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aluminium and copper wanted for recycling


We take donations of metal for money which we distribute to worthy activists and campaigns according to our strategic judgement developed since 1992 of on the ground experience, and demonstrated self sacrifice, which includes organising full house public meetings at Sydney Town Hall to promoting successful legal actions against environmental vandals.

Unlike many other civil society groups we measure our success by how much money we strategically give away get the best bang for your buck, rather than how much we build up in our account for a rainy day, or secret away in real estate administration or better employment packages.

For instance our operation has a humble $100 a week rental outlay saving money for real environmental causes.

We routinely redistribute resources from the city base to our regional peers and colleagues.

A good example of how income from your donation is used would be: An activist Tony Hastings wrote recently:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Tony Quoll" <>
To: "ecology action" <>
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 3:42 PM
Subject: Re: Supreme Court update

Dear Tom,
The attached document was filed & served on the due date. I now wait until Feb 3rd for their response, then must submit any further affidavits by Feb 10th, before a Feb 17th
Your donation will be a huge help, empowering me to catch the train to the city every day during the 2 week lead-up to the hearing, so I can attend Court and become familiar with the procedures, protocols and dialect. I will also be using the money to reproduce in triplicate the 12 cases which I will cite, and copies of additional items of evidence, such as the "letter of support". ... When the court orders the DSE [Victorian Government] to pay my costs, I'll gladly refund the donation with interest. [Tony did win, we didn't ask for the donation back. He earned a hundred times over.]

Thanks again,

Actually the satisfaction is all ours. Tony, a talented artist and multi media operator has put other life opportunities on hold for nearly 10 years to stop logging of rainforest in East Gippsland.

The second excellent way to help us is to alert us to good pick up resource opportunities around Sydney:

- council throwouts as soon as they appear
- scrap metal like aluminium and copper: we will pick up for amounts of say 5-10 kg or higher with a little notice anywhere in inner Sydney

We also fundraise by selling some merchandise like stickers like 'woodchipping sux', distribution of City Hub, and City News which are independent free speech vehicles, and landscape work, for instance at Addison Rd Community Centre Marrickville.

Please consider ecology action sydney. It's not tax deductible because we operate as a non profit sole trader and like Gandhi this life is our message, not a vehicle on the road to some other job somewhere else. Financial records are completly open to any supporter who donates over $50 and we are happy to take advice on how to apply the money (which is strictly not possible for tax deductible funds).

Thanks for your attention

Tom McLoughlin, founder, ecology action sydney

PS other items on our want or need list are:

- a station wagon car with good fuel efficiency and preferably registered
- free mechanical tuning, servicing expertise
- future options for office live work space with access to broadband (adsl or cable) from late 2005

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