. Little Bay site is said to have been purchased.  And it was the NSW Minister for Education - Carmel Tebbutt - who gave the green light for the site to be sold.   David Phillips Field(in Daceyville and not close to Little Bay)  is listed as possible replacement for playing fields see page 45 & 47, 30 & 31.  This document is dated April 2006.






see item 5of thisUniversity meeting http://www.secretariat.unsw.edu.au/faculty/facmin05/Built%20Env/Benvscm605.pdf





Friday 9th Feb] [2007].

Solarch was torched. The Age and Illawarra Mercury carried the story on-line as too did The Australian but all these papers said that it was a building on the Prince Henry site. THere has been no story by the Sydney Morning Herald. There were 8 firetrucks called to the site and reportedly 50 firefighters - no water to access on site to put the fire out.

inal seats.

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Newcastle politics in last panicky sprint
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Our contributor Lynda writes:

Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2007 5:13 PM



 Hi All,

Spoke to a contact in Newcastle on Friday who had the good grace to say 'IF'  they expand Port Botany. Can only hope that there is a backlash from them. Cheers, Lynda

In full swing


 March 17, 2007  The Newcastle Herald


Both Morris Iemma and Peter Debnam know that their chances at next Saturday's election may well hinge on their fortunes in the Hunter Region, Jason Gordon reports.


BLOOD spilled, fresh blood injected, sheer bloody-mindedness. Welcome to  the bloody Newcastle election.


The most talked-about, moaned-about, smack-you-in-the-face election campaign in the Hunter's history will enter the home straight this week in much the same canter that it started in five months ago.


Only Dan Brown could have written a better script, although The Da Vinci Code's subtle conclusion could have been more easily picked.


At least four Lower Hunter seats could change hands next Saturday, significantly changing the region's political landscape, and that of NSW.


For anyone harbouring doubts about Newcastle's importance to the  Government, consider that Premier Morris Iemma is expected to kick off the final week of his campaign by joining the Blue and Red Army at EnergyAustralia Stadium tomorrow, raising hopes that the second half of the stadium might finally get a fully funded guernsey.


Strange things happen in marginal seats.


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