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29/7/2007 - Sunday political talkies: Rudd destroys God's creation in Tasmania .....


Sunday, 29 July 2007
Sunday political talkies: Rudd destroys God's creation in Tasmania, Gallery chilled, Howard 'till 70'
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The incomparable David Rowe of the Australian Financial Review, that Rupert Murdoch correctly states is a genius, with Rudd as the CFMEU bitch boy, aka the pig f*cking scene in movie Deliverance.

Author’s general introductory note (skip this if you know this regular weekly column):




This is not a well packaged story. It’s a contemporaneous traverse of the Sunday television free to air political talkies indicating the agenda of Establishment interests: Better to know ones rivals and allies  in Big Politics and Big Media.




Indeed it’s the tv version monitoring task similar to what Nelson Mandela refers to here in his book Long Walk to Freedom (1994, Abacus) written in Robben Island prison (where he was meant to die like other African resister chiefs of history in the 19C), at page 208




“..newspapers are only a shadow of reality; their information is important to a freedom fighter not because it reveals the truth, but because it discloses the biases and perceptions of both those who produce the paper and those who read it.”




Just substitute ‘Sunday tv political talkie shows’ for "newspapers" in the quote above.




For actual transcripts go to web sites quoted below except with Riley Diary on 7. And note transcripts don’t really give you the image content value.




Media backgrounder:


Picture: Howard till 70 Wednesday 25th July 07 Fin Review banner.


Bob Carr – “business consultant” – reappears on Radio National Saturday Morning 28/7/07 to talk about ‘Glen Murcutt’ style pie shops in Royal NP and BASIX building sustainability all of which he failed to deliver in 10 years of ‘leadership’.



Tom McLoughlin – editor of SAM here late last week gets a swingeing sledge of Carr/Hardies/loggers in  comments section re union defense of Australia from asbestos, defamation law reform legacy – lower union numbers might be a sign of their past achievements/current complacency of workers generally. Wooo hoo.




Noel Pearson experiences what the community and civil society sector experienced in Sydney over ‘community tv’ Ch31 10 year ‘interim’ licence being ripped off the grassroots by the aspirational, career minded, production values sector in the news TVS Ch31. Only this time it’s happened via the federal govt to grassroots remote Black Australia, not urban multicultural, activist society: in Pearson turned off by TV station and More Uncle Toms than meet the eye “ in The Weekend Australian p11 and p34 respectively 28/7/07. (Whether it’s right or wrong we leave for others to judge. But we can’t help feeling a sense of déjà vu given til recently legal support for programme provider ARTV: SAM editor)



Hamish McDonald “…as many anti nuclear activists point out, providing uranium to India’s civilian nuclear power industry helps its weapons program, by allowing authorities to devote the very limited supplies of unsafe-guarded domestic uranium to warhead production.” In Time to admit India’s future as world power p19 Sydney Morning Herald 28/7/07. McDonald blames Howard’s hosting of APEC for failure of India attendance (lack of initiative) while Greg Sheridan same day rival paper Weekend Australian blames the USA for India non attendance (too crowded). Which may well be saying the same thing given how far George Bush is up the back of his Howard puppet? Both note effectively this is USA positioning nuclear weapon state India against China, and the biggest impact on geo politics for perhaps decades (?).

Senator Chris Evans reveals the other "double game" on expanded uranium mining under Kevin Rudd, effectively decapitating Peter Garrett's environmental credibility, with this quote "A Rudd Labor government will support the mining of uranium ....The logic of State bans on uranium mining is unsustainable and the bans will eventually be removed." in Labor won't press states on uranium The Australian p20 26 July 2007. That's right, a double game right there in the one article. In other words the Rudd Govt will 'pull on' the anti uranium forces of the Left within the ALP etc. Did anyone think otherwise after Yellow Cake ('sideshow') Bob Hawke (so sleazy as represented in Keating the Musical)?


Ken Dyers, founder of Kenja, some kind of culty or clubby thing, who shot himself dead last week has a full page advert in the SMH explaining his ‘innocence’ of sexual assault charges. A veteran of WW2 it has an impressive list of named supporters and these 2 web pages: and Who knows, who cares?



Matt Price in Wkd Aus p20? correctly notes many downsides to Kevin Rudd’s candidacy – more evidence the gallery have seen the feet of clay and not liked it at all. Back are the references to “the rookie” only 10 years in Parliament. Hedged on the Iraq war right or wrong, echo of Howard on the right on lots of things. Covers himself saying its “unduly severe” but its not. Ditto Alan Ramsay column in rival SMH same day referring to Rudds 3 P’s – “precious prissy prick” – even as govt fails to convince on Haneef. Similarly Paul Kelly editor at large at the Wkd Aus “The Left learns Rudds’ for real” same day notes Kevin Rudd really is of the Centre Right and is shifting the ALP rightward leveraging his high polling. How true. Shanahan same page “Doubts planted, now the harvest” proves the comfort of the ideological Right comfort Rudd expected ascension.



The unbelievable poster above re Howard till '70', we prefer the view till they take him out in a pine box as per John Hewson view.



Lots of abc tv vision on prime time news of Cr George Newhouse Waverley Mayor and old sparring partner of SAM editor (!) there, with Gough, Rudd etc. It’s all in the pics: ALP are serious to unseat Turnbull based on ALP friendly boundary changes there. Full page in weekend SMH digging more into ambitious George [serious contender "I coulda had class" Marlon Brando in The Waterfront boom boom] Newhouse. AFR (August 07) colour mag does a profile on Newhouse and Turnbull too, and George admits Kevin Rudd is the real clout in his candidacy - which means George is tainted with woodchipping up to his gills, as below, in a state electorate this writer got 10% of the vote for the Green Party in 1995 (Vaucluse), and 5% in 1996 in the federal seat. The name is McLoughlin look it up.

APEC PR continues to roll out in all its sleazy forms such as police parade of vehicles through the CBD practice run this morning radio and tv morning shows more Law and Order tub thump. Also full page in Wkd Australian "Caught in the line of ire" p22. Our file is about an inch thick of clips now.

And this bogus PR from the staff of the Kitty Hawke US aircraft carrier involved in the invasion and bombing of Iraq in 2003 apparently, after war games off North Qld recently, where one of them was caught progressing stalking of a  young teenager on the net. So its its roll out the community work gangs as here in Balmain's Callan Park. All repeated by gormless captured Big Media as per News Ltd owned Inner West Courier, but not only ...

Annabelle Crabb amusing metaphor of Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews who looks like "a flight steward" more than a minister in joint responsibility for national security with other senior cabinet ministers. Ouch. In Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some turbulence yesterday p38 SMH 


"Billions needed to save planet's tropical forests" p7 24/7/07 in Sydney Morning Herald. Indeed.


This bogus article by logger union flunky Chris Northover who somehow forgets to mention 70 odd million tonnes at least of woodchips since 1996 (large proportion original forest/rainforest), if not more, exported under the Howard govt which should be tourism industry resource, carbon credits, science resource or just for their sheer beauty. And this buffoon has the nerve to say corporate welfare is good economics. Talk about intellectual violence to go with the union apologia for terrorist political violence of the logger industry: In " Root issues lost in the forest of green policy" p27 The Weekend Australian in a flimsy response to resource economist Judy Adjani a week or so back same newspaper. Echoes of bipartisan support for the Exclusive Brethren human rights abuses sanitised by the ALP and Coalition, only the Green Party with the moral character to tell the truth about corruption.


Which brings us to Kevin "Rudd takes axe to forest policy" p4, 24th July 2007, and has there ever been a more obvious indicator of policy corruption than the MCG sized girth of one Dick Adams MP hiding behind a long grey beard beaming at a bogus length of timber while a mountain of woodchips airbrushed? If it smells like death and corruption, then it probably is:

just like the new film about slavery with the scene of the timber shipful of the smell of death, reviewed on Sunday 9 today
Film: Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace

William Wilberforce aka Horatio Hornoblower aka actor Ioan Gruffudd demonstrably not Kevin Rudd who little more than a shallow actor.

More detail on forest policy here big feature pp 60-61 - Tasmania once again logs into federal scene AFR 24th July 2007 (offline)


10 Meet the Press 8-8.30 am



Peter Beattie accused with other Premiers of running interference for Rudd candidacy. Talk about Bracks resignation – giving cover [take all this with a grain of salt, found out as a failed parent? Failed on Murray Darling contest?] Beattie can’t guarantee will be there till end of the year. Says next 12 months will consider his situation. [Says it all re lack of credibility on Bracks matter.]



AFP – 200 Qld police involved, leaks coming from there? Canberra view caused the leaks. Beattie blather avoiding the question rah rah about protecting tourism industry – filibustering the question. Cranky Peter act rolled out [too much rope].



PM Howard footage tumble – balancer with dead pan joke – the man has resilience. Just look at his trim body versus Bracks expanding girth (say Bill Leak cartoons in W Australian – to follow].


Patricia Kovelas (spelling) Australian, Clinton Porteus Courier Mail – News Ltd over weight.



Vision – Howard slege of States on fiscal discipline.



CP – states pressure on interest rates? Beattie says no – ‘best on debt in the country’ [I wonder]


PK – states redundant, PB – feds lack of investment.


Quote Rann Premier of SA do the coordination of Rudd’s work. PB – just doing our job, Haneef squarely in his brief. Need a public interest monitor – like Qld.  “Dirty work for Qld”. PK - Hard line for Rudd pressed (and resonates – we may have been first to really articulate it here at SAM last Sunday talkies).


CP – missed question, some kind of investigation., agnostic.



Dr Haneef – Premiers signed up to anti terror laws, but protect quality of life so apply fairly [begs question why Rudd not saying it – gutless, compromised]. Beattie says visa decision was “political”. [Big call even if true if secret operational advice – Andrews is looking at releasing. Recall vision of raid in WA by a commercial channel on something?]


[notice smear continues of presumed innocent "terror doctor" in News Ltd front pager here Sunday Telegraph


Youtube of Greens advert Howard and Rudd in bed with the coal industry preface to 2nd adbreak. Good simple, nice touch with bedside pic of Rudd and Murdoch in New York - so true.


2nd advert break. Nationalism rah rah for The Australian newspaper owned by a USA citizen Murdoch.



CFMEU. advert – very good ad, strong message rebuttal of Greens thesis [but truth is between the two.] Paul Bongiorno uses our line – putting yourselves out of a job? Tony Maher – runs earnest line about saving our jobs for a low emission future.


PK – cynical motive for advert. Claims no at Rio Earth Summit. [nuke industry to destroy unionized coal like privatized Telstra by Howard the Liberal Party machine man?]


CP – targets discussed – clean coal – could all be too late? 2014 says Maher. Pull through those technologies. Free market alone cannot deliver


PK – want Greens balance power in senate. Hardline on Greens marginalized ineffective, irrelevant to the debate – [laughable when Greenpeace built this issue].


CP – potty mouth of Maher quote. Says justified to be “angry”.


PB – nukes will destroy coal industry, agrees. Doesn’t cover U miners. Smiles naively. CP has got his headline and beams to PB. [Light hearted vibe but disastrous too much rope again.


(good show, enjoyed it)



Transcript in due course







7 Weekend Sunrise, 8.35-40 am Riley Diary  -


Riley diary stunt FM radio in Perth.


Building site sledge by worker but again water of ducks back.


Howard doing a Latham town hall meeting in Perth.


Ruddy Rudd vision gracious happy birthday.


Mick Jagger same birthday – Time is on my side – [Mike Carlton spotted this in his column in SMH]


3 cheers in East Timor on a birthday, shows the “love” is in fact there for some.


Q and A, Riles in studio for a change. Boom time in political journalism in a long long time. Real worry –late in day suspicious of. Yesterday Sat 5.30pm, prevented from speaking to media. Sold his story so voluntary.


Andrew Okeefe compare again gushy, not as focused with all his legal smarts, affected by the blonde honey sitting close by as observed here for the previous two weeks (but not reported by us, we were squeamish but hell its affecting his work so be damned, probably just jealous here, indiscreet comments gave him away. Betrayal of mind or body or both?)





Insiders 2


Round up re Haneef release and trip home to India, also Bracks resignation.


Abbott runs the govt line as guest. Govt says being duly cautious. Acting on advice of AFP. Opposition also breifed. -  support Kevin Andrews position. Quite strong answer - backs Andrews "terrific bloke".


[raises points of innocent vulnerability to duress of terrorist cousins - eg kidnap of say new baby daughter, forcing action in Australia. Just a scenario of many. Madrid was real, Tube bombing was real.]


Q. re Ramsay column Andrews best defence is offence attack. Abbott meets point with ALP not fair dinkum. Gillard footage shows solid on operational echo of Howard Govt position.


Abbott questions would ALP have the guts - paralysed by political correctness - harder to lead. Lathm ran a council, Rudd only an office. Good at me too routine, that his party hates, lacks leadership quality. Our job is to probe. [revived Abbott here with some meat]. Can't have every which way with Premiers and PM on same policy.


Q. re COAG on health - answer re shouldering responsibility, beggar and soveriegn govt. etc etc


On Bracks, Howard aint a quitter. All too much for Bracks. What was it? Who knows says Abbott. Plants seeds of doubt about cesspit of political intrigue. [quite true] .


Abbott refers 'even to Ramsay and the dark corners of Rudd' [just like Keating on forests in 1996 ACF and TWS walked away from him] 



Every person Lib Country party loyalist cattle farmers endorse the Howard Rudd solidarity on Aboriginal social welfare reform.


Panel Crabb, Taylor, both of Fairfax, and Henderson also Fairfax but own Sydney Institute.


Paul Kelly soliloquy runs News Ltd line (as per total breach subjudice rules by his paper The Australian as per racket till now both for and agaisnt govt politics), that govt in big trouble on this blunder.


Wall to wall labor govts will be an attack theme of the Howard election campaign. Can’t trust Rudd to get up good policy with ALP state govts.


Rudd strategy of me tooism. Definitely working. Tasmania “timber” policy [wrong it’s a woodchip policy] same as Howard. Not younger version of John Howard exactly – but determined to deny any wedge. Be very certain Rudd will stick with it.


Quote of Howard, state govt deficits has put pressure on interest rates. Kelly says need a better claim than that. Is real political risk and Costello and Howard will need an effective story.




Hard to exaggerate the embarrassment to govt of this story [true and allusion to Andrews as a flight steward in her column was great prose too].


 Bit to and fro - Henderson strong argument for govt, says Opposition in the boat. Footage of Rudd proving that. Howard footage accusing "double game".


Deconstruct - Taylor doesn't buy double game. Nor Henderson. Says Rudd genuine he reckons. Crabb says complete light show of its own.


[tend to disagree with all 3, Rudd is playing a ruthless opportunistic double game just like the science of forest protection in Tasmania, and Ramsay, Cassidy thankfully gobsmacked at this gormless face value acceptance of pollies. Never been elected and seen the truth like I have, and Cassidy has - these pollies are gifted actors - and Henderson is stupid to think they are not very convincing.]


Need for judicial inquiry into who leaked, who leaked Qld police. Journo debate should they reveal such sources. Taylor looks alarmed as you would. Cassidy says in the public interest, Hend agrees. Crabb muted.


Cassidy boots up broad policy variety at moment on housing, uranium etc. Taylor says Ab welfare and Murray Darling but "people" don't like "over reach", (cites Brough on housing but wrong because its in his portfolio.)


Henderson says Latham policy was a disaster and Howard/Rudd forest policy in Tasmania "makes alot of economic sense".



[This is a huge ignorant howler as is article in The Australian by union hack re the loggers claim denial of resource while 8 million tonnes including large proportion of old growth and rainforest is exported per year as WOODCHIPS. That's probably 70 million tonnes at the least of chips of prime natural heritage on the Howard federal, ALP state govt (s) watch since 1996 against science and climate controls. Henderson is totally wrong, and Rudd and Howard are too, and why the Green Party will win this arguemnt on the economics, on the environment and the science, and maybe the politics in the Senate? Just like the "cesspit" of the Exclusive Brethren, to quote Abbott back at him.]


Never taken a hard decision line of Abbott on Rudd.



Bracks resignation - Crabb notes rousing presser. None mention his fatty life style and children's problems bespeaking the iceberg of emotional destruction under the facade.


Henderson runs Bracks steady beneficiary of others reforms Kennett, Keating Hawke.


Taylor says Brumby bit abrasive, Crabb says Lib opposition there not performing to standard either.


Tanner line about instability of Coalition - Henderson says clever line but ALP mythology.


Don't even think Howard will retire outside an election. Rings true.


Talking pictures segement.


Home page is




Sunday 9


Adam Shand doing Bracks, Thwaites, both standing down. Benign govt nothing great or bad. Window dressing effectively. Bland policy man. Vision shows a guy packing on the fat, and that's the real story. A life out of balance.


Feature about child custody kidnapping social domestic story, not politics as such.





Laurie Oaks with Malcolm Turnbull. Big preface Morgan poll prefers to Costello as heir apparent. Made name on Spycracther book free speech case.


Haneef Case – how damaging? At end of the day better to be safe than sorry.


Andrews discretion? Human justice system, checks and balances to catch errors. Waxes lyrical about civil liberties of SpyCatcher. A good system of justice here in Australia.


Brought to court lack of shoes, Gitmo type clothes. Not sure, Qld police maybe.


Water and Env minister hat – Bracks/Thwaites gone mean cooperative agreement on Murray Darling. Will open up with Victoria. Definitely open to constructive engagement.


Meeting in Feb all the states – plan set out. Irrigation more efficient. Senior ALP figures Howard govt striking a great blow for the national interest. 3 states said yes, Bracks said no. [must raise q of Rudd double game?].




At 11th hour will sign a deal, veto right on federal govt plan. Special deal. Water users community wouldn’t agree to. Other states wouldn’t agree to. Holding up something that deserves widest support. Too hard basket for 100 years. Howard willing to do it. [Fertile rhetoric.]


When see legislation – early this week. Completed. Not expecting Victoria, hope not expectation.


Joyce concerns addressed about centralized power – this the ALP accusation of Nat’s as per page 2 Australian this weekend via Albanese. Should be able to resolve.


Next issue: Republic – would like it. Very hard to align all the planets, and remains the view, end of the Queen’s reign. Didn’t rule out rival with Costello but not a serious posture, more artifact of the q and a.


Towke in Cook preselection. Helped Mal win his preselection. Over 600 helped Mal and did very good work. Hope he didn’t do anything wrong.


No brainer poll on Haneef damage govt, only 37% think Costello has earned right to be next PM of Australia [sure but it doesn’t indicate broad marketability while typecast as Treasurer – so its all tendentious]






Feature on Kalimantan ecological tragedy follows – looks good, but depressing too.




Q and A with Laurie Oakes


-         some damage to govt, damaged trust in terror laws which is dangerous to Australia. Why visa cancelled, secret info.

-         To the effect of “If Howard loses he will be seen in very bad light and Howard looks worried about it but too late to do anything about it.”


Major postscripts to their stories: USA copy of Australian bushmaster not as good, costs more?


Tricky update for Reins/Workdirections downsized for performance review. Who can believe any of it.




Relates to Australian satellite monitoring of forest destruction in Asia Pacific: Kalimantan (aka Borneo) Illegal gold mine pumps. Heartbreaking poverty, illness. Moonscapes [like Old Putty Rd sand mine next to Wollemi NP] but added is chemical. Tonnes mercury in rivers for 11 million people. Corruption resource curse. Everyone deserves moquito nets. Gut wrenching story.




C7 fallout - sledge of Kerry Stokes but he's alive and Kerry Packer is not. Is that the real point - running interference - all $200M of it? With Seven now on top in the ratings? James Packer sold down? Looks like it.




Interesting adverts. Sicko by Michael Moore looks very cutting again. Also one for or something like that.

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