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Marrickville by-election gallery 9/05

23rd Nov 2005
The ALP candidate Tebbutt, already a minister in the upper house of the Parliament, won this lower house seat, with a reduced margin to her party, but only after she and her govt colleagues dishonestly suppressed a report on a very damaging threat to Marrickville environs around new tollroad constructions real or potential.
So apart from the awareness raising of natural heritage forest protection issues of traditional concern to Marrickville green sympathetic voters as evidence below with the photo gallery, another plank of the ecology action electioneering participation was to expose the excessive road construction in the area as explained here:
2 road projects in particular are reported in a recent issue of the Inner City Courier, namely the F6 to threaten Tempe and surrounds, and notorious 'Marrickville Truck Tunnel' to serve the expanded Port Botany with dredging of Botany Bay as well as massive expansion of retail at Kingsford Smith Airport.
The good vote for the Green Party candidate Sam Byrne in this state byelection, and who ecology action sydney supported direct and indirect, who is a local councillor, has resulted since the state seat election to his elevation as Mayor of Marrickville. And good luck to him. A worthy mayor.
We were fairly agnostic about Tebbutt associated with the Left to take the seat but after the ALP Right controlled party airbrushed their plans to destroy Marrickville with huge road constructions and Tebbutt played along with the censorship, we turned harshly against her candidacy.
In fact we took to describing her high profile, photogenic self as having been "pimped" in political terms by the ALP Right govt of NSW under Premier Morris Iemma, his planning Minister Frank Sartor and the other big business devoted cronies.
A related local press story is: 'Development frenzy feared' p5 22 November Inner City Courier, and in the same paper 'Port opposition grows' p13 quoting Green MP and Marrickville resident Sylvia Hale.
One quote is notable from Cr Peter Olive [also with the Greens] "a recent report prepared by the council was the strongest he had seen during his time on council on its condemnation of the State Government" in regard to the F6 road reservation in particular.


Marrickville voters can save forests
by Tom McLoughlin, Ecology Action Sydney 11:39am Thu Aug 18 '05
address: 1 Henry St Turrella 2205 phone: 0410 558838

'In the close contest in 1995 in the seat of Coogee green voters concerned about forests helped deliver the seat to the ALP on principle.'
Media Release 18th August 2005

Marrickville voters can save forests

Tom McLoughlin, principal of Ecology Action based in Sydney's Inner West said:

"Today we begin our campaign to save forests with the sticker "woodchipping sux" in Marrickville Rd.

"Bob Carr's record on forests has left alot of work to do ... similar to public transport, health and education. Tragically 170,000 log trucks often with sawlogs have gone to the Eden chipmill in south east NSW over the last 5 years ... despite Mr Carr promising to end the destructive practice by 2000.

"Morris Iemma as new Premier can win over green voters: In 1995 in the hard fought seat of Coogee voters concerned about forests helped deliver the seat to the ALP on principle.

"Greenhouse climate change is fightening and saving forest is a solution amongst others. Our sacred duty for these and other good economic reasons is to restructure most loggers into the massive plantation stockpile with dignity and social justice.

"Marrickville is the 'concrete heart' of Sydney and will have a real affection for forests in a close contest. It is clear both articulate and bright Deputy Mayor Same Byrne for the Greens, and Minister Carmel Tebbutt for the ALP, would be worthy MP's for Marrickville but who will win we just don't know."

"We call on all candidates to commit to an urgent moratorium on logging of icon forests identified by regional conservationists with a sensible plan to shut down the Eden chipmill. Morris Iemma's government can take this stand to finally end this running sore of 30 years for the sake of future generations and the goodwill of voters in Marrickville" said Mr McLoughlin.

More: tel. 0410 558838, 02 9599 8499

Written and authorised by Tom McLoughlin, Ecology Action 1 Henry Street Turrella 2205 tel. 0410 558838


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