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Benny is an icon of the Australian environment and peace movement and we are honoured to have him as a patron. Hopefully one of many more distinguished activists. In recent times he was recognised with his own display in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and the National Museum in Canberra. In the past his artwork has been supported by the Arts Council of Australia.

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This article following, cribbed from the web, was posted early 2003 and shows how Benny Zable is still going strong after 30 years of activism, peacefully confronting environmental and social injustice.

The story relates to Benny being loaded up with a charge for his human sculpture protest against Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor in Sydney in 2003. We are advised Benny was on a large traffic island and the police statement of facts deliberately misleads the court as to this fact alleging obstruction etc. Just another subtle form of censorship as the authorities know Benny provides an incredibly friendly tv and media image to the environment movement which they find uncomfortable.

"Benny Zable refuses bail for his right to protest @ Lucas Heights"

Tue Feb 4 '03 (Modified on 10:23am Wed Feb 5 '03)

Benny Zable, a longtime anti nuclear activist, has refused bail after being arrested for protesting on a median strip in his well known colourful way.

Benny Zable, long term anti nuclear activist was arrested with 15 other protesters on Monday 3rd Feb [2003]

He has refused to accept bail conditions in protest that his right to protest has been infringed. He will be locked up until his court appearance on the 4th of march. He is currently fasting

Benny Zable is renowned in progressive circles as an icon in the fight to stop the nuclear industry. His interactive displays, gas mask and costume including the words Greedozer, Work, Consume Be Silent, Die, I rely on your apathy, and his colourful flags and banners have inspired the peace movement worldwide

He was arrested performing his well known colourful protest style on the median strip as other protesters blockaded the road leading to the reactor. He requested the right to perform his static colourful protest on the median strip, which would not be possible with bail: conditions disallowing his walking onto the carriageway of Rutherford avenue, the entrance to the reactor site. The magistrate refused his request.

He also wants to highlight the necessity to protest the construction of the new nuclear reactor and the critical point that the world faces in relation to nuclear proliferation.

There is an interactive display of Benny's costume at the Australain NAtional Museum in Canberra. John Howard's cronies are scrapping this display, and Indigenous works highlighting the conflicts that have occured in Australia between Indigenous and non Indigenous people 

It's time to stop the reactor Where are all your faces out there.

Let's support Benny, the right to protest and the right for all of the world to be free of mad nuclear proliferators.

Updates on this situation will be posted as they come to hand.


Benny Zable has been moved to Silverwater Remand Centre 15 other protesters were also arrested for blockading the main entrance of the reactor site. The following day police entrapped protesters in a small area and refused to let them leave, claiming that protesters could cross Rutherford ave to their vehicles. this would of caused the people arrested the day previously to break their bail conditions.

Look up for more details on these and new actions.

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