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Monday, 19 May 2008
Our backgrounder on Kirkpatrick Simpson repeated here
Mood:  lyrical
Topic: local news

The local press has gone big on 'Simpson' as in 'Simpson and his donkey': 

Simpson doesn't qualify for a VC

JOHN SIMPSON KIRKPATRICK, the man with the donkey, one of the most enduring of all Anzac legends, will be denied the ultimate recognition of courage and sacrifice - the Victoria Cross.

When we first got this micro news SAM going January 2007 we did a background based on an interview with a dedicated retired union man Alf Rankin who really knew Kirkpatrick's family on first name terms:

Here it is, and it may be a gem of Australian history research, word of mouth:

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Posted by editor at 6:05 PM NZT
Brian Langton's good reputation on public transport 1995-1997, beaten down by rival Scully
Mood:  cool
Topic: nsw govt

Have a look at this from one of our dusty old files above. The truth is Brian Langton former NSW Transport Minister 1995-97 had a good reputation back then amongst the green/non govt movement. But no doubt he was beaten senseless by Carl Scully MP as then Roads Minister over big construction projects like M2 and Eastern Distributor.

Langton lost the power struggle in a competitive dynamic engineered by Premier Carr. But it would be remiss not to stand up for Langton today on the tough work he did for public transport though eventually beaten down by ruthless Scully. True Langton kicked an own goal and lost his job over expenditure issues. Who knows maybe he was depressed over the policy beating at the hands of Scully, enough to depress anyone?

We last saw Mr Langton, at least if memory serves, in coverage of the VIP attendance at the memorial for Milo Dunphy held at Governor House around that time, who was founder of Total Environment Centre (and mentor to this writer).

We think Langton should be given credit where it's due, despite attacks on his past in the press today. At the least the good with the not so.

Here is more context of that hard fought policy and community politics dispute for which Langton was clearly on the side of the public interest ....when the Metropolitan Air Quality Study was showing 400 premature deaths from poor air quality per year. Indeed Sydney is suffering the escalating car fleet and road dependence even worse 10 years later.

In this sense Langton is vindicated on policy if not expense accounting, even as the political loser.

And one last comment: For those who sledge cyclists as free loaders on the roads. These car lovers never mention the capital cost of the land upon which the roads are built, around 1/4 to 1/3 of the whole city land mass when one includes all private and public land for car/truck usage including parking and services. That's a very very very big subsidy in free/cheap land.



Posted by editor at 3:30 PM NZT
Updated: Monday, 19 May 2008 7:14 PM NZT
Police Minister Campbell tasers 'travel rorts' story in Sydney Morning Herald?
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: nsw govt

Arguably overfed police minister David Campell was exposed recently for alleged 'travel rorts':

17 May 2008 Surf-and-turf police jaunt costs $40000 - National - smh.com.au

David Campbell.

David Campbell.

He needed a new media focus and quick smart especially in this phase of public energy sell off 'friendly fire'.

Now he seems to have tasered (if such a word exists) the travel rorts allegation story via his loyal Police Commissioner Scipione and 229 tasers.  Ex Premier Bob Carr would be proud of the spin management:

Taser guns rolled out to cops | NEWS.com.au

 NSW top cop says tasers not fatal - Breaking News - National ...

He'd be alive if we had tasers: police chief - National - smh.com.au

More NSW police to be issued Taser guns - ABC News (Australian ...

As for tragedy of Roni Levi shooting in 1997, as local Bondi Ward Councillor 1995-99 we helped his relative organise an art exhibition of his art after the death, and helped staff the Bondi Safety Committee during that time against riotous behaviour. Significantly there is a major art work in the offices of Justice Action led by Brett Collins featuring Roni surrounded by officers with guns drawn. It's very sad and moving.

Later we also helped police peacefully arrest/help a confused and paranoid neighbor with a pot habit who was shaking the kitchen draw - meaning searching for a knife as we stood at his door. I intervened actually. We think this might have saved the neighbour's life by getting him to open the door without dramas and be admitted to an outpatients service. Next morning he was back at home on planet earth.

Frankly these tasers scare the hell out of us, not least in public protest situations, after APEC 2007, or as below in close quarters in the anti Forbes protests 2005 (!?):

Police Liaison for the 30A Forbes Global CEO Protest, 30 August 2005

Just imagine Chas from the ABC Chasers writhing in pain on the ground in his Osama costume. It's quite a worry, especially if its media cycle spin related policy making?

By the by, the first picture of Forbes 2005 collage below shows a cheeky editor of SAM here, holding a bundle Sydney City News free press work, normally hand delivered to the Opera House as advertising client for same published by Alternative Media Group (also publish Sydney City Hub). Clearly we couldn't access the public's Opera House which was the point of that photo and lawful presence, to make the point about Forbes disruption of commerce and tourism and public space. Yes it was cheeky.


Posted by editor at 10:46 AM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 20 May 2008 1:58 PM NZT
Sunday, 18 May 2008
Sunday tv talkies: Turnbull prospects ramp up, parties in 20C political economic confusion
Mood:  accident prone
Topic: aust govt



Author’s general introductory note (skip this bit if you know this regular weekly column):



This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.



Indeed it’s the tv version monitoring task similar to what Nelson Mandela refers to here in his book Long Walk to Freedom (1994, Abacus) written in Robben Island prison (where he was meant to die like other African resister chiefs of history in the 19C), at page 208



“..newspapers are only a shadow of reality; their information is important to a freedom fighter not because it reveals the truth, but because it discloses the biases and perceptions of both those who produce the paper and those who read it.”



Just substitute ‘Sunday tv political talkie shows’ for "newspapers" in the quote above.

For actual transcripts go to web sites quoted below except with Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.



Media backgrounders



- 17 May 2008 "Nelson nitwits" - Libs hash the Budget strategy | The Daily Telegraph


9 Sunday 7.30 – 9.30 am


Features on bikies and civil liberties, flesh eating bug drug resistant – ate young man’s lungs! Yuk.


Footage damaging from NBC (?) of China chaos in rescue effort there of 50K fatalities earthquake.


Good roundup of Forescue and emotional Twiggy Forest on his patriotic vindication via magnetite in Pilbara at say 40% quality ‘which is high’, comparision by Ross Greenwood with Norway high class problem of how to manage ‘resource curse’ namely $300 billion (US, Aus $ ?) for 4.5 million citizens (re oil there), compared to $100 b for 20 million citizens here. Implication that it is low compared to Norway.


Need sovereign funds to manage for the future this blessed financials. But vote at the ballot box re whether it should be held by super funds, and private savings than govt funds like $40 billion.


Interesting feature on civil liberties for freedom of association of bikies [political winner though even though in SA after murder of Brendan Keilor, my school mate actually, in Melbourne last year]


Strong feature about MRSA, staph infection. [exhortation to healthy living, for natural immunity, no smoking, drinking, exercise, fresh whole foods, not processed. Natural immunity is the key probably and care with wounds. Exponential growth.


Young adult son killed by MRSA – missed most of this but a really good worthy story I thought.



Laurie Oakes ‘forensic test of shadow Mal Turnbull – going to be rough. “free kick” first re health funds major leakage to public system. LO in attack mode.


[It’s the leadership interview]


Surcharge intro to high income folks to join, now affects middle lower income folks. Tax policy previous govt carryover, addresses that. Consequence now says MT must be worried.


Inconsistency – carrot and stick approach to medical insurance.


Budget in reply – cut in fuel excise, block tax alcopops. Where $ from – out of surplus or savings. Not in govt to really give chapter and verse. LO on high horse. Costello demanded costing. Turnbull concedes point “as Dr Nelson said” which is subtle departure dumping responsibility on Nelson for his approach. Too cavalier. MT concedes “is a large amount of money” …. “not in govt” another subtle message to party about quality fo leadership. Hits govt about watching not doing. Cut on exercise. Moderate measure.


Technical analysis of GST on excise back to states anyway. Explaining Nelson quite patronizing ‘what he meant’ ouch.  MT red tie is a real look at me choice. Smile by MT on bit of a rabble comment by LO. MT very relaxed at the accusation. Ouch again. The fin is in the water!


Alcopops – John Herron ex Lib minister council on drugs,  likes Govt approach – support for battling bingeing. [‘White spirits/dark spirits’ – what a bogus distinction also used by Riley. ] MT refers to economic evidence alcohol use is inelastic – not responsive to price increase [maybe true like petrol?, only 4% less on youth drinking.


LO refers inequity of anamolies re alcohol products wine, to pops to beer etc. Joe Hockey referenced, more anomalies. Needs to be fixed right across the board. Henry Ergas tax review to look at this.









10 Meet the Press:  8- 8-30 am


Footage of Wayne Swan, flattering. Press leads with Fairfax SunHerald on health funds leakage claimed. Swan is guest which is high kudos to early MTP show and possibly a quid pro quo to Paul Bongiorno for his general moderation in news work.


Swan looking settled, still a hint of smart arse in his presentation but well hidden now [you see it in absolute language ‘no economic credibility of coalition’ truth is adjusted cuts because of the business sensitivity to swingeing cuts and cycle inflation coming down by late 2009/10, and smarter politically to offer faint praise to Nelson for ‘trying’]


Chat about reception of the budget. Health funds story. States cost 1.7 billion$ worse off. Says bigger investments in hospitals infrastructure.


Petrol pricing thrust by Nelson, says 22b cost to budget and too uncertain. Petrol prices will rise says PB, re greenhouse for instance. Yes agrees. Emissions trading system later. PB re solar panels cut in subsidy. Means testing of solar panels. Fully subscribed – means test as responsible – gives the game up – too successful.


Out take of Costello hitting at Michelle Grattan – reported first (?) by SAM here as improper attack on admired icon of the gallery, but more revealing the accuracy of MG observation he is indeed feeling “sensitive”.  Footage bears it out.


Adbreak skip to 9.


Panel Hartcher Fairfax – insufficient downward pressure on inflation [fact is inflation cycle up then down, so Swan actually responded to Turnbull analysis by lessening cuts to steady as she goes, a non debate, more adversary masking consensus].


Says 7 b cuts, but PH net increase and stimulating tax cuts.


Jennifer Hewitt – The Australian (?) on panel.


Mis timed says PH? Swan says cuts demand. Costello spending inflationary last 4 budgets.


Alco Con? Asks JH. Substitution affect?  Sticks to his guns.


Footage of big funds accusation re slush fund 40b. Swan refers to [pious] BAF evaluations etc. PH still notes political control. 


Amusing re trust us, we are the govt. An old ironic cliché. Both laugh.


Footage of Tuckey (?). Out take about middle class winners versus over 150K Bentley drivers Zannetti cartoon.


Carer call in, sober Rudd listening in radio station. Contrary to stupid Harris demand. Swan sympathy mode to carers. Rudd wants to act – the mother’s voice is his mother talking. He is an open book to such women and it’s also a very appealing aspect to this PM’s character. Who cried at the loss to his colleague Latham. Keep going carers and mothers.




Meet The Press - Watch Political Video Online - Channel TEN.




Riley Diary 7, 8.35 am


Budget coverage – Robinhood  - fox cartoon character. Elephants trumpeting. ‘working families’. Satirical music. Works over those clichés. Riley recall is highest paid press gallery 200K plus – calls up Bulworth classic movie. Ethical moral debate in cartoon characters. Whinging wendy type pensioner.

Double triple the taxes with. Missed visual pun. Nelson Turnbull inconsistency. Nelson knives in back budget in reply. Spending too much, spend more. High taxing high spending high interest rates.

Nelson lower taxes on petrol, watching doesn’t. Pensioners stripped, Family First, strip stunt. Naked ambition of Steve Fielding.

Q&A - Mark Riley – what does it mean as rich media folks whinge themselves – suggests keep going , Riley notes the same point, quite good self awareness that. Working man drink habits tactic by Nelson. Notes health funds story over million going back to public health. Sam says very scary, big worry. Arc up over the next week.


No follow up Q& A Ellen to LO? Would be good tv that, but conflict with Insiders bang on 9 am too.






Insiders 2: 9- 10am


Fat Tony on news footage.


Cassidy intro flatters Federal ALP budget. Swan at press club – first one tougher? Don’t confuse tough with stupid. Not slam economy into wall.


Nelson says block tax on a pops. Got a laugh on watching petrol price. ALP govt says nothing in silence – quite eloquent that.


Panel is Annabel Crabb. Re NSW Lib director.  [Good story about low range speeder Della yesterday human normal thesis].


Funding medicare surcharge – 425K, may be double. Sunday press says Gerard Henderson drop out or not join close to 1 mil. PWC figures or treasury unsure but it’s a big figure.


Don’t accept says Swan on MTP. Questions modeling of treasury.


Meglo says private health framing the debate as a ‘public good’. Playing govt off a break. What going to do on public health.  GH says elective surgery private, Meglo public for emergency.


Nelson feisty and confident performance – Nelson is the cross. Rings/bags under eyes are alarming. Hair and eyes. May be falling apart? Turnbull also looked weary but still together with LO on 9.


Confirm block alco con? Get’s on positive foot – “yeah” which is a good sound. BC – leadership off the floor? Rudd govt not evidence based. Showing his medical expertise here on the stats. Not integrated approach re alcohol abuse. Price signals part of it but RTD to other drugs. Long list people who do support Govt, disagree with you, for Rudd policy. Says happy to address because they have a lot more in policy more integrated. Chair of govt policy.


Nightwatchman [our metaphor and it’s a cutting one] looking and sounding fairly okay actually. Hair a bit greyer and flattened, speaking strongly. Arguably make it worse. As much as says stupid to swap baggy green cap for beer commercial.


On petrol exercise policy – practical thing to do – expects to be bagged. Duck savings to fund hole from this? Says it’s an election policy. NRMA notes difference – [petrol is a public good natural monopoly?!]


Notes pre election ALP didn’t submit to treasury costing – fair point from memory.


Confusion about pensions coalition policy – plays sympathy mode, increases by them in past, Rudd ignores in this budget (high profile naked protest echoes). How improve? Too soon hedge but inquiry conducted, deserves “hell of a lot more”. Sledges Cate Blanchett baby visit not protest in Melbourne.

“Madness “of cutting solar subsidy [reached saturation] destructive of small business. On a winner with this critique. Unity ticket with Bob Brown. Christine Milne by the sounds on this.


Chat in panel re ‘fraud’ of both sides re alcopops.


Paul Kelly soliloquy – very targeted pain. Not a robinhood budget. Private health insurance – policy and politics. Mildy deflationary. Big picture – sustainable re inflation – questions sustainable or not. New funds 40b infr health and education. Not locked box. Draw down capital. Immigration 300K strong immigration prime minister. Says right thing to do. Signficant political problems. Nelson had to give back bench some red meat. Understands re morale boost. Weak opp leader pop tactics, bear in mind, Lib party one great asset ec policy credentials of Howard govt. Great risk will walk away from those credentials.


Everyperson panel of fashion models, modest presentation, eyes glazed.


Back to panel – Costello face – poker face on Nelson petrol price. Footage of Howard 2006 no simple way, cutting excise, 10c a litre meaningful. Not a durable undertaking says AC. Absolute disastrous policy says GH. Reluctant conclusion only 2 capable PC and MT. What fundamentally wrong? Bad economic policy. GH goes across the bridge against Nelson. Where’s the $ coming from [as per MT on with 9 with LO]. Trashing policy for survival says AC in so many words. Listener parrot.


GH goes back to Menzies, leadership unpopular decisions and worked. As did Howard/Costello. Populist leader. Nelson correctly predicts thrashing from ‘the couch’. AC warns couch it’s a fight Nelson chooses.


Footage of 9 LO with MT – clear split MT and BN. Interesting development, too right, leadership is correctly in play.


MG says leadership is terminal references BC, didn’t know MG gone so far. Too late for fruit and too early for flowers.


[Panel in real time news mode can see it’s on, ready to jump to their keyboards as soon as cameras stop rolling.]


Hockey, alco props nice use of language.


AC is very cute with her flouncing wordage.


Footage of Rudd Garrett pre election, inconsistency re solar. Very hard on young people. Transcript April 2007 250K not a lot of money – bogus – draw down on assets if not. Have equity as reassurance – move location. GH argues very serious mistake. Hardly. GH squealing for his constituency works in big media with Howard closed shop on power but that’s all gone to smithereens.


Meglo big picture slaps down GH and BC adds to that. GH has lost the plot in this political economy respect. GH goes way too personal with Meglo shows his underlying thuggish nature post Howard.


High achievers should have foals. Class snobbery there. From Tuckey footage.


Environmental and economic madness claim by Nelson applies to petrol too.


Which all reflects the 20C economy settings of both ALP and Coalition.


Latham sly dig at Rudd, very amusing re fiction or true. Rudd response – not credible panel concludes. Rudd is indeed an elitist. And Mark is indeed highly envious.


Cornwall from crikey.com.au good kudos, mainstreaming consolidates access to budget lockup. Looks like the proverbial cartoonist too. He’s smart as, sometimes over my head.


Peter Costello ‘luxury liberal party airbag’ . Mike Bowers self referential but it’s a stunningly good photo – beautiful work MB.


Footage revenge as per 10 MTP re sledge on Michelle Grattan, on Peter Costello about theatrical attacks on media. AC says shrinking band of pirates for PC.  No truth at all in quokka cruelty from blogger source.


UK politics – Gordon Brown, junior PM .


My friends in the ALP says GH, Costello would have done better to JH, not beaten him. Missed time not second half of 2007.


Roxon footage on ALP spin.


Moving tribute to Irene Semmler rescuer of 2000 Jewish kids in WW2 by GH.


Home page is http://www.abc.net.au/insiders/ 


Posted by editor at 12:02 PM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 18 May 2008 1:25 PM NZT
Saturday, 17 May 2008
NSW public energy heist?: Enron 'smartest guys' free 109 min film on Google Video
Mood:  special
Topic: nsw govt

As indicated in this profound film, staff of Enron (a US $65 billion corporation, 7th largest in the USA, which went bankrupt in 24 days in 2002) were regarded as the "best and brightest" in business. This has an eerie ring to it echoing a phrase for those selected for the recent 2020 summit blessed by PM Rudd.

PM Rudd also as it happens has endorsed the public energy sell off plan of the NSW Premier Morris Iemma who is in China as we write presumably to further progress the $15 billion sale  'the best and brightest idea' he can come up with for future governance of NSW! Enjoy (!?) the film. We will.

When you've digested that "magic of the market" and "de-regulation", have a look at this 60 minutes plus BBC doco on Youtube of the history of the public relations industry based on the theories of psychoanalyst Freud. It's a cracker.

And if you are still up for it this chestnut, less than one minute:



Posted by editor at 10:28 PM NZT
Updated: Sunday, 18 May 2008 12:49 AM NZT
Coca Cola Amatil 'not a good corporate citizen': Ian Cohen MP
Mood:  sad
Topic: corporates

Media Release from Ian Cohen MLC                                       

15th May 2008
Greens to Coca Cola: “stop political donations, start container

As Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) emerged from their AGM today, Greens MP Ian
Cohen called on the company to refrain from using their influence to
frustrate community efforts to expand South Australia’s successful
container deposit scheme.
“Coca Cola have donated almost two million dollars to the major
political parties in this country over the last nine years,” said
Upper House Greens MP Ian Cohen.
“What the developer donations scandal has revealed in NSW is that
political donors make donations in order to gain preferential access to
and/or treatment from MPs and Ministers.
“He who pays the piper calls the tune. There should be a moratorium
on all political donations from beverage companies, particularly while a
national review of the viability of a container deposit scheme is
“Voluntary waste management schemes have consistently failed to
achieve targets for recycling and resource recovery.
CCA’s Chairman David Gonski today told the AGM that the company has
‘engaged a sustainability manager to work with our customers and
we’re gathering ideas from many of our people on ways to reduce waste
and maximise resources’.
“Container deposit is a proven system for minimising waste. If Coke
were serious beyond greenwash, they’d be heeding calls supported by
90% of the community to introduce a cash back scheme for bottles and
“Self regulation has maintained status quo where recycling rates of
beverage containers have been stagnant for years. Is it a coincidence
that nine years of donations have coincided with nine years of self
regulation and nine years of chain dragging on waste issues?
“Once the company has embraced container deposit, they might like to
look to their sister company in Germany for guidance on how to set up a
refillable system. The German PET Coca Cola bottle on my desk has been
refilled 20 times – now there’s an idea,” said Mr Cohen.
For more information: Ian Cohen 0409 989 466 or Nic Clyde 0417 742 754

Posted by editor at 8:49 PM NZT
Brazilian environment minister quits, refusing to be policy pimped anymore, meanwhile in NSW ...
Mood:  sharp
Topic: nsw govt


Reuters Marina Silva: departure greeted with dismay

Our comment extracted from a string on crikey.com.au string here:

Tom McLoughlin
Saturday, 17 May 2008 4:10:54 PM
The pimping of the good reputation of Marina Silva, now ex minister for the environment in huge country Brazil, has a parallel in NSW. On Friday the SMH reported ['NSW attacks climate report' Marian Wilkinson, Environment Editor May 16, 2008 ] that Jeff Angel who sat on an 'independent committee' appointed by the govt to assess the public energy sell off plan, and indeed endorsed it 'on condition of no exemptions from the emissions trading scheme', this same Jeff Angel, was brushed aside after doing his PR dance, in a strong submission for the whole of NSW govt to the Garnaut Inquiry. The submission urges exactly those same ETS exemptions. In other words Angel was pimped. But we say he already knew that was his role and purpose. Silva has resigned so she can be her own person again. This "duchessing" is EXACTLY what founder of Total Environment Centre (1972) Milo Dunphy mentored me to avoid. And so it shall be. May he rest in peace. Listen up Jeff you're on notice a long time now.


Posted by editor at 6:13 PM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 17 May 2008 7:26 PM NZT
Add a new mystery sabotage to list of highly destructive vandalism on minorities
Mood:  not sure
Topic: human rights

The Herald is carrying a front page story today about some 5 cubic metres of concrete sabotaging the toilets to the Hordern Pavillion where the after party for the Gay Mardi Gras was to be held as usual in March 2008.

This follows a spate of attacks earlier this year late January and February (also analysed at that time here on SAM) with some common threads - areas of high ethnic or religious minority concentration, or refugee/immigrant nature. Only this time it is a minority alternative sexuality. Another aspect - the attacks are all highly effective and damaging and involve very serious destruction but as yet no loss of life. From months long closure of a suburban library to partial destrcuction of a religious temple to fire destruction of a chicken shop and substation fire at a shopping mall. Lastly, no one has been caught for these events.

Maybe there is no pattern to these events. We wonder.

Intuitively more than anything we feel there is a pattern behind these attacks suggestive of an evil genius for disruption, misery, corrosion of harmony in diversity. In short fascism.

Past reportage here:

And here:

Friday, 15 February 2008
Another suspicious fire in Broadway retail area?
Mood:  on fire
Topic: local news
And here :
Wednesday, 6 February 2008
Burnt out ... fire has damaged Sydney's oldest Chinese temple.

Burnt out ... fire has damaged Sydney's oldest Chinese temple.
Photo: Andrew Meares

Posted by editor at 4:15 PM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 20 May 2008 9:12 PM NZT
Future of Journalism report #2: The 1-9-90 rule, the audience knows more, and other axioms
Mood:  chatty
Topic: big media

Our second installment on an influential conference held early May 2008 at the ABC Ultimo headquarters venue involving various heavy weights in the Big Media sector.

[under construction]

Posted by editor at 2:10 PM NZT
Updated: Saturday, 17 May 2008 2:17 PM NZT
Cool new media base for Fairfax at Pyrmont, or mini Mordor echo of Governor Macquarie Tower?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: big media


This week we took a cycle around the new Fairfax base at 1 Darling Island Pyrmont, just over the water from old digs at Sussex St, Darling Harbour.

We also took quite a few pictures above and below looking for visual metaphors - like the giant ship propellers from yesteryear meaning whatever. It was sunny but we felt a chill all the same perhaps because the sleek dark lines reminded of Governor Macquarie Tower home of the NSW ALP Govt.


We met a senior media figure Bruce Wolpe out front catching a taxi and asked his view on the USA election 'will Barak beat Mr McCain?' "Yes Tom he will.". And was politely told to shove off by front desk security in case we were a foreign copyright stalker of some kind:

We first got interested in the new building when we realised the first stop out of the CBD for a new $12 billion (!) North West Metro by 2015 or so would be ... to Fairfax at Pyrmont. That's one way for the ALP to curry favour with one sector of the Big Media.

Then it got more interesting when rival News Ltd veteran John Lyons was monstered by Federal Police security in a cramping of the freedom of the press. It was always advertised as only a picfac says Labor but Rudd did more than pose for pictures inside the building evidencing media favouritism. As if to smooth over the whole sour grapes the provincial ALP machine took an expensive 1/4 page advert in rival News Ltd broadsheet which they cutely placed right next to the report about their man Lyons getting the shove: p3 9 May 2008 The Australian here;


Posted by editor at 1:59 PM NZT
Updated: Tuesday, 20 May 2008 8:41 PM NZT

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