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Friday, 15 June 2007
Dr Jim Green's excellent No Nukes News June 2007 edition
Mood:  special
Topic: nuke threats
June 9, 2007
Hello No Nukes News subscribers,
No Nukes News is produced by Friends of the Earth and is sent to over 950 subscribers. To un/subscribe, send an email with NNN-Subscribe or NNN-Unsubscribe in the subject line to <jim.green@foe.org.au>.
In this exciting edition of No Nukes News.
* Indigenous Speaking Tour
* Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle
* Adelaide - Brisbane - Canberra - Melbourne - Perth - Sydney
* Support the Peace Convergence - peaceful protests and many other activities in opposition to military training exercises taking place in Queensland.
* Support the Pine Gap 4 - currently on trial for their peaceful protest against the spy/military base at Pine Gap
* Support the Kokatha Mula in their struggle against mining companies near Ceduna in SA
* Have your say at SA Democrats' candidates (and former human shield in Iraq) Ruth Russell's webpage:
*  Support ICAN - the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
* emergency appeal to help Terri  Keko'olani, community organiser with DMZ Hawai'i Aloha 'Aina, to travel to Australia to help with protests against the Talisman Saber war games
* FoE cyberaction: ALP uranium decision: it's a long way from a bad policy to a dirty mine
* Online Petition to Demand Trident Cancellation
* Support the US student hunger strike against nuclear weapons
* Dr. Mark Diesendorf debunks myths about baseload electricity
NUCLEAR NEWS ITEMS are posted on the web at: <www.geocities.com/jimgreen3/nnn9.html> in these categories:
* New information sources
* Auntie Veronica
* Uncle Kevin
* Australia as the world's nuclear dump
* ASEN launches report on universities & nukes
* Nuclear dump proposed for NT - ALP policy
* Nuclear dump proposed for NT - Muckaty
* Launch of ICAN - International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
* Clean energy
* Transport greenhouse solutions
* Energy efficiency - building standards
* Missile defence - Coalition - ALP
* Nuclear power and climate change - joint statement by Austria, Iceland, Ireland and Norway
* Lucas Heights reactor
* Hugh Morgan pushing reactors + dump
* Institute of Public Affairs and australia's nuclear debate
* Nuclear debates - Australia -various
* Government limits scrutiny of nuclear projects
* Nuclear power for Australia
* UK body snatchers
* Nuclear waste - Sweden
* Nuclear power/weapons in the Middle East
* Nuclear accidents in Japan
* Nuclear power - economics
* Nuclear power - USA - economics / subsidies
* Missile defence - Australia / China / USA
* Veterans of British bomb tests
* Nuclear weapons - usa and china
* Uranium
* Environmental racism

Posted by editor at 10:52 PM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 16 June 2007 6:49 PM NZT
Thursday, 31 May 2007
Singapore freaks over Asian neighbours unsafe nuclear ambitions
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: nuke threats

Picture: Australian PM John Howard peers into the reactor at Lucas Heights. Will Australia like the USA be promoting unsafe nuke energy in South East Asia?

Here is a story that senior writer Marian Wilkinson of Sydney Morning Herald reported from Darwin APEC energy minister's conference yesterday 30th May 2007 but it only appeared on the web (!?) not our press version (reproduced in full below).

We telephoned her about this and apparently there was lack of space. But first her pithy story builds on another by the competition here a week earlier from Nigel Wilson, 15 years in that role:

The Herald ran another story to the Darwin fracas 30 May 07 instead about Morris Iemma repudiating John Howard's nuclear plans

Advice found on axing state bans on nuclear - National - smh.com.au

[which is funny because it runs in the press but is missing from the web based text index for 30 May. But a bit of googling throws it up here for a different date. Advice found on axing state bans on nuclear - Sydney Morning Herald - 29 May 2007. The googling is guess work because the article is actually printed under the headline "Bid to overturn nuclear ban" bottom right page 6. ]

Whatever the confused (deliberate or otherwise) Herald indexing, the issue of nuclear energy expansion in Australia was the question time strategy it seems in both NSW and State Parliament. Seems its not just Premier Iemma and Opposition leader Rudd who will fight the nuke expansion plans on the beaches: Singapore are obviously very alarmed at the lack of safety implicit in the sleep walk to nuclear proliferation by Vietnam and Indonesian governments. But what about Australia's role in our neighbours' planning? We would be selling the raw materials and probably much technical support out of Lucas Heights reactor, do yer think? Is the Pope a Catholic? Does the bore hole ooze hot mud (ie a disaster in Indonesia recently)?

As explained to journo Wilkinson we see one alternative future like this on a 5 or 10 year horizon:

- USA promotes missile defense system vis a vis Nth Korea, Iran, China leveraging support of Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan and likely others.

-  An arms race to prevent USA first strike capacity (via foolproof shield) ensues.

- Tensions rise. Allies of the USA feel the need for a nuke weapon deterrent of their own, as Japan is flirting with right now.

- Australia's PM seeks nuclear energy dual use capacity in order to prepare for this strategic security possibility.

- Somewhere along the line someone makes a human error or comparatively minor clashes are exagerated like the precursor to the Vietnam War, and a nuclear weapon is launched by someone.

- Apocalypse. Do not collect, do not pass go. Game over.

No wonder Singapore are scared about this kind of future, even likelihood under a Howard Bush style regime of the future.

We tipped off some others like MP Peter Garrett and Senator Bob Brown's office about this report of diplomatic rage up in Darwin, and here is the rather scary story in full:



Asia-Pacific nuclear authority plan scuttled after safety debate

Date: May 30 2007

Marian Wilkinson in Darwin

A plan to set up a regional nuclear safeguards authority for the Asia Pacific has been ditched after an intense debate at the APEC energy ministers conference in Darwin which centered on the importance of nuclear safety.

The proposal was dropped from the final declaration of the conference, despite being included in earlier drafts. But the Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane, denied there had been a "bitter debate" over the issue after Singapore raised questions over nuclear safety.

The discussion on the role of nuclear power as an option to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the APEC region was strongly supported by the US Deputy Secretary of Energy, Clay Sell. Mr Macfarlane said Singapore had requested that any decision by an APEC country to pursue the nuclear mix should be made in consultation with their neighbours.

Officials from both Vietnam and Indonesia told the APEC conference their countries were studying the option of nuclear power stations that could come on line in the next decade.

The final declaration contained a watered down clause encouraging APEC members to join the organisation's nuclear technologies group to ensure the "safety, security, seismic health and waste handling aspects" of nuclear power were "adequately addressed".

The final declaration by the 21 APEC countries also supported sharing technologies on energy efficiency, biofuels, clean coal and renewable energy as well as measures to increase energy security in the growing APEC region. But there was little support for a regional carbon trading emissions scheme that would put a price on greenhouse gas pollution from fossil fuels across APEC.

A report on emissions trading is set to be delivered to the Prime Minister, John Howard, tomorrow. But it is now believed it will be unlikely to set hard targets for Australia to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Mr Macfarlane strongly signalled in Darwin that the targets will be left to another economic committee to assess how they can be achieved without cutting into economic growth.

Mr Macfarlane told reporters any target will depend on the technology capable of achieving it. "The challenge at the moment is not to set targets, the challenge is to actually have the technology to achieve targets."

Labor has set a long-term target of reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050, based on emissions in the year 2000 which the Government has dismissed as irresponsible.

Tomorrow's report will, however, pave the way for Australia to finally establish an emissions trading scheme that will put a price on Australia's greenhouse gas pollution.

The importance of clean coal technology in achieving a target for greenhouse gas cuts was highlighted yesterday when a slanging match broke out between Mr Macfarlane and the Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, over his state's high profile "zero gen" clean coal project.

Mr Macfarlane told reporters in Darwin the project has "collapsed" but Mr Beattie said he had "no idea" what Mr Macfarlane was talking about. "Why would the coal industry invest $600million in clean coal if they weren't serious?" Mr Beattie said. "Ian Macfarlane is repeatedly trying to undermine clean coal technologies?"


Postscript #1 1st June 2007

By coincidence (or not ?) a prominent reflection on widespread public fears of nuclear apocalypse was published today in the high circulation Sydney Daily Telegraph:

Gideon Haigh Shute's sands of timeBy Gideon Haigh: THEY don't make novelists like Nevil Shute any more: a self-made millionaire who served in both

Posted by editor at 2:20 PM NZT
Updated: Friday, 1 June 2007 1:04 PM NZT
Monday, 26 March 2007
Dr Jim Green's excellent No Nuke News
Mood:  blue
Topic: nuke threats

We now publish Dr Jim's ezine as promised for the Monday following the NSW election. (We will publish later today some post mortems on the election including Minister Tebbutt going directly to the back bench, do not collect $200, do not pass go. )

We have one minor criticism about Dr Jim's newsletter. We disagree that Matthew Warren of The Australian is a safe reporter on climate change issues (as here Rebels of the sun | Science & nature | The Australian ) when it's well known that organ is financially conflicted with its paid for massive 'Special Advertising Reports' pandering to the Fossil Fool and uranium mining sector here in Australia:

Examples are not limited to the March 19th 2007 "Paydirt uranium conference/ A SPECIAL ADVERTISING REPORT" pages 38 and 39 including 'story' with no byline "SA Labor presses for end to no-nukes policy".  

Indeed Dr Jim has agreed in correspondence now that such a major reservation is in order when gleaning any value from the corporate voice of one Matthew Warren, as if he can really as mere journo expertly second guess the UN IPCC and other world class scientists like the USA based NASA scientist Dr Jim Hansen. I don't think so.

In this way Warren must be read down severely just as reputable scientists are being attacked for speaking up in the USA under the Bush administration.

Here is our second try at posting this item:

Image provided by Friends of the Earth Scotland.

March 15, 2007

Hello No Nukes News subscribers,
No Nukes News is produced by Friends of the Earth and is sent to over 930 subscribers. To un/subscribe, send an email with NNN-Subscribe or NNN-Unsubscribe in the subject line to <jim.green@foe.org.au>.
In this exciting edition of No Nukes News:
2. UPCOMING EVENTS - Kathleen Sullivan national speaking tour - cycle against the nuclear cycle - various other events in Adelaide - Alice Springs - Brisbane - Canberra Darwin - Hobart - Melbourne - Perth - Sydney.

For details on the Peace Convergence  - protesting US/Australia war training in Qld - see <www.peaceconvergence.com>

* Support for G20 arrestees
* Online Petition to Demand UK nuclear weapons Trident Cancellation
* ALP - uranium
* Talisman Sabre 2007
* Support the Pine Gap 6

Matthew Warren in The Oz predicting climate change policies.
NUCLEAR NEWS ITEMS are posted on the web at: <www.geocities.com/jimgreen3/nnn8.html> in these categories:
New information sources
Internationally-renowned disarmament campaigner jumps into river
Clean energy solutions:
Baseload electricity - debunking the myths
National nuclear waste dump proposed for NT
Water use of different energy sources
Nuclear weapons for Australia
Australia as the world's nuclear waste dump
Nuclear power for Australia:
Electricity options for Australia - '0.55 to stay alive'
Nuclear test veterans
Uranium mining in Australia
USA ANZUS alliance
Military bases
ASIO infiltrates Pine Gap campaign
Nuclear accidents - Sweden
Environmental racism
Lucas Heights - problems with new OPAL reactor
Palm Sunday falls on April 1 and will be a major national day of anti-nuclear events and actions ... Nuclear Fools Day. Please help spread the word about events in your region.
Excellent Palm Sunday website which is updated regularly:
Palm Sunday will help galvanise and organise opposition to the nuclear push, and send a message to the Labor Party ahead of its national conference in late April, at which uranium policy will be debated.
A whopping 58 organisations have endorsed the Palm Sunday events, and this list is growing every day! It's great to see the diversity of groups that are part of the alliance - see http://www.nuclearfoolsday.org/endorsers
The website now has fliers and posters which people can download. For people wanting to adapt the flier with their local details, a template is available there also for you to adapt. If you would like a personalised flier, please e-mail details to: azane83@gmail.com
The website again: http://www.NuclearFoolsDay.org 

For details of events, see the city listings below.

Information on most capital cities is now available on the website. If you have more information or would like to add your event, please e-mail us at jessica@icanw.org
- Kathleen Sullivan national speaking tour
- cycle against the cycle
- Adelaide
- Alice Springs
- Brisbane
- Canberra
- Darwin
- Hobart
- Melbourne
- Perth
- Sydney
Kathleen Sullivan is a disarmament educator, author, activist and producer who has been engaged in the nuclear issue for the last 22 years, during which time she has worked with youth, community organizers, academics, government representatives and nuclear industry officials in Austria, China, Finland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and US.  She received her PhD entitled "This New Promethean Fire: Radioactive Monsters and Sustainable Nuclear Futures" through Lancaster University, UK.  Her independent research comprised nuclear criticism, environmental ethics, feminist theory, social theory and science studies.
From 2000 - 2006, she was the coordinator of the Nuclear Weapons Education and Action Project of Educators for Social Responsibility, one of the most significant youth programs in the US to teach nuclear awareness classes in the Public High Schools of New York City.  Currently, Kathleen is establishing her own NGO, the Institute for Disarmament Education and Action (IDEA) which will provide lesson plans, and interactive arts based activities for young people to engage in creating a nuclear-weapon-free world.
Kathleen is a consultant to the United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs in New York, writing disarmament curricula for young people to be posted on the UN's Cyberschoolbus website.  She is also busy promoting her first film: an award winning feature documentary, The Last Atomic Bomb (2005).  In her spare time she is making a CD of anti-nuclear remakes from the American Song Book and learning how to play guitar.  She lives in Brooklyn, New York.
2 April 2007:  6pm. Workshop at Friends of the Earth, "Talking About Nukes to Inspire Action (and not Sleep or Suicide)" contact <michaela.stubbs@foe.org.au>
3 April 2007: 12.30 - 2.30 Workshop at Howard Florey Institute for nuclear activists on communications, contact <felicity.hill@mapw.org.au>
3 April 2007: 6.30. Film screening and workshop with Pax Christi, St. Ignatius Meeting Room 4, 326 Church St, Richmond, contact Harry Kerr <ahmkerr@hotmail.com>
4 April 2007: 5.30 Lecture & discussion on US nuclear policy, Centre for Public Policy, second floor of 234 Queensberry St. contact John Langmore <langmore@att.net>
5 April 2007: 4-6 workshop with MAPW on ICAN education tools, contact  Jessica Morrison <jessica@icanw.org>
5 April 2007: 7-9 Film Screening of "The Last Atomic Bomb", Howard Florey Lecture Theatre, Melbourne Uni, crn Grattan St & Royal Parade, contact   Kazuyo Preston <kazpres@optusnet.com.au>
11 April 2007: 7pm, Legislative Assembly, ICAN launch, A Nuclear Free Future, with Bishop George Browning, contact Dimity Hawkins <dimity.hawkins@gmail.com>
12 April 2007: lunchtime workshop 1pm. on Talking about Nukes to Inspire Action, Sydney Uni, contact Holly Creenaune <holly@asen.org.au>
12 April 2007: 6.30 Public Meeting with Friends of the Earth Nuclear Freeways Tour, Masonic Hall, Katoomba, contact Natalie Lowrey <natalie.lowrey@foe.org.au>
13 April 2007:  Dinner with local activists, contact Anne Noonan  <bunyip@bigpond.net.au>
14 April 2007:  WILPF Sydney meeting, contact Stella Boyages <sboyages@gmail.com>
14 April 207: Friends of the Earth launch event, 3pm contact Holly Creenaune <holly@asen.org.au>
An anti-nuclear cycle (Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle 3 - CANC3) is being planned for later this year.
The idea is to ride from Rockhampton to Canberra and for other riders to ride from around Port August to Canberra (the long way).
They will aim to arrive in Canberra before the election I believe (TBC).
They will be riding along the coast and passing the spots where all of the possible nuclear power plants could be built.
This is the third ride of its type, the first being from Melbourne to Jabiluka in '98 and then Jabiluka to Perth in 2000.
It would be good if you could publicise this to people you know who may want to join the ride or who could assist in some way.
A website has been set up with more info at http://canc2007.org.au
This Saturday 17th March we are hosting a special presentation on permaculture in Cuba. The amazing Elvira will be sharing her inspiring stories and photos of organic gardening in Cuba, as well as screening the film "The Power of Community: how Cuba survived Peak Oil". Starts 7pm, the Karen Elliot Social Centre (cnr Hawker and Coglin Sts, Brompton), food provided by Food not Bombs, gold coin donation.
Friends of the Earth Adelaide
FoE Adelaide Clean Futures Collective meetings - every Tuesday night at 5.30pm at the Conservation Centre, 120 Wakefield St, Adelaide. All welcome.
0403 886951, 8227 1399
The meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month is dedicated to welcoming new members and holding a workshop/skillshare. The topic of the next workshop on 27th March is making signs for the Palm Sunday Carnival, and future topics with guest speakers will be media, puppetry, public speaking, badge making, “Climate Change, Despair and Empowerment”, and many others. If you have a skill you’d like to share that would be useful for the group, let joel.catchlove@foe.org.au know!
Public Meeting
Nuclear Power?
A Waste of Energy!
Tuesday 20th March 2007
6pm for 6.30pm start
Ends 8pm
Tandanya Main Gallery
253 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Kevin Kamps - Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), Washington DC
"Nuclear Power & Radioactive Waste: No Solution to Climate Change"
Dr Jason Garrood - Medical Association for the Prevention of War
Introducing the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN)
Imogen Zethoven – The Wilderness Society
“The Federal Government’s Nuclear Agenda”
Chris Warren – Channel 7 Environment Reporter, MC for the evening
Free Entry
Refreshments and publications will be available
For further information please contact The Wilderness Society:
Adelaide: (08) 8231 6586
Sydney: (02) 9282 9553
Palm Sunday Peace Carnival!
This year Palm Sunday falls on April Fools Day, and all around the country, groups are preparing to mobilise for carnivals against the foolish wars and nuclear foolishness proposed for Australia.
Well over forty organisations have endorsed plans for an April Fools Palm Sunday nationwide, with events planned in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, Canberra and Sydney.
The Adelaide Palm Sunday Peace Alliance, currently composed of about 25 environmental, social justice, political, church and community groups, is organising a carnival at Victoria Square, calling for Australians to not be fooled by the nuclear push, but rather to work “for peace, for nuclear disarmament, against uranium mining and exports, and for a renewable, nuclear-free future”.
Already a number of speakers, performers, puppeteers, buskers, musicians and bands have confirmed their participation, including Peter Combe, Poetikool Justice, Soursob Bob, DJ Jimi and many more to be announced!
We enthusiastically invite you to be a part of this event - there are plans for permaculture contingents, for bicycle contingents, for puppet troupes, anti-nuclear choirs, masquerade groups, giant octopi and much, much more; so decorate your bike! Come in costume! Make a mask! Make noise! Fly a kite! Plan choreographed, nuclear-free dances! And bring all your friends! Feel free to pass this on to everyone you know, and if you want more details, contact Joel  (joel.catchlove@foe.org.au).
for a peaceful, nuclear free future
1.00pm, April 1, Tardanyangga/Victoria Square
Join us for a picnic, carnival and concert
FEATURING: Heather Frahn, Peter Combe, Poetikool Justice, Soursob
Bob, DJ Jimi and many more to be announced!
Details as they emerge at http://www.nuclearfoolsday.org/adelaide
Friday 27 - Sunday 29 April - ALP National Conference, Sydney. This conference will be a major point of anti-nuclear mobilisation as the ALP will vote to either overturn the no new uranium mines policy, or retain it and stave off a swag of new mines all around Australia. Lobby your local ALP rep to vote to keep the policy, see form letter below.
April 15-21 - Nepabunna community work trip. This Friends of the Earth initiated trip sees a group going up to Nepabunna indigenous township in the Gammon Ranges twice yearly. Activities involve working in bush tucker garden, maintenance in Nantawarrina Protected Area, and activities with children. Contact sophie.green@foe.org.au for more information
Sunday 18 March - Peace Brigades speaking tour, 12noon, Scots Church, cnr Pulteney and North Tce. Bring your lunch. Jodie Martire has just returned from Colombia where she spent 15 months volunteering with Peace Brigades as an international human rights observer. She provided protective accompaniment (unarmed bodyguarding) and political support to Colombian human rights defenders and members of communities of internally displaced refugees. Come and hear her stories.
Saturday 24 March - Zine & DIY Fair, including a Really Free Market! 12-5pm, Vaughan Place (behind the Exeter). Bring along your wares to trade, or any books, clothes, plants etc to giveaway at the free market - the only free market worth having!
As an independent environmental and social justice advocacy organisation, Friends of the Earth Adelaide depends on the support of its members and volunteers to keep it going. If you are not already a member, please consider joining us. Your membership directly funds our campaigns and helps maintain our independence from government and corporate funding. The membership fee is as little as $30 concession a year. Contact Joel.
0403 886951, 8227 1399
Palm Sunday
April 1
Flynn Church Lawns, Todd Mall, 12-2 pm 
BYO Picnic!
Free ice-cream & pony rides for kids!
Nat Wasley at the Arid Lands Environment Centre
<natwasley@alec.org.au> (08) 8952 2011, 0429 900 774.
Tired of the unrelenting pro-nukes agenda in the media and from all sides of
Want to hear both sides of the nuclear story?
The nuclear push is hotting up as both sides of government come out of
the closet with their nuclear intentions. Yet Australians still are
hesitant about uranium mining and most don’t want nuclear power plants in
their back yards. Join us for this forum and lively discussion of
Australia's position in the nuclear world, our energy options, nuclear waste
and jobs....
Speakers: Rosemarie Severin and Robin Taubenfeld - Friends of the Earth
Date: Thursday, March 15, 2007
Time: 6:30 for 7pm, Cost: Free
Place: Brisbane Workers Community Centre, 2 Latrobe Tce Paddington
Brought to you by the Brisbane Workers Community Centre & Friends of the
Earth Brisbane. FoEB is a member of the Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance
www.brisbane.foe.org.au or phone 0411 118737
Brisbane, Palm Sunday Peace Rally and March
11 am, 1st April
Queens Park, crn Elizabeth and George Streets, Brisbane
Responding to Climate Change: The call to “ecological conversion”
Date: Friday evening march 16 and all day Sat March 17
Hosted by: The Catholic Social Action Office and the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission
Forums Friday night and Sat morning: Workshops: 1:30- 3:35 – Friends of the Earth Climate Justice and Anti-nuclear Collectives will be hosting workshops on Sat afternoon.
Place: St James’ College 201 Boundary Street Fortitude Valley
For more info: Helen Allen 3891 5866
See program: www.sao.clriq.org.au
Press Club Debate: Ziggy Switkowski (Head of Nuclear Review) v Don Henry (Executive Director Australian Conservation Foundation)
Date: March 27 (tue) 2007
Place: Presidential Ballroom, Carlton, King George Square, Brisbane
Cost: $132 or table of to 10 $1,100!!!!! (contact Qld media club 07 3503 5777)
STAY TUNED FOR a PEOPLES ACTION – Ziggy protest or – Grassroots press conference or event to be announced
More info about grassroots media conference/action: 0411 118 737
The Great Nuclear Debate - w/ Prof Ian Lowe & guests
Date: March 29, 2007
Place: Brisbane Workers Community Centre
2 Latrobe Tce Paddington
Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Inc is organising the
Annual Palm Sunday Peace Rally and March
11am on Sunday, 1st April
Queens Park, cnr Elizabeth and George Streets, Brisbane.
Speakers will focus on Nuclear Free Australia and Talisman Sabre 2007
war exercises.
For more info call Joan Shears jshears@powerup.com.au
ph 07 3855 8178 or 07 3855 9497
Clean Energy Forum
Date:, April 19 (Thu) 2007
Time: 6:30 for 7pm
Place: Brisbane Workers Community Centre
2 Latrobe Tce Paddington
Australia/Queensland as a US bombing range: Operation Talisman Sabre 2007
and Shoalwater Bay - info night on Aus/US war games starting late May near Rockhampton
Date: May 17 (Thu) 2007
Time: 6:30 for 7pm
Place: Brisbane Workers Community Centre
2 Latrobe Tce Paddington
Ecological and Social Justice - forum and discussion
Date: June 21 (Thu) 2007
Time: 6:30 for 7pm
Place: Brisbane Workers Community Centre
  2 Latrobe Tce Paddington
Sustainability and Food - forum and discussion
Date:, July 19 (Thu) 2007
Time: 6:30 for 7pm
Place: Brisbane Workers Community Centre
2 Latrobe Tce Paddington

Nuclear Fools Day Sunday April 1
Rally 12pm ACT Legislative Assembly
Marching to Glebe Park, Civic
Contact CRANC on nonukescanberra@gmail.com or visit
www.nonukescanberra.org to stay in touch.
April 1 - meet 11am, Nightcliff Markets
Next planning meeting is at 6pm on Tuesday March 6. Ring Emma for details on 8981 1894 or email ecnturanium@iinet.net
Palm Sunday
Noon: gather at Franklin Square for walk to Salamanca lawns for Rally
at 12:30.
Speakers include: Senator Christine Milne, Ald Rob Valentine, Dr
Gerry McGushin
More details to come.
See Peace Tasmania for more information.
THE NUCLEAR SAHARA - Living with the legacies of French nuclear testing
Join us for an evening of slides and stories from the Sahara:
6.30pm  Sunday 18 March
Travellers Bookstore, 294 Smith Street, Collingwood 3066
Between 1960 and 1966, France conducted 17 nuclear tests in Algeria.
Last month, for the first time, the Algerian government hosted an international conference on the health and environmental consequences of nuclear testing in the Sahara. The meeting brought together former soldiers from France and nuclear survivors from Algeria, together with researchers from the Middle East, France, Tahiti, Japan, Australia and the United States. Nic Maclellan attended the conference and also travelled to the In Eker test site.
More details and a picture in the flier.
Please circulate to friends who might be interested
Drinks and nibbles provided. Please RSVP 0421 840 100 or email
Palm Sunday - Melbourne
1 April - 1pm Treasury Gardens, parade to Sidney Myer Music Bowl
peace festival, 3pm - 6
Help Wanted in Melbourne!
* huge number of posters to past up ... please help if you can
Palm Sunday collective meets weekly.
Some contacts:
Louise Morris - 9419 8700 - morris.lv@gmail.com
Felicity Hill - felicity.hill@mapw.org.au - 8344 1637
Jessica Morrison - 8344 1637
Talking About Nukes to Inspire Action (and not Sleep or Suicide)
Workshop with Nuclear Disarmament Education specialist from the USA, Dr. Kathleen Sullivan
Monday 2nd April, 6-8pm
Friends of the Earth Cafe, 312 Smith Street, Collingwood, 9419 8700
Nuclear issues can be very difficult to talk about.  The excessive destruction caused by nuclear weapons, the complicated science and technological questions, the extremely long time that nuclear waste remains poison, and the absurd budgets involved can be overwhelming and depressing.
Friends of the Earth and the Medical Association for Prevention of War invite you to learn how to inspire hope, enthusiasm and action  when you talk about nuclear issues.
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan is a nuclear disarmament education specialist from the United States who has worked with Educators for  Social Responsibility on their nuclear weapons project, teaching New York City high school students critical thinking skills about nuclear weapons.  She is generating 6 lesson plans, with tools, tricks and activities for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN).
Please come along to this workshop where Dr. Sullivan will share her tools and tricks, useful for public speaking, classrooms and generally boosting our confidence for speaking about nuclear dangers.

Nuclear Power? A Waste of Energy
When: Thursday 15th March 2007, 6pm – 7.30pm

Where: City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth

Kevin Kamps – Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), Washington DC
‘Nuclear Power & Radioactive Waste: No Solution to Climate Change’

Dr. Harry Cohen – Medical Association for the Prevention of War
‘Introducing the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons’

Imogen Zethoven – The Wilderness Society
‘The Federal Government’s Nuclear Agenda’

Free Entry
Refreshments and publications available
Organised by:
The Wilderness Society; Anti-Nuclear Alliance of WA; Conservation Council of WA

Climate Change, Clean Energy and the Nuclear Trap – Moving from Alarm to Action

When: Monday, 19th March 2007, 6pm-9pm

Where: City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth


Jo Vallentine – Jo Vallentine is the former Senator for the Greens and the Nuclear Nuclear Disarmament Party

Scott Ludlam - Scott Ludlam is a volunteer with the Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group and the Greens lead Senate candidate for the 2007 election

The workshop will be an interactive look at energy campaigning in the age of climate change – how to shift our communities to a safe energy path and defeat the ‘nuclear renaissance’. Following short presentations, the workshop will invite creative input from participants.
Together with the University of Western Australia comes the Sun
Festival and concerns about Climate Change.
Held at UWA's Oak Lawn, on 1st April from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m
If you want more info about these Sydney events, or better still if you wanna get involved, contact
Holly Creenaune
0417 682 541
Saturday March 17: Nuke Bloc to join the global protest against Iraq war in Sydney.
Sat March 17, 12noon, SYDNEY TOWN HALL, Marching to Belmore Park for bands. Meet student and anti-nuke activists at 11:45am at the Queen Victoria Statue (outside Queen Victoria Building)  . 
Speakers include TOM KENEALLY * author, social change activist, SENATOR KERRY NETTLE * Greens, PAUL GARRETT * Maritime Union of Australia, HOLLY CREENAUNE *  Friends of the Earth, DAVID BERNIE * NSW Council for Civil Liberties, and MEREDITH BURGMAN * Australian Labor Party
Wednesday 21st March, 5:30pm - 7pm
Forum at UNSW with Mark Diesendorf (UNSW), Dr. Alistair Sproul (UNSW), and Holly Creenaune (FoE) addressing the NSW and Federal elections and real climate change solutions.  Venue TBC, contact Angie Rozali UNSW Co-Environment Director, ilazorangie@gmail.com / 0405 763 360.
Sunday March 25th, Creative working bee for Palm Sunday extravaganza, Friends of the Earth, 19 Eve St, Erskineville.  Contact Adam on adamwolf@riseup.net / 0401045536
Sunday April 1st: Palm Sunday Peace Parade, 1pm at Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta.  www.nuclearfoolsday.org or http://www.nswpeace.org/  Contact Holly Creenaune, Friends of the Earth,  holly.creenaune@foe.org.au / 0417 682 541
Tuesday April 10th, 6pm: Public meeting and Launch of Nuclear Freeways Tour! Location TBA. Contact Holly Creenaune, Friends of the Earth,  holly.creenaune@foe.org.au / 0417 682 541
April 12th Thursday - Talking About Nukes to Inspire Action (and not Sleep or Suicide): Sydney Uni, Wednesday April 12th, 1pm. Contact Holly Creenaune, Friends of the Earth,  holly.creenaune@foe.org.au / 0417 682 541
April 14th Saturday - Launch of Friends of the Earth Sydney and FoE Sydney Nuclear Free Collective - 3pm - Community Cafe - 40 Forbes St, Newtown.  Come for bands, awesome speakers, short films and be part of creating a new FoE Sydney!
April 27-29th ALP National Conference - be a part of organising and mobilising to retain the Australian Labor Party's long-standing No New Uranium Mines policy. To get involved, contact Holly Creenaune, Friends of the Earth,  holly.creenaune@foe.org.au / 0417 682 541
Support for G20 arrestees: a vital part of our social justice & environmental work
In November last year approximately three thousand people participated in actions to express their dissent against the G20 and promote their visions for an ecologically sustainable and socially just future. Many of those participating in the protests have been involved in local campaigns concerning a range of issues – climate change, justice for Indigenous peoples, workers' rights, forests, queer politics, gender issues, and much more. They saw the G20 meeting as an opportunity to challenge some of the root causes of the problems that they campaign against daily.
As you are no doubt aware, the police have arrested approximately 30 protesters, and are continuing to make arrests. They are taking extraordinary measures such as publicly depicting the faces of protesters they are interested in questioning, and laying very serious charges such as riot and affray (charges that could result in jail terms of several years). Arrestees are under very restrictive bail conditions, such as in some cases having to report to the police three times per week, surrendering their passport and not even being allowed to leave the state.
The actions that took place around G20 reflected the widely varying approaches of those present towards globalisation, the state and social change. Most people will have their own views about the strategies and tactics used at the G20 mobilisations - but whatever these are, it is vital that we all give strong, ongoing support for the people who are now facing police harassment and charges.
The criminalisation of protest activity has major consequences for all social justice and environmental campaigns. The state is using the G20 protests as an opportunity to create a climate of fear about direct action and public protest. This is a crucial time to stand up for our right to protest. We need to defend and endorse direct action as a legitimate part of our social justice and environmental campaigns.
The Ongoing G20 Arrestee Solidarity Network has formed to support the G20 arrestees, and to encourage people to question and challenge the increasing criminalisation of protest. As more arrests are possible, and as the court cases for those arrested are likely to take many months, we are in this for the long haul.
We need your support, and your solidarity to ensure that the spaces for all of us to protest do not continue to shrink.
This is what you can do:
- Please forward this email and attached flyer further through your networks
- While some G20 arrestees will be eligible for legal aid or are receiving pro bono support from a legal firm, some will need to pay for their own legal costs. Some potentially face fines of several thousand dollars. Please consider making a donation to help cover their legal costs – contact the solidarity line on 0408 307 722 or email afterg20@gmail.com for further details on how to make a donation.
- The publishing of the faces of 28 people by the Victorian Police in The Age and through the Crimestoppers website was a major invasion of privacy and potentially limits these people's right to a fair trial . You can submit a letter of complaint to the Press Council online at http://www.presscouncil.org.au/pcsite/complaints/compform.html  (see the Statement of Principles and Code of Privacy Standards at http://www.presscouncil.org.au/pcsite/complaints/priv_stand.html )
- You can write letters to the editor, and phone in at talk-back shows, to challenge the mainstream public perception of the events happening at G20.
- Do not give any information to the police about the G20 protests or protesters if you are asked. Use your right to silence and contact a lawyer if you have any concerns.   
- Actively challenge the idea that it's okay to dob in G20 protesters.  
- Contact the G20 arrestee solidarity support number 0408 307 722 if you have any questions or need any support in relation to the G20 arrests.
- If there are ways in which you or your organisation can offer support to those arrested (e.g. by helping to organise a fundraising gig), contact the Ongoing G20 Arrestee Solidarity Network on 0408 307 722 or email afterg20@gmail.com.
In solidarity,
the Ongoing G20 Arrestee Solidarity Network
IPPNW News Alert
Online Petition to Demand Trident Cancellation
The UK Parliament will be voting on whether to renew the UK's Trident  nuclear missile program on March 14, 2007 -- less than two weeks away.  If Trident is renewed, this ensures that the UK will have nuclear  weapons far into the future. As members of an international community  committed to the abolition of nuclear weapons, we must make our  collective voices heard on this issue.
US medical student Tova Fuller, in consultation with IPPNW's UK  affiliate, Medact, has created an online petition demanding the  cancellation of the Trident replacement. You can read and sign the  petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Trident_Petition. Please  forward this web address to all of your contacts. The petition deadline  is March 7, to allow enough time to disseminate the text and signatures  to key Members of Parliament before the debate.
More information about Trident and the blockade at the UK submarine  base at Faslane can be found at the IPPNW student website -- 
ALP - uranium
Please show your opposition to the push for the ALP to overturn its policy of opposition to new uranium mines. Send a letter to Rudd via this FoE website:
Talisman Sabre 2007
US and Australian war training
Talisman Sabre is the name of the largest ever military training exercises, scheduled for May/June 2007 and planned to involve over 30,000 US military personnel.
The 'Peace Convergence' is the answer to this, a network of peace activists, committed to challenging the war in nonviolent and creative ways. We will be travelling up to Shoalwater Bay during the excercises to demonstrate Australian oposition to the use of our soil for US training exercises.
If you'd like to get involved, check the website:
Support the Pine Gap 6
At dawn on December 9, 2005 a 'Citizen's Inspection' of Pine Gap took place causing Pine Gap to shut down for five hours. The reason? A group of four Christian pacifists had entered the base, seeking to expose the terrorist acts perpetrated from inside the base (while two others supported the action without entering the base). To support their work including their legal battle, , check this website: www.pinegap6.org
Announcing a green era
Where to go next in climate policy in an election year?
Environment writer Matthew Warren previews the next possible moves
February 24, 2007
MEMO from Prime Minister to Minister for the Environment. Subject: Climate change. Status: Very urgent.
Malcolm, great work with the light bulbs. We're going to need a few more ideas like that before the budget. I want to climate change proof the economy. And the election. I've asked the Treasurer to set aside a few billion to play with from the surplus.
The Government's rules on climate change policy remain the same: We can announce emissions reduction strategies similar to Labor but cannot be seen to be copying them.
Any proposal must minimise harm or impact on the economy; it's still our strongest suit.
All proposals must be genuine solutions or pathways to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Where possible, go after low-hanging fruit; trigger energy savings and efficiency improvements that have recoverable and recordable payback.
And finally, I like the incandescent light bulbs ban. The voters get it. Can you include some other affordable and highly consumer-oriented ideas that have high political impacts?
Thanks, PM.
Herewith is a list of 10 possible climate change announcements Australians may hear in the lead-up to the election later this year.
Green homes
THE Government will drive energy savings from two of the biggest energy consumers in Australian homes. Refrigeration comprises about 13 per cent of household energy use while hot water comprises 37 per cent. The Government will provide a $150 rebate for households purchasing a new refrigerator with 4.5-star or better energy efficiency. It will also provide a $250 rebate for households switching from electricity to solar or high efficiency gas hot water systems. These combined will save about 750,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.
Global cooling
THE increased use of airconditioners has become a contentious symbol of increased energy use. The Government will mandate that all dwellings that install airconditioners should have insulation to an efficiency value of 3 in their ceilings. The Government will assist this by providing a $400 per household rebate for the insulation. About half the dwellings in Australia still do not have insulation. This rebate will therefore be extended to all homes wishing to install insulation if it does not exist. This measure will save about 470,000 tonnes of CO2 each year at a cost of about $44 per tonne of greenhouse gas.
Green cars
THE Government will accelerate the reduction of import tariffs on fuel-efficient cars, including hybrid vehicles, fuel-efficient diesel and petrol engines with a five-star fuel efficiency rating or better in the Government's Green Car Guide. Presently, an import duty of 10 per cent applies to all passenger vehicles and this is scheduled to fall to 5 per cent from 2010. This measure will cut the cost of low emissions vehicles by between $1000 and $2000, and save 750,000 tonnes of CO2 each year at a cost of about $266 per tonne.
Energy-smart offices
COMMERCIAL offices in Australia account for about 10 per cent of our greenhouse gases. Some of the cheapest energy savings can be made by simple retro-fitting of airconditioning, ventilation and by switching to low energy and smart lighting, which combined account for about 70 per cent of office energy consumption. The Government will set up an expert panel of energy efficiency experts who will work with the Property Council and associated agencies to underwrite the cost of retrofitting offices across Australia until 2012. These buildings will then be certified Energy Smart and the energy savings used to repay the cost of the initial retrofit. This scheme will therefore be revenue neutral, but is expected to save about two million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.
Low-emissions targets
AT present the Government creates incentives for renewable energy by mandating a 2 per cent renewable energy target. The Government seeks to increase the scope and scale of this target by introducing a 10 per cent mandatory low-emissions technology target, which will include renewable energy as well as other low-emissions technologies including abatement technologies up to the equivalent of 0.2 tonnes of CO2 emitted per megawatt hour. This will exclude gas but foster the development of a wider range of low-emissions technologies. The present cost of the existing scheme of $40 to $70 per tonne of CO2 is expected to be halved by opening up a wider range of abatement options.
Go solar
THE Government provides financial assistance to those households investing in solar cells to provide renewable energy for their homes. But they are very expensive. A basic domestic solar power system starts at about $13,000 to save about 65 per cent of total electricity use. To date, about 8000 homes in Australia have taken advantage of the offer (of a rebate of up to $4 per peak watt) since 2000. The Government will therefore increase this subsidy to $6 and target 10,000 new homes each year. This will save about 48,000 tonnes each year at a cost of $100 per tonne of greenhouse gas saved.
Accelerated clean coal
COAL and gas provide more than 80per cent of Australia's electricity and power much of the world's economy. Being able to make them clean by capturing and storing greenhouse emissions underground is critical to a low-emissions pathway for the globe. Equally, if this technology is not cost effective or limited by technology or geology, it is critical Australia and the world know this sooner rather than later so we can make decisions about alternative technology pathways. To this end the Government will invest $500 million, matched dollar for dollar by the coal industry, to rapidly accelerate research and development of clean coal technology as well as accelerated geological surveying to identify all suitable storage locations.
Carbon-neutral air travel
AIR travel is a substantial source of greenhouse gas emissions. From 2008 all domestic air travel in Australia will be required to offset the greenhouse gases emitted for each flight. This is likely to add about $6 to $10 per seat per trip. This will be used to finance the sequestration of greenhouse gases in forests and other approved offset schemes. This initiative will add about $400 million to the cost of domestic air travel in Australia each year and save the equivalent of about 18 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year.
Environment levy
THE Government recognises that the Australian economy is built on its access to cheap energy. But at the same time we must drive restructuring and efficiency if we are to remain competitive. Therefore, from 2010 the Government will place a price on carbon of $5 per tonne in the form of an environmental levy to raise about $2 billion, which will be reinvested into delivering energy savings and efficiency gains for Australian industry. This reinvestment will be managed by a panel of industry representatives, with particular focus on accelerating efficiency gains in energy-intense sectors such as metals processing, cement, electricity generation and pulp and paper processing. This reinvestment in the economy has the potential to save up to 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gas each year and will help climate change-proof Australian industry.
Emissions trading
A WELL-DESIGNED emissions trading system is widely considered the most efficient way to deliver across-the-board reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Recent reports have reinforced the Government's concern that a stand-alone Australian scheme will add considerable cost to business and households. Learning from the European experience, it is also clear that it is likely to take several years to establish a workable and efficient trading regime. Therefore this Government will begin development of an emissions trading scheme in Australia to begin operation by 2012, designed to integrate with global systems as they evolve. From 2012 each state government will be asked to nominate a 20-year regime of emission limits, which will form the basis for domestic trading from that date. New Zealand will also be invited to participate under the Closer Economic Relations agreement between our two countries.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2007
Cardinal George Pell wades into nukes where angels fear to tread
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Here is cleric George Pell on the strength of one PR sponsored visit to the new expensive Lucas Heights reactor such that he thinks he has a good handle on this big big white elephant: 

Nuclear over-reaction By Cardinal George Pell February 04, 2007 http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/opinion/story/0,22049,21164182-5001031,00.html

So much so he rushes into print without being briefed by the no case.  That's a high risk approach to public policy if ever I saw one. Or a biased approach.

One visit with the PR merchants gives the Cardinal about as much credibility on this issue as it does this writer on theological matters having once been an alter boy, 30 years ago at the local Catholic church in Warrnambool.

For instance Pell ignores waste problems: The UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority http://www.nda.gov.uk in 2006 estimated 70 billion pound$ clean up cost for their old nuclear gear, admittedly a much bigger sector there:


As for medical uses, cyclotron technology (ANSTO spruikers for their new reactor even have one at Royal Prince Alfred hospital) can do that job:
or simply import medical isotopes like most other parts of the world do, instead of a billion dollar white elephant.
But the truth really is the Lucas Heights Reactor is for it's dual use potential, just like Iran's nuke development projects in "the national interest". Just like Indonesia wants reactors by 2015 (on an earthquake zone no less), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea also as North Korea scares the bejesus out of everyone, and China regularly menaces Taiwan democracy.
What is the Cardinal's view of Australian Weapons of Mass Destruction in a USA strategic defence network? Never happen? We already have their spy bases at Pine Gap and other places here, as per the radical lefty website http://www.anti-bases.org/ below.
Nor is it simply their objections: Paul Dibb the respected defence analyst and academic, and former 25 year veteran of domestic security agency ASIO, was quoted recently in The Australian that his research in 1976 'proved' Australia was on the Soviet Russia nuke weapon target priority list. That's what the US Alliance means, the rough and the smooth. But how many people actually know what their government has signed us up to, or plans to?

Postscript #1

As if to reinforce the real dual use purpose of nuclear power programmes, the Epoch Times (Australia) runs a biggish story "UK's atomic quest goes on" p5 31 Jan-6th Feb 07, noting the renewed debate over trident nuclear missiles on a new generation of submarines, and noting the UK nuclear arsenal is about 200 strong. Link to story asap, general link here http://en.epochtimes.com

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Friday, 2 February 2007
VP Cheney visiting aircraft carrier USS Australia to firm up nuke weapon silos?
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SAM has been reporting China's massive economic dependence on Iranian oil, and China's not very coincidental awesome demonstration of ability to knock USA military satellites out of the sky, which would be necessary for the USA to effectively menace or even politically annexe Iran as it has other Middle East states.

VP Cheney who is visiting here in the next month (refer below), was quoted a few days ago in the major press regarding USS Stenner aircraft carrier steaming into the Persian gulf as 'evidence' of the US intent to curb Iran's influence in Iraq. This reads like putting a brave face on China's frightening warning to back off their oil investment in Iran, that is, to physically stay out of Iran itself.

Now all the chatter in the Big Media is not about military strikes on Iran's dual use peace/weapon nuke research and development sites but a new vicious cold war 'shoot to kill' policy for any 'Iranian agents' found in Iraq, which is after all a neighbour to the war torn country with sympathy over religion and ethnicity.

This reads like something of a tantrum by Secretary of Defence Gates and the US military industrial complex after the China 'test' for being blocked in their escalation agendas against Iran by the next biggest (mostly soft but also hard military) power on the planet .

If these massive geo political players can't fool little old SAM website here about this full on power struggle over US/Iranian influence in the Middle East and its oil resouce or relations with Israel they are not fooling most other serious observers.

Further this scary unstable reality feeds into little old Australia. Paul Dibb ex ASIO for 25 years, now ANU academic, in The Australian newspaper recently reported his 1976 research 'proving' Australia was a nuke target priority of the Soviets back then.

Australia today is surely in the nuke geo politik strategic balance. There was a rumour that US Secretary of State Rice and Australian PM Howard talked about 10 or 15 nuke silos in Australia last June 2006. It's a logical suggestion. We have US military communications sites at Pine Gap, North West and some others from memory. We have Dibb's advice back to 1976, and now we have strategic movement in all of the East Asia: Japan, let alone South Korea, debating nuke weapon deterence on North Korea. Taiwan with nuke power similarly vis a vis China menaces of their democracy. Indonesia, a huge Islamic country, seeking nuke power capacity which again is dual use by 2015 (only 8 years from now), earthquake zone notwithstanding. Iran arming up nuke wise vis a vis Israel already 2nd or 3rd in the world nuke weapon capacity.

Anyone who thinks either the United States Govt or the Australian Govt is not looking at nuke weapons here as part of their global network of super power control has not been paying attention. And Cheney's visit is surely not for holiday talk. World scale politicians like Cheney are not like that. They visit to do serious things.

More here: http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/cheney-to-visit-australia/2007/01/30/1169919313080.html

including these quotes:

"A statement issued by the White House said Mr Cheney would travel to Australia and Japan during the week starting February 19.

"He will meet with (Japanese) Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and (Australian) Prime Minister John Howard to discuss issues of mutual interest including Asian security and the global war on terror," it said....

"Mr Howard later confirmed that Mr Cheney would visit Australia from February 22 to 27.

"The Australia-US alliance is of enduring importance to both countries and makes a significant contribution to international security," the prime minister said in a statement.

"Australia and the United States continue to work together toward our common goals.

"We are cooperating closely to fight terrorism, address global environmental challenges and enhance energy security, prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and promote an open international economic order."

Mr Howard said the visit would be an important opportunity to reinforce the strong bilateral relationship between the United States and Australia.

"(It will allow us) to consult on major international issues such as regional security challenges, Afghanistan, Iraq and the war against terrorism," he said."

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Sunday, 28 January 2007
Long expensive nuke reactor decommissioning process at Lucas Heights
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Journalist Heath Gilmour took on the environment rounds in about 1994 for Fairfax if memory serves then faded in and out of view. He seemed way too innocent for the cut throat business of land politics back then.

This writer was working in the meat grinder (external and internal issues) of The Wilderness Society world where there was no time for illusions, with plenty of bruises along the way. I recall one commentator telling me privately that the then Liberal's Evironment Minister Hartcher was "a boy" compared to the other thugs in the power game like Peter Cochrane MP (Cooma Monaro), Albie Schultz MP (Tumut area) Deputy Premier Armstrong (Nationals) etc.

HG carries this lead story today:

Green war has begun

Malcolm Turnbull PETER Garrett injected power and passion yesterday into the heavyweight title fight to become the next federal government of Australia.

Which is really just reinforcement of news of the past week. But not this other cracking story also by HG here at p27 of the SunHerald

"Shutdown of reactor will take decade" (possibly offline)

A small teaser which glosses over so much more potential for news and scandal.

Nuclear power is a big topic of this next federal election. The real cost and inconvenience of decommissioning of old reactors is very relevant. This is the story that say ex Nuclear Disarmament Party Peter Garrett would be very excited about, and Malcolm Turnbull would be very queasy.

Seems the old monster reactor at Lucas Heights "had its first chain reaction on Australia Day in 1958": George Collins, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. All sigh patriotically or vomit would be more likely.

The self aggrandising nuke industry rent seekers will need how much to sort out the waste and deconstruction let alone security for the next 10 years? $1 billion, $2 billion. Will we ever find out the real cost?

In the UK it is reported by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority the astronomical cost for an admittedly much bigger sector there of UK 70 billion pounds (at a guess Aust$120 billion?) . Full statement and government referencing below.

And the sector is plagued by problems: Bloomberg reports the latest departure 17th Nov 06:

British Energy Ousts Its Nuclear Chief; Output Cut (Update3) By Lars Paulsson and Paul Dobson http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aoqdlnRtEaQI&refer=home

No wonder Friends of the Earth Scotland are running this 'its a White Elephant' campaign: http://www.foe-scotland.org.uk/elephant from where the image above is lifted.

Earlier in 2006 FoE Scotland states at: http://www.foe-scotland.org.uk/press/pr20060314.html

 30 March 2006

Scottish ministers urged to resist new nuclear power programme

The cost of cleaning up Britain's nuclear sites (including those in Scotland) could soar to £70 billion, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority revealed today [1]. Virtually all of this will have to be paid for by the taxpayer. Friends of the Earth Scotland said that the latest figures ­ a £14 billion jump on previous estimates ­ highlighted the economic insanity of nuclear power, and called on the Scottish Executive to reject any attempts to foist a new building programme of nuclear reactors on Scotland.

The environmental group also warned that the final bill to the taxpayer will be even higher that the NDA estimates released today, because they do not include the following areas:

  • The cost of managing the waste created by British Energy (e.g. Torness and Hunterston B).
  • Any further waste arising as a result of extending the operating lives of the existing reactors or facilities, or as a result of building new facilities.
  • The final disposal costs of nuclear waste.
  • Military activities (e.g. Rosyth or Faslane).

Friends of the Earth Scotland's Chief Executive, Duncan McLaren, said:

"Today's announcement demonstrates the economic and environmental insanity of nuclear power. The Scottish Executive must strongly resist calls to build new nuclear reactors and invest in a comprehensive programme of energy efficiency and renewables that will tackle climate change while securing our energy needs.

"Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous and massively expensive to clean up after. A further jump in cost to the public is not surprising but should be a warning to all those who foolishly think a new nuclear power programme should be approved. These figures will almost certainly rise again in time.

"Taxpayers should not be fooled into thinking that this figure is anywhere near the final costs they will ultimately be expected to shoulder. These NDA figures cover none of the wastes created by British Energy, wastes generated by the military or any future waste arising from a new nuclear power programme.

"Had we been able to invest this scale of resources into clean and sustainable renewable power, energy efficiency and the cleaner use of fossil energy, we could have met our climate change targets easily. Scotland must embrace the diverse cutting edge technologies of the future, not resurrect failed technologies from the past".



[1] http://www.nda.gov.uk

Postscript #1 [media release follows]


Lucas Heights switch off welcome, but problem of decommissioning just beginning.

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today welcomed news that the HIFAR reactor at Lucas Heights has been turned off but warned that Australians should be aware that making the site safe (decommissioning) could be a very long process and may never be achieved.

"Today Lucas Heights' old reactor is turned off but the public needs to be aware that the site may never be made safe," Senator Nettle said.

"Humanity has not solved the nuclear waste and decommissioning problem. None of the 100 or so commercial nuclear plants that have been switched off around the world have been successfully decommissioned.

"The British Government in their report 'Managing the Nuclear Legacy' admit that decommissioning their plants will require advances in basic science and technology and the development of innovative solutions to complex engineering, organisational and logistical problems.

"The lesson for Australia is not to pursue this never ending cycle of pollution when safe renewal options are available.

"Today the Australia Institute has released its report Who Wants a Nuclear Power Plant? which lists 17 locations suitable for nuclear power plants in Australia. Their polling shows, unsurprisingly, that populations close to these sites do not want nuclear power plants.
"Instead of talking about 25 possible nuclear power plants the Prime Minister should be looking for another 25 sites for major wind power stations and another 25 solar power stations.

"The Greens invite Australians to vote for a renewable future and reject the polluting, dangerous and massively expensive nuclear power option."

Contact - Jon Edwards 0428 xxxx xxxx


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Wednesday, 10 January 2007
Oz uranium to China: A VERY big mistake says indymedia
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 Nuclear exports to China pose serious security, political, environmental risks Winston Smith - Indymedia 2007-01-09 7:18 PM
JANUARY 7, 2007: The Australian Conservation Foundation is raising serious concerns around the security, political and environmental risks of the newly ratified Australia-China Nuclear Transfer Agreement that gives the green light for Australian uranium producers to commence exports to China. The deal allows Canberra to cancel uranium exports if Beijing violates any provisions in the pact. John Howard has encouraged Australians to cash in on its vast uranium deposits for export and to meet Australia's future energy needs..... Australia has about 40 per cent of all known uranium reserves and accounts for about 23 per cent of global production of the nuclear fuel...

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Friday, 5 January 2007
Oz uranium deal with China a big mistake say Greens
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Press release follows

Selling uranium to China a mistake

5 January 2007

Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said the federal government's
decision to permit the sale of Australian uranium to China was a mistake
which will fuel regional insecurity and that Prime Minister John Howard
will bear responsibility for the consequences.

The government today announced that Australia and China have ratified an
agreement to permit the sale of Australian uranium, from as early as
this year.

"Selling uranium to China is a mistake with potentially catastrophic
consequences", Senator Nettle said.

"Prime Minister Howard has ignored serious concerns in paving the way
for Australian uranium sales to China and he will bear responsibility
for the consequences.

"A report by federal parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties
on the bilateral agreement to permit this trade last month highlighted
serious shortcomings in safeguards, including deficiencies in the
international inspection regime and the ability to ensure our uranium is
not misused.

"The world doesn't need more uranium and nuclear power. Australia should
be developing and selling clean and safe renewable energy technology to
China, not adding to regional instability.

"The Greens call on Foreign Minister Downer to rule out selling uranium
to India, which is not a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation

Contact: Max Phillips 0414 ... ....

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