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Some nice things said about the founder and ecology action sydney

Some of the humbling things  people have said in signed statements about the ecology action sydney founder:


“…has been employed by our firm for approximately 12 months ….He has shown initiative, leadership and is honest and reliable.”


Kevin Lynch, Director, KM Lynch Pty Ltd, General Wine & Spirit Merchants, Warrnambool Victoria. February 14th 1983



“Despite a principal commitment to Law, he consistently performed well in my classes, and was usually in the top two or three students. He writes well, and is a clear thinker. His independent research into complex topics shows obvious intellectual capacity.”


Dr Andrew Cockburn, Lecturer in Zoology, Australian National University 10th May 1987



“Tom …worked as a volunteer at the Centre on a weekly basis … I am happy to recommend Tom for employment in a legal capacity …”


Peter Sutherland, Administrator, Welfare Rights and Legal Centre Limited, 24th August 1989



“He proved to be a most reliable, honest and trustworthy worker, critical requisites for working without supervision … I strongly believe that Tom will show dedication towards and achieve success in his future profession.


Charmaine Simeonovic, PhD, Visiting Fellow, John Curtin School of Medical Research 28th April 1989



“He performed his tasks with considerable maturity. He accepted and discharged  responsibility to my complete satisfaction… I have also been impressed by Tom’s participation in Firm activities, the way in which he has diligently and regularly organised activities involving members of the Firm and to some extent the leadership role he has played in this respect.”


Keith S McConnell, partner Baker & McKenzie Solicitors and Attorneys, Sydney office, 22nd January 1992.



“Tom … was employed by on a temporary basis for 5 five weeks … 1992….. I believe Tom’s assistance generally during his period of employment was a significant factor in the successful team performance of my staff. Further, Tom’s consultation and co-operation with the staff of my Independent colleagues was a factor in the continuing successful performance of the Independent members of NSW Parliament in the Spring Session. … Notwithstanding the pressure and intensity of the work for an Independent holding the balance of power, Tom remained calm and good humoured and was a pleasure to work with … Tom has returned as planned to his work within the NSW environment movement and I wish him every success …”


Clover Moore MP, Member for Bligh 11th January 1993.


“We have worked together on the recycling for 4 years. In that time we raised perhaps about $10,000. I have always found Tom to be friendly to customers, responsible and reliable. Recently I supported his new project on conserving the environment in Chile with a $1,000 donation to employ 2 staff there for a month.”


Steve Raguckas, Aluminium Recycling/Fundraising coordinator for the Eastern Beaches of Sydney 5th October 2002.



“I confirm Tom has made substantial donations in kind during the relevant period and that these were applied to the purposes of FoE e.g. transport for the group, payment to legal experts, laboratory tests for samples, stationary and many other sundy items. Tom has provided to me original receipts …I understand these donations were funded by Tom’s income as a reader analyst with Media Monitors company.”


Dierich Willing, finance committee Friends of the Earth Sydney 6th November 2001



“I have known Tom for about 6 years …Tom is always good and efficient with my requests for more leaflets, travelling to … where I live to meet, and helping with ID badge and anything else I need to do my work.”


Judy Skipper, Street Collections Fundraising Coordinator for ecology action sydney, October 2002


“I have been a long time campaigns officer for The Wilderness Society …Tom also used to work for TWS in 1992-1994 before he was elected to his local council from 1995-1999. My dealings with Tom have always been friendly and professional.”


Glen Klatovsky, NSW Campaigns Coordinator for The Wilderness Society 1999-2002, October 2002



“I have known Tom as a stall-holder at Bondi Beach markets for 4 years from about 1997 to 2001. He would be doing voluntary fundraising for one or other environment group. One thing I noticed was that he was often asked to look after stalls by other stall holders because the trusted him with their own stock and to do a proper job keeping a look out, and to be friendly with their customers while they took a break.


This particularly applied to the fashion clothes stall and jewellery stall opposite his stall place.


I found Tom to be friendly and polite to his customers and to other stall holders.


Julie Cho, Site Manager Bondi Beach Markets, October 2002



“Tom has chaired several of our stall holder meetings and will chair our next one. Sometimes our stallholders can be very independent and stubborn. However because Tom is seen as diplomatic, honest, independent  and with a lot of experience this has really assisted us with the smooth and polite running of our meetings.


We have offered him a free stall at the market for his environmental work any time in the future.”


Robin Smith, Manager Bondi Beach Night Market for 6 years, October 2002



“I have known Tom since 1994, and lived in the same building with him for about 3 years 1999-2001. …Tom spent many hours looking after the place and trying to beautify it: he endeavoured to give the place a sense of community by being active with the other residents. Tom is honest, reliable and community conscious. I believe that he is eminently suitable for any position of authority”


Julian Scott, markets retailer October 8, 2002



“I lived in the same two storey building with Tom for about two years 1997-1999 (108 Curlewis St in Bondi). Tom made sure that inside and outside of the building things were tidy, clean and safe to leave for everyone. Since he has gone the place has gone to ruin. Tom has strong moral values, and is very responsible. I would be glad and reassured to have Tom as a tenant in my premises.”


Nathalie Thieblemont, neighbour



“I have worked with Mr Tom on a considerable number of occasions over the last ten years, including several extended periods where we have been mutually involved in significant, public conservation campaigns. Tom and I have been part of the conservation team which recently caused Australian Silicon Limited to withdraw its highly controversial and unpopular proposal for a charcoal factory on the NSW South Coast, a factory based on burning native forests.


Tom has worked as an environmental policy analyst, campaign coordinator and community group organiser almost constantly throughout the last ten years …


In my experience, Tom has shown that he is a dedicated, hardworking person who has good strategic  and forward planning skills but is also very practical and prepared to take on all tasks to get a job done. Tom has been a reliable member of a number of campaign teams, always meeting his undertakings.


Tom has been a self starter, with strong initiative and a willingness to build new alliances and groups amongst community organisations. He has good administrative skills, is a capable organiser and is meticulous in documenting work undertaken. He has also been a successful fundraiser whose work has assisted a number of groups and projects which otherwise would not have been able to continue or be initiated. “


Noel Plumb

Convenor South East Forest Alliance

National Councillor, Australian Conservation Foundation

Executive Member, Nature Conservation Council of NSW  9 October 2002



“I am a painter renting studio number 2 at 1 Henry St Turrella which space I ‘ve had since last year. I negotiated my space with Tom for $120 a month. He has been helpful in sorting out issues and I’ve found him to be friendly. When renovations were being done he addressed my concerns about dust which could be disastrous for a painter.

 When I needed to pay rent in installments he was happy to sort that out.

We also worked together earlier in the year on a casual job doing newspaper distribution. This was fairly tiring but we worked well and effectively together.”


Matt Clark, artist in painting studio 2, 1 Henry St Turrella, October 2002



“I am a qualified cabinet maker … I negotiated with Tom and his ex business partner for space at … 1 Henry St Turrella in early 2002. I have found Tom to be friendly, professional and flexible with my needs while he was managing the building – up until his overseas trip in May 2002.


Unfortunately I have recently decided to discontinue my tenancy at 1 Henry St Turrella but this has nothing to do with Tom. If he was managing the building I might stayed on.”


Malcolm Williams, cabinetmaker October 2002.



“I work on animal welfare and animal rights issues … I have known Tom for about 4 years and he arranged for rental space for me at 1 Henry St Turrella …I found him responsive to my needs and friendly and professional. Then he had to leave for his overseas holiday. Unfortunately since that time I have decided to move out ….the problem arose after Tom left …”


Luis Rappaport, Vegan Virtues and animal rights projects 8th October 2002



“I worked with Tom this year to jointly raise $3500 to employ 2 staff in Chile to provide support for the Chilean Aysen Alliance. This is a broad national alliance in Chile which we visited together earlier this year and it is working to conserve forest, rivers and mountains in Patagonia. …I have also been involved for 15 years in AWD, a social justice and permaculture group, and when AWD needed space in December 2001 we moved to 1 Henry St Turrella. I understand Tom negotiated the space for AWD and my observation is that he helped us move in and organised minor revovations requested by us.


Marlene Marquez-Obeid, member Action for World Development, October 2002



----- Original Message -----

From: Marisol Frugone Alvarez

Cc: Mitzi Urtubia

Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 3:04 AM

Subject: Thank your


Dear greetings TOM
 we send You a report of them you finalize activities that have carried out we
Thank your aid desinteresada and we send you a great hug.  In the next days we send you a report with the activities carried out during ours visits to AysÚn. 
A loving greeting

Marisol and Mitzi [successful Aysen Alliance campaigners in Chile]


“I have known Tom for the past seven years, sharing an office space at Bathurst Street in Sydney for five of those years. We have always had a positive working relationship and friendship over this time.


He currently sells The Third Opinion on stalls and I do casual graphic design work for him….I have always found him to be responsible with money and to have been involved in some good wins such as closing the Waterloo Incinerator in South Sydney, and stopping logging of native forest on the south coast.”


Stevie Bee, editor Third Opinion journal 20 years, Alfalfa House Community Food Cooperative, October 2002.



“Tom has worked for us as our Distribution Manager and on some other casual tasks  since December 2001. He gets on well with  all our staff and I find him to be responsible, friendly and generous.


He pursuaded me to take rental space at 1 Henry St Turrella …


Unfortunately while Tom was overseas on holiday in South America and Europe there were problems with another tenant, loss of space, loss of security and the substitute management did not deal with this adequately. I moved the business out of Turrella in June/July 2002 to our current office in Rushcutters Bay and was eventually refunded advance rent and valuable assets were also returned …


I believe that if Tom has been present that the problems we experienced would not have occurred. “


Lawrence Gibbons, owner Alternative Media Group/Sydney City Hub, Bondi View, Sydney City News October 2002



Dear Tom


That is a very interesting story of yours on Indymedia re Howard endangering public transport passengers by sending more troops to the Middle East. I was alerted to your item by a mention in Crikey's daily email to subscribers (see below).”


B. B. retired academic, 11th July 2005


“ ps your Bondi View delivery person rang ABC radio 702 in support of the swimming pool "ban" issue at Bronte this morning (14th Nov)  - if you are speaking to him, please thank him for the sensible comments! “


Mora Main, Mayor of Waverley in correspondence to the editor of the Bondi View Nov 15th 2005



Re: response to call for support for UNSW enviro activities at risk today Tues 6th April 04

Dear Tom,

Thanks for your thoughtful letter. The enviro dept has been saved, thanks to people like yourself that took the time to write.


Lisette,  An act of kindness is never wasted” April 6, 2004


“Tom, 45 [million]Tonnes [forest woodchips by Howard govt since 1996] is a killer stat - what is the reference for this? 

We will have "no nativer forest logging" firmly on the agenda in Vic for the upcoming Federal election.  I have been preselected again for Kooyong in Vic and will continue to make it my #1 local issue (water catchments, loss of biodiversity/habitat, we love our forests etc) 

Keep up the good work. 

Regards, Peter
Convenor, Greens Victorian Electoral Campaign Committee (VECC)” [30th January 2004]


----- Original Message -----

From: General Manager Addison Rd Community Centre

Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 12:36 PM

Subject: Re: from Tom, update on my work schedule/jam



Thanks for the update. I am really pleased with what you are doing.

I am not worried about the hours as I know you give us our money's worth. When you come in I would like to talk to you about the Community Garden as the Pumpkin is going crazy and spreading like wildfire. We need to cut it back before it becomes a huge job.




----- Original Message -----

From: Harriet Swift

Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 3:11 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: 3rd group pics Wandella, one to go


Hi Tom
NNW ran your pics on page 1 today. Good stuff.

At 08:44 PM 26/07/2005, you wrote:

----- Original Message -----
From: Narooma News

Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 1:33 PM
Subject: Re: 3rd group pics Wandella, one to go

Many thanx, the pix will be most useful in reporting this latest incident
Jo Rugg, editor, Narooma News




----- Original Message -----

From: Robert

Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 10:57 AM

Subject: Re: link to collage of quite big A30 protest, also why Miranda Devine is a dishonest flake


I used to think until recently how people waste their time going on marches as it gives the public the impression of lazy militants who will join any course just to make a name in the paper, and that all proper responses to government corruption and Nazi Vichy regimes (to which the Howard government has become to the Bush Regime) should be dealt with in a court, well, even I can be wrong, it seems times has changed and the purpose of protesting now has a real purpose and that the country should now realise their stupidity in the last election, and that their choice of government has created one serious problem for this generation and any future one that may have the luck to exist through all this.


You are the only person who has actually convinced me that your campaigns have great substance to be concerned about and this is probably why the media and government puppets are trying to stop you, you have now become a haemorrhoid to them rather than a simple pain in the arse, this is why you have attracted my interest.


I would rather be a haemorrhoid as such a presence is impossible to ignore and they would try anything to alleviate themselves of the pain and embarrassment.




PS: Good photos.



----- Original Message -----

From: Fiona McCrossin

Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 12:04 PM

Subject: Re: Low turn out to logger rally in Cobargo, front group is bankrolled by woodchip industry


Great networking Tom



----- Original Message -----

From: "Tony Hastings"

To: "ecology action"

Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 4:23 PM

Subject: Vic Supreme Court verdict


Hi Tom,
WE WON!!!! Following media release and sumamry of the
verdict for your interest. Thanks again. Attached costs was
given to other side; if paid your contribution will be
repaid with interest!




From: South coast activist

Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 10:31 PM

Subject: wandella photos


hi tom,

thanks for all the things you bought down they were greatly apreciated. Great montage, here are some more of earlier actions. Funny to hear the police claiming not enough resources to take statements when they are able to mount a police escort of a dozen officers for days ata time in order to truck out the forest logs under police escort.

More trucks came out today, so the cops were there again....


reply to ……… as this is not our reg account.

thnaks again esp for the slides, i now have the burden of using them, so i'll keep you informed..

take care




----- Original Message -----

From: Amparo, translator

Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 1:41 PM

Subject: Hi There Amigo!


Trust you worked very hard yesterday, as you deserted our mission at Cooks River Valley Garden(just kidding), ….


I wrote to my friend in Colombia, requesting a paragraph on how the money is or is going to be spent, …

I have been researching other possibilities of fundraising without compromising the cause, and it is difficult, because even if one gets well-known organisations such as …., there are strings attach. My concern is that the program gets taken over by others while the local group has been working on it for a while now. I will keep searching.

Thanks for sending the emails I already passed them over to other people.

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