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Final entry: Over the months of August and September 2005 the ecology action demonstration garden on concrete has closed due to end of lease after 4 years. Most outdoor energy is now redirected to grounds, garden and helping community tenancies at Addsion Rd Community Centre in Marrickville. 
It was a great garden and especially productive in the first season 2002-3 absolutely buzzing with life meaning friendly predator insects and food produce. On the other hand when the drought kicked in it became a little more problematic to fit in the legally limited watering times with other projects. Them's the breaks.
Locals interested in permaculture should seriously link up with supporters of the Food Forest at 142 Addison Rd. It's always open. They meet irregularly but try Sat morn, and Thurs arvo. Also they have a message book in the old fridge (!), run an email list, welcome helpers, share the food, and are generally all round good guys.
Another two good related contacts this page are Enmore Rd based Alfalfa Food Coop, and Watershed environment centre in King St Newtown: See resource links page at side bar left.

A profile of our permaculture garden project at 1 Henry St, Turrella, south west Sydney - front and back.


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