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2/4/05...primary link to United Nations Millenium Ecosystem Assessment report, 1,300 scientists in 95 countries, 4 years long, $25 million cost.

31/03/05...Professor Lord Robert May, President of the Royal Society, ex adviser to UK PM, adviser to Lowy Institute on Millenium report and see 2 links below, and Report link itself above.

31/3/05... Irreversible change from industry and agriculture, 2/3 global ecological resources polluted or exploited, $25 million cost of study. Also link below and above.

31/3/05...Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: 1,300 experts from 95 countries, 4 year study: human consumption threat to earth's viability. 50 yr left until exhaustion. See also 3 links above.

14/2/05...logger power politics returns to destroy the Amazon rainforest: NYT/Reuters via SMH

6/2/05...7 African countries in Congo Basin forest conservation treaty: AP via SMH

28/1/05...Ice Shelf Melting, grass growing in Antarctica: New York Times 25/1/05

24/12/04...W Bush's great unravelling of environment al laws here with forests copping it this time: AP via SMH

8/1/05...mystery of large developed ancient society in the Amazon rainforest, study the soil: Boston Globe via SMH

2003?...Office Supply Superstore Staples Inc. Agrees to Historic Endangered Forest and Recycling Policy

San Francisco based, detailed ethical paper campaign site

March 2003...JATAN exposes alarming rise in Indonesian logging

7/1/03...Indonesia: Paper Industry Threatens Human Rights, Donors Urged to Act at Bali Conference

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