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Sunday, 26 August 2007
Sunday political talkies: Govt suffers equine flu in the polls, Rudd doing God's work on hospital reform?
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: election Oz 2007

Picture: Busy trade amongst lefties and greenies (not to be confused with aggressive 'Fishes' in great dystopian movie Children of Men) King St Newtown 25th August 2007 as APEC 'world leaders' conference approaches early Sept 07 in Sydney CBD, with ex PM Keating saying its got the wrong agenda anyway, everyone else knowing it's a party to honour vain old man Howard, and Police Chief Scipione (Italian Irish extraction like this writer) ej*culating prematurely saying (Haneef style?) 'intelligence' shows the need for 500 cells for 'violent protesters'. Never mind the entirely peaceful huge anti war protest in 2003 in Sydney by much the same groups (?). But will police present this 'intelligence' to the Supreme Court over protest permits? More like posturing by the $6 Billion a year security industry to justify a $170M/$24M a day security/APEC junket (that ex Premier Carr baulked at in 2005) and waste of money that should have been in Canberra?


Author’s general introductory note (skip this if you know this regular weekly column):





This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.



Indeed it’s the tv version monitoring task similar to what Nelson Mandela refers to here in his book Long Walk to Freedom (1994, Abacus) written in Robben Island prison (where he was meant to die like other African resister chiefs of history in the 19C), at page 208


“..newspapers are only a shadow of reality; their information is important to a freedom fighter not because it reveals the truth, but because it discloses the biases and perceptions of both those who produce the paper and those who read it.”



Just substitute ‘Sunday tv political talkie shows’ for "newspapers" in the quote above.



For actual transcripts go to web sites quoted below except with Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.


Media backgrounder:


- Beazley tugs his forelock for the ALP to the US empire p9 24/8/07 SMH  “Beazley joins US think tank”, only to be outdone in forelock tugging by real ALP leader Rudd “US is an overwhelming force for good in the world” p16 24/8/07 – yeah yeah tell it to millions of ghosts across the world.


- Feared truck blast toll of 400 sets grim Iraq record 17/8/07 p9 The Australian.



- We saw on tv then read only on Friday in The Oz at page 8 24/8/07 “Trainers want Pope’s people off their turf”, and same paper way back something about equine flu scare. Now the surly, pompous racing industry figures at Randwick complaining long and loud about disruption to their gambling business to the NSW Govt - with no plan B for the Popes youth Festival venue – are virtually shut down. Is it God’s judgement? Which reminds us of seeing a stern Joe Tripodi type figure in the blazing sun in full grey suit, on the steps of St Peters (and this is for real lobbying (?) for same youth gig way back in July 2002, or ) maybe just getting confession. It was our fascinating, inspiring world trip Chile to Ireland and back via Germany, departing Rome.


- Pulp mill stories everywhere – including colour pic of Greens candidate Susan Jarnson (above) top p5 24/8/07 in The Oz expected to poll around 11% in marginal Wentworth, a quality left wing candidate, nurse, mother etc. But for our money the real fracture in conservative votes will be local solicitor Alex Tees with a reasonable small business following, saying this far out he won’t direct preferences. Still to find a decent picture of the guy. The Sept 07 (!) issue of monthly Sydney City News page 4 by trooper Pam Walker quotes John Kaye MLC Greens "We're not enthusiastic about George Newhouse ...[ALP candidate in Wentworth]" and the text states it's more about " getting John Howard out". Sure, sure, preferences to ALP announced 3 months out, actions speaks louder than words. In the Eastern Suburbs the Greens are effectively captured by the ALP (and have been since at least 2000 says this ex Green Party councillor 95-99).


Picture 'Live Green' festival Victoria Park Saturday 25th Aug 07 more party then green perhaps with empty bicycle parking rack, but plentiful good quality stalls, great live music, and very busy beer garden. A Clover Moore inspired bread and circuses to outflank the rival Deputy Mayor Chris Harris (Greens)




- Meanwhile the massive issue of pollution stacks in the seat of Grayndler (Truck tunnel to port is back p1 The Glebe 23 Aug 07, spill to page 3) via the Iemma Govt's commitment to a truck tunnel shepherded through by their bureaucratic thug Prof David Richmond, a long time ALP stooge is ignored by Anthony Albanese. The Opposition Shadow on Infrastructure and Water prefers to not talk about this guarranteed cancer source with a picture story p9 of same paper about smelly Ibis breeding in Marrickville and attacking the local council. Albo with grand hypocrisy asks where are the reactors going? We say where are the truck tunnel smog stacks going? (we live in the suburb). And the local councils know its stuffed - adverts for both Leichhardt and Marrickville Council calling for public feedback on the environment p16 The Glebe 23/8/07 and p11 respectively. 

Picture: Howards doing their Family of Blood act at the Living Green festival in Sydney, as per Dr Who later that night? More sinister Dr Who type figures here ('Can I have a cutting?') too

And serious talks on sustainability with Peter Thompson ... err sorry drinks actually ....

- Geothermal use makes more cents to Lihir, p10 Resources section 25 Aug 2007

- Upstart pollster draws fire from the old brigade SMH Aug 23 2007 re YouGov firm from UK.

- Dad's the word as former contender becomes adviser 15/8/07 The Australian p23, re George Williams the legal whiz now stay at home Dad not ALP candidate.

- Wicked pedia: business, CIA edit online entries 16/8/07 SMH p13

- Garrett reinforces his office to repel government attack 9/8/07 The Australian p2, Ryan Heath, Martin Callinan re two snot noses into the ALP camp.

- Iemma Govt failure on open government #1 While we wait, Premier, the gap is getting wider smh p28 16/8/08, and Lesson for Canberra in neighbours attitude p30 23/8/07, both stay in touch section.

 - The shallow world of big media "How the ABC's science guru finally found an audience" 17/8/07 The Australian p13

Meeting the Press 10


Deborah Rice compere. Julia Gillard is the talent, effective makeup job on tired eyes, as articulate as ever. Bats off union hack sledge by Hockey.


ALP wins economic management poll by Ipsos 20-22 Aug 07 39% to 36%.


Interest rate rise in favour to ALP for 24%, most unaffected voter intentions 55%. 4% more likely to vote for Coalition.


Iemma bats off strip club question, turns it on Hill (?),  Clennel (Herald), Spicer (ABC) lots of laughs all round.

Gillard stays away from Grandfather Howard age as an issue.

Overall looking centred, competent, relaxed, balanced, underlying confidence and strong. Good interview even with the hard edged voice.

 2nd half

- David Salter on his book, deserve the media we get?  Bris should have published next day (true), should have been on Media Watch he says, Rudd story not big really.

Reminds of Fairfax protest rally as here some months back

Transcript in due course www.ten.com.au/meetthepress


7 Weekend Sunrise, 8.35-40 am Riley Diary  -

Satire about Kevin Rudd more like Ned Flanders than sleazy Homer Simpson. Excuse for showing girlie dancers and Sefton strip club in Sydney which looks like a Liberal Party set up to string the smear along courtesy dickhead Colin Allan.








Insiders 2


Swan as Opposition Treasurer – tax cuts question dodged, pushes responsible investment in infrastructure for next 10 years.


Paul Kelly agrees Rudd health policy is a big play. Howard needs climate change outcome from APEC.


Panel of Bolt (News), Toohey (AFR?) , Taylor (AFR)


All tend to agree polls have stabilised, Bolt 'over for Howard'.


Home page is http://www.abc.net.au/insiders/



Sunday 9



News refers to more APEC disruption.


Laurie Oakes with Abbott batting off Rudd health reform plan for hospitals. Sledges Rudd but Oakes counters re Mersey little in one marginal. Abbott boosts as great trial. [Scepticism high and Abbott playing with a pair of twos.] Then the interaction goes into a political abyss for Abbott:

Picture: Laurie Oakes in hushed grave tones at the reaction of Tony Abbott to serious credibility challenge, this image shows his cornered slugger punchy embattled mode, as if with equine flu (?), over Rudd health reform package, which Abbott had proposed himself but was rejected by his Cabinet and PM.


Shades of punching into left winger Peter Woof as a student in the 1970ies over the student association lock out.



Feature story about circle of abuse in one Aboriginal community in the NT. 





Posted by editor at 9:08 AM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 26 August 2007 12:28 PM NZT
Friday, 24 August 2007
Dishonest Sydney Telegraph runs interference on Rudd ALP health policy, as Iemma ALP run interference on bus pay claims?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: health

Picture: Today's press front pages in Sydney tell a story, with most including Australian Financial Review (not shown) carrying the real news prominently page 1 of a big federal ALP health policy, but the Daily Telegraph aka cartoon book go spoiler on a tangential health headline about sick bus drivers, who probably really are sick, and not joking.

Bus drivers get paid about $20 an hour we hear. We think they deserve danger money too this winter.

70 out of 300 at Ryde depot are reporting 'flu' sick leave (about 23%) says the Telegraph at their page 9 spill over from front page headline here "Sick Joke" when the rival Sydney Morning Herald reported recently 20% flu rates in some workplaces here in Sydney far less exposed to public germs. Indeed there has been an avalanche of such worrying stories here:

Don't soldier on - take a sickie and spare the city your germs ... by shrieker Miranda Devine with this image.

Public health measure ... wearing a mask in Tokyo is a sign of respect.

Public health measure ... wearing a mask in Tokyo is a sign of respect.

And here Toddler dies from flu - National - smh.com.au

and here Sydney flu epidemic kills 150 | The Daily Telegraph

So the poor old bus drivers are being smeared in a front pager, which has the very useful dual purpose if you are conservative Coalition paper of crowding out a big health/hospitals policy announcement, which could be the pivotal election winner for Kevin Rudd's federal ALP.

Meanwhile Virginnia Trioli of abc prime time 702 radio ... is off sick for a whole week now and this writer has delivered vitamin C and vegetable soup packs to our disabled buddy in the Eastern Suburbs down with the same lergie.

Have the Telegraph and stingy Iemma no shame at all?

Posted by editor at 9:08 AM NZT
Updated: Friday, 24 August 2007 9:48 AM NZT
Thursday, 23 August 2007
Liberal Party's $1M draw back: Greens
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: health
Liberals should stop taking donations from big tobacco


If the Liberal Party wants to be taken seriously when discussing the
health risks of smoking, they should donate the over $1 million dollars
they've received from Phillip Morris and British American Tobacco to
cancer research, Greens Senator for New South Wales Kerry Nettle said
today outside a Liberal party fundraiser hosted by the Federal Minister
for Ageing, Christopher Pyne in Sydney.

"Christopher Pyne cannot deliver an effective 'quit smoking' message
while his party continues to accept donations from big tobacco
companies," Senator Nettle said.

"Smoking is the single greatest cause of death and disease in Australia.
According to the 2001 National Drug Strategy Household Survey  tobacco
use caused 19,000 deaths and 142,500 hospital episodes were attributed
to tobacco smoking.

"Australian Electoral Commission data shows that between 1998 & 2006 the
Liberal Party has received $697,065.00 from British American Tobacco and
$337,340.00 from Philip Morris.

"The Liberal Party should donate the over $1 million dollars they've
received from tobacco companies to cancer research," Senator Nettle

"There is growing public disquiet about the millions of dollars
political parties receive to run their election campaigns particularly
tobacco companies.

"Today's $1200 a head lunch hosted by Christopher Pyne excludes all but
the top end of town from gaining access to the Howard Government",
Senator Nettle said.

Contact: Kristian Bolwell 0411638320

Posted by editor at 6:03 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 23 August 2007 6:35 PM NZT
BHP-Billiton on corporate welfare in South Australia: Greens
Mood:  irritated
Topic: corporates

Media Release
23rd August 2007

16.7 Billion reasons to scrap BHP Billiton special deal

Greens MLC Mark Parnell has called once again for BHP Billiton to give
up its special exemptions from state law on the back of yesterday's
extraordinary record profit announcement of $16.7 Billion.

"Why should a company that earns a staggering $16.7 Billion a year get
special deals from the people of South Australia that mean they save
money by avoiding state laws?            

"The time for special exemptions for BHP Billiton is well and truly
over.  They clearly can afford to pay their own way," he said.

Mark Parnell has a Bill before State Parliament, the Roxby Downs
(Indenture Ratification) (Application of Acts) Amendment Bill 2007 that
will remove special exemptions from the Aboriginal Heritage Act, the
Environmental Protection Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the
Natural Resources Management Act. 

"Every other developer needs to follow these laws - why does BHP
Billiton continue to get a free ride?  It's bizarre that one of the
richest companies in the world gets an easier ride when it comes to
complying with state laws than other miners and developers.

"I urge BHP Billiton to voluntarily give up these special exemptions,
and if they don't, I expect the Parliament to support my Bill to take
them away," Mr Parnell said.

For further comment contact Craig Wilkins on 0434 007 893


Greenpeace in Crikey.com.au today write

7. Nice profit BHP, shame about the environment

Greenpeace energy campaigner Ben Pearson writes:

So BHP has made another bumper profit. Just released figures report a record earnings result of $US13.4 billion, $16.7 million, driven by strong sales of commodities including petroluem products and coal. The press coverage of this has largely been uncritical; a doff of the hat to Chip Goodyear, and a general feeling of contentment that BHP, and Australia, can continue to ride the unprecedented commodities boom.


What is missing is an analysis of what BHP’s profits mean from a climate perspective.

BHP makes money by digging up and exporting commodities like coal. Its 23 coal mines worldwide produce nearly 150 million tonnes of coal a year, and it has major expansion plans in Australia. When that coal is burnt it creates greenhouse gases that fuel climate change, the costs of which will be huge if left unchecked. Australia, in particular, will be vulnerable as a hot, dry continent, and key industries like agriculture and tourism will be devastated.

In essence, therefore, BHP’s record profits now are being made by producing and exporting products which will threaten our economic wellbeing in the future. Yet the coverage of BHP’s profits fails to make this connection and fails to ask a very basic question: if climate change is such a threat, then why is it good that BHP continues to mine and export even more coal and other climate-changing products?


The answer from BHP would inevitably be "we’re investing in clean coal". Rubbish. BHP is spending about $360 million on clean coal over five years, a miserly amount compared to their profits. The expenditure is designed to create the appearance of caring about climate change so it can continue to profit from fuelling it.


Ultimately, reportage of BHP’s profits is just another manifestation of Australia’s current holiday from history. We happily ride the commodities boom while ignoring the inevitable, and severe, consequences of our quarry mentality, and economy. Future generations will look back at us in the same way we look back at Easter Island communities and ask "what were they thinking when they chopped down the last tree?"

Send your tips to boss@crikey.com.au or submit them anonymously here.

Posted by editor at 3:49 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 23 August 2007 3:53 PM NZT
Akerman's Heiner foray raises questions of bipartisan failure on child protection
Mood:  sharp
Topic: election Oz 2007

Piers Akerman reckons he is onto something with two significant columns in 4 days on the scandal of child abuse in a Qld institution from back to 1990, as pictured here bottom left today's Sydney Daily Telegraph.


Rudd may well be in the clear according to protestions of the ALP regarding improper shredding of old Inquiry documents, or not. Certainly Rudd is busy condemning abuse by economic slave merchants treating children as utilitarian widgets in a business/religious cult here: Brethren still a cult in Rudd's book And for that we are very glad. 

To us there seems to be just as much to be sad and sorry about regarding injustice and abuse of children on the Coalition side of politics through unspent Aboriginal welfare budget in a series running in the Herald (top left). We know of the broken election promise to fund the Cape York Land Use Agreement as one egregious example by Howard in 1996 (a promise made and broken again in 1998 by Minister Robert Hill).

Then there are questions alleging sinister behaviour in society generally (front page story Herald top right).

And perhaps the biggest child welfare issue of all is threat to a healthy environment which News Ltd are tuning into as per bottom right hand side full pager above in the press today too, as well as the former investment banker mother, climate change activist on abc talk back this morning.

Posted by editor at 12:51 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 23 August 2007 2:08 PM NZT
Howard takes out tree insurance on Malevolent Turnbull via Heff and Cousins?
Mood:  hug me
Topic: election Oz 2007

Picture: Front page of The Australian today 23rd August 2007. And more here  PM's silence more grist to the mill " JOHN Howard has refused to intervene in the public brawl between confidant Geoffrey Cousins and Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull." Just because I like him won't stop me burying him, Mill may cost state jobs and $3.3bn, Issue set to explode


[Email correspondence follows to local NSW ChipStop network follows]

Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 2:50 PM

Subject: Australian front page coverage Cousins goes Turnbull and is winning the PR so far re Wentworth ding dong smacking

This image [below, 22nd August 07] on front Australian website says alot. Mal Turnbull has a reputation as an enfant terrible earlier in his life that even Kerry Packer felt a little nervous around when he lost his temper (which is saying something with KP known to throw cricket balls at full force across the room). Since those days Mal reckons 'personal attacks only diminishes oneself' but he may be projecting his own real fear of losing the seat of Wentworth with hourly bulletins today having Mal attacking Cousins as "bullying" (irony) and not 'worthy of being on a public company' (Telstra no less) and but Geof Cousins cutting through about not being silenced in a democracy (eg adverts in Wentworth Courier), and calling Mal's criticism "feeble". Yep this is a first class blue blood business breakdown and there's no saying who will win. Turnbull put $600,000 into taking Wentworth in 2003 and doesn't strike me as a guy who throws away his money for nothing - indeed eye on the prize as PM one imagines (and smart - donated $40K personal money to burns unit charity of Mid Year Ball close to heart of Canberra Press Gallery after death and injury in Indonesia). Only Howard has parked Mal in the Environment portfolio for the very fact its an intractable basket case in a Coalition resource driven govt. That's Howard's insurance against overarching ambition, and Cousins is Howard's mate on Telstra Board. Howard was mentioned on radio earlier as praising Cousins as a good bloke, so no respite for Mal (evolent) there (ha ha).
Also Heffernan, a Howard boundary rider on agri industry politiks and cross checker on National Party boondoggles, last Friday on parliamentary broadcast was waxing lyrical about the toxic pollution from the Tamar Valley pulp mill, like throwing a bone to the greenies - but again I would take all that with a grain of salt on behalf of both Howard and Heffernan - both known as cynical pocket pissers, by which I mean only moved by real politik to speak up for the environment with no real belief their whole career.
Amazing what a close election will do to focus the pollies on real environmental policy. (Illustrating how the NSW green movement lost the plot letting the Carr ALP get such a big margin especially in state election 2003. But that's just my opinion ...).
Here is the Australian coverage today (it also ran ABC World Today show as well here 22nd August 2007 http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/default.htm)

[The Australian] Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull, pictured here today at a National Infrastucture Conference. Picture: Graham Crouch More

A FORMER senior adviser to John Howard will personally campaign against Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull in his marginal seat.

Matthew Denholm | August 22, 2007

A LEADING businessman and former senior adviser to John Howard will personally campaign against federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull in his marginal Sydney seat in a bid to reverse federal approval for a Tasmanian pulp mill.


Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 5:44 PM
Subject: Crikey' s Stephen Mayne sees a genuine green streak in Geof Cousins too, lays off hostile motion to Telstra Re: [chipstop] Australian front page
Geoffrey Cousins, all is forgiven Date: Wednesday, 22 August 2007
Stephen Mayne writes:

For a supposedly close mate of the Prime Minister, Telstra director Geoffrey Cousins appears to have joined his colleagues in going native although in his case the issue is Malcolm Turnbull’s approval of the Gunns pulp mill.

As part of a bigger push into shareholder activism, I was literally about to hit the button on a campaign to gather 100 signatures from Telstra shareholders to put up a resolution seeking to remove Cousins from the board at the AGM in Sydney on 7 November.

The deadline was 6 September and the plan was potentially a Machiavellian beauty based on the hope that the Telstra board would maintain its opposition to Cousins, such that he would have been turfed off the board just days before or after the federal election.

Given that Telstra is at war with the government, the assumption was that his close Cousins association with John Howard would make him unpopular with his board colleagues.

Alas, the opposite seems to be the case. The mail coming out of the Telstra boardroom is that they are all getting along very well and now we’ve got Cousins declaring war on both the Lennon Labor Government in Tasmania and federal environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The Australian splashed today with revelations that Cousins will try to unseat Turnbull from his marginal seat of Wentworth.

At one level, this could be interpreted as Cousins establishing his anti-government credentials to save his skin on the Telstra board. It has certainly ended my removal resolution.

The government forced Cousins onto the board last year by voting its 51% stake in favour just days before it sold down to 17%. A resolution to remove him, if backed by the board, would have been a fascinating test of the Future Fund’s independence right in the middle of an election campaign.

At last year’s AGM, Cousins needed the government’s 6.446 billion votes to get elected because he faced an unprecedented against vote from institutions of 1.73 billion shares. I was the best performed outside candidate with 186 million votes in favour and Cousins was only supported by 240 million shares before the government saved the day.

However, Cousins does have a long history of trashing relationships in pursuit of good corporate governance. A 20 year friendship with Nick Whitlam didn’t stop him from turning crown witness against him over some NRMA proxy voting and he also railed against the practices of Crown Casino developer Hudson Conway when he was put onto that board by Kerry Packer.

Maybe the guy really is a genuine campaigner for good corporate practice who also has a strong green streak from his experiences bushwalking in Tasmania.

Send your tips to boss@crikey.com.au or submit them anonymously here.


Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 2:29 PM
Subject: Gunns to to control Auspine softwood sector on mainland for anti competitive horizontal integration of native forest, plantation

I think that point about breaking the internal corss subsidy within the govt balance sheet from logging of profitable plantation to unprofitable native forest just got more compelling as a result of the private sector finances moving to integrate the native forest and plantation sector, which means there will be even more anti competitive practices between the two sides of the logger operations, in other words more clearing for more new plantation. Quite logical brutal business practice by Gunns. But then that's just my opinion.....based on the NSW Public Accounts Committee reporting to the NSW Parliament in 1990

Gunns' slingers to take 50.1pc stake | The Australian 

Andrew McGarry and Pia Akerman | August 22, 2007

FORESTRY company Gunns is seen as the Tasmanian tough guy of timber, the company that never backs down from a fight.

The company's latest stoush, a $332 million takeover offer for South Australian-based softwood plantation producer Auspine, is not yet over, but later today Gunns is expected to cross the 50.1 per cent shareholding threshold to take a controlling interest. .......


Meanwhile local solicitor Alex Tees is promoting this platform as a likely independent candidate in Wentworth (Tees is our legal sponsor/principal in our pro bono legal work but this platform is all Tees' own work, no responsibility though we did mention Tas forests)



Community Independent Residents such as myself will be instituting the following agenda priorities for the forthcoming election;


In the next few weeks/months a series of public meetings will be called and held to set up an Exploratory Campaign Committee with a view to promoting an Independent campaign and or candidates in the Forthcoming Federal Election for the Federal Seat of Wentworth.


"This may appeal to ordinary local residents  and For those who are not members of BIG POLITICAL PARTIES , BIG TRADE UNIONS OR BIG BUSINESS"


Draft Policy Issues for Discussion


1. A Policy to guarantee everyone who is capable of a job ; with Government if necessary, particularly in these economic boom times to subsidize mobility of job seekers on 100% basis, subsidize jobs with Local Govt, Community organizations and other employers. Such

policy will involve the abolition of unemployment benefits and its replacement with guaranteed net wage of at least that set by the Fair Pay Commission.


2.a) Control of all Health/Education services by the Commonwealth with the Commonwealth to pay for the same ; with same to be paid for by the Commonwealth/Federal Government.ONE NATIONAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH SYSTEM = MASSIVE COST SAVINGS – NO DUPLICATION OF BUREAUCRACY

b) One single National registration system for all Trades and Professions with Common standards = more massive savings for Government and Business.


3. A Further closer integration of all Police Services both Federal and State into one co-operative command ; abolishing all duplicated responsibilities in Policing and law enforcement that currently exists between Federal/State bodies.Further and extra funding for all Police and a National Training system for Police to be set up.


4. The closure of Villawood detention centre and those at Port Hedland/and Victoria and its/their replacement with a scheme where necessary of home detention and a smaller more humane immigration detention centre. No more former criminals or criminal deportees

to be put in such centres with ordinary immigration detainees and no children ever to held in immigration detention.


5. A Proper National environmental audit with particular emphasis on further prevention of land clearance and preservation of natural rain forests.


6. Further Continued Assistance and intervention in support of all Aboriginal Communities in strict consultation with such communities to prevent child abuse in ALL States/Territories with LONG TERM extra resources and funds for doctors, accommodation

and education.


7. Continued National control of the national Communications/telephone and internet network and better government funding of same in all areas of Australia.


8. Enhanced funding and a massive expansion of Defence Reserve Forces to be recruited and trained on a regional basis ; with emphasis on civil defence and natural disasters ; while bolstering national and regional defence preparedness with maximum flexibility etc.


9. Increased Funding and resources for Defence Forces to train local Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.


10. Massive increase in Commonwealth funding for alternative energy sources other than Oil/Petrol ; to Solar, wind, tidal and Oil substitute fuels ; massive increase in funding for Public Transport and Railways with the Commonwealth to take control of one

National Uniform Rail system.


11. A Fair and Equitable National Industrial Relations System that governs all employees ; not the current Federal State Government sponsored mess with multiple coverage and uncertainty for employees and employers in every jurisdiction in Australia.


12. GST ADMINISTRTION COSTS FOR SMALL BUSINESS ARE STILL TOO ONEROUS AND SHOULD BE SUBSIDIZED AND PAID FOR BY GOVERNMENT NOT Small Business ... a GST Stamp system could be introduced whereby users of small business services purchase GST stamps from the

Government and then hand them over physically or electronically to Small Businesses thereby meaning Small Businesses no longer collect Taxes for the government or administer its tax system for it...........

“The cost of administering the GST system should be borne by the Government NOT SMALL BUSINESS “ ( as it is at the moment)


All the above will achieve massive costs savings and significant investment for the future of all Australians for the future.


A public meeting will shortly be held in Wentworth in the next few months to Form a Campaign Committee to promote the above policies.


Further Information :


Alex Tees




A.A.W. Tees


Office :@ ANZIA, Su 3a, Lvl 6 , 303 Pitt St Sydney 2000 ,Australia

Tel  9281 3230/821 10233 ,Email atees@bigpond.com After Hours (02) 820 73122 &

9387 4836/0409813622 ,Mobile (040) 981 3622


Fax (02) 9262 7644 , Intnl After hours 612 820 73122


Web sites: www.legalexchange.com.au, www.cpppcltrust.com

Posted by editor at 11:48 AM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 23 August 2007 3:47 PM NZT
Media Watch's Tim Palmer & co should hold fast, impertinent The Oz still more bullypit than quality
Mood:  sharp
Topic: big media

Picture: Media Watch asleep on the job? Au contraire - The Australian as moral wolf in stylish 100% woollen clothing, reliant on the shill of industry, just as likely.


A judicious and honest consideration of the attack by The Australian editorial today on humble 15 minute ABC Media Watch of 20th August 2007 including:


-         long long ‘doth protest too much’ haughty editorial - Old tricks back at Media Watch - echoing the recent slumming editorial effort against accurate criticism by psephologist bloggers of  their Dennis Shanahan re Newspoll interpretation

-         skinny column by veteran hack David Salter – the only intrinsically convincing article re journalistic career cowardice in the face of a Treasurer's edict Watchdog must bite all hands equally

-         talented but flighty, opportunistic Caroline Overington in their Media supplement Ripping yarns not on the ABC more a plea for a longer more resourced MW than anything


and maybe more (?), must take into account ‘tis the season of electoral emotional violence and ambition'. In the case of relatively new editor of the Oz the ambition s to become the quality broadsheet in Australia with all the cut and thrust and blood that implies, not least poaching staff from the Fin Review, cosying up with Opposition Leader Rudd, and not brooking any criticism no matter how sound.


(Nor is it any coincidence in this stage of the political cycle as nerves fray and excitement reins, Mary Kostakidis is locking horns with dumb bosses at SBS, or ABC have axed the influential natural history unit in this election killing season.)


First, by coincidence we ‘watched’ MW last night on the web, having slept early last Monday night. Big tick to the ABC for their web service there.


Second, we found the line up worthy and competent. True, big sensationalist stories might be the preference of the narcissistic sector but if this writer’s tastes are anything like the usual audience we care at least as much about safe medical drugs coverage, drink driving in society, commercialism masquerading as news, credits ruining our family movie enjoyment and honest reporting of climate change. Sure we want a moderate coverage of ‘pop star’ journalists but keep it in perspective.


Third, on the content of the last story offending The Oz, fifth in the line up, this turns on cunning Matthew Warren an industry hack now ‘environment reporter’ exploiting the well known conservative diplomacy of the UN IPCC paralysed by nth degree consensus to claim Howard’s delay on climate change action is being ‘responsible’. Yet virtually everyone knows the high quality science predicts worse, not less, dangerous impacts not least sea rise, and that the IPCC is hobbled by needing to keep all vested govt interests in the tent. The Australian is being too cute by half arguing Warren, their paper with huge fossil fool advertising supplements, or economic dry denialist industry readership demographic is in any way objective. That’s a Shakespearean farce – hence the 'doth protest too much' projection of their own paper's bias well ventilated by MW in maybe a 3 minute item last in the line up. [On reflection 24.8.07 we agree with Warren's possibly main gist that ALP and Coalition are more similar than different on real practical policy settings, if that in fact is his main point, while disagreeing with his dubious positioning of IPCC chair as pro Howard.]


Fourth, when Salter argues the journo’s at the Water’s Edge should be front and centre in the MW show for failing to report an 'on the record' backgrounding at a dinner about leadership tensions, and then off the record ‘retrospective virginity’ (great line) well yes. But there is plenty of time for a considered view from MW after the dust settles. Nothing turns on rushing in now. No doubt a blogger like this one, who would never get invited to such a dinner, would have published by dessert with no chance for on to off . Salter we say is surely right – this aspect needs a lot more attention not least the operation of 'the drip' to ruin immediate coverage but also we say better to wait for a good solidly researched effort. Including interview with Brissenden (or Daley or Wright) on why they folded, in the chair making his inevitable mea culpa for belated acceptance of the Treasurer's confidence. Just get the grovel confession out Michael, it worked for Kev. Another aspect - re a confidence belatedly accepted then splashing it 2 years later - has been thrashed to death by all other Big Media, so MW could have rehashed but we agree why bother except maybe as a footnote.


Fifth, Overington is no paragon of moral judgement, notwithstanding the AWB outrage she nailed to her great credit. Stuck at The Oz to do their corporate vested interest as above, having tried and failed (?) to get into the ABC, the planks of her argument are not really so strong in the self defined inhouse media bible:


-         we have addressed the Waters Edge which is Salter’s not her point really.

-         The HMAS Sydney wreck that never was – not really false reporting at all, mistaken identity duly clarified, based on views of amateur searchers. It was a big story but a small mistake and all been cured and a small lesson in hedging your bets with a judicious question mark in headlines. Who is hurt by the error? No one, would be our guess.

-         The so called ‘Rudd strip club story’ – well it's still being clarified and embellished with World Today abc carrying the boss of Scores debunking the factual matrix only 2 days ago – after Media Watch’s schedule. In other words the jury and the evidence was still out and excellent editorial decision to hold off on the story at MW, AND for the Herald to not run the story at all. It was bogus. Indeed the real story is how Col Allan leads quality politicians into moral hazard to destroy honourable independent politics. But you won’t read that in The Australian owned by News Ltd.


The Australian with an obvious axe to grind should take it's medicine on misreporting IPCC political endorsement of Howard in an election year via Warren spinning a hobbled, hapless IPCC chief, and stop please stop whining.


Otherwise let's see editor Paul Whittacker publish on the front page that owner Rupert is a fool for also being worried about general delay on climate change policy. I don't think so.


Postscript #1


Low on the inside page of The Media supplement Matthew Warren (and editor Whittaker extract in paper version) of the Oz argue in Storm over IPCC chairman's comments with great sophistry about 'lack of global consensus on urgent strict targets to fight climate change', quoting variability of government positions across the globe. BUT this ignores the firm majority consensus amongst most best scientists inlcuding in the IPCC who do (often despite their governments) want such targets and call for endorsement of Kyoto Protocol which inevitably leads to ... strict emission targets. So its mostly splitting hairs. Only trouble is the Kyoto framework is constantly being sabotaged by Howard and his barrackers in Australia (like Warren, Whittacker), and the USA under GW Bush ... because it leads to strict targets.


Warren, like Gittins at the Herald, can argue cogently there is little practical difference between Coalition and ALP on real climate change policy, and maybe that's his real point anyway positioning Dr Pachauri as Chair of the IPCC, but that's not science or ecological reality, that's duopoly establishment privilege and denial, and certainly not the role of Media Watch.


Also it seems the ABC has shifted some ground on the Water's Edge imbroglio as reported (with glee?) by The Australian here:  ABC places ethics debate on record with no doubt some official grovel there as a concession to critics. But let's not get too coy here - getting a story on leadership tensions provided on anonymous background, then running it in defiance of a request to bury it would be brave and right but also cruel any juicy access. That's the ABC's hard road to hoe, but the commercials surely don't have such scruples and would just balance up value of an immediate story versus value of the drip in future. In this way Brissenden is on a higher relative tax payer funded standard and deserves due sympathy for that heavier burden as a leader in his field, not a follower. It does him credit he feels the ethical pressure now obvious in his interviews. In short a due grovel by a quality journo, no one is perfect, and move on. Scruples should be a virtue not a paralysing obsession. My conclusion, Brissenden probably cured the pre emptive buckle (belatedly, improperly accepting the Treasurer's confidence) by running the story 2 years later and indeed better late than never. Bravo.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007
SBS loses its way on quality control, just ask Sniff and Stiff prime time news hour and their cure for er*ctile problems
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We noticed this advert at about 6.50 pm two nights ago on SBS news hour before switching over to the 7 pm abc prime time news:

Lower picture above shows image from front page of the Sydney Morning Herald today re 20 year veteran high brow journalist Mary Kostakidis who looks to be chucking the SBS for pathetic media standards.

The pathetic choice of advertising placement during their quality news hour as per this YouTube featuring Sniff and Stiff  seems to bear out her general concerns.

Meanwhile over at the bigger public broadcaster ABC the Natural History Unit has been axed: Crikey - Media & Arts - The ABC's Natural History unit becomes history

Truly the barbarians are inside the public broadcasters in the last days of the desperate Howard Govt consistently 10 points behind in the polls, and likely now relying on 'feral protesters', and huge pork barrel politiking to generate polling popularity of any kind.

Now we have just noticed the intrepid Errol Simper in The Australian here, who seems to see through the Big Media like 'water running down my drain' to quote one of Bob Dylan's stingers: Network to blame for anchor's loss

Postscript #1 24 Aug 2007

In his opinion piece in the Media supplement in The Oz, Quentin Dempster also notes the above Sniff and Stiff juxtaposition with the SBS News Hour. (It appears to be offline, under the heading The great debate Should SBS be more commercial) within this larger story Come back Mary, pleads boss | The Australian

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Kids shouldn't protest 1/2 million deaths in Iraq to 'stop Bush', according to Premier Iemma
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Adrian D’Hage (Click for larger image.)

Picture: Career soldier and Olympics security expert Adrian D’Hage spoke on ABC Conversation Hour recently

Yesterday's Conversation Hour guest with Richard Fidler was very profound. We believe the interview is a stark contrast with Premier Morris Iemma's grandstanding over APEC protesters on prime time tv news and here in the Big Press:

Don't recruit students: Iemma Morris Iemma warns "feral" APEC protesters against recruiting school students. Your say: APEC, protests and schoolkidsFull APEC coverage

And there is this provocative front pager from the dodgy editorialists at the News Ltd Telegraph, perhaps covering their tracks for their disgrace now over a deceptive 'Rudd Strip Club' story, certainly underlining how dumb the choice of Sydney as the APEC venue really is:

Premier Iemma is under the spotlight over all this likely disruption too over whether he supports the Iraq war folly or the protesters against? What does avowed Christian 'do unto others' Morris Iemma stand for at all? Is he a joke on democracy itself?

In February 2003 an entirely peaceful rally of some 250-500K Sydney siders protested the impending Iraq war including this writer, and not just in Australia: 

PM Howard called this profound opposition "a mob" and arrogantly went ahead anyway. The mob were invariably right, and Bush and Howard WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Not least the extremism of the USA military industrial complex and world famous arrogance and the cultural bigotry of that country's military.

The reason we have separated smaller capital cities in so many countries including Canberra is so that large per se rallies and protests, that are small in proportion to total population, cannot mass in a major city and hijack democracy in the seat of govt. So has Howard deliberately sought to undo that sound democratic norm for his own cynical divisive electoral purposes after 2003 by moving the visiting pollies en masse to Sydney? To provocatively leverage 'the mob' who oppose him to his own Karl Rove divisive purposes?

He is certainly cynical enough to have thought it.

A contrasting approach by Australian career soldier D'Hage could not be greater: A decorated Vietnam veteran, successful security chief for the Sydney Olympics, this bloke D'Hage in the link below condemns Sydney as choice of APEC venue, and notes the credible expert estimates of disastrous loss of life in Iraq due to the appalling US President George Bush and his cronies, including John Howard PM of Australia.

These are not the words of your typical bleeding heart anti war or Bush critic, let alone hard left Resistance organisation:

Security expert and author Adrian D'Hage [21/08/2007]
Adrian D'Hage is a man of many parts. First, there's the military man: Adrian was a platoon commander in Vietnam where he was awarded the Military Cross. He became a Brigadier, but doesn't believe he was every a very conventional member of the military.   [
more ]

Most of the public in their heart, including we say, Premier Morris Iemma, Police Minister Campbell,  Deputy Premier Watkins and Education Minister Della Bosca know an APEC junket in Sydney is a Howard wank hence this independent press cutting visual satire earlier this month:

More useful background here (via the topics list 'oz election 07' at right, then scroll to the date entry)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007
APEC Sept 2007: Civil society groups sleep walking into a law and order federal election trap
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Postscript #1 23rd August 2007

Seems the ALP are getting  quite busy on APEC now at higher federal levels of their machine. Rudd is meeting pro war President Bush where Rudd's fence sitting on the Iraq issue in 2003 will hold him in good stead compared with the categorical opposition of former leaders Crean and Latham.

And Keating is in the rival broadsheet promoting a new script for APEC itself in his big picture way regarding assisting China into a modern democratic form which does seem to carry some oomph too. All big asks given these flyers around the place:


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Tuesday, 21 August 2007
Naked journo power envy drives Milne's 'Rudd strip club' story, sincere Ramsey sledge?
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In the Latham Diaries on p254 big Mark cries over attacks on his Mum ('by his ex wife on the radio') in a meeting with Kevin Rudd over policy. That’s some trust to cry in front of a colleague.


In the same Diaries at page 364-5 Latham brutally insults Rudd for crying over the death of his mother (the day before federal election Oct 8th 2004) allegedly while lobbying him for a job in the shadow ministry. 


Again that’s some trust. Latham almost certainly misinterprets the grief as callous ambition when the potential demise of a golden son’s career is surely exactly the main concern of every great mother. Hence the intertwined psychology of career with child-parent solidarity and tears: Endeavour to glorify their mother or conversely failure causing dishonour, at least in their minds.


Our view Latham and Rudd might have a bit more in common on the emotional level than either want to admit. Indeed Latham describes Rudd as “a crazy bastard” at p256, an epithet since directed at himself by the Big Media.


But the Big Media have some psychological vulnerabilities of their own to ponder this last week.


Insightful media analyst Margaret Simmons on Crikey yesterday asks where is the story really in a strip club visit 4 years ago …. led by the nose there by one notorious yet powerful sink pisser Col Allan, formerly editor of cartoon book Sydney Daily Telegraph?


The seeds of Rudd at sleazy Scores story surely arises like a rusty sword out of the waters of Lake Burley Griffin, or the Waters Edge restaurant to be exact, another warty story itself 2 years old.


3 power journos Daley, Brissenden, Wright, and by definition not Milne or Ramsey are treated to a lengthy chat on/off the record by Treasurer Costello. Ramsey illustrates how cosy it all is with Mrs Wright owning the place, Mrs Brissenden (Taylor) corroborating etc etc.


But Ramsey makes it quite clear his pique at not being invited  with terms like “all that journalistic chest hair”, “Oh please”, “bored by the story” “dreadfully incestuous hothouse of huge, clashing egos” and deliciously “Don’t ever think it’s just the politicians”.


Well sure Alan but you still weren’t there, and just as well otherwise we might not have got such a cracking article Not-so-meaty returns, never mind happy - Opinion - smh.com.au last Saturday. Nor Glen Milne who got his equaliser next day with Kevin Rudd hits a strip club | The Daily Telegraph


That’s envy, and relevance deprivation syndrome within the Canberra Press Gallery.


We suspect as an indulgence to pop psychology that Rudd’s desperate attempt to unwind and lapse of judgement in New York 2003 relates in some Freudian way to the impending loss of the first, most profound woman in his life  – his mother. A big adjustment in anyone’s life. The male id and all that.


But all we get from Big Politics and Big Media is the increasingly naked reputations of all the power players – envious journos, grasping leaders (some pictured present and past) of major duopoly parties, and probably this wannabe blogger here.


Meanwhile Morris Iemma is busy grandstanding on police water cannon to steal oxygen from this story of a nakedly corrupt meeting with a Macau gambling gangster as here or cancer causing ventilation stacks from another multi $billion corrupt tollway tunnel.


Naked power money mum and sex. What else is there? 


Well as Akerman cunningly identifies with a recent piece on the scandalous Heiner affair back to 1990 - the fact that the famously effective Fitgerald Inquiry was shut down before it got to do over the ALP .... like it did over Joh's corrupt National Party. Lawyers picnic, or essential house cleaning of the ship of state? Almost certainly the latter - just ask Morris and his Macau mate, or his senior staffer Mike Kaiser ex Qld ALP and convicted electoral fraudster.


Or maybe this very real national security concern, and it's not APEC from the Sydney Daily Telegraph a month or two ago (date tbc):


Postscript #1 22nd August 2007

A. And the so called strip club front page shrieker last Sunday has turned to dust with references in the big media business (eg Sky News on abc radio) that its a 'one day wonder' (after 48 hours it might be noted). Indeed The World Today has direct interview with the boss of Scores 'Gentelman's Club' who was present 4 years back, saying Rudd didn't want to be there, didn't finish his beer and as soon as he realised the kind of place said "this won't do", but also the others Aussies "were fawning over him". That's quite a vindication for Rudd, and quite a devastating blow to the credibility of the story promoters overt and covert. There will be quite a deal of political accounting for this pathetic beat up - one can judge by the huge election spend flagged by Howard within 36 hours (since reinforced on 7.30 here) of Rudd meeting the challenge in his face to face with Laurie Oakes on Ch9 Sunday talkies. Gutsy effort Kevin. Which timing by the way suggests a certain tag team choreography and intent over who promoted the strip club story - the political equivalent of a punch to the solar plexis and then right cross on the chin of the increasingly rock jawed alternative prime minister Rudd.

B. The other intriguing political echo is our reflection in the main story above of corrupt tendencies of the Iemma ALP govt re Stanley Ho/2nd casino (as per SMH), and polluting tunnel agendas, which just might have caused this blow for improved integrity of governance via Justice Paul Stein (a heroic environemntal lawyer) via Minister Koperberg - about 10 years late but still thank heaven for small mercies.

C. And lastly, Iemma should have a little think about whether he is for or against the Iraq war as lame duck Bush attends Sydney's APEC and citizens protest agaisnt him .... not least the former senior army officer, Olympic security chief, and now theological type who condemns choice of Sydney as the venue yesterday on ABC radio, and notes 1/2 million deaths in Iraq since the invasion in 2003:


Security expert and author Adrian D'Hage [21/08/2007]
Adrian D'Hage is a man of many parts. First, there's the military man: Adrian was a platoon commander in Vietnam where he was awarded the Military Cross. He became a Brigadier, but doesn't believe he was every a very conventional member of the military.   [
more ]

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