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22/3/05...Deputy PM Anderson career crashing lie to parliament ignored by mass media? [this and related items on bad News Ltd cover for Deputy PM facing alleged bribe claim by MP Windsor at 17/3, 18/3 below]

18/3/05...Funny business in Federal Parly, transparency of email here [discusses curious timing of Lightfoot diversion controlled by News Ltd when Govt exposed big time on Deputy PM lie to Parliament]

18/3/05...Ouch, ouch, ouch defo threat on Bad News for sham story thankyou!

17/3/05...News Ltd editor does Howard Govt a treat on Lightfoot diversion [re curious timing to save scrutiny of Deputy PM, as discussed at 18/3 and 22/3/05 above]

3/2/05...Staff at Bad News Ltd laugh in agreement at Outfoxed message in Holt St after ABC broadcast of Outfoxed [see right and below]



28/1/05...Freelancer in Nicole Kidman case was 'constructive employee' of Daily Telegraph

19/12/04...More evidence Telegraph white supremist misogyny? [prominent political males Howard and Sartor avoid media bashing from hypocritial News Ltd as reward for ultra right wing attitudes]

19/12/04...More Akerman/News Ltd abuse of media power for prime miniature's mate, Gunns, big Tasmanian woodchipper of forests [with huge list of eminent scientists airbrushed by News Ltd as usual]

16/12/04 joins media reversal to Outfox News Ltd bully attacks on Clover Moore noting she exposed public cheap land selloff to News Ltd by Carr govt.

News Ltd web resource with primary research materials revealing amongst other things how journalists were briefed to bias their research in the lead up the Oct 9 2004, federal election in Australia.

Annoyed by News Ltd political lies and bias? This link is the canberra press gallery. Call them and air your concerns from 3 to 5 pm is best, around their deadline.

Also repeated here at this link


Below is a string of public statements analysing the role News Ltd played in the Latham resignation story of January 2005 posted on Sydney Independent Media Centre.

This involves bullying by Sydney's Daily Telegraph and The Australian newspapers to stampede the rest of the media, and society to remove Australia's leader of the Opposition, Mark Latham. Latham presented a real threat to many establishment interests. Latham also had the distinction of promising to greatly curb the escalating destruction of Tasmania's ancient forests. He was regarded as a 43 year old maverick and brilliant thinker with high academic credentials.

In fact Latham, though not perfect by any means, was about as opposite to W Bush and John Howard as you might get. But his party couldn't withstand the media pressure and he was told by senior members to resign which he did, late on Tuesday 18th January suffering under a cloud of ill health and accusations of bad judgement, mostly bogus claims it should be said.
16/1/05....'Dead in the water': Worst headline in Australian media history? Jan 16 '05

15/1/05...Media advise Latham go back to work/let your kids drown?

15/1/05...Media advise Latham go back to work/let your kids drown? 

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